THIS is How to PICKUP GIRLS on INSTAGRAM | How to Set Up Your Instagram Profile
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THIS is How to PICKUP GIRLS on INSTAGRAM | How to Set Up Your Instagram Profile

So I was at my computer and was thinking about
what video to make for you guys, and I figured since it’s christmas time, you guys deserve
A CHRISTMAS SPECIALLLLLLLL!!! So what better video topic is there to do
than the topic you guys have literally harassed me for, for the past few months. How to setup your instagram profile, so girls
will find you attractive. Here we go. Step 1: Remove all the motivational quotes
and bullshit things you do from your bio. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Those guys who have the corny motivational
quotes in their bio that talk about shit like hustle, hard work, and dedication, like DUDE
c’mon you’re 15 years old how much hustle can you really be doing. If you really are hustling that hard and are
motivated then that’s fucking excellent and Papa Zeus is proud of you, but there’s
no need for that in your bio, it just makes you look like a try hard. What’s even worse is when the same guys
put shit like “entrepreneur” or “content creator” and then you click on their link
and it’s a bs site with half the buttons broken on it. Plus, girls don’t give a fuck anyway, the
only people who really care are you and your family members, let’s be real. EVEN WORSE are the guys who post pictures
of money, “hashtag racks on deck baby” LIKE OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP poser. If someone is constantly telling you how successful
they are – they aren’t successful. True shit. Long story short, don’t pretend to be something
you’re not, and don’t inflate what you do just to flex on Instagram. It’s petty and makes you look ridiculous. Also, don’t setup your profile as a business
account unless you actually have a reason to, otherwise making yourself a public figure
on instagram when you don’t actually do anything just makes you look dumb. It’s much better to put something funny
in your bio like “Cuffing Season Free Agent” or really ridiculous shit that people know
is a joke, like “2-Time Nobel Prize Winning Doctor” or “Starting Quarterback for the
New York Knicks”. Step 2: Don’t take selfies. “HUHHH??? HUH?? WHAT THE FAK??” Look bruh. Unless you’re really really REALLY good
looking, don’t take selfies. Posting selfies on Instagram is something
that should’ve been left behind on Instagram back in 2011 but there are still a few people
who do it, and if you’re one of them it’s time to cut that shit out. If you’re gonna post a selfie, then you
should only post it on your Instagram STORY because even if it’s cringy, it’s only
staying on there for 24 hours anyway and people will forget about it. Just DO NOT overdo it. Next. Unless you’re a badass fitness guru like
my boy Mike Matthews or worse, Greg O’Gallagher, you should NOT be taking shirtless pictures
of yourself in the mirror. The only exception is if it’s a progression
picture and if you went from really fat or skinny to really jacked then that’s perfectly
reasonable. If you’re in REALLY excellent shape then
you can kind of get away with it but even then it’s better to take more subtle pictures,
like you at the beach with a bunch of friends and you just happen to have your shirt off
… as opposed to you by yourself in the dirty locker room mirror at Gold’s gym with the
toilet stall open in the background. And if you ARE a skinny guy and you DO wanna
transform yourself so you can post that progress pic on Instagram and use it to get yourself
some girls, check out the video I did with Mike Matthews on how to gain muscle if you’re
skinny, I’ll have it linked on screen at the end of this video. Step 3. Take all of your pictures on a legit camera. This is pretty self explanatory, but taking
pictures on a nice camera as opposed to your flip phone will always come out a lot better
and make you appear better looking in them. Wait, did I just say “flip phone”? hoooly fuck Zeus, it’s 2017, not 1995. ……. If any of you guys still have a flip
phone, shame on you. Anyway. If you don’t have your own camera or can’t
borrow a friend’s, then you can use any of the newer iphone versions like the iphone
7 plus or newer because they have the depth of field option that gives you that nice background
blur effect while making the overall picture look A LOT clearer. I’ve heard the Google pixel has a really
nice camera too but this isn’t a tech review channel, so basically borrow a camera from
a friend or force a friend to take pictures of you with their nice phone if you don’t
have one. Step 4: Use a consistent color scheme for
your pictures. Now I’ve mentioned that I’m into photography
before so I use things like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit my photos. You can use the Lightroom app on your phone
if you want a lot more control over your pictures and are okay with a more complicated learning
process. If you’re looking for simpler editing you
can use shit like Snapseed, the little editor tool on Instagram, or even just steal some
filters from VSCO (pronounced Vizco). Yeah I know, VSCO is the app thottty girls
use to post their slutty pictures but they ACTUALLY have really good filters for you
to use, to create a consistent theme for your feed. Having a lot of the same colors across your
pictures will instantly make your feed look more aesthetic and visually pleasing since
it looks like one big collage of consistent colors. Check this out this is one of my favorite
Instagram profiles of all time – now clearly he’s a professional photographer, but the
thing I want to show you is: look how his color scheme is consistent across all of the
pictures, and they all have similar editing. So rather than being a mishmash of random
shit, it all flows together really nicely. Also, unless you’re making it part of your
theme, don’t use white borders on your pictures because it fucks up your feed and makes it
look all choppy, especially if you edit the picture after you put the borders on, then
the white borders start to look yellow and orange-ish. Step 5: Post pictures of cool shit. This sounds really obvious but I’ve seen
so many Instagram profiles of guys who all post the same shit like, a big group pic of
all the bros, a pic from prom, a pic of them at the beach, a couple bathroom selfies, and
then a closeup of the new Call of Duty game you got for Christmas. Yeeeeeeeeah you know what I’m talking about. Now, that stuff is fine IF it’s well edited
and mixed in with ACTUAL cool shit and places you go to. But, you don’t want it to be all you have
on there. Some examples of cool shit are things like,
pictures of you in a cool city, in a dope hiking spot, at a high place with a nice view,
with a badass car, you doing cool hobbies like traveling, and so on. Make sure to tag the location you’re in
if it’s a cool spot and boom instant clout. For example, if you know you’re going on
a trip to a cool place or city then take a shit ton of pictures while you’re there
in different outfits so you can end up with a bunch of good pictures for you to post. Every time I’m going to a cool spot to take
pictures, I always bring at least 2 or 3 outfits just so I can edit all the pictures at once
and have a good backlog of BADASS pictures to post over a longer period of time, and
this way I have a ton of good pictures from a one day trip. If you’re always in a lot of cool places
and taking dope pics, you’re exponentially increasing the likelihood of a girl commenting
about it on your story or in person, and trust me as a guy with a BADASS instagram, this
happens to me ALL the time. Making it easier for me to continue conversation
with them since they immediately assume I’m a cool, adventurous guy who’s always doing
dope shit. I’ll have a few Instagram profiles I personally
follow and like up on screen now for you guys to follow and take ideas from. And that’s it. In summary:
– Remove all the motivational quotes, bullshit lists, and fake flexing from your profile. – Stop posting stupid selfies. – Use a badass camera. – Have a consistent color scheme and editing
style. – Post pictures of you in cool places doing
cool shit. In the next video, I’ll be going over how
to actually follow and DM girls and get them to reply to your DM’s. But before that, you gotta step your profile
up – so go ahead and start using these tips and make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t
miss the next set of Instagram tips. Be sure to join the Basedlympian Army by hitting
that SUBSCRIBE button RIGHT NOW and TURNING ON NOTIFICATIONS! I post epic dating advice videos every few
days with tons of SPECIFIC tips like this, that you can actually start using immediately!

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    This video is a reupload from last year. Recently, 9 of my videos were taken down by YouTube so I had to re-edit them and I've only decided to upload the best of the ones I deleted. This is one of them. If you haven't seen it, then check it out because this is an OG MUST SEE video.

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