The Worst Things about Facebook
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The Worst Things about Facebook

You know, there’s a community of around 1,5 billion people that are kind, positive, nice to each other… it’s China. What? You thought it was Facebook? That’s the exact opposite.. It’s funny how you can tell who you’re dealing with just by looking at their profile picture. For example, you know it’s a six-year-old when they have a fantasy character a weapon from a videogame or a car as their profile picture. Well.. either a six-year-old are a person with some mental issues WHY A CAR?! I have just one explanation. Hey what’s up man? Where’s that guy we’re supposed to meet? You know that f-cking weirdo with a car as his profile picture.. Hey! I’m standin’ right here, motherf-cker!! You talkin’ sh-t about me?! You have no idea how hard life is when you’re a car! I was born like this!! So knock off the judging asshole!! I’m so sorry sir.. I don’t wanna sound racist here, but why do so many African people on Facebook take pictures with a dirty lens? Can’t they just clean their phones every once in a while? Yeah!! Old people and Facebook.. well, that’s an interesting combination.. Have you ever noticed that many of them have the same awful cover photo and profile picture? Take a photo with your webcam… What is a webcam? These people have a special ability to embarrass you in front of all your friends.. online. Technology is not so hard after all. Now old people are by no means the worst ones on Facebook. I truly don’t get people who like their own posts and comments I mean what’s the point of that? Nobody does that in real life.. Am I the only one who thinks men shouldn’t wear pink shirts?? 😀 I also don’t understand people who put all of their photos from their vacation on Facebook. Who on Earth would be interested in hundreds of badly focused pictures of a beach? …yeah, I’ll just call the taxi and I’ll be there in 10 minutes.. Beautiful. A very similar case are mothers with their newborn babies. If it’s a few photos, I congratulate you, it’s cute, I like it. But again.. why dozens of pictures that all look the same.. For the love of God, who cares! Oh sh*t I’m gonna be so late!! Sharing photos on Facebook is great – you can always remember the fun times you had with your friends, the awesome parties.. ..unfortunately this can get very tricky.. I see you were on an internship in Brazil.. I’d love to visit that country one day. Yeah? Well, you can check some of the photos on my Facebook. All my Facebook pictures are public. Really? Well, let’s check your Facebook photos.. I really love that country.. We’ll let you know if you got the job.. Can someone please explain what’s the purpose of poking on Facebook? Apparently people poke each other as a way of saying ‘Hey, I like you’ But I honestly think it is used by only one type of people. You don’t want to know cutiepie.. Hey, share this video on Facebook and also like me on Facebook as YouTube is broken and it’s the only way how you can get updates from me F*CK!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOUTUBE??! MY OWN SUBSCRIBERS CAN’T SEE WHEN I UPLOAD A NEW VIDEO!!! Or you can click on that little bell next to the Subscribe button to get notifications every time I upload a new video. Thank you and see you next week 🙂

100 thoughts on “The Worst Things about Facebook

  1. Are here any French people that would be willing to make subtitles for me? I can pay you in cow farts or siblings as a proper Slovak man. Write to me on Facebook if you want to 🙂

    Also any French people that have been watching Cyprien or Norman should write to me on Facebook or YouTube, I have a few questions 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful reactions by the way! The comments give me so much motivation for future work!

  2. I don't really know what most people think about your videos but I think you are pretty funny and have talent to be an entertainer. Go to NY and try your luck with some auditions.

  3. I am so excited about you to start uploading videos again. I hope it will be as soon as you graduated.😍😍😍😎😂

  4. normally when you are in places with more than 90% of moister you had a dam horrible picture taken but i think that you knew that traveling carface

  5. i will tell you what you doing wrong.
    change this F**** intro ppppenis and you will earn more subscribers.
    its really annoying everytime i click on your videos and i'm thinking just because of it to unsubscribe but i will give you a chance to change it

  6. 4:05 exactly same things happens on my Instagram dm and on my Facebook. There are so many pawn websites invitation on my Facebook aswell…

  7. People who like their own comments should be banned from all social media platfoms and yes I will like this comment.

  8. Nice video Ur awesome man (yes central Europe not eastern Europe I almost did when I sow that video) good luck salam

  9. Aww 😢 these African people may only have low quality camera phones.. I've had those before (cheap phones), no matter how hard you clean the lens there won't be any change. It's just the quality of their camera.. Not their fault 😢

  10. Well african people can't take good pictures because they can't afford a good camera like you can and you defintely can not make fun of that!

  11. Hahaha. I am the one with the vacation pics… For example… I was on my last trip in april and i still post poctures every day 😂 At least they have a good quality and they are not the same 😂🤣 I also like some of my pictures but never my own comments. Great video btw👍

  12. Why a car? Well, let me explain. Some people like cars, we call them car-guys(or girls) and they just like to share their pation

  13. Bro late fckn night here and I can not stop watching your videos :DD Wish you a million subscribers,you deserve it!

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