This Dude Could Be In Your House Right Now (Morgz Reaction)
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This Dude Could Be In Your House Right Now (Morgz Reaction)

Alright, look, Greg. I didn’t mention this in the last video because I didn’t know when it was going to stop, or if it would stop, but my channel recently just blew the absolute hell up. I have no idea why. I went from having like, less than 700,000 subscribers a month ago to having almost a million. Now I have, like 976,000 subscribers right now when I’m recording this. The trying Troom Troom’s prank video that I posted a few weeks ago randomly just shot from like 500,000 views to over 3 million views and so now there’s a bunch of new Gregs here! I don’t really know why the YouTube algorithm decided that everybody needed to see that video, but I’m not complaining. So anyway, welcome to the over 300,000 new Gregs that I’ve accumulated in the past month. Just remember, if you hit that subscribe button and that notification button, that means that you’re truly Greg now and if you’re Greg, you’re part of the fastest growing channel on YouTube. Don’t look that up. You’re part of a family. All Gregs are blood-related. Not a lot of people know that. And you owe your soul to me. That’s right. Hitting the subscribe button technically sells your soul to me. But I’m sure you guys already knew that, because it’s in the fine print on the subscribe button on my channel, so everybody already knows that. Anyway, thank you for subscribing, welcome to Greg. Now leeeeeeeeeeet’s (drumroll) complain. So today I want to talk about Morgz. Not the buildings where they keep dead bodies. It’s a YouTuber, his name is Morgz. Morgz is sort of the king of the trending page right now. I’m pretty sure the past like nine videos he’s made have ended up on the trending page at some point And I mean, with good reason. The titles to his videos are pretty crazy. Okay, look at this one. “I’ve Never Seen My Parents So Mad…” It looks like he’s… …dyed his parents. [Video] Yo, guys, it’s Morgz and today I’m back with another prank, yes. Look at the crown, baby. The prank king has returned. So Morgz is the self-proclaimed king of the prank. In this video, he puts some body paint in his parents’ shampoo. (screams of the damned) And he colors his mom pink, and his stepdad green. Now I don’t want to give anything away right off the bat, but I think this video might be fake. So let’s take a look. MORGAN! MORGAN! MORGAN! What have you done? What is this? Damn, yo, almost, you look tan! Do I look like I’ve tanned, what is this? Okay, right off the bat, I gotta say that I’m impressed with this mom’s shower regimen. She’s thorough. Like, she did not miss a single spot. She is squeaky clean. The weird thing is he just put the body paint in her shampoo. So I guess she’s using shampoo on, like her ears, and her eyelids, and her lips, the parts of her back that most people can’t even reach Do people do that in the shower? Do people, like every shower scrub their ears and like, make sure they get every individual, like crevice of their face? I mean, that’s what’s really impressive, is she got like parts of her back that I can’t even reach, but she didn’t even, like scrub the backs of her legs. One thing’s for sure, though. She goes her entire shower without opening her eyes…. apparently. Because wouldn’t she have noticed that she was turning pink before she got out of the shower? And wouldn’t she have noticed that her shampoo is a different color than usual? But none of that’s important, because she’s pissed! [screaming] [slapping sound effects] But he convinces his mom to let him do the same prank on his stepdad, Martin. What’s Martin gonna say? Well, Mom, now that you’ve mentioned Martin, how about we turn him green? Why, so we both look stupid together when we go out? Exactly. Is that the solution? Good idea, Morgan. Let’s do it. Why should I suffer alone? So while Martin’s in the shower, he replaces Martin’s shampoo with some shampoo with green body paint mixed in. What did you do? And don’t give me that innocent look What? What do you mean, what? What the hell do you mean? Now I know what you’re thinking. Why does this guy need shampoo? But I think a better question would be, why do these people rub shampoo all over their bodies, except the lower half of his body? I guess. What are you doing like that? He did it in here earlier They look like The Fairly OddParents. Okay, so it’s safe to say that Morgan is pretty good at pranks. But I think where he really excels are his 24 hour challenge videos. He’ll spend 24 hours anywhere. On the roof, in a sandcastle, in a swimming pool. He tried to stay in a tub full of Jello overnight hoping that it would set around him. Mom! I think I’m having a panic attack, please help me! That one was weird because it didn’t work, like the Jello never really set and solidified, but he pretended it did Is it stuck? Are you stuck, Morgan? Are you stuck? Get him out, he’s freezing. Morgan, Morgan! Don’t fall in- (screams overlapping each other) So he was, like pretending that he couldn’t get out of the tub cause he was stuck in Jello, but you could tell that the tub is still, like waving and splashing like a liquid. Pull, pull- And even if the tub did set, and it was real Jello Like you’d still be able to get out. Jello is not that tough. He spent the night in his mom’s car, G E T O U T M E C A R in an abandoned water park. This dude will spend the night anywhere, except his own house. I mean this dude’s basically homeless at this point. I don’t think he spent the night at his own house in literal years. So this is the first video I saw from Morgz, it’s called “I Spent the Night in my Girlfriends House & She had No Idea… (24 Hour Challenge).” It’s a very creepy title. Today I am going to be attempting to stay in my girlfriend’s house overnight without her even knowing I was there. I’m down the side of the bed right now. “This wasn’t as fun as it sounds.” That’s kind of funny because I, I wouldn’t think that this would be that fun. I think that a more fun thing to do would be to hang out with your girlfriend. At her house, and not, like hide in a closet at your girlfriend’s house and hope she doesn’t find you But to each his own Today, I am going to be attempting to stay in my girlfriend’s house overnight without her even knowing I was there. Morgan, that’s ridiculous! His mom’s a great actor. Well, I guess you are pretty ridiculous anyway. If you guys don’t know already, Kiera did the exact same prank on me in my house and I didn’t even know she was here. Well here’s the catch: her house is a lot smaller than mine so this is going to be a lot harder than it sounds. Damn, dude, what the fuck? Did this dude just poor-shame his girlfriend? I feel severely flexed on, like how small this is girl’s house that it’s gonna be that hard to hide from her. Alright guys, this one’s gonna be really hard because my girlfriend’s parents are fucking poor. Let’s do this. Guys, we just arrived. The reason I’ve got my hoodie on is because for this next part of the video, we need to be extremely stealthy. It’s a good thing he’s got his hoodie on to be stealthy because everything else he’s doing is not stealthy at all. For example, he’s standing in the brightest light he could possibly find so that he could film this segment. He’s talking to a camera, and I understand that videos need to be well lit, but, like you’re trying to be sneaky here, dude. Don’t, like stand in a spotlight. The time is currently 9 p.m., and Kiera’s house is literally just there. In Kiera’s house right now is Kiera and Kiera’s mom Tracy. And you’re probably thinking at 9 p.m., most normal people would be getting ready for bed. I know for a fact Kiera will not be. 9 p.m.? Whoa, she’s still awake at 9 p.m.? Most normal people I know would be getting ready for bed by then. I know I personally get ready for bed at 8:30 every night with a warm glass of milk and a bedtime story from my mommy. Youtubers aren’t normal people. We don’t have normal sleeping patterns. Yeah, dude, youtubers have crazy sleep schedules, staying up after 9 p.m. That should be his next challenge video: “Staying Up After 9 p.m. For A Night?” So then he makes his stealthy entrance into his girlfriend’s house. Now his mom does know he’s coming, so he doesn’t have to hide from the mom, but he does have to hide from his girlfriend, so he can’t make too much noise. So real sneaky-like, he opens the window and then talks to the camera for five minutes. Then he tries to get in the window, like three different ways, but then eventually he gets his Yeezy in. Okay, my Yeezy is through. And just for good measure he knocks a bunch of shit over while he climbs in. So this video has, like an uncomfortable amount of this dude Morgz just, like silently filming his girlfriend from the shadows, which if this wasn’t fake, would be a huge invasion of privacy, like a very creepy thing to do. He also talks to the camera a lot, and pretty loudly. That was kind of loud, that was kind of loud. Let’s see what snacks you have. I think she’d definitely be able to hear him. Especially in her small ass house. Instead of sitting around here waiting, I am gonna go and explore upstairs. Now I heard from Kiera’s mom that Kiera is very messy and every time I come to her house she cleans her room for me. But, Kiera doesn’t know I’m coming this time, so I say we go and explore, guys. So Morgz’ next mission… Morgz’s is is that how you’d say it, or just Morgz’ next… Morgz’s, right? So Morgz’s ne- uhh… So Morgz’ ne- So Morgz’s- So Mor- fuck. So this dude’s next mission is to go explore his girlfriend Keira’s room. Again, big invasion of privacy. Here goes nothing, guys. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… What? Kiera, what? Kiera, what the- What the- hell is this? So he walks in, and he proceeds to make a huge deal, over a not-very-messy room. She’s got some cardboard boxes laying around, her bed is not made, but, like he’s pointing at the wall being like “what is all this stuff?” For a second he points at like the stuff that’s mounted on her wall, like a little light and a TV. Like, does she take that stuff off the wall when Morgz comes over? Daddy, can I borrow your drill, and some spackle, and paint? Morgz is coming over today, I’ve got to unmount my TV again. I do a very good British accent. To make the challenge even more intense, I’m gonna be attempting to sleep in this room, guys, at the same time as Kiera. So what I think I might do is move all of these boxes here or just out the way so then this space will be empty, and I can kind of lay in that gap and cover myself with her blanket. So then I’ll literally be sleeping a foot away from her and she will have no idea. Um, what the fuck? Hehehehe~ I’m gonna be sleeping one foot away from her and she’s gonna have no idea. Okay, so next Kiera comes into the room, and he has to hide in the wardrobe. And you’ll never believe what she does next. (whispering) What is she doing? Oh my God, what the hell is she doing? (whispering) She’s naked. Oh no, no, no, no, no. (whispering) This is so weird. She’s changing into pajamas, guys, I’m not looking. (whispering) I’m not looking. What? She’s getting undressed? In her own bedroom? And changing into her pajamas? Before bed? I mean, it’s crazy enough that she stayed up past 9, but now she’s getting undressed in her own room? He gets so worked up about everything. Later on in the video, she starts brushing her teeth in the bathroom and he, like gets all worked up about that too, like, he’s surprised. (whispering) I think she’s brushing her teeth. I think the reason this is so weird to me is because it’s such a weird prank to fake. Like, if you really wanted to hide in your girlfriend’s house overnight, it wouldn’t be that hard, you would just have to hide in, like a hallway closet that nobody ever goes in or anything like that and you could creep around a little bit, but this dude is making it extra hard on himself by hiding in places that she’s obviously going to go, like hiding in her wardrobe or in the bathroom, those are all, like horrible places to hide because those are things that people use every day. Anyway, he sleeps all night next to her. It’s very cute. Somehow she doesn’t notice that there’s like a- a dude sleeping right beside her. Eventually, she wakes up and leaves, and he escapes from the house, thus completing the 24 hour challenge. That’s right, he entered the house at night and left in the morning. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like 24 hours to me. Okay, this one’s my favorite 24 hour challenge. He did sort of the same thing a few days ago. He posted this video on August 11th. But this time there’s a little bit of a twist. This video is called “I Spent the Night in My Own House & Nobody Knew… (24 Hour Challenge).” It’s kind of sad, like it sounds like it could either be the title of a Morgz video or, like, something I would have said in middle school, like “I stayed in my house all day and nobody noticed. Nobody cared. This video is a lot more of the same from the last video. Like, he tells his family that he’s going to be going to his friend’s house that night. So he leaves, and then he sneaks back in, and stays there the whole night. There’s a few pretty good standout moments in this one though. He catches his parents talking shit about him with his girlfriend. He’s got to, like stop being so reliant on me to- (inaudible) I don’t know why his girlfriend’s there if his girlfriend lives nearby, I don’t know why she’s staying the night at Morgz’ house when Morgz isn’t there. I guess she just had to get out of her small ass house. (There we go! That’s right!) He catches his parents watching Peppa the Pig, the kids show for, like three-year-olds. I guess every night when the kids go to bed, his parents watch Peppa the Pig. Martin, do you think the kids find it, like a bit weird that we watch Peppa Pig at our age? I don’t care. His whole family talk shit about him some more and make fun of his merch. Yo guys, it’s Morgz! Welcome to another video! He catches his parents making out. Gross. He’s hiding in a closet again and this time he’s filming his girlfriend, and his girlfriend starts FaceTiming another dude, and they’re both talking shit about Morgz. Oh, he’s just been, like really annoying recently, he’s just been kind of, like irritating me, like, his voice. He smells so bad, I can’t even, like describe it. She was just FaceTiming another boy, my best friend Ryan. So I guess his girlfriend’s, like cheating on him. So anyways, at the end of this 24 hour challenge, he comes back and he slowly starts, like hinting that he knows all of their secrets. Anyway, well Mom, I’m gonna go watch some Peppa Pig. Would you care to join me by any chance? Why would I want to watch Peppa Pig? Are you sure? Oh, and Kiera! I wonder how Ryan’s doing. We haven’t spoke to Ryan in a very long time, have we? no. Another successful prank. Haha, got you guys! I found out my girlfriend hates me, she’s cheating on me, my whole family is talking shit about me behind my back, they hate my merch, Yeah, but I did find out my parents watch Peppa the Pig, so fuck you guys! Guess I got the upper hand this time. It’s a very weird prank because, like imagine doing this to your parents. Imagine what their reaction would be if, like one morning when your parents thought that you had gone to spend the night with your friends, if you, like popped out of the cupboard and you were like H E Y! Oh. Uh, hi. You guys remember how I said I was gonna go to my friend’s house last night? Yeah. Well, I didn’t. I stayed here in our house, And I didn’t do anything. Okay? Did your friend like cancel on you or- Nope, I was never gonna hang out with a friend. The friend was, uh, the friend was made up the whole time. No friends, I just stayed here and watched you. Okay. So that, my friends, is the wonderful world of the Morgz overnight challenge. (laughing in the background) Did you guys hear that? I think I know what that means. It’s time for an ad read. (sploosh) (sporadic screaming) Are you tired of clumsy kitchen accidents getting you down? Yeah! Having trouble editing your next video? It’s so frustrating! Can’t find the right design? YES! Well then you’ve gotta try Skillshare! Huh. Cool. Wow. Okay, alright, can I try it right now? It burns. Sure! Skillshare is an online community with thousands of classes in design, business, technology, and more. Fantastic. Wow, this is great! Okay… Skillshare is a great place for creators who want to learn more about their craft, with courses in editing, T-shirt design, building a business, and so much more. That sounds great. I could definitely use some help with After Effects. And I could use a few design tips A premium membership to Skillshare gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in their fields, so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities, and do the work you love. Wait, wait. So is this gonna help with the burns all over my body? No. I’ve currently been watching “The Definitive Guide to T-Shirt Design and Manufacturing.” I gotta keep my merch looking good. Yeah, I mean, it sounds great and everything, dude, but I’m going to the hospital right now. I think I might need surgery after this, so I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to afford it. Well, Skillshare is actually more affordable than most learning platforms out there. An annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month. That sounds like a great deal! Ten dollars a month? Count me in! Yeah, okay, I get it, it sounds great. But I still don’t think that this is what I need at this exact moment, okay. I’ll give it a shot later. And the first 500 people to sign up using the link in the description get their first two months of Skillshare free. Fuck, I have a flat tire. With Skillshare, you can keep on learning. Thanks, Skillshare! Thank you, Skillshare! Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re new here, make sure you subscribe and turn on my notifications to join Greg. Thank you Abigail for turning on my notifications, you are truly Greg. I’ll see you guys next time where I beat myself up. Bye!

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