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  2. I tried posting 3x a day this year by batching the content ahead of time. I LOVE creating content and find it comes easily for me, and I still found it exhausting to create that much content! 😆 Especially if you’re running a business. 🙈

  3. Thank you Roberto for providing the nature of human side of growing organically on instagram. Most youtubers focus more on numbers and hashtags, but your approach provides a more genuine approach for passionate instagramers.

  4. How do you go about drawing people from your IG to a YouTube video without sounding repetitive or annoying? I always feel like I’m saying “Check out the Link In my profile” and kinda selling myself and my channel to others. I don’t know if that’s just my uncomfortableness with “selling myself” online or if I could go about it differently!

  5. first of all great video 💯
    I have also built a very successful Instagram page with over 10k followers in 1 year, the platform is amazing!

    My biggest tip for Instagram is to have a vision and direction, don’t just post whatever on the page! Always try to offer some kind of value in every post.

    Engagement on Instagram is very important for growth.. reply to everyone and engage with others consistently, it’s a lot of work but very rewarding

    Have a great day 💕

  6. I feel someone who has 388k youtube followers will easily get to 15k on IG… not that your tips don't sound good but it definitely id a great leverage. In a way your IG may not be the best but people following you probably just like you and your videos.

  7. Best icebreaker sometimes is a simple smile. A smile goes a long way, whether in person or an emoji. It’s a confirmation of joy &peace. Then comment on something going on around you. Not a vague comment, something of importance/relevant that is genuine but conversational. Go from there!

  8. Thank you so much, I'm watching this at 12am on a Sunday night and I'm filled with inspiration and motivation!! I'll attempt to use this coffee table book strategy of yours, I'm just trying to think about how long it'll take for me to draw a piece of art, as my own instagram is illustrations/design based, rather than photography! Always love your videos about instagram and talking about your own experiences in life. Keep up the great work!!

  9. Cool theory and some solid tips, but getting 10 new followers from every post is a bit of a reach, considering posts are only seen by those already following you.. Unless you magically hit the explore page every time

  10. Just use SociHawk. COM if you are looking for the best way to get thousands of REAL Instagram followers in the fastest time possible.

  11. There's probably no easy answer to this, but any tips for someone who can't produce multiple photographs quickly? I'm an FX makeup artist and my looks take a long time to create and photograph – so posting 3 times per day would be almost impossible (without running myself into the ground). Love your content Roberto – thanks for all the great videos!

  12. Thanks Roberto! The catalogue theme rocks IG is such a visual tool. I have two accounts and I feel if I used my personal account would be more appropriate for engaging and breaking the ice with poeple and express in a more casual way what I am doing with Yoga what do you think?

  13. Loved these tips just created an Instagram. I must admit having a following has been hard. I’m going to challenge myself and use these tips

  14. 3-4 photos for a year. Challenge accepted. Hope to get back in here after every month for an update 😍🤣 just started a new Instagram today

  15. Do more technical vids! We need MORE advice for the slightly more ADVANCED crew! How about how to get me from 29k to 100k in 3 months

  16. I will say, if an account posts more that two times literally every day I absolutely unfollow them for spamming my feed… But that's just me.

  17. I usually compliment people to make things less awkward like i wish you sucves in your business or in whatever ur doing

  18. I usually don't just go up to people and make conversation. If I do at all its very brief and I go on about my business. Its something that I need to work on.

  19. This is great. I want to start a ig model page with diff talents. I like cars. I sing. I’m a nurse. I like fitness and health. And only wanna post top notch photos to try to grow my following. But I also want to advertise my clothing line. Shud I make two separate accounts from fresh? Or make one account with everything on it and jus showcase the clothes sporadically within the page and attach my website? And put my name as the bio and put the clothing brand name as the ig username???

  20. I usually wait until the second attempt that a stranger tries communicating with me, to communicate back. If they try to talk to me twice, I feel like they are the type of people that are worth my time, and thats the kind of people that feel like I may be worth thier time. Seems to work ok, but im aware of some flaws to my systematic approach 😉.

  21. By far the best advice and strategy I’ve seen on Instagram. I help athletes, actors and artists grow on social media, I’m definitely using this method.

  22. Your videos are so helpful and you explain everything so well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  23. GramZilla gave me so many active followersbut I wish more because they limit to fifteen thousand max.

  24. Been trying the entire day to find a website that you can use to get Instagram followers for freeand just Gramzilla worked so far.

  25. What's up with all the spam in the comments. It is well known that GramZilla is the only real website for Instagram followers.

  26. Hey people, do not believe all kinds of Youtube videos. GramZilla is the only working web app where you can get followers for free.

  27. Roberto Blake is a great man he made me who I am to day I also have some subscribers if you don't believe me try this Markus angel. You will know how helpful he is to me.

  28. I got 10k in one month only , his strategy is for a year, there are tools that can gain you real followers and targeted followers but you should be active daily and unified idea of the account. He is correct but 1 year thats a very long time

  29. I have no idea how Gramzilla worksbut it did. I got 2000 followers and they're even liking and commenting on my posts and watching my stories. How?

  30. how is using the formula of the sharable link to twitter more effective than clicking twitter in the share to the section when making a new post?

  31. That makes so much sense. Seeing my Instagram as a 1000 page coffee table book. This just totally simplified things for me. Thank you so much.

  32. TY I needed this push I have been so focused on my YT I forget completely about Instagram and I love your plan for 3x a day now to implement it easier said than done but i will try

  33. By the way, is it really necessary for me to explode my Instagram account when what I really want to do is grow my YouTube account?

  34. Okay guys you may follow me on Instagram but if you'll just unfollow later on, just don't.

    People saw my post, people follow and then unfollow later on. My Instagram story lol😂😃😀🤣

  35. You're amazing … I'm 60 something and this is all a little overwhelming sometimes. You're going to be my youtube coach!!!!

  36. the Coffee Table Method . i like it. thank you for explaining everything in such a clear and concise way. what a creative concept and metaphor for it, too. you're brilliant 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  37. My ig is all about style and trends but for some reason my following is not growing. What should I do ? This is my IG @low_ymmij

  38. Great vid as always! but my question is how do you know what the algorithms are looking for and where do you find out when it has changed?

  39. WOW! super valuable information!! You get a free pass to any party I do! I am @EverywhereNYC on IG & FB. and I really appreciate this video!

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