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This is Jamboard

This is Jamboard, It’s like a whiteboard except it’s way better, because it lets this team and this team work together with this guy, who lives in France. On the same thing, at the same time. This is how you write and erase but you can also do this, and add some of these and even turn this, into this and it’s got all this other stuff so it’s really easy to do this unless you’re no Michelangelo in which case you can do this That’s because it’s a part of G Suite, so you can pull in anything from any of these “Hey guys I have this room reserved” And this is how you save your work. “It saves automatically!” Oh right, it’s in the cloud This is how you pick up where you left off this is how you share your work “Got it!” So you never have to do this or write this so you can do more of this This is Jamboard, a new way to collaborate from Google

38 thoughts on “This is Jamboard

  1. find a that big touch panel or touch screen, or even a kinect
    + raspberry pi 3 (or a mini windows pc why not? it's a must for kinect)
    + a bit coding.
    tadaa. no yearly fee.

  2. Yes! I've been waiting for an interactive digital display from Google. I hope the price is right! Knowing Google and their interest in the education space, I have a feeling it will be affordable and easy to use!

  3. It'd be good if it didn't use Google's crappy online services. Only thing I've seen Google do right is make a search engine. This looks cool, but would instantly become a million times better if anyone else had made it. Microsoft, Apple, some small tech startup, doesn't matter as long as it isn't Google.

  4. Isn't this just a clone of the Microsoft Surface Hub?
    If Google is getting ideas from Microsoft then I say Microsoft is doing a lot of things right!

  5. bouth one for my inglesgarantizado english language school for rich kids in murcia spain…very usel¡full… fun and expensive..

  6. I would think they would call it Chromeboard instead of Jamboard. They have Chromecast, Chromebook's, Chromebase and others so why not call this Chromeboard? That would make much more sense in my opinion.

  7. Hi guys, very interesting but if I want to use it as a second screen for my laptop, will all the features still work? touch, can multiple users touch and interact?

  8. $5,000 for a shitty touchscreen and $600 annual management and support fee? fuck that…even privileged hipster tatted losers and entitled pierced beardo millennial wanks falling asleep to soul-sucking presentations know this is bullshit dust-collecting e-waste…"brainstorming" happens with beer, napkins, and pens…there you go google…you can have that idea…iNap

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  10. 😍😍😍😍 It just keeps getting better, and I keep falling in love with google more and more, <3 *thumbs up*

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