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[intro music plays]
‘Wow, Ethan. Great moves! Keep it up, proud of you.’ [intro music plays] Most of you guys are probably familiar, by now, with the notorious dupester, prankster and gaffster,
SoFloAntonio. He’s been one of our favourite memes for a long time, dating back probably over a year ago now, when he made one of his great, uh, mall pranks – when he went to malls and asked little girls if they’re gonna have sex, uh, this New Years’. ANTONIO:
‘Excuse me! How old are you?’ ANTONIO:
‘This- this man over here, he’s like single…’ ANTONIO:
‘…doesn’t have any girls for tonight. You down?’ Now SoFlo is not only notorious for making shitty videos. His claim to fame probably comes from his Facebook page, which is the most notorious and prolific ‘freebooter’, a.k.a. ‘stealing other people’s content and putting it on Facebook’. Most people consider that this world runs on currency, and SoFlo has put forth that it is not currency, but ‘internet points’, that dictates the free market. Now, I was browsing Facebook, couple nights ago. and I went to check on our parody page, ‘Soflobro’, that we made about SoFloAntonio’s Facebook escapades, and sure enough – wouldn’t you know – it was gone. My favourite part about that process, was that we didn’t get any notification, any message, even an option to appeal – it was just straight-up gone. Zippo-zango, bingo-bango, bob’s your uncle baby. 88,000 likes on it. In fact, even more than our actual Facebook page, ironically, or, un-ironically, I don’t know which. But, anyway, that’s… that’s dead now. [melancholy music plays]
Our baby is dead now. [melancholy music plays]
And let us just take a moment to bow our heads in reverence [melancholy music plays]
for the death of a great meme here, so… just give me one sec. [melancholy music plays] [melancholy music plays]
‘This is definitely me, sitting in my chair,’ [melancholy music plays]
‘working at my computer, in an intro before SoFloAntonio’s video.’ [melancholy music plays]
‘What’s up guys, SoFloAntonio, I’m here with–‘ [melancholy music plays]
‘I w- I won’t lie, this is me sitting on the toilet,’ [melancholy music plays]
‘doing a SoFlo intro to a SoFlo video.’ [melancholy music plays]
‘I won’t lie about it.’ [melancholy music plays]
‘Did I make this video? Is this original?’ [melancholy music plays]
‘I wrote it down. What did you pick?’ [melancholy music plays] [melancholy music plays]
‘[Signature Ethan coughing and wheezing]’ [melancholy music plays]
‘What’s goin’ on guys, SoFloAntonio, and I’m here with PrankInvasion…’ Now I mean, ‘whatever’, you know? The grieving process – it hurts, you gotta carry the pain with you, and y’know, you carry it wherever you go, but you- you move on with your life. But, I noticed… …a day afterwards, browsing Facebook, that SoFlo – the actual SoFlo, not our parody page – was showing up on… my feed. And I says to myself, ‘That is bizarre,’ because I certainly have never liked SoFlo’s page, I have more respect for my own life – I’m 30 years old, I’m too young to die of cancer! So I go to Hila’s page. And wouldn’t you know, she liked it too. Weeeird. I go to the subreddit, our h3h3 subreddit, I see a post, ‘Hey, did anybody happen to like SoFlo’s page all of a sudden, but they know they didn’t like it before?’ Weirder and weirder. And now, here you can see, it is not just a conspiracy theory. 850 likes: ‘If you had previously liked Soflobro on Facebook, the page has been taken down.’ ‘You also will now have automatically liked the real SoFlo page.’ This is not a conspiracy – they actually closed down our parody page, of people who hated SoFlo, …and moved all of the likes, to SoFlo. In a sweeping act of justice. And let me thank you, Facebook, for finally putting your foot down, to people who steal content, like Soflobro. That was not right. And thank you for supporting the Facebook pages that matter, like SoFloAntonio. Because people who like Soflobro are certain to like SoFlo, and that was a very classy touch by you, Facebook, and thank you so much for taking care of those people. You know, SoFlo used to brag that he was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers, and I finally understand what he meant, y’know? I got checkmated so hard. It’s such a great irony. That we worked so hard to build this, like, parody brand, and then it gets closed down. The ‘closed down’, I can live with. I saw it coming, I really did. But the fact that they moved all the likes to SoFlo’s real page, without telling anybody, without notifying us! It just shows, you know, how committed Facebook is, to really combatting… the copyright problem. But wait. It gets even better, guys. Let’s revisit SoFlo’s page, and see, y’know, since he got a lot of heat, him and Facebook – Facebook’s made press releases about how they’re committed to fixing the freebooting problem, for people stealing videos and uploading them, they don’t want it to happen, they’re passionate about it… Very- all very nice things to say. I mean, I really appreciate them saying those nice things – they even wrote them into nice letters, and put them on the internet for people to read! You wrote that and let people read it? Boy, you are very sincere, Facebook. So let’s see what happening, what’s new in the world of SoFlo and Facebook freebooting. Check this video out. 7.7 million views, not bad. ‘FROM:’ … the fuck is this? ‘G-T-H-T-J-T-K-T’? What kind of page is that? What, you guys don’t know about ‘Gthtjtkt’?? Everybody’s favorite Facebook page, man! One of the greatest brands ever made! Such a memorable name. Let’s check them out, man. That’s such an enticing- oh… What a great icon. THAT is compelling. The classic, ‘nobody’s home’, ‘nobody’s home’ icon. Let’s check them out. Wow, SoFlo managed to just find a page with 670 likes. Man, that guy does his research, huh? He gets around. They’ve got… posts that look exactly like SoFlo? Aw man, these guys are ripping SoFlo’s style off – – or wait? Is it… uh… …SoFlo himself? So what I think is going on here, is SoFlo sets up these dummy Facebook pages, so that he can post videos without getting permission from somebody. So all he does, is he can rip a video from anyone he wants, who doesn’t give him permission, refuses to give him permission, can’t get permission, or if he just wants to be an asshole and steal your video. And then he just rips off the video and gives the credit to the dummy page. Like, ‘Oh, I just found it on this page – if anybody ripped it off, it was THIS page here.’ I like to think of it as ‘Facebook like laundering’. And then he just shares it. It’s just… it’s shitposting, to a higher order. It’s a shitpost through a shitpost, it’s shit-inception. And he doesn’t even hide the format, it’s literally, unmistakably his. ‘#Gthtjtkt’ – oh! That’s a real page! I mean, it’s a nice effort, SoFlo, but try to con- try to conceal a little next time, call it like… …’EXTREMELY-FloBro.’ You can call it ‘Soflobro’, actually, that name’s available now. That would actually be the greatest bastardization of that name. You should steal that, SoFlo, make it ‘Soflobro’, and that would be the ultimate checkmate on me, if you use it to promote your other bullshit page. So this is- this is what’s happening on Facebook now. They got cute with it. Now, guys, this is annoying enough, but let me… …upset you more, if I can. And trust me, I can. I’ve heard rumors, that I am almost certain are true, that SoFlo is one of the first pages selected by Facebook to test their monetization system. It hasn’t been announced, nobody knows that it’s happening, but SoFlo is… getting PAID right now. Now you- some of you may have heard that they were unrolling a monetization program for Facebook videos. And they’re planning to bring it out this year. It works very similar to how YouTube works. They get 55% of the ad revenue. I crunched the numbers here – over his last 12 videos, he received 80 million views, okay? Now, if he’s geting paid $2 per 1,000 views – which I think is a pretty fair estimate, I mean, based on what I know… that means that he made, in his last 12 videos, $160,000… …from stealing other people’s videos – and, well, it’s okay, right, because he gives them credit. He- dude, he hooked you up 700 Facebook likes. For 10 million views – you should be suckin’ his dick, you should be thanking him! They choose, out of all their Facebook pages – rumor has it – SoFlo, to test their monetization. The most notorious freebooter and stealer of videos. They say, ‘Hey, you guy, who gets all the shit from the community for stealing people’s videos.’ ‘Hey, you guy, who doesn’t post anything but other people’s videos.’ ‘Hey, you – we want to give you money.’ ‘We want YOU to be the one…’ ‘…that spearheads this movement.’ ‘And we want SoFlo to be the moral center of that world,’ ‘he is the beacon of light upon the hill, that shall lead the internet to greater freedom.’ Y’know, one of my favorite analogies for this whole situation is how, the Pirate Bay guys have been chased around the world, and being hunted like freakin’ Osama bin Laden, okay? And they didn’t even steal anything! They hosted links to other content. Mark Zuckerberger, SoFlo, are literally stealing people’s videos – Facebook hosts, and steals, and PROFITS on people’s videos, and nothing, nobody gives a fuck, nobody even talks about it. I mean, what- where’s the justice? Where’s the justice in the world? And now they’re paying people like SoFlo – allegedly, rumor has it – to steal people’s videos! Where’s the justice on this? I don’t get it. In conclusion, SoFlo, you can save yourself the energy, like last time, and not send me an email threatening to sue us. So we’d appreciate it if you’d just skip that whole part of the process. Anyway, see you at the, uh, chessboard, SoFlo. Thanks for watching, everybody, appreciate ya. [outro music plays]

100 thoughts on “THE SOFLO FACEBOOK RANT


  2. Holy fuck the fact that Facebook moved the likes to SoFlo’s page while he’s the biggest thief and Ethan was pointing that out ironically, is so disgusting and needs to be fixed because I can’t even live in a world that’s so corrupt. They think they’re serving justice when they’re literally helping the main criminal

  3. Soflo probably went over to Facebook crying like a little bitch saying he's getting bullied and that his life is getting destroyed

  4. 3:46 "people who liked so flo bro are certain to like so flo Antonio" greatest poker face of all time. That deserves an Emmy or something.

  5. This is definitely me- when I’m in bed half naked watching an h3 video from a thousand years ago, I won’t lie about it ;3

  6. When you said bow our heads I put my head on the keyboard

    So uhh… I'm not gonna lie, this is definitely me when I bow my head.

  7. In my state (England, UK) it is ILLEGAL to Sexualise children. We would have locked him up for abusing tweenies for clicks.

  8. guys like soflo are so cringe to me because they have no natural substance of their own and they have to steal other peoples shit laughing and getting show in pissing other people off by getting away with there disrespect,people like that i just want to grab by the neck and throw them off the highest building in the city.

  9. I know this video is old now but a lot of this shit still exists and people ignore it everyday. Like everyone’s favorite YouTuber making reaction videos. “Reacting” with their forced fake laughter at someone else’s video. It’s really not any different than what SoFlo did. A reaction video is just a YouTuber stealing someone else’s videos and pretending to react to it

  10. Lol he’s so lazy he couldnt even be bothered to come up with a dummy name, he just banged his hand on the keyboard.

  11. I know this came out like 3yrs ago, but I have always heard about H3H3 but I’m only just now starting to love it an I’ve been binge watching

  12. I met soflo at Bungalow in Santa Monica, CA. and he was alright but I knew off the bat he was a weirdo lol. I knew nothing about him at the time. So hilarious

  13. @h3h3productions See I find this one to be funny. I don't know if it's different in Austria, but well, I've still liked SoFloBro, the page still appears on my screen, and instead I can't even search for SoFloAntonio😂

  14. Sogay prob sucks at chess, someone needs to throw that kid in prison and see how his videos are after that

  15. I never heard of all these clowns making money on Facebook and YouTube until I recently started watching h3h3. I gotta say, its really irritating to see shit like this when you're working a real job

  16. Honestly tho, who is on facebook anyways, besides a bunch of idiot. Sorry. But everytime i am on facebook it is either some old people posting random stuff or about politics. You have to be ethan level retarded to think i would see your post on facebook and be like "dam i know who i am voting for now". Also, i dont mind talking about politics, but if you dont want to come over and do it face to face over some beer and a few laughs, then i dont respect your opinion or want to hear. Freakin facebookers.

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