The Social Network: Character Study of Mark Zuckerberg
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The Social Network: Character Study of Mark Zuckerberg

Before I begin, let me make
this clear. This is not about actual Mark Zuckerberg. This video is based on Aron Sorkin’s version of Mark Zuckerberg. So don’t hashtag #deletefacebook on Facebook after watching this. This film may be a biographical/ drama genre, but every phase of the film feels like an action/ thriller genre. The story fascinates me every time
I rewatch, especially the dialogues and the way Mark’s character has been constructed. It’s just amazingly entertaining. I am going to talk about a few core
things back and forth. So SPOILER ALERT! So what happened? The story begins where Mark is dumped by his girlfriend, Erica Albright Mark writes an insulting entry about Erica on his LiveJournal blog In the same night, Mark creates a campus website called Facemash by hacking into college databases to steal photos of female students, then allowing site visitors to rate their attractiveness. This website starts to blow up in a few minutes and then the college network gets crashed. After that, Winklevoss twin and their business partner Divya Narendra meet Mark and pitch a website concept for Harvard students. Then things happened. Then things happened. Then things happened. Mark became the youngest billionaire ever. But Mark finds that his unprecedented success leads to both personal and legal complications when he ends up on the receiving end of two lawsuits, one involving his former best friend. Hold on! Isn’t it weird that Mark took an act of revenge against Erica after the break-up? I mean yeah he was upset and everything. But that was a big action against Erica. To talk this much bad about her and creates a website for rate female students. Because they just broke up? I mean everybody went through a break-up. Mark is not a bad person neither Erica. They just teenage kids broke up in an unsolved argument. But! Why? Mark has to go for an intense action like that. Well, I want to investigate that! The basic principle of a character in the story is, having a goal. And a force should stop the main character from achieving that goal. Otherwise, the story will not move
forward. The goal can be anything. Catching the bad guy. Saving the wife or killing the husband. Anything but something that character should care about. Then only the audience will care about the character and the story. But in a biography like The Social Network, especially when almost everyone knows about the story of Facebook. How you can decide the goal of your central character in the story as a writer? Apparently, Mark’s goal is not building Facebook. It never was. I was trying to find his goal so many times but I couldn’t. Then I came a little closer. So what was Mark’s goal? But just having a goal will not make the character interesting. Mainly it will not make the audience care about the character either. So what makes the audience care about a character? Well, John Truby explains like this. The Weakness and The Goal. It’s funny within five minutes Aron Sorkin reveals all the necessary information about Mark. Including his Weakness and Goal. Mark already said what’s his goal — — getting into final club. So what is Mark’s weakness? To find that out let’s go back to the break-up scene. Why should be Mark so much angry on
Erica? Because Erica touches Mark’s
fundamental weakness. Fear — Of — Rejection. From the first scene, Mark explains to Erica all the reason why he can’t get into final clubs. He talks about all the reason why he may get rejected. And the conversation ended up in an argument. Erica breaks up with Mark. Or in other words. Erica Albright rejects Mark Zuckerberg. Erica punches on Mark’s fundamental weakness. The drama begins — to overcome the fundamental weakness the character should make choices and the choices will drive the character towards the goal. From that point, Mark makes a blind choice. That blind choice leads Mark to his goal. Mark gets the attention of final clubs. It was quicker than he expected. Underneath the fear of rejection, Mark has his reasons. Because he is not the first option for many things so far. Look wise, or money wise. The one thing that brought him this far is. Mark’s skill. Winklevoss wanted Mark’s skill but not Mark. A mild hit on his weakness drives him to reach the next step of his goal. Mark starts developing his own idea from their idea. Mark start using his weakness as a weapon. Mark start rejecting Winklevoss and Divya. Wait! But Mark achieved his goal already. He got the attention of final club. So I was wrong about his goal. The only asset I have is Mark’s weakness. Let’s find out what is Mark’s actual goal! From the beginning of the movie one person who supported Mark was. Eduardo Saverin. In the first scene of the movie Mark clearly reveals. Or in other words, Mark compares himself with Eduardo about getting into final club. It shows that Mark may think Eduardo could get in over him. The same moment Mark went to Eduardo and share about the idea of The Facebook, Eduardo shares — he got punched by one of the final clubs. Another punch to Mark’s weakness. Of course, Mark also approached by the club but not as a member. Imagine when you have a serious dream, and the person next to you get selected over you. How you feel? It doesn’t matter if it’s your friends or anyone. You will feel ignored. And Mark is just a teenage boy. Incident by incident pushes Mark towards to build The Facebook. The moment Eduardo makes it to the club, Mark almost completes the process of developing The Facebook. Mark launches The Facebook. It exploded. This time without hesitation. Everyone became part of The Facebook. And then this happened! The Writer takes us a similar situation where everything started. Erica again rejects Mark. Another punch in the character’s weakness and the character has to make a choice. So what is Mark’s goal? I will bring you where it’s all started. There. Right there. The final clubs will lead him to a better life. The other name for the final clubs is social clubs A — Social — Network Mark’s goal wasn’t getting into final clubs. His goal was to “be part of a social network.” When every time he gets punched on his fundamental weakness he forced to take actions to achieve his goal. The moment Mark fears to not be part of the social network he wants. Mark creates his own Virtual Social Network Where he changed the idea of exclusiveness. Step by step he makes everyone be part of his network. After Mark reaches a point in his goal, others want to take it away from him. When others try to reject Mark from the social network he created. He becomes more aggressive. Mark uses his weakness as a weapon. Mark rejects everyone. The Social Network is one of my favorite screenplay and movie. At the 83rd Academy Awards, the film received eight nominations, including for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. And won three awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing. If you didn’t watch the film yet, I highly recommend you to watch. If you already watched, share your opinion in the comment section below. So next time when you intentionally hit someone’s weakness, be careful! Because you don’t know what is coming. Thank you for watching.

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