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The Social Revolution – Remember Me | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

Here’s a thought for you. What is the greatest
computer? Mac? PC? How about the huge mainframe computers
they have at NASA? No. You see up here. In our heads. This is the
greatest computer. And your eyes. I see you all still have your
eyes open, that’s good. But do you know what you are seeing? I mean really seeing. Every second. Every single second your eyes
take in 72 gigabytes of information. The world’s greatest camera. Now is that not incredible? A computer and a camera. And this data, this code, is up here behind
the firewall of our personality. 86 billion neurons, evolved to understand, to translate,
to give us our vision of the world around us. The mountains, rivers, great savannahs, every
animal in all their incredible shapes and sizes… Friends, family, lovers, the people around
you now. Everything and everyone you have ever met are all here. They are all stories, memories charged with
emotion. Your happiness, your sadness, your joy, frustration, your loves, your loves lost… And this collection of stories makes you.
An ongoing project that only comes to an end when we die. Your memories are your life. Above all we have a genetic imperative, a
unique desire, to share. What makes us human? Our sense of self and
our ability to share who we are. Our greatest gift. Let’s rewind a little. Cave paintings. First we paint to say I was
here. Then we paint to say why we are here, to pass on knowledge, experience. To build on what we know. For this is evolution…
sharing for survival. We share more and more, now we share our friends,
we share our favorite on YouTube our location, we share intimate photos… maybe sometimes
a little more after a few drinks?! Every time we share we are reflecting our
personality. Our selves. But this is normal. Innovation changes the game. Always. 20,000
years ago. 1,000. 10 years. Tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. 

Whether it be a smile or a tattoo, the phone in your pocket. Disruption and innovation of all sorts, creates
rifts and makes possible unimaginable leaps forward in technology and communication. Today we see a world on fire. On fire with
data. With information. But there is a revolution around the corner,
nothing less than the total translation of our human emotions, these urges into information. Pure communication… I believe we are at the frontier. Ahead lies The internet of you. An internet of pure emotion — genuine connection.
To finally take us beyond the cave painting. This is not science fiction Doctors can talk
to people in comas, you can control a toy with your mind. This is now. A world of shared emotion. Where the greatest
experiences are magnified, a million, a billion times. Can you imagine love? Now can you imagine
a love that is a billion times more powerful? And empathy… true feeling. A new future. A world that we will create,
but the borders of language will be gone. Imagine what we will be able to achieve. (He taps his head, again, places his hand
on his heart again.) Remember me. Remember where you were. The next generation of social media is coming. For tomorrow is the future we all share.

100 thoughts on “The Social Revolution – Remember Me | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

  1. Found this video 3 days ago, and i think i already watched it 30 times. I dont know why, but i find it inspirational

  2. this is a truly inspirational video. everyone should take what is taught here seriously. that being said you should all find that there can be humor found in the most serious of things by going 4 minutes and 20 seconds (420) into the video and then look at the window in the scene…. you'll laugh and be shocked you didn't notice it i promise.

  3. I just don´t get it why this video has so less views/ thumbs up. It is one of the great videos that force you to think about everything you´ve done and will do and makes you question your actions.

  4. It seems to me that the more humans try to anwser questions about themselves, we get more questions after getting 2 or 3 anwsers anwsered.

  5. Can someone point me to more videos like this. I want to make a personal collection of speeches with great music like this. I'm looking for videos that talk about the power of the Human Race, or the power of Mother Earth. 
    Thanks and have a good day. 

  6. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow 4.28 what is this tribe called? or the people from this country? (no dissrespect) i just dont know if they re a country….

  7. I knew all of it, I know evolution, I know that the human brain is the best supercomputer, I know that technology is really advanced, but we are not really at the frontier. But no one fully acknowledges any of these ideas, no one cares about it. Society does not rid the annoying "production-line" problems, social problems. Parents do not acknowledge them, improvement or anything good, such that the next generations and future are not promising. As technology develops, human health deteriorates, and humans evolve into small-brained frail beings. This video tries to give hope, but it's meaningless if nothing is done now.

  8. Here's a question,

    For a species of such knowledge why do we never ask ourselves "why do we want more" or consider to help other creatures? Or when we do it's in such small groups that its not even worth considering a sum.

  9. Debo decir que a pesar de que este ha sido de mis vídeos favoritos de todos los tiempos, los subtítulos en español están muy atrasados. ¿Alguien sabe cómo se pueden modificar/editar?

  10. I really love all your adventurous videos, but this is seriously your masterpiece. Without any pretension of creating motivational videos, you probably done one of the best ever.

  11. This is the most amazing video ever. A real eye opener. Thank you for sharing your great work here on YouTube

  12. i seen this video long ago and still yet im aww struck, it's amazing and makes u wondner, keep them coming

  13. This is literally like one of the best videos I have ever seen! The speaker has a voice that can be both motivational and inspirational

  14. after this video i feel and understand that my problems and bad things in my life are nothing, there are lots of thins happening in this life and we have to discover it share and love our mother nature and each other )))))

  15. Your video helped me get trough rough times, and still helps me to do so. I just want to thank you for making it.
    Thank you!
    You are awesome keep on doing what you are doing.

  16. We become who we are. You can't judge a book by its cover but you can buy its first few chapters and most certainly by its last.

  17. Perhaps there are not stars, but rather openings in heaven were the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us.

  18. years later im still blown away by this concept and the Game Remember Me and the studio DONTNOD and their other games I hope you read this Devin because this video inspired me to get involved with DONTNOD and ultimtely led me to Life Is Strange which changed my life and I just still love this video I haope that the concept of Remember Me becomes real but is DONE RIGHT and doesnt produce a lower class of "memory addicts" in the actual game and everyone becomes equal and not bonund by a scociety of capitalism and depravity which really Remember Me is based on but rebels agaisnt. The internet of "you" really is coming, but it is up to us to deicede whether this video is a premonition of what the future is going to be like a warning agaisnt that very same future. I'm drunk, but the future is in our hands, to parahprase the song "hes got the whole whole world in his hands" it is up to us to build a better future and ultiamtely prevent the world of Remember Me (a brilliant game it may be) and just imrove upon what we have learned. Devin, you are a hero and inspiration to us all, past and future fans.

  19. This is one of the nicest video I've seen on Youtube, I'm wondering how I can get in touch with the authors of this video? anyone know?

  20. Years later and this video and game still have such an influence on me. It made me change. And today still it pushed me forward.

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