The Secret to Boosting Your Social Media Following in 2019 | Yahoo Finance Interview
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The Secret to Boosting Your Social Media Following in 2019 | Yahoo Finance Interview

– I don’t know how to run a business that needs to perform
financially every 90 days because I’m a marathon
runner, not a sprinter. (shouting) You got your perspective. (cheering) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? (jazzy piano music) – Hello everyone, I’m Andy Serwer. Welcome to Influencers, and welcome to our guest, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary, great to see you. – Great to see you. – Although, I should say our host, because we’re here, at your building in Long Island City, so thank you for having us here. – We’re thrilled to have you. – So let me ask you this
very basic question. – Sure. – How would you describe yourself? Say, my six-year old nephew. What do you do? – I’m an entrepreneur, at its most purest sense. I am an operating-entrepreneur, who happens to put out a
lot of personal content of that journey, so, there is some awareness
of who I am as a human, but at the end of the day, I’m an executive of several companies that I run, VaynerMedia and the
VaynerX holding company of agencies and
service-providing companies is really, really, really what I do. And that’s it. It’s not super-complicated other than the fact, that I decided that it was in our business interest and in my own curiosity
of what would it be like if you documented and produced content at a scale that had never been seen before around an executive. What would it have looked
like, if Ariana Huffington when she started the Huffington Post, what if she put out five to
10 pieces of content a day, in podcasts, vlog, and content across all those social platforms, every day of the first
six years of that journey? What would that look like, and that’s what I decided to do. – I mean, in a way, it’s kind of timeless, like the entrepreneur part, on the other hand, you
couldn’t do what you do today, say, 20 years ago. – Not only that, I didn’t
do, what I do today, when I ran my first company. – When I took the reins of my
dad’s liquor store in 1998. The cynical part of being so out-and-about is the showmanship, the
narcissism, the self-promotion. I try to remind people, I’m like, “Look… A lot of times the accolades
that I get in business today people pass-off as, “Well he’s internet-famous and
that’s why it’s happening.” So, it undermines my
operational and executive skills and when I get sad about that in a debate or a conversation with a friend or a foe, I try to remind them like, “Look, I was a 22-year old kid, “who from 22 “to 28, “grew a business from 3 million
to 60 million dollars a year “and I didn’t make content. “I wasn’t on the internet. “I was an operator. “I was a marketer.” And so, yes, you’re absolutely right. Not only could other people
have not done it in the past, I already lived an entire chapter of building an entire business that had nothing to do
with having a personality attached to it. I was just the operator of. – Yeah, it’s pre-internet. And yeah, you needed your social skills, but you were running an
operating-business as you said. But let me ask you, you’ve got 5.5 million
followers on Instagram, 1.8 million on Twitter. How do you do that? I mean, I always hear people, “Oh, you just create
content and you sit there.” But it couldn’t possibly be that easy. – Well, it’s definitely not that easy. That would be like saying, “How do you become a
professional basketball player?” You just play basketball. Like how do you become…
– Do you need talent then? – Yes. – So what’s the talent?
– By the way, let’s stay here for four seconds, because this is a huge platform, and I think we’re about
to help a lot of people. The number one non-conversation
going on in today’s society around influencers and other things is the talent part. – Mm-hmm, right. – Now, talent comes in
all shapes and sizes. Your talent may be that you’re a model. You’re just very attractive. – That’s me.
– Right? – You know that.
– No, that’s not me. – Right?
– Yes. Or a comedian or an athlete,
or a thought-leader. I do believe that
education and entertainment are the two pillars, but yes, back in 2006, I started making wine videos on YouTube. In 2007, I aggressively
put out content on Twitter. Had the things coming out of my mouth, not been interesting to people, I would not be sitting
here with you right now. It’s not super-complicated. Most people have taken
some version of an attempt to become, somebody, people
know on the internet. Most people. You know there’s a set
that’s very private, most people have taken a dabble into a LinkedIn article, into a nice photograph
they posted on Instagram, into a single YouTube video, a couple clever tweets, most people have tried. – Right. So what’s the secret of making people engage with your content? I mean it’s just smarts?
– Empathy. – [Andy] Empathy, okay. – Empathy’s the secret. I believe, I sit at where I am in the Lexicon, which is, I think, a winning player in
today’s new environment because I’m empathetic to my audience. I put out content, that brings them value, not, makes me feel good about myself. – Right. How many posts do you put up
a day in Insta and Twitter? And those are your two main platforms? – Those are the two main platforms that I myself completely control. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, I’ve over the last three or four years amassed a team of content-creators, media-amplifiers, strategists
around my content, but I fully control Instagram and Twitter and I put out four Instagram, regular posts
(train horn sounding) and probably, anywhere between three
and 25 tweets a day. – So, that’s a lot. – By the way, big shout
out to you and your team, because the train going by now, the fact that you guys didn’t stop it. I am so pumped right now. I’m fired up. – We wouldn’t stop for that. If my phone rang we wouldn’t stop. – I love that.
– That’s like old people, old school stuff. – But there is an evolution
in content creation. Like it literally just took note I’m like, “Oh, I like these… good job.
– Good. – Go. – And that’s empathetic. So, how does the business model work? So, explain your company to me. Is it VaynerMedia, is that the entire business– – VaynerMedia was the first company for about six or seven years–
– You know, but look this is Vayner water–
– Yeah, I mean that’s just inside stuff, yeah, yeah. That’s an inside stuff for us. We have fun with that but VaynerMedia was the first company, after building up Wine Library and then, after being an investor in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and having kind of Silicon Valley success, I decided to start the
agency with the premise that, eventually, I would wanna buy
nostalgic and historic brands. And I would run them through my progressive, consumer-centric
marketing model. So, I started an agency. It grew very quickly, now there’s something called VaynerX because two years ago
I bought, a women’s lifestyle brand, we started a men’s brand
recently, called ONE37pm. Then we started a speaking
bureau six months ago called VaynerSpeakers. We started a company in January to service small businesses ’cause VaynerMedia’s
made for Fortune 500s, called the Sasha Group, named
after my dad, which is fun. We have a tech platform called Tracer that is evolving in a separate company, so, now there’s a VaynerX holding company, and very honestly, it’s really no different than
Publicis or Omnicon or WPP, or, for people who are watching, it’s just Mad Men, 20/20, right? Obviously, a hell of a lot. I haven’t watched the show but I assume, what
they’ve had on the show, it’s a heck of a lot culturally better. – Right, right, right, right. – It’s an advertising agency. – Right, so the business model works like, you have Fortune 500 clients, like, give me some names. – Chase, Budweiser, Pepsi, Hulu. – And they pay you money–
– Service fees. – To make campaigns?
– Make pictures, and videos on the internet
and on television. Planters’ Super Bowl spot this year was made by this production
company that we’re in and ideated creatively by VaynerMedia. We are paid to make pictures, videos, written words,
marketing collateral. What’s unique about VaynerMedia,
in today’s world is, under the same roof, we also
then are the media agency that places the media. We buy the ads on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, we do the execution. That was the way it was
done in the 60s and 70s. The same people that made it,
also bought the television. Then they separated them and now most agencies
either do creative or media. VaynerMedia does both. – I mean a lot of people
say that ad-businesses, the legacy companies, I mean certainly they’re
under a lot of pressure, Is this sort of a new model, a good way to do things?
– I think so. Yeah, I agree with the street and the
business pontificators that the old model’s in trouble but I don’t think it’s necessarily because they didn’t have media
and creative under one roof. I believe it’s because they
were publicly-traded companies, and they had to make their own numbers, and when you’re a service provider, if you only care about your
EBDA and your stock price, your clients, eventually
are gonna feel that. And when they feel that and they feel the negative effects… I actually believe there’s an
incredible book to be written similar to “Barbarians at the Gate”, of what the four or five
biggest holding companies in the world have accomplished
in the last 25 years, which is through consolidation, they have basically extracted the value out of the biggest brands in the world. If you look at the biggest
brands in the world that have used the
publicly-traded agency model over the last 20 years, they’ve declined, while the agencies have grown. Only now, are they starting to decline because the cat’s out of the bag ’cause the biggest brands in the world are starting to look at Vayner and other independent alternatives and that’s bad for the holding companies. – So, you wouldn’t
necessarily look to go public? – I’m incapable of being a CEO
of a publicly-traded company. So, no, we will not. – Yeah, maybe Elon Musk should have said something
like that at one point. – I don’t know Elon well enough and I know he’s a character. I’m not incapable because
I wanna curse on video. I’m incapable because I don’t
know how to run a business that needs to perform
financially, every 90 days because I’m a marathon
runner, not a sprinter. – That’s kind of refreshing to hear that, you don’t necessarily need this payout. But you don’t need that
for your employees, I mean, there are a lot
of private companies that have been around for
decades and decades, right? – That’s exactly right. – You don’t have to go public, right? – No, I don’t want the cash
infusion to buy a boat. I want to enjoy running a company and I need independence
as an entrepreneur. And so, I’m not willing to give up my independence for 400 million dollars up front. – So, you were running a liquor store– – Yes. – And then, the internet happens. How and when did you realize that the internet was gonna revolutionize, let’s just say, the business of communication–
– October 1994. – You have a date? – I do, I’ll tell you why. October of 1994 was the October of my
freshman year of college. And… In 1991, when I was in high school, that’s when I started becoming passionate about my dad’s liquor store, and I said, “I’m gonna open 150 of these. “I’m gonna open the Toys
“R” Us of liquor stores.” I remember being a high
school kid thinking. And then, in October of 1994, I went into my friend’s dorm room and discovered the internet. And within 10 minutes, I found myself on a baseball
card bulletin-board on AOL, and I saw that people were selling. And actually, – There we go. – They’re not gonna see it,
but you’re gonna see it. – Where?
– These are literally– goosebumps–
– Goosebumps, that’s goosebumps.
– That’s right. This is real goosebumps, and I’ll tell you why, it changed my life. I mean I’m really getting them right now. – That’s legit. – So, I’m excited about this ’cause it was a really
transcending moment. I’m a weird kid, meaning I was a true entrepreneur. – ’94 was early but that
was before Netscape. Way before Netscape. – I’m not sure the timing– – Yeah, yeah, but it was.
– Is that right? I believe you. – ‘Cause you were on
an AOL bulletin board. – Yep, yep. And I just remember thinking this is it. I don’t know what else to say. I was like this is it, and literally two years later, ’cause it took a little bit of time, I launched, one of the first e-commerce
wine businesses in America and it changed the course of
my family’s wine business. – So how do you build an online brand? – Easily. You produce content on the seven to 25 places
where people pay attention, and you produce it around things you know, and you amass awareness. How did Nike build a brand? They ran commercials. They did sponsorship. It’s just attention arbitrage. – What does that mean? – For me it means, my career, oftentimes, I reference Mariano Rivera, when I talk about my career.
– Mo. – Mo. Mo was one of the great
closers in baseball history. – Robbie knows that. He’s a big Yankee fan. – And so, you’re gonna appreciate this. He had one pitch. He was solid at everything else, but he had this one pitch. And besides Edgar Martinez, literally, nobody could hit it. And that’s who I think I am. I’m good at other things, I’m good COO, I can operate, that’s why I have businesses. I’m very good at HR. I’m good at PR. I’m good at other things. This is me now talking about myself. If you ask me, I think, I’m remarkable at understanding what humans are actually doing before the masses
understand they’re doing it. Right? I understood that online dating, in 2001, was gonna be mainstream. That wasn’t obvious until 2011, right? Or ’13 or, whenever Tinder
really took hold, right? And so, what I mean by that is, I built Wine Library on the back of e-mail and Google AdWords. In 1997, no liquor-store in America, thought it was a good idea to build up an email-newsletter, versus, the catalog that
they could send in the mail. Got it?
– Right, yeah. – In 2001, I bought every Google AdWord for every wine term and nobody was bidding me up. – Right, got it.
– Got it? – Yep. – In 2006, this is now
documented, thank God. In 2006, I started a wine show on YouTube in February, 2006. I was one of the first people
to move fast on Twitter. I have podcasts, and… I’m consistently first and that skill has allowed
me to be good at real-estate. – Right. – Somebody bought up all of Dumbo. Somebody once bought up most of Malibu. Some people see it. I see human behavior. – Okay, so, what do you see right now? – Voice. – What does that mean? – That means that everybody in this room and everybody who’s watching this video is gonna do a lot more things with Alexa and Google Home and Apple Pod than they think today. – Like what? – Order every single food that they eat. All of it. In 13 years, you will mouth, in your office, in your home, you will say, “Send me a burger.” Or, “Can you get me a Shake Shack?” Or, “I wanna a Whatchamacallit bar. “Get me my Sprite.” – Quinoa. – That’s right.
– Even– – I want a quinoa salad. And this is where branding comes in. I want a quinoa salad. If you say that to Alexa, Amazon, now has a lot of leverage. What quinoa salad are they gonna send you? Their own private label? Is some brand gonna pay
$500 to be the affiliate? So you better say, “I want
Sweet Greens quinoa salad.” Which is why brand is about to become so much more… Brand has always been the most important. Brand’s about to become
even more important because we’re going to an
audio-centric legion world, not a visual-centric. It’s gonna be very big. – It sounds like you think
Amazon has a lot of upside here. – I sure do. – Yeah. – Unless the government gets involved, which, I don’t know that stuff. That’s above my pay grade. I would buy Amazon stock in perpetuity until Jeff Bezos no
longer runs the company. – But, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they have a lot of advertising power. Does that concern you, that they’ve got so much of that pie? – Of course not, ’cause CBS, ABC and
NBC had that whole pie. Because the New York Times
and the Washington Post had all that pie. Yahoo at one point. There’s always somebody
that controls the pie. – And always people whining about it. – That’s right. Microsoft should have been broken up. IBM should have been broken up. Google should be broken, now… it’s the same old game. – Should they be broken up, Facebook? – I don’t think so. Mainly, because I think that there’s always another Young Turk, coming up and she or he is
gonna destroy Mark Zuckerberg because Mark Zuckerberg becomes passive. Because Jeff Bezos becomes passive. ‘Cause Bill Gates becomes passive. Because people become passive. – Right. They become content, they become– – Content, old, curious in other things, different parts of their life. Sick, die. This is run by people. – Yeah, yeah. So we’re in Long Island City, we just talked about Amazon. – Yes. – What did you think about that? Was the city right to boot them out, or activists right to boot them out? – I am so pumped you asked this question. – [Andy] Good, let’s talk about it. I have no idea. – (laughing) Come on, man. You said you wanted to talk
about that and you’re punting. – I’m not punting. – Okay. – The reason, I just got so excited, is, as a guy who speaks with heavy conviction, which could come across as audacity or ego or overconfidence, nothing excites me more,
than when I’m interviewed, when I actually don’t know
the answer to something and I can say, “I don’t know.” – But that’s just it, so why don’t you know? That’s the follow up question. – Because I’m not willing
to do the homework of the collateral things that happen after the fact, right? I don’t understand, the actual math around my intuitive nature is, when the greatest company in the world or definitely in America, wants to set up shop, that, that has, trickle-down value prop. What I don’t know, is the concessions that
the state or the city does, and the arguments on both
sides of the equation properly and possibly have actual value to them, I just haven’t taken
the time to dissect it. Let me give you an example. I believe that TV advertising is grossly over-priced. – Right. – I also think that the Super Bowl is the number one best buy in marketing. So that’s a contradiction within the micro of the macro. That’s why I can’t answer to LIC. I don’t know. – Right, right. What do you think about politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who says that we should have
more government involved in terms of people making higher wages? – You know, it’s an interesting question. I was born in the Soviet Union. So I laugh when Americans try to paint liberals as socialists or communists, ’cause that’s Americans that
haven’t lived in communism. – [Andy] Right. – So here’s what I would say, I am stunningly socially liberal. At the same token, I’m an alpha-entrepreneur and believe in many of
the things of capitalism. What I don’t like is
when capitalism gets old aka an Alpha gets old, and then she or he
tries to use their money to change the rules of merit. So, I’m disgusted by that. At the same token, I have many 20-year-old kids
hitting me up and saying, “Gary, you’re rich, you
should give me your money.” So, I’m very scared of this slippery slope of massive entitlement. – Yeah. – So, more government involvement doesn’t hit me well in my
alpha, player-on-the-field, I’m an entrepreneur. It hits me tremendously well as, I’m the human being and I want everybody
to be healthy and happy to the best of our abilities. I think the answer is
always somewhere in between. The biggest problem I have… listen, I’m willing to
give up 95% of my earning. I really am. Let’s go to taxes. – Maybe getting close
to that in this state. – I’m willing to. I just wanna be the one who gives it away. – Mm-hmm, right. – Wait a minute, I’m gonna work my face off, bleed in perpetuity, and I’m gonna give it to you, and you’re gonna decide, who got 36,000 votes? And you’ve never operated
anything in your life? And you’re third-generation wealthy or your ideology, and you have no practical skills? This is not about giving away money, it’s about giving away
money to people that have no idea what to do with it. That starts where, it
gets a little complicated. So, I want everybody to be
awesome and happy and healthy, and I’m willing to pay
unbelievable amounts for it, I just wanna see how
you’re gonna spend it. – Right, right, right. Shifting gears a little bit– – Please. – Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Well maybe not everybody
but a lot of people do but very few people
actually pull the trigger and even fewer succeed. What are the barriers there? – Talent. – That’s disheartening. That means you’re just… you can either play in
the NBA or you can’t. – No, that’s a very good point. I think it’s the following. My brother AJ is a better
basketball player than me ’cause he’s put in more work on his left hand and his jumper, so, he deserves it. He’s not in the NBA. You can be an entrepreneur,
the problem is, we’ve lost sight of, being an entrepreneur who makes $137,000 a year, doing what she or he loves, is an amazing life. But right now, everybody thinks they’re gonna be Mark Zuckerberg. So we’ve become audacious and ludicrous and delusional in our
entrepreneurial ambitions. And so, I think we need a
level of self-awareness. I think people are trying
to be entrepreneurs at a level we’ve never seen before ’cause the cost of entry of saying that you’re an entrepreneur in your Instagram account is very easy. – Right. – It’s also cool right now. I’m actually quite scared about that, because I don’t wanna be the face of that because I think 95% of
people are gonna fail. Especially when the economy fails. Let me say something straight to camera. If you’re not a successful
entrepreneur right now, in the easiest time to be
a successful entrepreneur ’cause there’s so much money in the system and the internet is that scale, you suck. – All right. That’s some tough love right there. – It’s the truth. This is the easiest time,
in the history of life, to be a successful entrepreneur and if you’re not and you’re struggling, then, you’re not an entrepreneur. Listen, I’d love to be playing
for the Jets and the Nicks or be opening the Grammys. It’s fun, it sounds rad. I’m just not capable. It doesn’t mean I can’t sing better. It doesn’t mean I can’t be
a better football player, backyard, in Central Park. You gotta put in the work, and you have to be
self-aware of your upside. The other thing is, we have too many students who now think that
entrepreneurship is cool. If you weren’t selling
lemonade and baseball-cards or pogs or burning CDs and
flipping them in school, if you don’t have sales-DNA or operational-DNA, or it wasn’t fun to play
Store when you were five, you didn’t gravitate towards it naturally, you’re gravitating towards
it now ’cause it’s cool. – Right. And I take it you did all those things. – All those things. And so did, so many, of the people that are successful as entrepreneurs. The same as singers went to choir, the same as actors signed
up for this Thespian Club at freshman year. Like it matters. The work matters, the talent matters. – What about– You don’t get to wake up one day and just say, “I’m going to
start the Uber of bananas.” It’s just crazy what’s going on out there. Just, the greatest generation of fake-entrepreneurship we’ve ever seen. – Yeah, that’s ’cause of the Internet… – ‘Cause it’s cool. – It’s cultural. – If us said, “We’re gonna be rappers”, that’s cool too but very quickly we have to prove if we can rap. I’d be like, “Cool, rap!”. And then, you can’t and you’re like, “You’re not a rapper”. I could say, “I’m gonna
be a basketball player”. I’m like, “Cool, show me!”. You can’t prove to somebody in one second that you’re
not an entrepreneur. – Right, right. So, let me ask you about speaking. – Okay.
– You do speaking right? – I do. – Motivational-speaking you could call it. Are you concerned, Garry,
that it’s manipulative? – Of course. – Of course. – But I don’t think I’m manipulative. I think that people wanna
make me a motivational-speaker but I’m not. If you go watch one hour
of Keynote on YouTube, listen to what I’m saying. I’m not talking about The Secret, just listen to the words. I’m motivational in my DNA. I’m a rah-rah guy. I’d be a great high-school couch. I know, how I come-off but I ask anybody who wants
to throw that cynicism at me to go read the transcript
of what I’m saying. I am the most practical,
emigrant, operating person you will find. There is no delusion in my optimism. – [Andy] Right. – There is no delusion in my optimism. It’s funny that you ask me that question, based on the last six
minutes of this interview if you think about it, right? It makes me happy the way it went. I don’t think the last
six minutes were like, “Hey, and I’m gonna manipulate
it, that it’s so easy”. I’m desperately, trying to
tell people this is super hard. I’m equally saying, “How lucky
are we that we can even try?” Our grandparents couldn’t start a company after-hours on a phone. This is the greatest era of the at-bat. You’re not guaranteed to hit a home-run. – Right, right. – This is greatest era of the at-bat. That’s cool. That makes happy, there’s
a lot of people struggling, paying for college loans and
they get home at 7:00 p.m. and I’m saying to them, “Let me motivate you to not use Netflix “and 2K and beer to escape your problems. “Let me motivate you at 7 p.m.
to spend the next five hours to build something for
yourself on Shopify or Ebay or Instagram or YouTube to get
you out of your situation.” Got it? – Yeah, I got it. – It’s practical. I actually believe that my
natural showmanship-DNA, my shtick that is my DNA, grossly
undermines what I’m doing. People think it’s why I’m successful. I think it’s undermining my upside. – ‘Cause, people just say
you’re all form and no content. – I literally threw up in
my own mouth when you said I was a motivational speaker. – Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do that to you. – You didn’t but I’m telling
you a very important truth. – Yeah, okay. – I get it and I understand
that I look that part but I continue to push people
to listen to what I’m saying. I’d love to be lower but I’m pump. – That’s who you are. So, how do you prioritize? How do you allocate your time? Number one. – My admins rule my life. I literally, had no clue we
were doing this just now. – We’re doing it. – I’m aware She walked over, she’s like,
“You ready?”, I’m like, “okay.” I didn’t even know it was the Yahoo! one. My calendar rules my life. Me and my team are thoughtful
about what we book. I spend the far majority
being the operator of Vayner but I do use my personal brand as a top-of-the-funnel awareness
to drive my business. – [Andy] Right.
– Right? So, bring value… I’m filming this for my own content, bringing in value for to
your platform and then the serendipity of somebody
becoming aware of me, digging-in then looking. So, I do use my personal
brand, as a top-of-the-funnel, business-development-tool
for my businesses. – Where do you wanna take this? It’s the old, “Where do
you want to see yourself “20 years from now Gary?”. But, I mean, it’s important. – No, no, it’s very important. I like being thoughtful of
what I’m doing professionally. The two things that I’m most excited about are the continuous
journey, of the ambition, of trying to buy the New York Jets. Which is my absolute professional goal. – Really?
– That’s right. – Are you serious about that? – As a heart-attack. Yeah, it’s been my goal for my whole life. – [Andy] Do the current owners know this? Are they aware of this? – You know, it’s funny, I’m not sure and I have no
interest in wasting their time because I’m not, anywhere close yet, to the financial level that I need to be. Probably do. I put it out there quite a bit and my path to that is
to build Vayner Media, to build the greatest
marketing engine in the world, to then buy historic brands,
when the economy collapses. So, I wanna buy Tootsie Rolls or Reebok or… – [Andy] Right. – And then I wanna become the CEO of that. So, I wanna buy something
in the next decade for 2 hundred-million
to 5 hundred-million, then, I want to run it for a decade and then flip it, for
3 billion to 5 billion and buy the Jets and then, I wanna make content
that leaves a positive legacy in allowing people to, at least,
use me as a context point. This is how I’m doing it. Take what works for you and place some legacy on the content. – Wow, that is well thought-out
and clearly defined. – I appreciate it. – How do you see yourself, using your influence on the world? It’s kind of at your core. – I believe that in 40
years, people will realize, during this period of time, that, I was one of the
few unique individuals, who had the ability penetrate 15 to 25 year old, young men and was able to re-frame their mind of not being as, into
watches and private jets and models and cash but made them start respecting things like patience and gratitude
and empathy and kindness and that I will be far-more
revered, after I’m gone, for doing it, then I’ll ever be while I’m around doing it. – Garry Vaynerchuck, thanks so much for talking with us today and
thanks for having us here. – Thank you. – I’m Andy Serwer, you’ve
been watching Influencers. We’ll see you next time. Great, that was super-cool, I loved it. – [Gary] Thank you, thank you.
– Really, really, interesting. – [Andy] I loved it.

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  1. Much love Gary 🙏 you have inspired me to try and change my life around and try to be financially free and happy any way I can while providing value 👏🤝 "Best marketing strategy ever is to care." That quote resignates with me deeply, thanks again for everything!

  2. good luck trying to buy Tootsie Roll Industries. The stock has intentionally been structured so that the long-time leading family only gains power over time.

  3. 18:40–20:34 is exactly what I've been trying to say for so long without the words to say it! So good such a good explanation.

  4. Hi i know that you are busy as shit but i have unlimited sweat for you.
    Hi gary my name is Mikias and i am a first year high school student from Sweden. I am also studing economics and do droppshipping and som small things on the side. i have tow years left in high school and then i am off to collage but after hearing you talk about collage my perspektiv changed, and i decided that instead of going to a collage i would like to learn in first hand from people i wanna be like. So what i want to say is would love work for you after my tow years in high school i will do every work you ask me to do the only thing i want is to be you right hand man and follow you everywhere.
    I see forward to hearing an answer from you

  5. I can't explain it, but I feel something big happening. Something in line of a big big value shift of the type of work and value we do and provide for each other. Some might say its robots or technology taking over jobs that might be the cause and I am fine with that. I feel that if there is a job please, lets have and app or robot do it for sure! That way we can spend more time on what we truly love, stuff that robots shouldn't do, like raise our family. Either way, I am emptying my cup, refreshing my perspective and looking to capitalize the next opportunity. Opportunity is out there, it's just a matter of who will hop on it! I think it is a beautiful thing that we are freeing up so much man power, we really need to stop looking at each other and start looking in the same direction.

  6. Greatest generation at bat!!

    #FirstInLine #entrepreneur #AskGaryVee

    Had to share>>

  7. Thanks for the great content Gary! you're always sharing your best advice for those that need it. By far my favorite person to follow and learn from!

  8. Gary V is amazing! Can’t believe all the advice he had giving me has really worked! NEVER to give up, and always keep on going!
    My first EVER new video is up! Please check it out! And leave a sub and comment!

  9. I think it's interesting how the interviewer wanted Gary to be conservative really bad. But even though Gary is a very successful businessman, he doesn't have conservative views.

  10. 1. Build the best marketing engine in the world
    2. Buy nostalgia brands for 200 – 500 million when the economy collapses
    3. Become the CEO of the new brand and grow it over 10 years
    4. FLIP IT for 3 to 5 billion and BUY THE NY JETS
    It's the best plan of all time, and it's possible. Thanks for inspiration Gary!

  11. just because a basketball player makes it to the NBA doesn't mean he was the best bball player. He just managed to maximize his talent, hell, maybe his best talent was perseverance and look where it led him. just cause you don't have a killer crossover doesn't mean you are not talented.

  12. i am actually less motivated to work from listening to you, and more motivated to build! i hope i can make it to my companies severance option when they layoff , its in 3 months and i am scared of what I'll be doing after. but gotta buck up and make it happen

  13. the inventor of humility huh, sounds like you are bring people closer to god without beating them over the head with that.

  14. I'm actively changing my whole lifestyle Gary. my name is Lazaro Valadez and i am 26 years old. i spent quite a bit of the last couple of years in prison and i realize that i didn't want this life for myself. Being outside of prison has felt more like prison than prison was!! A prison of the mind!!!!! No more. I SHALL self enlighten. With your guidance. You're literally GIVING us the method to happiness and success. It's quantifiable and i'd be an idiot if i didn't listen to you. Thank you.
    Thus, i shall apply your rational and disciplined method of dealing with the human experience in my own life everyday. You'll hear of me soon, of that i'm sure. i'm actively making myself an influencer in my area. this is MY PASSION. and no one will stop me. not even you. GARY VAYNERCHUK. I am making a fb, twitter, insta and youtube. TONIGHT. all shitting positivity. on two brands; myself and my LVmedia. HELP ME GARY. MENTOR ME PLEASE

    its really hard to do all of this when im also studying economics on youtube.

  15. The way he ended it was EVERYTHING! So inspirational. Learning way more from Gary than I ever did in my college classes.

  16. If I've learned anything from GarvyVee, it's to network and grind. I just started a podcast on motivation and success called Provoked Success. If you wouldn't mind checking it out and giving me some feedback, I'd appreciate y'all forever. You don't even have to 'like' and 'subscribe.' Just view or comment so I know I may have motivated somebody. Thank you. – Scott #YoutubersHelpingYoutubers

  17. Why is your thoughts not stable. Sometimes you say about followers, notification, dm's psychology and sometimes how to get more deeper into that mind play time wasting negative thought creations…
    is it that, what you feel right at that particular time of answering let your sense of speaking State something while the reality is just in your mind bouncing around back of your head, with all your unanswered sack full of questions ! ?

  18. Just realized this about what Gary just said. If your main goal involving what you do in life is happiness, i.e. Entrepreneurialism in Gary's case, you will naturally be an "operator" in it.

  19. Unbelievable Gary Vee! I order your audiobook (CRUSHING IT ) about 5 months ago. You have completely changed my life for the best. I own a successful Hydroponic Microgreen company in South Florida and NOW just starting my YOU TUBE Channel I LOVE THAT YOU DON"T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANY NEGATIVITY IN THIS CRAZY WORLD ONLY TO BY PASS TO POSITIVE VIBES & NOW I OPERATE THE SAME WAY MUCH LOVE GARYVEE #ASKGARYVEE

  20. Hold on old chap! Around 23 minutes you suggest 95% of entrepreneurs will fail and they're deluded – isn't the central message from you that you cam all do it? Find your thing and quit your job? What am I missing here? (Asking for a friend cos obviously I'm awesome)

  21. Gary will pass to history as an actual turning point and our society will thank him for long pass his time.

  22. Gary s message is way more ‘enlightened ‘ than anyone knows. Maybe even himself. Thanks to his amazing parents! You all should really thank Gary s Mom and Dad !!! (But 99% will never get this) @garyvee and his MOM

  23. Ok let’s make this easy: why is Gary teaching empathy? (It’s not because people do it) wake the fuck up everybody ! Helllllooooooooooo

  24. I really appreciate that you had the chance to elaborate on some of your views on economics and government interference in the economy. I think you have a sobering viewpoint on that matter that more people need to hear. Your audience base is (I'm assuming) practical enough to already intuitively understand some of these things but I wish people outside of your audience could hear what you're saying as well.

  25. Gary Vee buys followers for 0.04 per 1,000. He buys 1k ig likes for 0.01. social media is 100% fake. Gary Vee is the worst human being on the planet earth and does not believe in God. If he did, he would be terrified of the afterlife.

  26. That last part about yourself being remember what what you impact you will have. WOW, I couldn't agree more!

  27. every single word Gary has ever said to another human being is a lie and is meant to trick the person. Roberto Blake and Gary Vee are nearly identical people and fuck anyone who has come within 15 feet of either of them and hasnt tried killing them.

  28. Great words Gary! With Socialive you can livestream into any social platform (as many as you like) and connect with your audience from anywhere.

  29. I love the guy. I only wonder what his strategy is to combine the following 2 statements:

    (1) I would gladly give away 95% of my wealth
    (2) I want to Buy the New York Jets and I'm not nearly close to that goal

  30. We JUST did a video about the $1.80 Strategy! Bar none the best advice no matter what year we are in. Focus on other people and keep it real. Also, remember that this is WORK. Spending the time to do the research and actually add value takes time. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  31. The title of the video was about social media following but I think the private versus public company dynamic was a pretty important take-away. Know yourself – he knows it just wouldn't work for him even though he could be throwing away a big payday.
    Got to respect that.

  32. I tried explaining this with my client the past month but there was a lot of disagreeing. I'm curious what the community thinks of the experience I had trying to manage my client's social media a bit more like Gary. My video is linked below.

  33. Hi Gary Omg i remember you now did you do a site called daily grape many years ago? Am i correct? I use to see the videos on daily grape. I really admired the passion with which the business was being run. At that time off course video and social media were not as robust as now. Your true inspiration for young entrepreneur s and your work shows the value of hustle which is inevitable for business owners. I hope I can get to atleast 10% of your level in my business hustling for it 🙂

  34. I died at 28:59 – "I believe that in 40 years people will realize during this period of time that I was one of the few unique individuals who had the ability to penetrate 15-25 year old young men…"

  35. audit your behaviour and thought process. employ empathy from the micro to the macro. respond to every single post, tweet and response from the tribe you are building until you grow so big you have to delegate, and while you are doing all this… execute, execute, execute. git it Gary. Thanks…

  36. The major thing not being discussed in social today is talent. Everyone's dabbled and tried to become an influencer and grow their audience, whether it's a couple posts or tweets, but did they make it?

    Empathy is the secret to success on social, because its about connection. The secret is not doing what inflates your ego and makes you feel good.

    VaynerMedia won't go public because Gary is incapable of running a public company because of its focus on the next 90 days. As an executive and entrepreneur, he's a marathon runner, not a sprinter. And he wants the independence.

    "How do you build an online brand?"
    Gary: Easily. Produce content on the 7th, 25th places where people pay attention, and you produce it around things you know and you amass awareness.

    Gary claims he's got a talent for seeing the trends, what people are doing before it's mainstream. And the next thing is voice (e.g., Alexa, google home, apple pod). This is going to make brands even more important because of the lack of visuals. People are going to say a specific brand rather than let the Alexa or Google choose which one, e.g., Get me a "Smirnoff" Vodka instead of just Vodka.

    There are too many people claiming to be an entrepreneur right now, but 95% are going to fail. There's a huge difference between make a cool $136k/year vs billions and being a Mark Zuckerberg.

    If you're not a successful entrepreneur right now when it's easy to be one cause there's so much money in the system and the internet is at scale, you suck.

    This is the greatest generation of fake entrepreneurship we've ever seen. If someone claims to be a rapper, you can say "Cool, rap!" and you'd have to prove it on the spot. But with entrepreneurship, you don't have a way to show it or disprove it on the spot so people can get away with claiming it without any skills.

    Gary's message is directed at 15-25 year olds young men to stop revering watches, women, cash and cars, and instead respect patience, gratitude, empathy, and kindness.

  37. By far the best interview of GaryVee I have ever seen to date. The well thought out questions were even more amazing to the point one doesn't realize 30 minutes have passed by. Gary is for sure genetically gifted to be who he is today no doubt about that and towards the end of the video, I almost felt as if I am watching this interview from 2080 and admiring this individual while wishing that I was born earlier. I have a funny feeling a lot of people will wish they were born in 2019 to live through the amazing journey of this man becoming transcendent.

  38. Its 4:30 am in Colorado and its hilarious to me the lack of awareness and details Yahoo's Fiancee doesn't pick up after Gary's reply. Gary states he "wins in life and is a natural baller" because he's empathetic to his audience in which returns brings value to poeple. If you're able to observe, then you're able to pick up these signals from his face expression, to his tone of voice, and to body language. I interpreted his saying as empathy being the glass container to water. Time 5:15, you can see Gary's internal frustration of not being understood by the explanation he just gave above in the video. Gary moves his hand and brings them together before he reply's again. He "take a lil breather in between. This is not my Intention to be critical in a negative way. Just pointing out what is seen and showing my insights and perspective.I am very visual and observant person so I'm aware of all things around me in my radar. I can pick up many signals the normal eye may not pick up on a regular bases. I feel like I'm watching myself in bits throughout Gary's personality. It's all love and support from Ethiopia to Centennial Colorado and back to you. You should make a recap of Nipsey Hustle and how his brand will continue to culturally impact the world. Talk about how Legacy can be built and obtained due strength of empathy and love the consumers have for The Marathon. You know that hip pop rules the world rightt!? One of my favorite quote was said by Michael Obama when she attended Colorado for her book tour, "Becoming." She said, "its hard to hate up close" We'll have a chance to talk sometime in person when I'm ready, patience. Ik you're always ready. Thank you and much lloove_23(Thats my brand name, Instagram to etc…)

  39. 23:30 im a rapper and producer Gary, i love your content bro LOVE IT. Your the truth and would infidelity be a great coach

  40. Hey Gary my friends/people are already saying that I post too much on my Insta (@l.auracarre), I post almost every day… What do you think I should do? 😅

  41. 22:32 "If you weren't selling lemonade and baseball cards, or pogs or burning CDs and flipping them in school. If you don't have sales DNA or operational DNA or it wasn't fun to play store when you were five, you didn't gravitate towards it naturally. You're gravitating towards it now because it's cool."

  42. You see, the key is in giving, keep giving value keep helping others to move their needle forward and over time it all will come back pouring in and moving your own needle forward closer to your goals.

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