The Social Network – Trailer
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The Social Network – Trailer

Hi everyone and welcome to Anteprima Cinema by Filmisnow! Let’s watch the trailer of ‘The Social Network’, stay tuned for the news! Inspired by the true story of Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network will be about the foundation, spread and the immense success of the Facebook phenomenon. In the cast, in addition to Jesse Eisenberg in the role of Mark, there will also be Justin Timberlake. Red, action hero from a selection of DC Comics, is still worked on but there is already talk of success. Summit Entertainment has indeed deployed a cast of a real blockbuster: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Brian Cox among others. Main character is a former CIA agent who once worked in a team of urban heroes. Now retired he’s haunted by a mad murderer and to save himself he’ll need the help of his old colleagues. Guy Ritchie continues the casting for the sequel of “Sherlock Holmes”, which hits U.S. theaters in December. For the role of Professor Moriarty, the enemy of Sherlock Holmes, there was talk at first of Brad Pitt, but never confirmed. Now the ideal candidate would seem to be Daniel Day-Lewis. In the case he doesn’t accept, the director shall consider the possibility of contacting Sean Penn, Gary Oldman or Javier Bardem.

68 thoughts on “The Social Network – Trailer

  1. Really is to happening is this really happening
    is this to soon to make a movie about face book owners

  2. why make it about facebook tho, what about all the social networking sites that came before it that were pretty much identical.

  3. why the frik is everything in english but the person's voice? That's so retarded, my mind literally can't comprehend it

  4. @BDRioga I think you're confusing this movie with Avatar. Or you're confusing yourself with somebody that has the authority to speak objectively on behalf of the well-thinking human population. Either way, you're wrong.

  5. @gilli39 Ok I will see it (based on a true story), because me and my mom read the reviews-different perspectives and sides to the story in the movie otherwise we don't know who to believe. It's twisted that way. It is better this way. So we don't knwo if Mr. Zuckerberg, is really an a**hole. I, my family, friends and colleagues use the Facebook site. I have mixed feelings. I will see Dark Knight after I have seen all the Batman movies (fiction based on the comics).

  6. I think the description is wrong. It's not 60 million million… In fact when the movie came out it was around 500 million (It's now around 750 million) and the value is now around $41 billion.

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