The Top 5 Social Media Myths Debunked!
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The Top 5 Social Media Myths Debunked!

– Myth! (laughs) – Come on! – So, I’m going to mix things up. I want to do more of like a quiz and– – Okay. – just feeling like a true or false sort of game. – Go on. – Oh, you know what? Don’t worry about it. – Wait.
– No, don’t worry about it. All right, all right so
– I’m scared. – I’m just going to, I’m going to dive in because
I know you know a lot about social media and
I want to just throw out five statements about social media and you just simply tell
me by your gut instinct, true or false, myth or reality. – It sounds easy enough. – All right, cool, cool, cool. I’m on social media, I
have a ton of followers, therefore, I am successful
on social media. – I’m going to guess true, right? Because the more social
media followers you have, the more successful
you end up being, yeah? – Myth! (laughs) – I don’t like this game! – Next, so no pressure. – Just a little pressure. – When it comes to social media, it’s really difficult to
see a return on investment. It’s hard to measure it, true or false? – I’m scared. True? – What?
– True? – Myth! (laughs) – Come on! – So the reality is (laughs) reality is, there is a ton
of ways to actually measure and track social media. With Facebook you have
likes and the Insights tab, with Twitter you have your top tweets, and then with Instagram
you have engagement rate. – Okay. – And from there you can see that what you’re posting is a good strategy and therefore, you know what to do next. – You get your return on investment. – Yeah, you see your return on investment. So they each have analytics
and they each have metrics. You just have to pay attention. – So that’s super helpful but
I really don’t like this game. – Got another one. Social media, it’s really only
used for marketing purposes. That’s its main purpose. – False, right?
– (laughs) Because social media is about just connecting with your audience and building relationships
and just being a part of the community, right? – Right on, yes! – All right! – You got it right! (laughs) – Let’s do this, I got this! – Number four. – All right. – True or false? Businesses need to pay for advertising to be successful on social media. – True. The more you pay
the more successful you are. It’s math. – Myth! – God! – (laughing) Sorry but myth. There’s a lot of ways
you can do– (laughs) so the reality is there
is a lot you can do to get engagement and exposure and spread word of mouth
about your business starting with hashtags. They’re free! – Okay. – Yeah, use hashtags, you can
get in front of more customers also just creating quality
content that people are liking, sharing, commenting on. That’s gonna get you more exposure, get you in front of your
customers’ friends– – Okay. – and their friends, and their friends. Last but not least,
testimonials about your business that you’re getting on Yelp
and Google or TripAdvisor. That’s something you can
turn into a social media post that’s going to be an authentic
representation of your brand, of your business, and as a
result you get more new customers because it’s authentic. – And it’s free. – And it’s free. – I don’t like this game. – (laughs) Well, you’re in luck. There’s only one more
true or false question. I can post the same thing on Facebook that I’m posting on Instagram
and I’m posting on Twitter. The same content works
across all platforms. – If I don’t answer, do I get hit? – Just go with your gut. – So you can post the same content across. It saves you a bunch of time, because you have to run a business right? You’ve got a bunch of
stuff you need to do, so then just aggregate it all out. – Oh my gosh, it saves you so much time. – But…
– So much time, right? – Myth! Myth. The reality is, something that might
just excel on Facebook could fall flat on Twitter. Something that goes on
Instagram and really resonates with your audience there, because you have a
different audience there, might not resonate with
your audience on Facebook. So you have to acknowledge each platform for not only who’s following you there, but also
– Right. – the demographics, also just the content itself. Each platform’s different, right? So, I know with Twitter,
you want to keep it more short and sweet. Plus, certain hashtags
work great on Twitter that won’t work great on
Facebook or Instagram. So you really want to
acknowledge the differences between each platform, even the fact that certain days of the week
will work on Instagram. Maybe Tuesday works better on Instagram, but Thursday works better on Facebook. – Okay. I mean, that makes sense, I guess, but I’m still wet. – (laughs) All right, so that’s a wrap! We have officially debunked the five social media myths. Thanks for being here. I’m Emma, your GoDaddy guide. – I’m Nealey, your GoDaddy guide. You know what, Emma, no hard feelings. This has been a ton of fun. I learned a lot, the audience learned a lot. Bring it in. – Thanks. (yells)

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