The Undertaker’s 5 strangest moments: WWE List This
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The Undertaker’s 5 strangest moments: WWE List This

Whether it’s The Undertaker trying
to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin, setting a teddy bear on fire or
dragging superstars under the ring. The Phenom has given us
some phenomenal moments. But this list isn’t about
the Deadman’s greatest hits. Here are five of the strangest
most bizarre moments from the Undertaker’s career. JBL’s WWE championship
reign in 2004 didn’t make him most endearing superstar
in Sports Entertainment. But you can’t argue with the results,
he held the title for impressive 279 days. But at SummerSlam 2004 when JBL was
slated to defend against The Undertaker, a lot of people thought his
run was on borrowed time. So to cement his legacy, JBL insisted
he wasn’t afraid of the Deadman, and to prove it he called out his 6 foot
10 challenger from Death Valley. The Undertaker’s gong hit but the person
who came out was definitely not 6 foot 10. The real Undertaker wasn’t amused
by the ruse, JBL retreated and The Undertaker posed so
the imposter Deadman joined in. Well, that was a big mistake. The Brothers of Destruction laid out big
show on the April 9, 2001 episode of Raw. So the world’s largest athlete demanded a
handicap match against The Undertaker and Kane on Smackdown later that week. But the only superstars who were willing
to get in the ring with the Deadman and the Big Red Monster were
Taka Michinoku and Funaki. As if it wasn’t bad enough for
Kai and Tai, Big Show refused to tag in during
the bout and actually walked up the ramp. The Brothers of Destruction decided
to put their much smaller opponents out of their misery. So Undertaker told his
brother to hit the last ride. But Kane didn’t know how, so
the Deadman head power-bomb class, to teach the younger brother the in and
outs of the last ride. Kane was successful on his second attempt, but we would have loved to see
more from Professor Undertaker. National pride was on the line
at Survivor series 1993. Lex Luger and the Steiners were looking
to defend America against the despised international squad of Yokozuna,
Ludvig Borga and the Quebecers. The All-American team was
supposed to include Tatanka, but he was deemed unable to compete. So Luger needed a ringer. The Undertaker joined Luger and the Steiners in the ring
before Survivor Series. And he admitted although he
was normally a lone wolf, he always stood for what he believed in. The Phenom open his trademark
black trench coats reveal an American flag the foreign
fanatics freaked out and the Stars and Stripes Forever began
to blare over the arena speakers. [MUSIC] The Undertaker was preparing for a showdown against Psycho
sit at WrestleMania 13. But before the Phenom could get his
hands on the reigning WWE champion, WWE hosts did a Slammy Awards banquet. The Undertaker was awarded Best Tattoos,
but it didn’t seem like he was
going to be there to accept. But then the lights went out, and a live wedding band played
the Phenom’s funeral march. And one of the presenters wet himself
at the sheer sight of the Deadman. Undertaker talked about how proud he
was of his elaborate tattoos, and the death mask he wears in public, they
all represented an extension of his soul. Then to close his speech, Undertaker
quoted ole blue eyes Frank Sinatra sang that when all was said and done,
>>I did it my way. [MUSIC]>>He then took his seat.>>The Undertaker was on a mission on
the June first 1998 episode of Raw, he arrived to the building at very
unusually look for the Deadman. You see he was dressed in all black,
but not his usual rain gear. He was also wearing sun glasses. Undertaker demanded to see Mr. McMahon. When he couldn’t find the chairman, Undertaker went to the ring
to air his grievances. At the time Undertaker wasn’t known to be
verbose, but he went off on the chairman. The Undertaker said he was Mr.
McMahon’s most loyal competitor. But in return, the Phenom was
forced to face his own brother, listen to Paul bare air his
dirty laundry every single week. He was insulted, he was also candid. He was not the same
Deadman we were used to. That’s our list, but
that’s just a start, what’s on yours? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, thanks for
watching List This. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “The Undertaker’s 5 strangest moments: WWE List This

  1. Best inring worker for a man this size. Stone cold said if you’re in the ring with taker u have to keep running because that’s how he does his matches. Fast paced and a lot of moving around.

  2. The greatest of all time.the legend.The best wrestler at pro wrestling entertainment and one of my favorites.

  3. Undertaker is always in his best shape. But in my opinion, he was the best of all as the lord of darkness.

  4. The Undertaker will forever be my favorite but honestly that shoot/work promo he did in sweat pants was weird I still don't get it


  6. Undertaker is not one of the greatest but thee GOAT – in fact a entire Hall of Fame ceremony should be dedicated to him when he gets inducted

  7. Another strange moment i remember thats not on this list was back in 2OO3 when Undertaker was waiting on Big Show but instead gets a Bell hop on a Bike (Spanky aka Brian Kendrick). After an Im Sorry Solo Taker gives him $100. Taker then gives him the Last Ride then takes the $100 back.

  8. I feel like a little kid whenever I see him. Whenever I hear that gong…pretty badass how a wrestler can still make you feel like that after all these years

  9. The Undertaker's 6 Strange Moments
    UTaker Didn't Even Capture Universal Title But Hof Goldberg Did It
    UTaker Didn't Even Hold The MITB BriefCase But Hof Edge Dit It Twice
    UTaker Didn't Even Get A Victory In BITW But Shane McMahon Got It
    UTaker Didn't Even Get A Victory In KOTR But HOF Bret Hart & Steave Austin & Edge & Kurt Angle & Booker T Got It
    UTaker Didn't Even Capture The 24/7 Title But HOF Ted Dibease Senior Got Captured It
    UTaker Didn't Capture U.S Title But HOf Bret Hart & Goldberg & Kurt Angle & Edge Captured It

  10. 1- Burying Paul Bearer in cement
    2- "Kane loves pie, POONTANG"
    3- Pouring gasoline on the referee during Kane vs. Stone Cold

  11. Have you ever gotten really high and waited for kanes Explosion? I was cracking up today when I realized, that was a explosion man. Whoa. 🙂 That's so fun to get high and go watch explosions acting like it's all cool, like the fight might be something, ya notice how I actually shut up for years. I'm quiet for like 3-5 shows.
    How we gunna fight if there's no weed rotisserie ? Ya like, maybe a drone catches me at home lol. Vince wanted that one lol. Cause I'm not getting caught with one in a car or something. I need a private bike course. .. I want omfg. I didn't really get to owning that but we were cool. 33 miles to run and bike to a beach and back is cool.

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  13. At Summerslam 2015 when Brock copied undertaker with the sit up then when taker did it he saw lesnar laughing,Then undertaker was laughing😂.One of the most funniest/strangest things I’ve witnessed from the undertaker.

  14. Its such a shame the dead man didn't get to return with his America coat again at mania against cena because of the dude introducing him getting kicked out after the hall of fame

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