Things Facebook Made Me Buy – Tried And Tested: EP118
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Things Facebook Made Me Buy – Tried And Tested: EP118

Hello girlfriends and welcome to another episode of Tried and Tested. Now in today’s episode we were inspired by a video where you are supposed to buy the first 5 things that show up from Facebook ads, on my Facebook feed. So we set a budget of about $30 per item and these are the things that we got. So this ad don’t you think it’s so cute? Yes, I do! It’s super cute oh my goodness! Okay so for a period of time I was searching for handmade stuff on Etsy and very very cute miniatures of food and random things and I think that is why this came up. These are supposed to be handmade and they took two months to arrive. So… is it like they were taking two months to make it? Or I don’t know but it’s so cute oh my goodness I’m so in love! When I saw I was like yes it’s cute! Yes I want! Would I wear it? I don’t know! Maybe? But this is just so cute! I didn’t – I was not expecting the paw. It’s lunchtime! Ah!!! It’s so cute! I feel right it kinda looks nice like this but on the whole it looks rather strange because to me the novelty is the part where the teeth meet the ear. You know I mean? Because it just really looks like it’s grabbing on to you but from the front, it’s like green bulbous thing hanging off your ear but from this side it’s super adorable! So I think these are really really cute Definitely a conversation starter but not something that I think I would
actually wear So I would give this maybe a 4.5 or 5 out of 10 Yeah and then the price is like 9.90 USD with free shipping that’s a pretty good
deal man The only thing is that you have to wait two months So it’s like you know you impulse buy and then you have to wait it doesn’t really fulfill that need Well this one is fine exfoliating pad. Now I love exfoliating stuff and I love mask actually there was this other one from Sand & Sky that was all over my Facebook feed but it was kind of over our budget so… Here we have something from a Korean brand and it looks pretty legit! So it comes in a set of five and it’s $20 and their individually packed I’m gonna remove my makeup and then we’ll try this out! So this is the white side. It definitely feels like there’s something on it. I’m not really sure what it is. It’s some kind of product. It feels like cotton or disintegrated paper it’s not beady it’s just, you know cloth or little paper bits. If you see in the video, the picture she’s got things like coming off at first I thought was dead skin but I have a feeling that maybe it’s this It’s cold! So I can see little things peeling but I think that is the product I’m not exactly in – Yeah that’s definitely the product I can see the product but really what I feel more is just this paper I can feel paper going across my skin. It’s very gentle. Definitely none of that scrubbing scrubbing feeling Okay so now I’m gonna use the blue side It feels almost the same maybe a bit more textured but the only thing is the blue side has no product in it because right now the blue one it feels like it’s massaging the product into my skin I think that’s enough, I’m gonna wash my face now It’s so weird because these things feel like little paper mache Alright so I’m done my! Skin feels really smooth. It was $20 for five pieces so that means each piece is four dollars It’s not exorbitant but it does seem that a little bit high I would give this in terms of matching to me a 10 out of 10 because I really love one off things I love masks, I love scrubs, I love things that you can sort of just, you know one shot do something for your face. So this is really right up my alley. If this was easily available, say at a store I could walk by and buy it, yeah I would totally buy this but if I need to order it and then there’s a wait time and then I have – I don’t want it that much you know what I mean? This one: Cinderella proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life! I agree on some level! I love shoes! I am not sure why it’s on my feed. I mean I’ve bought stuff on EZbuy but usually I’m looking in the home section, shelves or little knickknacks and weird gadgets. Tadah! Here they are! Actually they look pretty good! They look like the photo! Oh they look like pretty solid pair of shoes. I mean nice feel, and these were $20.70. Wah! Not bad! I really hardly ever ever ever wear sneakers. If I do wear sneakers, yeah it would probably be a white pair. I mean they’re all right, not really my style la. We opened the box and inside, were a pair
of free socks! Again nothing I would ever wear, but so cool! Very considerate! ’cause we were like, “okay let’s try the shoes,” but no socks. Free socks! Okay sorry guys I’m really bad tying ribbons but this is the best I could do. They’re not the most comfortable. They’re okay. The bottom part feels a little bit flat. So when I walk, the heel comes out of it. I have a feeling that for these shoes, if you walk for very long, your feet might get tired faster? Or there’s a possibility of blisters. So was this a good recommendation? I feel like not even close? Because like, I really don’t wear shoes like that. I really don’t know how come is on my feed. Feet, feed. In terms of match, ya, no. So, tak match (not match) I would give this a, 3 out of 10. 3 because, yeah would buy stuffs on EZbuy, but I probably wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes like that. As a shoe itself it’s an okay shoe, but like I said I feel like this is the kind that you might get blisters. or maybe that’s just a fishnet socks. This one, I’m totally not surprised. I love makeup and I use L’Oréal products and they’ve been on the show a couple of times and by the way guys this is not an ad. This is an ad, L’Oréal didn’t pay us for this, they paid Facebook to put that on my feed. So this is the Le Matte crayon I mean I use lip crayons, I love them. I also think that they’re very hygienic because you can always clean them off and then twist them back. Oh! That’s quite pretty! It’s very creamy I wouldn’t call it moisturizing, but it’s not drying. I guess for a matte crayon that’s pretty good because you know usually matte lipsticks are quite drying. I wasn’t expecting this color because it doesn’t quite match the color on the tube. Application: really easy! Super easy. You know, sometimes matte lipsticks, it takes a while for the lipstick to warm up before it can glide over your lips, and my lips are really quite dry but this one just kind of went straight over, there was no drag and it was very even in application So yeah, this is impressive! In terms of a match I would give it a 9 out of 10 because it’s something that I would buy and okay now that I’ve tried it maybe not this color, but I would be open to experimenting with the other colors to see which one I like. This is from an ad for Shopee and the funny thing is I was actually looking for a laptop table recently recently but like the cushion one that you can sit on your lap and I think maybe that’s why they thought I should get a laptop table This is the laptop table that arrived. Was $13 now $9, well within our budget and this is how it looks! It’s actually pretty solid Locks into place, very nice! This is the kind of table you can use for breakfast in bed Well personally I guess if I hadn’t gotten my other laptop table already, Yah! I would have considered this. I mean the color is okay but if I did choose a color, I would probably pick something that was like all white or maybe black and white or something. Yah! See! This is a stable laptop table. That rhymes! A stable laptop table. This is nice! Okay so rating how well Facebook knows
me, I would give this a 6 out of 10 Because I was looking for a laptop table, but I’m not anymore This is a little bit late but! It’s a solid table. Color is not something that I would really pick, but it did sort of sense my needs. So we’ve come to the end of the episode! We hope you liked it! Oh! Wait a minute, there’s one more ad here! What is it? You need to download the Clicknetwork app. It’s completely free, people. And you can watch the episodes one month before they go onto YouTube. Alright, till next time, muah! Go be beautiful!

100 thoughts on “Things Facebook Made Me Buy – Tried And Tested: EP118

  1. I can't put a finger on it… but this video just felt different. Shu An's make up seemed different, the editing felt rushed and choppy and somehow it felt like Shu An's laughters were just trying to mask her uneasiness / something was bothering her? Is it just me? :

  2. hey guys! Please watch this video and share it with your friends! You are going to love it!

  3. The link for the clay animal stud earrings takes you to the L'oreal lip crayon page. Please fix it, cos I actually want to get those earrings! 🙏🏼

  4. ShuAn you must have such opposite taste to me, LOL. she didn't like the bow shoes with the net socks, i thought was cute af. didn't like the pink lips but it was so perfect pink?! didn't like the pastel table, what the heck!

  5. If you're interested in a convenient peeling pad like the one in this video I'd recommend the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads. They're the same price except you get a TON more. You get 30 peeling pads for $20 And they work amazing on sensitive skin! 🙂

  6. Actually how FB ads work is the advertiser will do the targeting, meaning for example L'oreal will choose people who are interested in makeup, beauty etc. In the case for Shopee – they probably did dynamic retargeting, so FB doesn't really recommend you stuff.

  7. Its not about what u like….its about pricing and product quality…so ye…..dont be bias …this korean product was over priced

  8. OMG Shu An, I have been binge-watching Tried and Tested for a while now and somehow I picked up some of your mannerisms and a little of your accent when speaking English haha

  9. I'm glad they credited Saf.
    Another web series cough BuzzFeed cough wouldn't credit her. But instead post an Instagram photo showing they thought of it first.

  10. Psssst! Link for handmade clay animal stud earrings is wrong 😉 You put link to loreal paris lipstick there.
    If someone is looking for a right link, here you are:

  11. Hi I know it’s a tad bit late. But can you do a review on make up primer?
    Appreciate if you could it!
    Thank you Shu An!!

  12. The Cinderella’s shoes are comes off from Cinderella’s feet ,might be that’s why the sneaker one does that too 😂

  13. She laughs too much 😄, and we who used to shop online already know that the item we received will mostly be different from wht it looks like on the pict, especially when it came with a low price. Don't expect too much from online shop 😄

  14. it's something I will wear every single day, and I will buy them from you because the link isn't working. 😭 I'm in LOVE with dinosaurs.

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