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This is Why I Think Convertibles Suck | WheelHouse

– They’re cool, you say,
they’re fun and sexy. You try to talk yourself into it, but deep down inside you know the truth. You know, in your heart of hearts, they’re a pain in the ass. It’s all right, though. Breathe in through your
nose and repeat after me. Convertibles suck. A big thanks to this week’s sponsor, the Kove Commuter Portable
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support the companies that support Donut by hitting the link in the description below. Why do people get convertibles? Is it to look cool and rich? Is it the status? Is it because you’re James
and you’re always sweating and need something more
powerful than air conditioning? I’ll admit there are a lot of cars that look sick in convertible form, the Miata, the S2000, and even my favorite car of all time, the Dodge Viper, although that kinda falls
into the Targa top category. But there are a lot of
reasons that convertibles are worse than hardtops. We’re gonna go through a
few of them in this video, and before you bemoan and complain that it’s just our opinion, which is true, some of these have a lot
to do with personal taste, but some of the reasons are based on actual science, and you
can’t argue with science. Let’s start with something benign, noise. Hardtops have a lot of sound
deadening material in the roof that you probably don’t even notice. I mean, why would you,
that’s the whole point. When the top is down in
the convertible, though, wind, engine, and road
noise is a lot louder, which can make things
like a simple conversation with your bro impossible. Want to listen to music? You’re going to have to
crank it up much louder, and you’ll lose that
sweet, sweet audio quality. Plus you’ll be that guy
blasting Hollywood Undead while driving down the PCH. If you’re cool with
that, more power to you, just don’t ask me to ride with you. Even if you have the top
up on your convertible, ragtops create much more
noise than a traditional roof. At high speed, the flutter of the canvas basically asks like a speaker. Plus, they’re prone to rips and tears, which can create even more noise. You could get a folding hardtop, like the AMG SL65, but say
goodbye to trunk space. I guess you don’t really buy a convertible for trunk space, though,
but that’s beyond the point. Having the top down can have its upsides, like being out in the sun
with the wind in your hair, footloose and fancy free. Convertibles definitely
have their own hashtag mood, but admitting to that hashtag
mood can be exhausting. It’s not always gonna
be sunny and 72 degrees. Sunburn sucks, windburn sucks, and if you’re thinking
about buying a convertible, be prepared to dry out
like a teriyaki Slim Jim. (yelling) Being exposed to the elements doesn’t just mean sun and wind. Fabric and leather seats
will degrade much faster, moisture can mean mold in your carpet, and undiscerning birds will (bleeped) in your mouth as you drive. They (bleeped) right in your mouth. These things can be
inconvenient to say the least in the long run. Reupholstering interiors
is really expensive and moisture can cause rust
and degrade your chassis. But the ins and outs of everyday driving in the convertible can be
tedious as hell as well. Putting the top up and down
every time you get in your car gets old after awhile. Some people just leave
the top up all the time in their convertibles, which is kind of defeating the purpose. All of that can be annoying,
but how do convertibles compare to hardtops, when
it comes to performance? Well, pretty bad, actually. Here’s why. (upbeat music) One of the reasons is rigidity. Stiffer cars handle better. Hardtops derive a lot of their rigidity from the roof, floor pan
and the rocker panels. Without a roof to stiffen up the body, convertibles are prone
to twisting and flexing, and that can seriously
cut down on performance. Modern convertibles make up
for their lack of stiffness with extra support with
the help of box beams and other structural
pieces that add weight, sometimes more than 350
pounds to the frame. Even with that extra support, a convertible will never be as stiff or be able to handle as
well as a hardtop brother. Not to mention all that weight can make them sluggish as well. Another factor that
makes convertibles slow is aerodynamics. Fast moving air rushing
over the hood and windshield hits the slower air inside the cabin and creates low vortices. These air vortices make
driving uncomfortable because it’s literally a
tiny tornado inside your car. These vortices also
create aerodynamic drag that slows the car down,
making it less efficient. One good example of how much airflow can affect a convertible
is the Shelby Cobra. This historic roadster
tore up the short courses. It was a beast, but when faced with longer stretches of track, it
didn’t fare as well. The open top Cobra was
aerodynamically limited to 170 miles an hour. (upbeat music) Imagine going 170 in a
Cobra in the sixties. That would be terrifying. I’d write my will before I even get in it. Joe, you get my ferns,
Zach gets my glasses. Alex, you get all my money. I have a lot of ferns
now, for some reason. (beeping) So when the Cobra would enter straights, hardtop Ferraris and Porsches would easily pass by them. It wasn’t until Pete Brock
and the team over at Shelby started designing the Daytona Coupe, that’s when they started
beating the Ferraris. The Daytona could blaze past
the Cobra’s top speed of 170, despite them being
identical under the hood. Sometimes it’s not the performance or inconvenience of a
convertible that makes it dumb. Sometimes they just looks dumb. Have you ever seen the Nissan
Murano Cross Cabriolet? I mean, what is that word? Ugh, how about the PT Cruiser convertible? That crossbar is horrendous. How about the Range
Rover Evoque convertible? What the (bleeped) were they thinking? I mean, some cars are
meant to be convertibles, like the BMW Z3. The body lines flow, even
with the lack of a roof. But you put a roof on the Z4, that makes it an M Coupe,
and it looks freaking sick. And how could you forget the Miata? It’s a classic. Oh, and the Mark 1 Cabrio. It might look weird, but
it’s surprisingly sick. I would totally rock this thing. A little slow. But sometimes it looks
like the car companies design the cars and then
make them convertibles as an afterthought. Lexus SC430, anyone? Remember the 350Z Roadster? Ugh, what about the Solara,
with the chunky butt? That’s what they called me in football. As far as safety is concerned, though, modern convertibles are just about as safe as non-convertibles,
which is very impressive. The biggest danger being
a rollover, of course. – Whoo.
(upbeat music) – But convertibles now
have automatic roll bars that pop up in the event of a rollover. They’re extremely effective, and when paired with
a reinforced A pillar, they prevent serious injury. It’s actually really impressive. Like if they didn’t invent
these safety features, convertibles might be illegal today, like think about that. You may be safe in a convertible, but your stuff might not be. Unless you keep your car
completely empty of any valuables, a convertible is basically a free box for anyone daring to commit minor larceny. Even if you have your ragtop up, someone can easily cut
it with a small knife and there goes your book of CDs that you’ve had since middle school. I had Green Day, American Idiot. Didn’t have any Slipknot at that time. (upbeat music) Here at Donut, we love all cars. That’s kind of our thing, and every convertible
that we featured today has been an employee car. I think every car is cool, so I don’t want to come
off as a giant dick, ’cause I don’t really hate convertibles. I actually like them. If you’re looking for
a second or third car, I think they’re a great choice. They’re a lot of fun to drive and be in. But if you’re looking to own a
convertible for daily driving I would definitely give it some thought. It’s not gonna perform as well as a normal version of that car, and you’re probably
gonna have to deal with a bunch of things like mold, rain, and maybe someone stealing your stuff, and of course, birds
(bleeped) in your mouth. Real quick, if you guys like this video, please give us a like and subscribe. That really helps us out through a long chain of
matrix type (bleeped) and we get to do more videos, so help us out. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “This is Why I Think Convertibles Suck | WheelHouse

  1. What about hardtop convertibles? Checkmate, Donut. Also I’ve been on the Pacific Coast Highway. (Not really a highway)

  2. What about when your NA Miata comes with a removable hardtop? It's basically a convertible convertible. Best of three worlds.

  3. I always drive with the windows down and sunroof open when it is nice out, but I would never have a convertible for a daily driver, only a Sunday cruiser.

  4. I'm sorry but your wrong. Your talking about the wrong thing. Convertibles are amazing!

    Edit: Wow I never thought I would get a handful of likes!

  5. Convertibles allow to know what's going on around you… Hardtop drivers have a tendency to disconnect with what's happening around them, I know, they almost hit me all the time!

  6. Fair points on convertible downsides, I have a 98 mustang gt convi, and the top has been cut into 3x. Not fun. But, when I dropped the top regularly, it was totally worth it. One thing you forgot: if you like the sound of your engine, nothing beats a convertible. VROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!

  7. I like full size convertibles because they actually look good, but little dinky cars like the Miata make me cringe. I love Cadillac Eldora convertibles because they actually have class and the more boxy shape goes well with the absence of a roof. When you get to the Miata, the curves and short wheelbase makes the convertible top look like an eyesore.

  8. I have a convertible E46 M3 stick. I know it adds weight and isnt for everyone, but I am in love with the open air feeling.

  9. Video should be called 'Things that don't bother you in the slightest while you have the wind in your hair on a European B-road'.

    P.S. my miata has a hard top and it's still got more than enough boot space for a daily driver 🙂

  10. Maybe it just feels good with the top, everyone know from a practice sense a hard top is better, this is just basic logic

  11. This is why Targa tops are awesome (unless you're a lazy shit). Gives you the option of open-air driving but still gives you a hard-top roof, doesn't compromise the rigidity of the chassis, you don't have motors and guide arms limiting trunk space, don't have to worry about motors breaking, AND its simply lighter. Turns out the simplest solution for open-top driving is the best solution.

  12. Funny thing about filming in California, nobody bats an eye at a grown ass man with a beard wearing a blonde wig in a cabriolet lol

  13. I just think coupes will always look cooler than convertibles. Look at supercars. The convertible version doesn't look nearly as good as the coupe version.

  14. When I flew out to California a couple months ago, I ended up renting a convertible VW Beetle because I was an idiot and forgot to reserve my rental ahead of time. Anyway, putting the top up and down was as easy as pressing a button on the dash. I also didn't notice extra noise when the top was up.

  15. A man in a convertible is like a man in sandals or a two wheel drive truck. Maybe I am just old school but its sissy boy shit

  16. I own a E89 Z4 35i. Hardtop makes it coupe level usable. Have used it all year round. Yes it does eat into trunkspace but even the top down i can still come from the supermarket and throw two grocerybags in there. If i go somewhere 2 suitcaces can still be in the trunk with the top down.If i sometimes(rarely) get something bigger i put the top up for that journey.And that happens rearly. iF i need to transport anything bigger or messier i get van from work and use that. Also most thing you order online are delivered to your door. I drop the top as often as i can and during my 3+ years of ownership i have never had bird poop etc in my car or on me (once it landed on the windshield 10cm from the upper edge so that was a close one). Regarding interior degradation yes it get dusty and so on fast. Its a lot of maintenance to keep clean. I have big cardboard box full of products to keep it nice. Leather cleaners conditioners, interior detailers for different surfaces etc with a mountain of microfiber towels. Its high maintenace but its worth it. You dont feel like you are isolated from the world driving in a personal coccuun. You are part of it. You experience the wind, smell, sound that you otherwize would not. People on the street can communicate with you and back. It isnt ofcourse for everybody You cant be shy driving a droptop. You have to own it and pretty much simply not care what people think. Also having owned a roadster for years i cant stand sitting into a standard car on a hotter day. It has to run the AC first for some time to condition th cabin. Or else i start to wind the window down and stick my head out of it. Been customed to drop my top from the fob and never deal with the built up heat. Also Z4 and other Newer BMW convertibles have leather with sunreflective tech that does not let the leather get hot in the sun.

  17. I’ll tell you what sucks about having a convertible; buying one because a certain someone wanted one and they drove it once with the top down. Once. Pissed me off bad enough that every time I drove it, the top was down and me driving it alone. It was a new beetle with a stick shift and I would thrash that thing (bought used and cheap) eventually it died and I sold it to a guy who wanted a project. As for enjoying top down driving, I liked doing that, but I would rather have had a Miata or Mustang.

  18. Sorry say but speaker love not great. With promotion price is okay but get yourself a good high quality get yourself a UE speaker

  19. I own a sebring convertible and the car is great- no fluttering of the top, great insulated top to block out outside noise. The top has better insulation than a traditional hard top- holds heat and cool air very well. Furthermore, choose times to ride top back- early morning, evenings, and warm nights to keep from tanning. I don't dry up, I lotion every day.

  20. I have a 3.0i Z3 roadster. It's definitely not my daily driver and it certainly has its limitations, but when I'm doing Independence Pass up at 12,000 feet in the Rockies with the top down, that is happiness and happiness is priceless.

  21. Nobody buys a convertible for racing besides the few cars you named. They are for cruising at the beach and getting some babes up in the ride. lol

  22. some like skiny bitches with tiny asses an no tits,some like big women with big trunks and shit.if you are not in to convertibles,do not buy one.

  23. do jeep wranglers count as convertibles because the hard tops sound and act the same as one without a removable top

  24. Let's get this straight…Convertibles suck because: You're forced to listen to the engine, you might get wind burn (wtf is wind burn?), your seats fade, Cobras only went 170 in the 60's with no top, someone might break into your car, and birds shit in your mouth.

    Damn, bring back Pumphrey, his stuff was informative.

  25. So your "opinion" on this is, what? That cars are things and some of them make more noise than others? You haven't provided a coherent argument – convertibles have tops that go up AND down, and breaking into a convertible is no easier than breaking into a hard top. My convertible has A/C…you turn it ON when you want to be cooler and you turn it OFF when you want to be warmer. It has a heater too… I expect you'd find that a hard top has the same problems…right? Does your mother know what you do for a living? Maybe you need a different hobby…

  26. "Can't argue with science" cause that's totally how science works…

    I think the word you're really looking for is dogma. Can't argue with dogma.

  27. I had a 05 mustang Gt in convertible… I’ll never own a convertible again, they squeak the top degrades.. yeah put the top down one time a year… heavy floppy dumb idea lmao

  28. In indonesia law u have to use helmet when using convertible car.. but convertible car so expensive here maybe because of rare stuff

  29. Never seen more falsities and out of left field speculation than posted in this video… show us on the convertible where it hurt you.

  30. Wrong. Convertibles are awesome. I had an 07 Eclipse Spyder GT. One of my fave cars I ever owned. I'd love to have MazdaSpeed Miata. Right now I'm rocking a 2002 SS Impala! Bulletproof 3800 Series 2 engine with a factory supercharger!

  31. So i owned a z3 as my first car wind noise with roof up wasnt really that bad talking to passengers wasnt hard till like 70 mile an hour sure the chassis isnt as stiff but i drove it only the street and not the track where id notice that and lastly never parked with roof down unless it was putting gas or i could see the car while i went into store for snack and plus in texas heat those black leather seats burned if you left the rood down overall convertibles donr suck

  32. Racing games lose a point from me when they include only the convertible version of a car and not the hard top with only a couple of exceptions.

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