The Worst Things about Instagram
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The Worst Things about Instagram

If you thought YouTube was the only place where people with no talent can get millions of followers… …you were wrong. – – Let’s be honest, Instagram is mainly about hot women Sometimes it seems the more naked you are, the more popular you get… …it’s becoming a soft-core porn site, isn’t it?… Oh yeah, that’s a nice sideboob Oh no, the nipple can’t be seen.. I always laugh when these Instagram cuties write something heartbreaking to their followers. It’s like they have no clue who their real audience is… pathetic. – – Guys, she loves us! I always knew it! Apart from beautiful women there’s another trend that can get you a lot of followers. Beautiful food. I have no problem with these photos, I just think that the process of getting the perfect shot has to be absolutely ridicoulous. Oh, this food looks so nice! Hold on a second, I just need to take a picture of this beauty. wait a minute just a different composition the angle is not right.. the light is not good… could you hold this for me? oh my God.. just.. just one more…*t.. Naked women, delicious food… I must have forgotten something.. oh yeah, Instagram photographers! These people randomly take a picture then they add a beautiful filter to it …and suddenly they become artists. Maybe this is my hidden talent.. photography.. Maybe this is what I was destined to do… have I just found the purpose of my life..? – Okay. Forget all the people that I mentioned, there is one type that surpasses all of them. Instagram comedians They’re all over my newsfeed! These painfully unfunny videos with white corners that usually include half-naked women, slow motion and ridiculous faces. Yeah it’s as simple as that! There you have it, the perfect recipe for millions of views! – I can’t believe you still haven’t done the dishes! Why there’s never a clean pan when I need it?! Hold on.. – And how could I forget the most well-known characteristic of many Instagram posts that is, how fake they are. Everyone on Instagram seems to be extremely happy living the perfect life… …but the reality is far from the truth. – #LoveWinter It’s so fucking cold.. There’s one popular trend on Instagram that I find completely absurd. Follow for follow. So people who don’t give a sh*t about each other are suddenly followers. I like your… …coat. Thanks! I like your.. …overall appearance. I was always wondering if overly active people that post several Instagram photos a day always have their private photographer.. Because if not… they must seem like complete idiots in front of people in public. Oh this is a lovely park! Excuse me, could you take a photo of me? Yeah sure. Okay, I’ll just stand like this.. oh.. one more! haha.. I can’t keep my balance haha.. try to do one more! oh sh*t, why can’t I stand still? haha.. the very last one! I promise! maybe one more, please! haha.. – Thanks for watching and remember: Follow me on Instagram. Because if not.. –

100 thoughts on “The Worst Things about Instagram

  1. 😂😂😂 911
    Mahn I really love the intro and ur all videos hope u keep the intro in future videos Peter

  2. Som milo prekvapená kvalitou vlogov. Well done PPPeter ! (Na Danovi Drevovi sa moji českí spolužiaci naučili po slovensky. Bežne mi povedia: Sa vykokci ty mrochta :D).

  3. Naked? Ugh eeee I look on Instagram in many artistic accounts examples calligraphy and graffiti stuff so don’t say it’s just about getting naked on front of camera. Idk what ya watching and I don’t care xd.

  4. Add those who will follow u then after u follow them back they will unfollow u after. Such a famewhore

  5. Your video popped in recommend while I was in a bus Paris-Eindhoven and since then im binge watching all your videos. Nice work!

  6. You forgot about stupid bitches showing all the time how fit they are, how they wear expensive clothes, and how happy they are with their boyfriends

  7. Pppeter! Why I have not known about your channel before????!!!! U r brilliant! Dude, please, invest more in the promotion, the world must know about u!!!

  8. I have an insta account for photography, I fucking spend hours photographing and editing since last year I have 300 followers, but there a girls who get 2000 followers even without posting anything

  9. Worst one: Every single account posting memes is private so you're forced to follow them if you want to see the meme your friend sent you. And then you're stuck following 15 meme accounts all posting the same stolen memes.

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