The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams
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The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams

100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams

  1. My brothers friend is like Keith
    He posts random stuff like one picture in his Instagram is a pizza on the ground

  2. Anyone else confused about how Keith that said zac has more followers than him on Twitter then later he said that Zac had to show the picture to his “smaller audience”

  3. 8:08 My little sister said, I started wearing glasses when I was 9 cause my mom didn't believe me when I said, "I can't see that."–5 year old little sister

  4. I don’t know why the ending cracked me up so much. Just them like “yeah!” After Eugene saying they’d be Chris Pratt is so funny

  5. The glasses struggle is incredibly real, especially when you got your first pair at a mere 1 year old and has to wear them like goggles to prevent damage or them falling off of your face. It's not FAIR, Eugene! :3

  6. Zach – “ These are suppose to help me and Keith not bump into shit while we’re walking”
    Me – Why do people make fake glasses then…?

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