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The social media beauty cult | DW Documentary

100 thoughts on “The social media beauty cult | DW Documentary

  1. And they're so mean too. Like I get they have issues but they're down right hurtful to others. This is such a privileged person's problem it's not even funny. Excuse me while I ignore them to focus on people in other countries struggling just to eat.

  2. cellular crack heads all seem to be waiting for another hit , cant wait to see the hump in the back of their necks from looking down all the time …ha ,cellphones lead to bad posture and attention deficit disorder , the phone and social media are the least important in life , could care less what people think about me because i'm to busy to be worried that im not perfect or up to your standards, wow get a life , look up the sky is falling , its called rain and how dare your phone get wet , forgot to down load the weather app hunh ?… ha , fake hair nails butts breasts lips hips , imagine if bohemian women came back and women showed how they really are as nature intended , thats a harry situation for real girl …

  3. Hears instrumental of David Banners "Play" during the gym section… thinks of the music video… Thinks of the lyrics… Looks at the footage… Likes the video (I see you editor… I. SEE. YOU)

    I HATE FEMINISTS WOMEN because all they seem to want to do is MIMIC MEN.

  5. Bunch of nutjobs on a whole host of antidepressants the majority of women don't start to mature until they start to lose their looks of course there are exceptions allegedly haha selah it's okay just nature

  6. Social media is nothing but high school all over again. The sad thing is most of the hot chicks on social media like Instagram are products of photoshop

  7. IF I COULD, briefly comment. I Did not watch the segment first. I already know this one. Modern condition, men women, boys, girls. Super common. Entitlement without earning anything. Aversion to concentration, application and struggle. Get rich quick scheme-based thinking. Low effort with abundant reward thinking. Just marry the doctor/lawyer/CEO. Become your dream Diva. I'm so special; why would I need a talent or hard work?? If only I had the lucky break I deserve..!! I go to all this effort so a Justin Timberlake will discover me, and all these Yukk!! Guys Start hassling me.

    Problem. Going nowhere quick. Solution. Go do a whole bunch of different things (that aren't drug, booze, sex things) and work hard at the ones that hook you up. Don't get married and don't get pregnant. You'll end up knowing both who you are and what you want. But only if you quit looking in the mirror and quit listening to Feminists. Those 2 will RUIN your life.

  8. I thought our problems were wealth and income inequality, inflation, high housing and rents costs, heart disease, political corruption, climate change, unemployment and underemployment, and waste management/garbage disposal. I guess people think these days that this social media crap is on the same level as the ones I mentioned above. Get your priorities straight.

  9. the disease of the century and the cancer of the society, the applications! they were created to keep you in the online environment, and to keep you away from reality

  10. i have a dream…that one day…mankind will be revolting against social media and all of this dictatorship of the mirrors will be gone and mankind can be what it was meant to be on the first place…a free race.

  11. Walk into any chain drugstore. Notice that fully a third of the place is devoted to cosmetics and female vanity . The vast array of beautifying stuff is dizzying. Keep this in mind the next time a woman talks about the "fragile" male ego.

  12. 16:14 because women hold men into standards by height ..she can never date a man below 180.nothing more than 55 kgs.

  13. if women are upset they are being sexualized and deem it unfair, it does not make sense that they are against other women covering up their head and body like islamic wears

  14. I say if you wanna be skinny be skinny! If you wanna be fat be fat. If you wanna be sporty be sporty.
    There is NOTHING WORSE than these frkn "experts" who will come up with the chastising of people.
    Your life is yours to do with it what the hell You want, experiment, do it all (within reason) in order to find yourself!
    If you would listen to these "experts" who are trying to tell people to be satisfied with everything and not go into extremes then you go against what it means being human – after all extreme is ultimately a human feature.
    If you fall into a "cult" then fk there's something missing in your life – good friendship/family ties, maybe books.
    Have a great laugh of life, it's short and to find out who the hell you truly are will take you a huge chunk of it – listen to yourself – cos that is the only person you will ever be responsible to -yourself/your conscience/ your life/ you not the "experts" neither the beauties nor the men who you think are after those beauties – find out who you are everything else will follow. Life is full of diversity don't narrow your view of reality around you. lol, I can talk nonsense forever..bye!

  15. Kannst whole food vegan leben dann isst du was du willst und schaust gut aus, bist nicht emotional verwirrt.

    Total verblendet die Mädels.. gesund essen heißt vollwertig pflanzlich.

    Da profitieren wir alle

  16. hey ladies, it is true, you're dumber and uglier than most others of your peers and no one will ever love you so just deal with it

  17. Aber Pelz tragen….??!! Esra du promotest das ermorden von fühlenden Wesen die eingesperrt und misshandelt werden bevor sie widerwertigst getötet werden

  18. Girls it's so sad that you doesn't love yourselfs, you are a creation of God, everything of you is perfect 🙏😌

  19. Honestly, it's probably been this way since the word "beauty" or the idea of it made it into our vocabulary, just that now we are more aware of the broad impact, whereas before we only saw our world at a local level. Something will always makes life more challenging, more complicated. In fact, lots of things. What seems to have changes is access to knowledge of what is happening to others, even similar to us.

  20. There have always been beauty standards, but now the standard has become so narrow and fake. Seventy years ago, we didn't have extensive cosmetic surgery and fillers. We modified our appearance with makeup and padding, perhaps wigs. Now, we have to nip and tuck, so we have to look perfect before we get dressed, not after we get dressed. I figure, if I had the money, I'd get my waste trimmed off and my butt rounded, but not necessarily bigger. Kim Kardashian's but look gross to me.

  21. We discuss it plenty, but we still support the industries that promote it. Magazines, tv, the fashion world refuses to hear us. They figure that is how they sell what they sell: cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, etc.

  22. Good they deserve it, now you know how men under 6 feet tall feel,men who don't lift weights feel.Men who don't have blue eyes feel etc.

  23. the advertisement of the women's sexual market value to the wealthy 🤑🤑and the handsome before the WALL hits, while on the 🍆 carousel. 🤷‍♀️

  24. I have a confession to make. I spend a lot of time sculpting the faces and bodies of characters that I make in the games I play. But I realize that there is a very definite distinction here – games are A FANTASY.

    Real life people have features that do not conform to the fantastic standards set by the "beauty" industry, and I know this, and try to embrace it.

  25. They still haven’t fixed their inside and self-worth, because they still use an external tool ”body positivity” to fix what they can’t seen to understand from within…whoch is that their worth isn’t depicted by images of others and they hold the power not those images whether the intent is positive or negative. So what happenes when the body positive accoubt switch their narrative.. then they will feel lost probably or follow them into a negative view on themselves because they placed their well-being still in the hands of someone else.

  26. Thats what i was thinking and felt sick when she said " now instagram helps me feel more comfortable with myself" almost as though IG were an actual Maybe you wanna stop seeking validation through artifical means.

  27. Guys have it alot easier than women. Most guys are either under weight or weigh to much . So you can work out lifting weights for a year and pull out ahead of 70% of your peer group. Not to mention if guys were obssessed with other gys bodys it wouldnt take long to be accused of being gay..lo.

  28. As a 52 year old woman I love being on Facebook, can easily connect with my friends and family. Its also interesting to see their lives unfolding. I am not on Instagram which appears to be quite shallow full of selfies and fake influencers. Influence yourself. Love yourself and your uniqueness. At 52 I am more confident than ever.

  29. not sure about the ending .. You show young girls from well off families looking for external validation. it conflicts with the positive message you want to bring.

  30. Yeah I'm good. Women have used their bodies as a commodity for a LONG time. Reality is that some commodities are worth more than others. If the only thing you have to bring to the table is a body you better be willing to keep everything tight and where it belongs. Otherwise you might actually have to develop a personality. Women who have one never have this "problem".,

  31. Hey for all you young ladies out there, I just want to say (I am a 25 year old guy for reference btw) , I've talked to enough other guys, and heard enough to know that almost all guys like a girl to have a bit of meat on her bones.
    We don't want a size 0. So please stop thinking that we do

    We do like for a girl to have self discipline (which is good for everybody to have), but you don't have to be a model. That is so false.

    In fact, I would much rather have a 7/10 with a beautiful sweet kind personality, than a 10/10 that has a personality that stinks. Facts

  32. Watch with all this new plastic surgery, ultra use of make-up, etc. people are going to want more natural beauty

  33. I blame men. Comparing their gf to instagram models, having these unrealistic expectations and pushing it on to your partner.

  34. people lives for other people! They wanna to show up, buying expensive things even they don't have the money for that, but they doing all to impress other people! WTF is wrong with humanity!I do not care what others say about me! I live for myself!

  35. Teenagers should not be on social media. It is really destructive for them and their self image. The apps are designed to make people addicted to them and they even hire psychologists to know how they can keep people's attention. It's all about profit.I wish there was a solution other than leaving, but it is the best thing to do if you notice that it's affecting how you view yourself.

  36. 2:25 "I think we are facing a real problem where there is no simple solution" I beg to differ STOP USING SOCIAL MEDIA!!! I was one of the first to use facebook back when it was college only and quite useful for projects and I was also one of the first to STOP using it.

  37. The sad truth is men constantly ignore and get frustrated if women talk, they constantly overestimate how much women talk and underestimate how much they talk. Thus in general women talk significantly less then men in ALL fields and are ignored. Thus if a man were to say exactly what I say, they'd remember it but bc I'm a woman they DON'T listen.

  38. If you wish to get heard online as a women, just use a man's photo and pretend to be a man, as you'll absolutely be more likely to be heard and engaged in discussions as men constantly use the excuse that women as "emotional" and thus NOT rational thus can be ignored.

  39. Vacuous twits.
    I was married with two kids by the age of these women ( they're not girls). They're vain..go on FB and then complain no one likes them. Stay off social media. Volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourselves. Your narcissism makes you all unattractive.

  40. Celebrities have the best professionals and products available on the market, the technology to improve their looks and to make the best pictures, that's why they look so good on pictures and on cameras. With filters pictures look much better.

  41. By nature I am slightly underweight but because I used to be even skinnier I see all the parts that I gained something at. Luckily I have never used Instagram ever and I am really not missing anything😂 I never quite understood what that was useful for.

  42. I've deleted Instagram and never have I been happier! True happiness comes from God and only God can satisfy the void in our soul. Many will dismiss my message but try it. Seek God with all your heart and once He has found you, you will never be the same creature again. Peace be unto you.

  43. social media has convinced these girls that looking like a toothpick is ideal….its a sad state…get off it for a week and see if that make a difference in your perception.

  44. Thank you for including english voice actors in the documentary. It makes it much more easy to watch when i'm working on other things.

  45. The Instagram leg is real.
    Notice how the women lift one leg a bit, when they take body portraits now.
    It's like every other person has some knee or leg disability in Instagram pictures.

  46. I only follow people I know and like, and rarely post anything. No wonder girls get insecure when they look these photoshopped pics of other women. Just make sure your own feed doesn't have that bs in it. Or delete social media, I personally can not because i want to see cats pics and memes 😀

  47. Aw, those poor women. It's a good thing these issues don't affect men, else it would be really unfair to focus a documentary like this so heavily on the female side of the issue.

  48. 32:26 Sportive indeed but … butt 32:30 come on …, the stitches in those pants … lmao.
    32:39 "Swimming" against the current ?
    A miniature circus perhaps, or you know just hanging out(doors).
    32:47 : "Rebels" …. hahaha, okay, that's pretty funny.
    Must ask the chicks in the neighborhood if they can do this, fun guaranteed !

  49. A wise man once said :
    "A goldfish can not turn into a whale, but women who don't manage a healthy diet often do."

  50. No this isn't just applicable to women. Men are held to nearly impossible standards when it comes to being muscular these days, at least in the US. 💪

  51. They do get insulted and compared to other women by men but no one can deny the woman on woman bullying on social media. Women attack and mock unattractive, visibly flawed (acne etc.) and unfashionable women on social media frequently. It makes them feel better about themselves. They can go after attractive and beautiful women as well but this type of attack takes a different form and is more focused around the pretty girl being a slut or full of herself/spoiled and a snob.

  52. Delete facebook and Instagram and get out into nature. And my God is the modern music in this doc terrible. Is this real life?

  53. Instagram was great platform to share art ideas and nice photos. Then FB bought it and common society changed it to narcissist crap.

  54. 'Thinspiration' has been around for a long time – way before instagram – I was subscribed to such trash when I was on livejournal about 20 years ago – If I knew then what I know now about nutrition and nutrient depletion I would never have screwed around with my body and eating crap and starving myself and throwing up
    Then I became gluten intolerant and got multiple food allergies after a car accident and became disabled – now it's about optimizing nutrition and making sure that I keep the body moving so that muscles don t atrophy and trying to prevent infection all the time
    Do NOT take your body for granted – it is yours for life and it needs to be honoured and nourished.

  55. Is this about white girls. All i see is white girls..shallow, vapid, awful , transparent white girls. . If you are not a white girl. don't bother, DW doesn't include brown girls living in Deutschland.. then again watch it .. you might learn what not to become

  56. I like people who care about their appearance and take care of themselves, not weather they are fat or skinny, tall or short, black or white, blonde or brunette.

  57. I deleted my FB account in January and I never even tried out Instagram… feels so good to be free. I can only imagine how exhausting it must be for a woman to be on Instagram. I will never go back to social media – my real life is just too precious.😌

  58. So, anorexia and just as bad as people addicted to being fit. Working out everyday is also not healthy.
    Planning your meals? When it all becomes a job, then you might have a problem.

    Try not to eat like a pig and do a little sports…

  59. I like our Europian news ore any social media we not like in American media wear model's make news and not people how study hard to work in media.

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