The Social Network Official Trailer CZ /EN
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The Social Network Official Trailer CZ /EN

I need to do something substantial in order to get the attention of the club why because they’re exclusive and fun and they lead to a better life people want to go on the internet and check out their friends so why not build a website that offers that friends pictures profiles I’m talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online I’ve got 2,200 hits within two hours thousand 22,000 this idea is potentially worth millions of dollars millions they stole our website they’re saying we stole the Facebook I never had said so did we no it’s cool a billion down they’re going to get left behind let’s move it faster than any of us never it’s sue him in federal court that cowboy to stand over your shoulder in what your eyes it should have you guys were the inventors of Facebook doctor Facebook is there anything that you need to tell me your actions gonna permanently destroyed everything I’ve been working greed our time you’re being accused of intentionally breaching security violating copyrights violating individual privacy your best friend is suing you for six hundred million dollars as for the charges I believe I deserve some recognition from this board I’m sorry yes I don’t understand which part

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