51 thoughts on “This Social Network’s Organic Reach Will Drop Dramatically in 2020 – Here’s Why

  1. Plzz do video on sudden drop in Ranking and traffic. Recently my website lost ranking and traffic suddenly 300active users to 20.

  2. Hello sir i have a blog but i am not able to write more blog posts so can you show a hack to write more posts🙏

  3. Hello Neil!
    I am going to launch brand new blog after 3-4 months. But I want to know how to do it right! Should I use paid advertising like FB and Google adwords? How can I do SEO for it? Should I use WP ROBOT 5 to make content? Please help me!
    Appreciate your help!

  4. Hi Neil, a question: When a domain name is "mobile" and I have an artikel "keyword" about mobile repair, how should the url be mobile"."comrepair or mobile"."commobile-repair, I know its looks as keyword stuffing, but sometimes I see some websites with low "DA" with this art of URL have a good ranking.

  5. The moment I got off Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, my business started making money. In fact, luckily now I get to control whether a direct message is worth replying to or not since I can't get to every message I receive. Build a good product, and you'll be in control instead of chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole.

  6. Neil this is great information. But I toy with the concern that IG is not worth the effort. I have 9K followers and have not used it for almost a year because I didn't see much value in it. What is your opinion on this?

  7. When I started paying ads on Facebook, that's when my organic reach ended for good… Facebook is the most corrupt and disrespectful company in the digital world. The biggest scandal about Facebook hasn't even surfaced which is how they use click farms to sell engagement, false engagement, and all the terrible practices to force people to pay ads.

  8. I think its important to diversify your socia media. Linkedin & Tiktok has the most organic growth and its highly important that marketers and content creators explore these social networks. for more on my thoughts on social media you can follow me on instagram @the_last_mfundo and drop me a message

  9. So lets say I had every possible keyword and keyword phrase combination for weight loss pills. If I am using WordPress to write blogs on it, how would I choose what keyword or phrases to use? Would I alphabatise them and just choose 5 at a time which would mean I would be done with the whole combo in like 10 years!! :0 or would I choose them differently?

  10. Now is the time to start growing your own following on channels you own (email, proprietary forums, etc). Neil has had some awesome insight on this in the past. Fact is that all the existing social media networks are killing organic reach and will be replaced in the next 5 years.

  11. Instagram is the hot social platform of the moment, with more and more brands flocking to the platform to tap into the rising use of Stories. I have seen a decline on my account as well. Thanks for the information!

  12. It's very nice info but you haven't mentioned the source of this news. If we play with paid ads, it will naturally help us to grow.

  13. He Neil ty so much!!! Would it be possible to make it a little bit easier for beginners like me to understand? Maybe I am not the only one? Like if you would love Neil to use more basis words ♥️🙃

  14. On my blog if i use the keyword "how to make money online on Instagram" and somebody searches for "how to make money" , "how to make money online" or "make money on Instagram" . Does my post will show on all the three searches and is that's a 3 in 1 keyword.
    Please guide!

  15. Hi Neil. I wrote page titles and meta descriptions of my website`s pages using Yoast plugin but Google isnt displaying those meta descriptions. What I see on google is some content of those pages appearing as meta descriptions. Why is that?

  16. All your tips will work only when someone has the audience on Instagram, but how to promote my business with 0 audience

  17. Great content Neil, thanks very much. I'm thinking of a blog theme along the lines of 'life beings at 50', not sure how to generate revenue on that theme yet though. -but should be fun!

  18. You know somedays back I had a question in exam related to digital marketing and content marketing. I wrote the answer with what I learnt from your YouTube channel and even gave your example there. You're doing a brilliant job and helping students learn. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Neil,
    What if we change the link structure of the site, will it affect the SEO or traffic in a negative way and can it be recovered without fail?

  20. Neil – you’re the man! Thanks for sharing this. I started noticing more engagement after I bought ads on Instagram. Didn’t realize there was a connection though.

  21. That tip at 2:40 is pure gold. Best way to revive a follower base.

    Neil why you have no content for growing YouTube? Isn't it based on keywords like google? I see you rank #1 for so many keywords bring millions of traffic every month but none for YouTube? Why is YouTube hard even for an seo expert like you?

  22. Hi Neil! Could you please make a video about "Content SILOs vs Content Clusters" to point out the difference between them and how to choose between them?

  23. Hello Neil sir, A single contextual link from a low DA Website (not a spammy) will help my ranking or hurt my ranking?

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