THE TRY GUYS | Channel Trailer
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THE TRY GUYS | Channel Trailer

Hi, I’m Keith! I’m Ned! I’m Zach! And I’m Eugene! And we’re… The Try Guys! Ned: We’re back, baby! And welcome to our brand new channel. Ned: The four of us have been hard at work building an independent production company together! (slaps) Zach: On this channel, we’re more than just trying things we’re… creating!
(creating) Zach: More of the awesome new content, you know and love. Ned: We’re exploring (exploring!) new exciting projects That’ll blow your mind. Eugene: We’re evolving (evolving!) into the seasoned production tour-de-force… Keith: and we’re still gonna get totally naked! (naked!) Eugene: Nope, no, we’re not put your shirt back on. Ned: I haven’t been wearing pants. Eugene: Oh, my god you guys listen we’re a mature autonomous group. Zach: For the record. I also have not been wearing pants. Keith: Even though Eugene clearly hates us, we’re still best friends and we’re beyond thrilled to be sharing this next chapter of our professional and personal lives with those who matter the most to us. Ned: My wife. Keith: No. Ned: (disappointed) Oh. Ned: My baby! Keith and Zach: Aww.
Eugene: Ew. Keith: But no, no, it’s you our beautiful and amazing fans! Zach: We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love and support, and we can’t thank you enough for watching our videos and joining us as we enter this brand-new journey. ÒwÓ Ned: Now that we are completely independent, we control how our brand runs and we’ll be more connected to you than ever before. Keith: So here’s the dope thing we’re doing: You can sign up for our patreon and get access to behind-the-scenes videos, interactive live streams, exclusive merch and so much more. Eugene: On patreon, fans can access new videos a day early, and we’ll be hosting a live form Q&A every month to answer all of your burning questions. Zach: You are the lifeblood of our work. So you get to decide the direction of our channel. Ned: We are creating a bunch of amazing videos and we need you. Eugene: Yes, please subscribe because we literally emptied our bank accounts to start this channel and daddy needs a drink. Keith: Ooh, mama needs a drink too! And hold on to your butt butts baby because we about to get crazy up in here. ÒwÓ Zach: We are gonna be premiering a brand spankin new video every Wednesday and Saturday of every week! Eugene: Are you fucking serious? That’s so many videos. Zach: Eugene, I know this is a scary time. I mean, obviously, we’re all really nervous about this. Ned: Yeah, do you want a hug? ÚwÙ Eugene: No, absolutely not Ned: Come heeeere!! Keith: That’s right, two videos a week until, I don’t know, I guess until we die! That’s how the internet works! Zach: We can’t wait to show you what’s in the store to start: We are launching with an epic five part series called Parenthood. All about my man, Ned becoming a daddy for the first time. Ned: I love my baby, Eugene. And I love all of you.

100 thoughts on “THE TRY GUYS | Channel Trailer

  1. The try guys are like the Beatles Zack obviously Ringo star ned is goerge Harrison Keith is John Lennon and for really obvious reasons Eugene is sir Paul James McCartney

  2. My heart melted like absolutely melted and it melted more when they Said they were going on tour💙💚❤️💜

  3. Scoot over Safiya Nygaard, the world found abetter ‘why I left Buzzfeed’ video 🤣 FYI this isn’t hate, I fucking idolize Saf🥰

  4. i love that this diverse group of guys has this family like chemistry and go through the best experiences together, iconic try guys squad

  5. it's been a year and i think i speak for everyone when i say that we're so proud of you and everything that you've done for so many people.

  6. currently it is june 16 and i checked which is the first video on this channel and i was very surprised to arrive on their anniversary- i’ve been with the try guys for almost three years and their still one of my favorite youtubers ahhh i wanna go to their tour 🙁

  7. Happy one year to this channel! I'm a day late but whatever. It's been great not only enjoying your content every Wednesday and Saturday but it's been awesome to see you all grow into yourselves in your own company. I went through many changes in this year too with moving states and changing jobs and knowing you all will put out content has made it better moving forward in good and bad times. I'm proud of you all. Thank you for a year of funny and emotionally connecting content and let's hear it for another year and more to come!

  8. The try guy
    The try guys
    Eating pizza
    They will try it
    The try guys
    Eating chicken
    They will try it
    The try guys
    There Americas dads


  9. When ever they started talking about not wearing pants that made me think none of them wore pants for the whole video

  10. Coming back to watch this after receiving depressing news…. thank you Try Guys for continually uplifting my spirit and taking my mind of things



  12. Anyone else bridge watching all their videos after coming back from their show? Mine was today and I feel so sad I miss them.

  13. the try guys Keith Zach steve steve the try guys eating pizza they’ll try it the try guys eating chicken there try it the try guys there American das it’s it’s the try guys weekdays at 4 only on buzzfeed le epic

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