The Social Network – Movie Review

social network obviously fig movie we’re going to talk a lot a lot about it
and a lot about whether it’s a true story or not which is what interests me
perhaps more than i think that uh… kristian this is the story of the invention of
dates back and depending on how you look at it
marks like a bird created it but there are various perspectives that
kinda part of the fun of it is the aristotle wrote the script and wants to you’d have to have to
decide so drug anyone agnes dorm room at harvard
and he created based bookings now your cock take a look something substantial in order to get
the attention of boxes one because there’s this into a better life people want to go on the internet
defense arrived on the website offers prestigious profiles and talking about
taking the entire social experience of college and putting it on twenty understood killers fastening twenty thousand
decides his intention with billions of dollars billions installer website
they’re saying we sold the place what kind of innocent civilians industrial units located you’re listening to the faster than any
of us never imagined the handling system of racial images saying that he made his
decision anything that you need to tell me
considerably different everything in the morning hours one im hank hanging u_s_ potentially reaching purity mileage happenings planning indigenous
as uncertainty i don’t understand wouldn’t frank ldl the social network ah… jesse eisenberg
has uh… mark sucker berg hard to believe that that isn’t marks doctor berger presser perform it’s pretty great and again a berg has sort of being typecast as this likes daughter in kind of
bluebird ke too smart for the room uncomfortable in his skin and in this
there is like an edge to him and is a meanness that is very exciting that
really hasn’t been there before never know before news os x v cud recibi
almost lancaster usually can’t do that a rhetorical
saravana barclays which is very confusing you know but i’m bakke visited
and here which is great and that i’d just shows go off and i loved it kind of
coffee after i hang out with all the type is the best movie of the year and
it’s so hard with up to that kind of high-tech ticket really data to you that it’s got this all this stuff going on it’s funny smart
it takes computer according to my computing losses and it makes them sexy in funny in-depth scripted really and it
moved beautifully answers famously like one hundred sixty
two page script that was crammed with two-hour movie it’s got this great kinda ninety four e screwball comedy patter
about a lot of time in which is what where sorkin delivers well that’s
totally ok that’s all we can say is very much like the desert you guys
who are not really checking their phones for fat requests like ever but it brings
out the best about dudley enters its ability to a beautiful fluid moving
stories story than that his organs ability to create chris smart
snappy banter so it’s great alright acting was great isomer was
great protest in several ache was great i had
a real you no sense about was there i look sellable door here but i thought i loss
was on my fair like i productive says wait on it so great
anyway hope when you talk about doesn’t ever lived until you’ve got lost in the
character yeah i don’t know yet really good felt what i i think i mean trying
to take it away the religious nature of limits on park i forgot i was just in to believe
everyone that’s that’s great you know you can ask for any bad enough
just to relate and then that army hammer that this is
the like their if you don’t know these twins in the movie don’t winkle
losses which is a great name that i can pronounce right back to add you there graphic boorda play you everybody right uh… etc is one guy who plays a twins which is
when you find out later like oh i got a thread as he said he just found out now bernadette uh… but they’re really what makes
movies of course is the right i think answer couldn’t needs to get
julia roberts funny buys it from the old days hero because
he’s going to make a movie he made this movie he’s going to make the next movie does because all that witty banter although
you had aaron sorkin written all over it the this uh… to me was the the best absorbing i’d love to but west wing ac which always was about
the smartest guys in the room at about the smartest guys in the room for about
smarting the other smart guys in the room there were moments in west wing
where i would think no i don’t believe any of these people just i don’t believe
that you can be the smartest guy parliamentary procedure and about sort of at about the uh… the this that
the keys to success in the middle east in the history of israeli-palestinian
negotiations and also exactly know what kind of
booster rockets the space shuttle uses and the history of their development like that you can is to wesley rose to
over the top over the top and ability for that that ided idon’t think was the
case here right at this madness to the west wing right does not exist here i
mean did is that all the smartest guy in the room careful i don’t know what is
your supposed to you’re supposed to dislike their smugness but then they
come back with some a little bit specially those who are marks are covered with a
little bit of a horrible although he has a little yeah idea completed release of course is
great uh… i don’t think it’s pitney as business section i’d give inception oscars were having
that conversation already right i’d sure like kick ass in his younger about it in
this movie right so let’s try to figure out what it’s missing cuz i love you
don’t you know i really like that but was it was it and i thought the whole idea of telling it in the
middle of the lawsuit at you know i like that i didn’t love it
like so i thought like that it helps explain the whole story a face book but
i can’t think they’re out they you know what okay so great was a
lawsuit over in the movie stars yeah i know that’s absurd but like i
thought that there was we would get a conclusion there and i just another
response on the empty about that maybe i’m crazy about the whole point
construction the script that ways if you want you to walk out of it afterward having a debate with yourself with your
friends that is to competing losses and you don’t know who to believe when and that’s a big part of the fun of
day-to-day trustpass enough to happy discussion on our own and not spoon feed
it to us really they don’t know either i think no one really knows that there
were at their word settlements all around the no really knows the truth
well uh… figure and here’s what draws me away from loving it as much as you know because i think is a
piece of uh… film but it’s outside because they can’t like you said it’s
about code and it’s about the sort of it’s about a deposition and about code i thought for two hours i didn’t want it but it’s not true we do know it’s not true in we may not
know the exact route but we know this is a true bend as rick of who wrote the
book uh… with the called accidental billionaire salazar but you get a couple of quotes from him
first of all of aaron sorkin was asked by markers in new
york magazine about scenes in the social network that
seem completely invented he said i don’t want my fidelity to be the truth i want
to be storyteller so sorkin any thought he doesn’t have to
but he’s like it whatever i’m telling a story any told a
brilliant store when janet maslin reviewed that the book and the movies based on the book for the
new york times she said it was so clearly unreliable there’s no mistaking
it for a serious document sort he didn’t even ary and get the salt
and pepper cool things piecemeal itself that parents or didn’t even read the
book until he was nearly with the screenplay and meg’s rick when
he wrote the book admits that he recreated whole scenes you change
settings and he said he used the book not just as
the factual record but he says she’s my best judgment safe bet that sucks was our governor of
chris right now it is and for face but to some degree they’re
scared to death about what this movie is going to do i actually went with my wife she came
out and said another use facebook for a week laptop and i said what like so you
can abandon said well you know for a week records that’s all i could get you
know i’m not sure about juggernaut that has been a full week of now the dishes are covered preventable
in with our weather more later but but so that they got it they thought
they do damage control zeiger berg is a hundred million dollars to the back into
our schools is never you know calculated the timing capital bottom movie comes
out come on come on top of the year about real quick just about that who
kept of fantastic bitter going out into the
northeast will help me out and act them in a way that like this ever happened
elaborate yay but still who gives a hundred billion dollars into
the will some of the worst inner city schools in america just because they’d
like to humanize themselves effect multi-modal behind me to be
humanize himself in bought his wife in eight million dollar
rent fish yeah yeah i know it it’s this was the much better way to go and look
it maybe the movie should win oscars just
because newark school got a hundred million dollar for choreographer thing
apartment and it’s not entirely actually represents self to be entirely now i
think that’s where i disagree i think it totally banana i think a lot of jazz
band face book for a week but one other everyone thinks in fact everyone will
think this is the story uh… pedal fiend sort of compared this
in his piece to citizen kane and we all know that was about william
randolph hearst but it’s a big difference when u make the guia when you say knows about charles foster
care and then you have this sort of freedom to tell the story differently
and you change stuff cuz is about a different guy and it symbolizes this guy
and you know it’s incredibly similar but here it’s about mark soccer bergen
it’s about dustin mask of it so that’s about it or its advertising and angela
parker it’s these guys federer an amended and at lehman bros what when and
memories thankyou it’s not that they don’t act inevitable never i’m looking at this
point with a big deal but memory in who did what where when to i’m okay with you
know she tried and it was just change to the standby you know if the absence of
the truth but when you get into telling a story in the
new change it’s about something important in their competing
perspectives about it and it’s not just a story that can be that’s for the viewers enjoyment i i
think it matters uh… yet no i mean i’m between you guys right like you’re
right that it wouldn’t matter for which the symbolically criticism like this is
kind of what happened but we’re not saying this is actually
have it you i think you won’t have movie think that’s except actually what
happened i will be a lot of people in investigated and but on the other hand it is pretty
close to what happened al suck herbert had it’s the same
girlfriend throughout they’ve made that part up etcetera but they didn’t have disputes there were
lawsuits they work you know what i’m saying so there were these blow-ups vicious we
don’t know that happen exactly like then there’s of course always know no way of
knowing some with you on that kristy i thought it worked overall educator i
feel about this i covered but they were right now if it would help to tell the
story that included more doctor burks perspective obviously is the most important player you don’t have to totally rely on him it
would’ve been better dilemmas for that’s the other guy and it’s a sort of thing
third most important or four three now third forget shop for he said uh… paraphrasing boldly and accurate in that first of all we work much harder mark worked that was just bore contents work work
work work work he was way more involved and he was like we’d frankly more and got late way more yet then i think if you ever
get blown in the bathroom back some random kiki dismayed and while we things that i got the down for a piece
of my final rating on it is it isn’t half trouble when you sort of violin
with you violate which has to be every associated press standard of living i
think laptop any action so they wouldn’t look not enough sex i
was sold sex in the trailer i was like i a so exhausted he gets the first what i
wrote a liberal third there have been that sent this note was that’s right by
the uh… does it really couple of times you get it done more
does that mean with the when the girls with five sean for runway who invented
that buddy rest of it saw item and i think is a really great
movie addicts the lawsuit that was a little thing a
little more sex that either a little more accurate or a
little less accurate so i give it a name i alike i still loved i guess i think it’s and that’s what keeps it
from an overwhelmingly great-great i gave it a at a point to one ready we’re on and i would still nominated now
we we nominate thirty wrote eighteen i’m taking things out these
days we’ve been taking conducting your absent i’ll have you know i i thought i
would also it’s partly my legacy greater lovely it’s aniket inspired to be hugely
ambitious in achieving everything gorgeous wanted to see gang unveiling i had a problem with i want to
know more about mark secretary like an epileptic each evening itself in that
vein they depicted this hugely unlikable selfish backstabbing and passes i want to know more about it well and they made about stuff up
midwest coptic made by students and they didn’t have yourself so that we have
u_n_ aaron sorkin your second try the title the other bergen you wouldn’t talk
to him dot to bend metric and they based it on on that your father when those
reports are that in general i i’m not knocking uh… unlocking the concept of telling
the you get one of by favorite part of the
movie though was that that uh… marks are berber started so all and then sort of got younger not going
to die perforated laptop it’s very exciting flew out this whole thing been
mentioned it architecturally daring cannot be stopped
all the only way mention of the shed anja garfield yet i think he is as good
in this as jesse eisenberg and justin timberlake he’s wires fabric it was the
business partner and helping freight face book he’s the new spider man was also in never let me go he’s really good and that also we talk
about the winkle boss twins well yeah past yet we should really really really
quickly because they there that edward sabir involved in one of one of the port
of fabric boulder one of the losses the waco losses involved in the other one these twins
from harvard who started the the what they say it was the original
face book that’s the nature of the lawsuit i didn’t know when i watched it that this was one ac i didn’t know at all times mentioned
that i had no i didn’t know what i found out it put a lot i found out last
night blew me away hesitated entry benjamin bat nhi checker resale you have army and air who is this big strapping
or just that camera winkle off the whole time he is
face and body entirely always kamran a physical body double josh pads playing
tyler then they took came up with the boss or i’m sorry army hammers faith to put on justices
body digitally so we have seen both sets of lions and talk to each other there’s still a seamless is amazing summation images which really room
that’s that’s technologies at its best three-d_ we’re not somalia not blowing stuff up
not sinking the ship that’s what it is at its best so he
didn’t have to redo the scenes he just had to say this e straight and say that but he had to say the will
he have a right askins everything flying to the at the same the edit emoted and he had uh… lookin
responded it happened which brother he does cuz it if it was a voice of reason
when like let’s do it after one but no one can live harbored we don’t do that
so yeah i was to the point and i think
you’ll deny you know sometimes i look at this of actors ago that guy’s going to
have a great future ahead and i got that says with hammer and i got that cecil garfield both of them out of thought man these
guys would be a lot of movies and their hamburger uh… it’ll be nice to think
that make some money but seventeen amor upon refused that fight to the overall rating for for
the social network very hard comes to nearly unknown checks
in it data we’ve changed our so about standing

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