The Truth About Social Media | EP. 2 The Slumber Party
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The Truth About Social Media | EP. 2 The Slumber Party

♪ ♪ Maya: We’re back for
another slumber party. And look at the
beautiful ladies. All three: Hi. Maya: We’re so happy
that you guys love the show, because we love it, and we just wanted to
read some of your comments. Amy: Yes. Maya: Because today’s episode
is all about social media. Amy: One of the comments that
you guys wrote down below — Eli Mo says, “You guys
are so cute.” Thank you. “Unbelievable that you’re
all single, dot dot dot… or I don’t know if Amy is.” Shannon: Dun dun dunnnn. Amy: I am not, actually. Maya: Amy’s taken, and
her man is fine. Amy: Yeah, so… Maya: I have one
from Lisa Tucci. “When will this
become a TV Show?” Woo-hoo. And, “What’s
your guys’ Snapchat?” So mine is MayaSnapWorld. Amy: Mine is IAmAmyPham.
Maya: Across all platforms. Amy: Yeah, across everything. Shannon: I have a secret one, because I talk a lot of
smack about people on there. So you’ve gotta find it. If you can find it,
then you’ll know. If not — Maya: I’m going to put
it in the description box. Shannon: No. [Laughter] Maya: I mean, we’re all
here because of social media. Amy: Yeah. Maya: I started it as a
social media experiment, on what would happen if I
shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days, and in doing that, it was hard.
[Amy Laughing] Maya: And I discovered
that I’m not really — the reason why I go by
the alter ego “Shameless” is because I’m not really that
person who’s constantly like, “Look at me, look at me.” But I noticed that people
were excelling and moving ahead and like, you know,
living up their dreams because they were essentially,
what I saw, shameless. And they were shamelessly
promoting themselves using social media. Amy: Putting
themselves out there, yeah. Maya: So I was like,
why am I judging this? Let me put myself out there. So that was kind of
what started my journey. – That’s how I met you.
Amy: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Maya: Because I was
shamelessly plugging myself — Amy: We actually first met —
Maya: To win a trip to London for BeautyCon.
Amy: Yeah. She won. She was the winner, and she
got [inaudible] the Platform, and that was the
first I met her. Before she
cut her hair though. Maya: Yes, yeah.
All of the girls — Amy: Yeah, that was
two years, three years ago. Yeah, it was amazing.
Shannon: Yep, the real Maya. Amy: That was —
[Laughter] Yeah, was that
like three years ago? Maya: Yeah, it was. How
did you get into social media? Amy: Well, specifically,
social media for me didn’t really come about until
after the Platform, really, and that was when
— I don’t know if you guys followed the
Platform on YouTube, but — Maya: I’m just
putting the little icons — Amy: Somewhere in
the cyberspace — but I auditioned for
them, for Maker Studios, and I started
hosting for them before — Maya: Because you were,
before, in traditional — Amy: I was, before —
traditional and deejaying, yeah. So I wasn’t really
too much like all — I didn’t have a blog. I
still don’t have a blog. I just host for them, and I
still don’t have a YouTube, which I’m working on. But — Maya: But she has
an amazing Instagram Shannon: Amazing Instagram.
Maya: And funny videos. Amy: Stop. Stop. And thank you. Shannon: Hot photos,
funny videos. Hot boyfriend, just saying.
Amy: Stop. Stop. Yeah, and everything has
just been a constant evolution, really, is what it is. Maya: What about you?
You — you do. Shannon: I started
because of my book, so when I was
starting to write “Laid,” which is my like sex anthology, I was looking for other writers, and I’m like, okay,
how do I find people? Like, I can’t just go
outside and be, you know, knocking on doors
and handing out flyers. So I was like, let
me do the Internet. I used it to promote my book, and then I used
it as a way to — myself and my partner
at the time did a channel, and that’s kind of my whole
introduction into YouTube, and so — and then
I’ve really grown with it. I feel like I’ve been with
social media since it started, and I have a love-hate
relationship with it. I really do. Maya: Me too.
Shannon: Yeah. Amy: I feel like most people
do, just generally speaking. It can just be like any
other kind of facet of life. If you get too involved with it, then it can easily be the
worst thing in the world. But if you have it,
you know, in moderation, and you kind of
control yourself, it’s fine. Shannon: You have
to control yourself. Maya: There’s a part of me — I don’t want to say jealous,
because that’s not the word. I’m happy for everyone’s
success and I can see it — Shannon: Comparing.
Maya: But I do, like — there’s a small part
of me that compares, and I’m like, oh, this
person’s life is so amazing. Amy: Totally. I think
it’s completely natural. Maya: And then I’m like —
and then I feel like crap. So in order to counteract
that, I try not to scroll. Amy: No, I think that’s good. Maya: And also, but I’m very
happy for everyone’s success, but I’m just like, I
can’t scroll, because — Amy: Yeah, that’s just your — Maya: It makes me feel
like, also, my time is wasted. Amy: Totally.
Maya: So I’m like, get away. Amy: That’s like your recipe
to feeling shitty. It’s like, well, I’m just
not going to do that next time. And I totally agree with you. I think it’s
natural to feel that way, and I think people
do that regardless, whether there’s
Instagram, social
media, or with magazines. Maya: That’s true. You’re right.
Amy: You’re looking through. You’re like comparing
yourself to whoever’s
in the magazine, you know? Shannon: Yeah. I
think it’s worse, though, because at least magazines, we have the
education that it’s fake. Like, that was a photo
shoot. There was a hair stylist. A makeup artist on set. And
there was editing afterwards. But with social media, it has
the illusion that it’s real. Amy: Right. You
take it at face value. Maya: Yeah. Which it’s not.
Amy: No, it’s not, girl. Shannon: And it’s like,
this is an everyday person. And it feels like
everyone is stunning. Do you guys feel that way ever? Amy: Oh, totally, yeah.
Shannon: Everyone’s beautiful. Amy: Oh, yeah, this person
is so gorgeous. Like, how? Maya: I actually
only recently — I’m like, Maya, you
need up to your makeup game, because Instagram has so — and I was just at the
NYX with Amy — Amy: That didn’t happen to
me until after Instagram, too. I was like, wow, these
people’s faces are so great. Maya: Are on point. Amy: Like, how is
their contour so blended? Amy: Like, how?
Maya: Yeah. So it just — if anything, I would say the positive
part of that was like, wow — Amy: It made you improve, yeah. Maya: Like, let me put
a little more effort — Not as in, like,
ugh, I suck. I hate myself. But it’s like, oh, wow, I
can learn some tips and tricks. What
products they’re using. And then kind of
like up my game. Amy: Yeah, or even
just with like fashion, people’s outfits, like, oh,
this is such a cute outfit. I want to wear that next time. Yeah, instead of, like, oh my
God, I could never wear that. Amy: It’s just like, oh, well, you can incorporate it.
It’s fine. Just do your thing. Maya: I mean, that’s —
most people on social media — people think especially
with YouTube and Vine that these people have
bigger-than-life personalities, when it’s like the
exact opposite. Amy: No. I stay at home.
I’m such a recluse. Yeah. Maya: Eh. Eh.
Amy: It’s true. Maya: But most of us
are like legit nerds. Shannon: Oh my God. [Laughter]
[Cross Talk] Maya: I have a
challenge for you ladies. Shannon: Oh, that’s
very un-nerdy of you. [Laughter]
Shannon: Printouts at a party. Maya: Here you are.
Amy: Thank you. Maya: I’m going to keep
pink. You can have the blue. Shannon: Okay. Maya: But this is the
social media confession. [All Singing Mock-Ominously] ♪ ♪ Amy: Ding.
Maya: Ding. Pens down. Shannon: Pens down.
Amy: Papers forward. Maya: Pizza up.
Amy: No cheating. Shannon: Pizza way up. Maya: Okay, so the quiz
consisted of these questions. First one: What pages do you type in to
view on social media? Shannon: What you got?
Maya: Bretman Rock. Amy: Oh, I love Bretman Rock. Maya: Barbie Gets [ph.].
Amy: What’s Barbie Gets? Maya: They’re two Filipino
boys that live in Hawaii, and they are face [inaudible]. Amy: Oh, really?
Maya: And I love them both. Shannon: So both
people that you follow are both from Hawaii,
and they’re both Filipino? Amy: For me, “Last Week Tonight”
with John Oliver on YouTube, because I love John
Oliver. I think he’s adorable. And DJ Khaled on Snapchat. Maya: Snapchat.
Amy: You know. Shannon: That’s real. Amy: And puppies
just everywhere. Shannon: Okay, maybe
I read the thing wrong, because I have a couple. Men’s Fashion, Micah
Gianneli, Amber’s Closet, Maya’s World, IAmAmyPham, Louie Robinson [ph.], Brandon Williams,
[inaudible], Facts, Sex Facts, Winnie
Harlow and Snow Official, just to name a few.
Maya: Who do you creep on? Now, I put in, “I
don’t creep.” Yeah. [Laughter]
Maya: But I do love Black Jaguar-White Tiger.
Amy: Oh. Maya: And that could probably
be in like the “Pages I type in”. Amy: That’s like my
version of puppies, yeah. Shannon: Creep is when, if
you liked a photo, you die. That’s creeping. Maya: See, I don’t
have a problem, then. Amy: Sophia
Miacova — she’s just — I don’t know how I
came across her profile just on Instagram, too. Maya: What makes
you call them — like, why are they
creeps? Like, why do you — Amy: Well, I call — well,
because I check theirs like — Maya: Several times a day? Amy: Not several times a day. I would say like for me
it’s a lot. Like, a couple — Shannon: But do you like their
photos, or you’re a silent — Amy: Like a silent — Shannon: Okay,
then you creep, then. Amy: I don’t follow
them, either. I just like — Shannon: Oh, right?
Maya: Okay, yeah. Shannon: That’s creepy as hell. Maya: Kylie — the
Jenner family — Kardashian — Shannon: You don’t
follow Kylie Jenner? Amy: I don’t follow them either.
Maya: I don’t follow — Amy: But I creep on their
pages every once in a while. Maya: Here and
there. Here and there. Shannon: I answered
this question correct. Who do you creep on?
My ex, my ex’s new girl, my older exes and
my current crush. Maya: I could
never. Current crush, yes. Amy: Yeah, my
current crush, yeah. Maya: You know, whatever
the current crush is, yes. Shannon: We have a guest coming whom you guys probably saw
before on one of Maya’s videos. Back by popular demand,
because we do mean popular, Maya: Popular. Text him. Shannon: Let me
see if he’s around. Maya: And then I’ll
answer this next one. Ooh. How often do you check your
page, your social media pages? When I post, I check a
lot. I said five to ten. I probably do
more. I do over ten. Shannon: If I don’t
post, I don’t check, but if I do post, 30 plus.
Maya: Thirty plus, okay. Amy: I probably do
30 plus unknowingly. Maya: How long
does one pic take you? Shannon: From
the time you take it to the time you upload it? Amy: Are we going in order? Maya: Okay, I
would say 30, then. Shannon: Thirty minutes?
Amy: I take a day. You’re fast. I’m not
one of those people. I am like —
Maya: But mind you, Amy has a highly
curated Instagram feed. Mine is just like,
on the go, let’s go. Amy: I have a whole
team of professionals. No, it takes me a
long-ass — I’m like — I never do
anything time-relevant. I always tell people this. So when I’m at an
event, I’ll take the photo, and then I’ll do the rest
of the — I’ll just be there. And then I’ll edit it
later and figure it out. Shannon: There’s no
insta in your gram. Amy: There’s no
insta in my gram. Shannon: Nothing insta about it.
Amy: Nothing insta. Maya: She just serving grams. Shannon: I wrote
one and a half hours, but if I’m
probably honest, it’s — Maya: Let’s be honest. Shannon:
Probably two and a half. Maya: Shannon has a
tripod set up and a self-timer. Amy: Oh.
Shannon: People are like, who is taking
these photos of you? I have a tripod, and
I do the clicker thing. Amy: Oh. Shannon: I look
like a crazy person. Maya: And she
does it on the street. Shannon: People on
the street walk by me, and they’re like — it
looks so desperate and weird. But I’m like — I commit to it. I’m like, I’m committing
to this moment. I don’t care. And I do it.
And I go to my computer, upload it, and
then I Photoshop it, put it in a program
called Color Effects Pro. Shannon: And then I save it, web resolution,
put it on my phone. Probably go through
VSCO Camera. Then it goes to Instagram.
Then you guys get to see it. You’re welcome. Maya: Which is perfect,
because the next question is, what is your editing secret? So for me, VSCO Cam, but I
do love Facetune for selfie. Shannon: You do Facetune?
Amy: I love Facetune. Maya: Yeah. Shannon: I don’t Facetune, no. Maya: Oh, I Facetune.
Like if I have a dress — like I just uploaded a photo, and it has me with a skirt,
and it’s kind of too puffy, so I’ll just push the skirt in. Shannon: Oh, it’s the
skirt that’s puffy, isn’t it? Maya: Yeah, skirt.
[Laughter] My waist. Shannon: The
skirt was really puffy. Amy: Another editing
secret is that I never — almost never use my
actual iPhone camera unless it’s a mirror selfie.
Maya: Really? Amy: I always use my Nikon. I have a Nikon J1. Maya: Oh, so you two
are queens with that. Shannon: Wow, I always see — yeah, I’m a queen with
that. I’m the 5D Mark III. I’m in it to win it. Amy: No, mine’s
just a point-and-shoot, but it has the Wi-Fi so that you can send it
to your phone right away. That’s what I do. Shannon: And they
do look very phone-y. Maya: They do.
Amy: Oh. [Laughter] Maya: No, like phone-y.
Amy: I was like, excuse me? Shannon: All right,
my editing secret is, I edit my hair
shape all the time. Amy: Really? Shannon: I always
even out the — yes. Maya: The curls? Shannon: That’s
where I liquify to death. Every image of me, I always give myself
more volume at the top, and then I do the shape.
Maya: Oh, okay. Maya: I totally did that.
Shannon: I get joozhed up. Amy: Well, speaking of
hair, what I always do, too, using Facetune,
is, I whiten my hair. What the whiten tool does — it’s supposed to
whiten your teeth. Maya: Right.
Amy: So the same effect. It does whiten,
meaning removing the yellow. That’s all it does. Maya: Oh, it just
removes the yellow. Amy: The yellow.
Maya: So it’s desaturating it. Okay, and what
would you do online that you would
never do in real life? For me, because I’m shameless, everything I do online
I would do in real life. Amy: You’re such
a model citizen. Maya: I know. [Laughter]
[Cross Talk] Shannon: Captain Instagram.
Amy: I’m completely normal. Maya: But there are
things I do in real life that I wouldn’t do online.
Shannon: Weed and whiskey. [Laughter]
Maya: Yeah. Shannon: Little
Episode 1 throwback. Maya: Shoutout to Chris. And I am politically
incorrect all day every day in real life.
Amy: In real life. Oh. Maya: I say the most ignorant — I do it because it’s funny. Amy: Because it’s you, yeah. Maya: And — but I
know if I do that online people will take
it out of context. Amy: They’ll take it
the wrong way, yeah. Maya: And then it’s just like, “I hate you now.
Unsubscribe. Unfollow.” Amy: Oh, so one thing
that I never do in real life that I tend to do online, which kind of touched on
what you were saying earlier — if you’re walking down the
street and you see some girl, like, oh, she cute, you don’t want to be
like, oh my gosh, she’s cute, because of this-the-the-this, like she’s better than me
at this thing, blah blah blah. But online, it’s just like,
oh my God, like, look at this. Like, ahhh. It just
makes you feel so belittled. But I don’t do
that in real life. So I don’t know — it’s just,
you know, one of those things. Maya: Out of
context. Different platform. Amy: It’s a
[inaudible] thing, yeah. And also, because in real
life, you just kind of pass by. You don’t give
it another thought. But online, it stays there. Shannon: Mine is
comment on hot dudes’ pics. But like, you know, in
real life, I wouldn’t like — “Hey, sweet ass.”
You know what I mean? I’m not a
construction worker. I’m a
construction worker online. Maya: Wow, you flirt.
Shannon: I do, yeah. So I wouldn’t do
that in real life. I wouldn’t just
approach people or like — Amy: Use emojis.
Shannon: Yeah, use emojis. Amy: All up in it. Shannon: All up
in there, you know. Eggplants [inaudible].
[Laughter] Shannon: But online, I’m a
full-time construction worker. Maya: Now that you guys know
our secrets, our confessions. we would love
to hear all of yours, so make sure you
read the description box and comment below and
answer the six questions and share it with everyone, because all of us boos
want to find out, okay? [Doorbell Rings] [Cheering,
Applause and Laughter] Maya: Dallas, welcome. Maya: Come, come, sit.
Amy: Sit down. Sit down. Shannon: How are you doing?
Dallas: I’m good. Shannon: You smell good.
Dallas: Thank you. Maya: For those
of you that know, you remember this
face from a popular video, and I met Dallas
through Shannon. Amy: And how did you guys meet? Dallas: So basically
she used to catfish me. Amy: Oh. Dallas: Not
actually her catfishing me, but someone
pretending to be her. Amy: Used her
images. [Gasps] Really? Dallas: For a long-ass time. Amy: So then when he
finally reached out to you, you were like,
okay, that’s not me, but let’s be friends? Shannon: We were
like, aw, it’s really cute, and I lived in Canada, and he lived in
Michigan or whatever. Dallas: Which is so close.
Shannon: You know, I think it’s really nice
that my catfish had good taste, because he
posted all of these — if you guys go to his
Instagram, you’ll understand — really hot photos of himself, and I’m like, all right,
good for you, Fake Shannon. Dallas: I didn’t lose attraction.
Maya: It’s okay, Dallas. Maya: He’s just
putting it out there. Shannon, he did
not lose attraction. Shannon: All right, well,
speaking of social media, that’s kind of
our topic of the day, and we thought you
were a dope person because of the fact that you really put it
all out there online. Dallas: Yep, I do.
Maya: You do. What do you use
social media for? Dallas: I use it for
mostly actually promotion. I get so much work just
straight off social media. Maya: Like what kind of work
do you get from social media? Dallas:
I would just like — either
shoots, gigs, sometimes — Maya: What do you mean, gigs?
Dallas: Literally magazines. Like GALORE
magazine follow me on Instagram. Maya: Okay. Dallas: And New York Fashion Week, Matthew in my DMs. Hey, will you be in my
show? You riding rad clothes. I’m like, nigga. [Laughter] Dallas: Yeah, it goes
down. It really goes down. And then keeping up friendships. Amy: It’s good for
networking, for sure. Dallas: Yeah, great networking. Amy: It’s a good
casual way to network, because it’s not like,
hey, email, what’s up. We met a couple weeks ago.
Dallas: Yeah, right. Amy: FYI, this
is my contact info. Dallas: Yeah. Amy: It’s just
like, casual perusal, like, oh what’s up, okay.
Shannon: Yeah, cute cheesecake. Maya: So do you ever feel
any type of ways posting stuff? Like, do you ever feel like, aw, man, this is a
little bit too much? Dallas: Yeah, I do.
Amy: Yeah, I feel that. Dallas: And then I have
like two thought processes. One is, aw, I shouldn’t do this. The other is like, I don’t care. It’s already out there. It’s not like
they’re going to be shocked. Amy: Yeah. It’s like
you’re already rolling with it. You might as well
do it. While, on the other hand, every time people are
asking about my Instagram, I’m always like, yeah, it’s just a narcissistic
collection of my face, so — Shannon: Do you
guys ever do that? Dallas: I got 700 —
Maya: You know what, that’s happened to me once. I posted a photo and I
refreshed it — zero likes. This was a while ago.
I was like, zero likes? [Laughter] Maya: That’s so embarrassing. Dallas: I have to
tell you, I’ve done that. And then to get no love — I was like, all right,
I’m going to take that down before anyone else sees
that it didn’t get love. Shannon: Maya’s sitting
there like, zero likes? Maya: It’s like,
do I [inaudible]? Shannon: No. Dallas: Yeah, have you guys
ever liked your own pictures? Shannon: I like
all my own photos. Dallas: I learned why
I do them, because — Maya: It comes up on your feed. Dallas: Exactly. It
goes on the sport page, what I like.
Amy: Oh, really? Dallas: So I started doing that.
Maya: Yeah. Dallas: And also,
anybody that tagged me that — I like every single
thing someone tags me in, so that also goes
on my sport page. Because half the time I ask
somebody, “Where’d you find me?” they’ll say their sport page. Amy: Oh.
Maya: Interesting. Shannon: Yeah, that’s why my
photos (inaudible) narcissistic. How many pictures
of yours have been tagged by the community
guidelines and taken down? Dallas: Probably like seven
in the last like two months. Amy: Really? You get censored? Maya: If you went to
his page, you would know. Dallas: They will just
— people will flag me. And I’m like, you
guys asked for this. Amy: Oh. I see.
[Maya Cackles] Amy: Oh, my God.
Dallas: What are you doing? Amy: Looking at them. Female: Oh, damn.
[Laughter] Shannon: I like it,
though, because, you know, at the end of the day,
a lot of women online, this is what they
do for social media. You know, they put
[inaudible] shots. Maya: Right.
Amy: It’s true. Shannon: And the sexual images.
Amy: Oh, yeah. [Cross Talk] Dallas: It really does help promo. Like, if I’m on a [inaudible]
calendar and [inaudible], so I’m going to be [inaudible]. Shannon: Yeah,
you’re a perfect calendar. Do you want to do a preview and take your
shirt off right now and just show what the
calendar might [inaudible]? Dallas: I don’t even have a — Maya: Let’s go. You
have a photo shoot. Come on, slumber party. Do it. Dallas: I’m like, not —
tomorrow’s [inaudible]. All three: Do it.
Do it. Do it. Do it. [Laughter]
[Screaming] [Applause]
Dallas: Thank you. [Cross Talk] Dallas: Oh, yeah, yeah.
Maya: Thank you. [Laughter] Maya: Games.
All three: Games. Dallas: Oh, okay.
No, no, no. No, no, no. I have a game.
Shannon: You have a game? Dallas: For y’all.
Shannon: Really? Dallas: Yeah. Y’all
aren’t ready for this. This is The Next
Slumber Party Selfie Star. All right, you have 30 seconds to complete your selfie
pic to post, for posting. Maya: What about a minute?
Dallas: No. Maya: I can’t even do seconds.
Dallas: You get half a minute. Maya: Okay.
Dallas: All right. What you’re
going to be judged on — hold on — you’re going
to be judged on creativity, your caption, and completion. And I’m going be the judge. Whoever wins gets a massage. Shannon: Oh,
you’re giving a massage? Maya: Oh yeah, okay, I’m doing
this. Yeah, I’m doing this. Dallas: Go.
Shannon: Go? Dallas: Right now. Maya: Wait, no.
Dallas: Too late. Maya: I have to open it.
Okay, wait. I don’t even — Okay, here. Well, I
didn’t even — okay. How do you? Oh, no.
How do you even — wait. Let’s go back. I — a photo. Amy: Oh, my God, no.
Shannon: Okay. Amy: Oh — wait.
Maya: What’s the time? Dallas: You have —
Maya: Can we — Dallas: Eight. Eight seconds. Shannon: Eight
seconds? No you don’t. Dallas: Ten seconds. Maya: Oh, selfie. Okay, we’re going
to hand in our phones. Oh, no, you next.
Hand it in first. Shannon: All right,
let me hand mine in first. Dallas: Oh, you got a good —
Female: Oh. Dallas: She gets
points for that. I mean, there’s a great-looking
person in this photo. Amy: Are you
looking into the camera? Dallas: There’s — I’m not. What the fuck.
[Laughter] Dallas: What the
fuck — what is that? What is that? No. What — how do you even do this? Is that Leonardo DiCaprio? Amy: Yeah. Dallas: I ain’t going to
lie. Now hold on. Hold on. [Laughter] Dallas: This is a great —
good — she found her a light. I ain’t going to
lie. I might pick this. I kind of — hell, I
like this with your arms. [Laughter]
Dallas: I’m not going to lie. Amy: He’s like, I’m
going to double-tap that. I have to go with
my — this is amazing. Shannon: Aw.
Maya: Yay. Get to work. Dallas: I got you. Shannon: That actually
— I’m not going to lie. That’s really —
that’s a good — best selfie you’ve
probably taken in a long — Shannon: That’s a great photo.
Maya: Should I just leave it? Amy: Damn, he’s getting
[inaudible]. That’s a massage. Shannon: Yeah, he’s going in.
Maya: Yeah. Maya: Hold on, how do
you know how to do all — oh, these are the
moves you put on. These are the moves. Dallas: No, I used to — I was
going to go into massage. All three: Oh. Shannon: The
catfishitude comes out. Dallas: Yeah, look at her.
Maya: Thank you, Dallas. Dallas: You’re welcome.
[Applause and Cheers] Dallas: Thank you.
I love you all. Amy: Bye. Good meeting you.
Dallas: You, too. Maya: Thanks for stopping by. Dallas: All right. Bye-bye.
Thank you so much. All three: Bye. Shannon: If you didn’t
have to be on social media, would you be on it? Amy: Probably, but not —
Maya: I would — — but not as crazy
as it is now, yeah. I wouldn’t put
as much effort into it, I think is
probably the main thing. Maya: So some takeaways for
the young boos watching this. Everything in moderation. Everything in
moderation, I think, is key. Amy: Because it
reminds me of that one thing that happened I think
this year, last year, that girl that went crazy. Maya: Right, the
Australian girl, the model. Amy: Yeah. You just have to keep
a good head on your shoulders and not let it affect you the
way that it does some people. Maya: And if it
does, then unfollow. Shannon: Yeah. Maya: Because I
don’t like how I feel. Shannon: Because of how
you make me feel. Yeah. Maya: Yeah. I feel as if
I’m comparing myself to you. Amy: Because it puts
extra pressures on yourself. Just puts more stuff in
your brain that you don’t need. Maya: Yeah. Shannon: They say that
you are a collection of the five people that you
spend the most time with, and I think that really
applies to social media, too. Amy: Oh, I’ve
never heard that before. Shannon: So you are a
collection of the five people that you follow and
watch and stalk the most, and you want to make sure
the people who are shaping you are inspiring you,
not minimizing you. I also think, as well, to develop healthy habits
about the mirror effect — I sometimes think of social
media, to be honest with you, as the government’s answer to stopping people
from using the Internet to better themselves, because you can
get a PhD online. You can learn the
secret to the universe. You can go to a
whole new country. But instead, they created
these software programs — Maya: Distractions.
Shannon: Just distract you. All you do is
look at the mirror. You never look behind the mirror at all the beautiful and
amazing and inspiring things. Amy: Yeah. Maya: Be mindful
of what you post, because thankfully I
didn’t have social media at 12. What you have to
keep in mind is, this stuff stays and explodes. Amy: It lives on
the Internet forever. Maya: So you might have a
moment where you’re like, this ho — like,
whether it’s comments, whether you’re
commenting on people, whether you’re posting
photos or images of yourself, be mindful of the
brand or the image that you want to put out there, and hopefully you
can stand behind what
you quote with a post. Amy: Your digital personality. Maya: Yeah, so
you don’t have to be having to have
excuses or explain yourself. Be proud of, yeah, I
can stand behind that. I believe in that.
Amy: Yeah. Maya: Yes, ladies,
I love all of that. All of that. All of that. That’s the truth right there. But yes, guys, just be mindful and take
everything in moderation. Amy: And make sure
to fill out the quiz so we can see
what you guys wrote. Maya: Yes, sharing is caring.
Amy: Please. Maya: We will see you
guys in the next episode. Amy: Yay.
All three: Bye. ♪ ♪ [Dog Barks]

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