The ROI of Every Social Media Platform | Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford Graduate School
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The ROI of Every Social Media Platform | Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford Graduate School

100 thoughts on “The ROI of Every Social Media Platform | Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford Graduate School

  1. This is TOTALLY a great vid on how Gary has actual practical REAL LIFE experience vs. students who have not been in the trenches long. And in truth Tyra as well (who I love). She has existed in the bubble of going from model to fashion business related projects. No real real world wide spread experience. Gary is FIRE!

  2. Here are my two cents about this conversation 27:10 If you are a piece of shit, don't blame it on the internet, it only exposes you, Internet doesn't ruin your life, alcohol doesn't ruin your life, money doesn't ruin your life, YOU AND YOUR DECISIONS are the only ones ruining your life, people need to start taking accountability for their own actions and stop blaming others for their own faults period.

  3. Only way to improve is for the mic to be further away from the gum, especially while chewing. Love you @garyvee

  4. Hey, gary, loved the video. A way to improve next time is not to chew the gum. I think everyone listening closely will agree 🙂
    Take care!

  5. 26min mark You made a great point about bullying that I have been saying for so long. The social media platform is not the problem, but it starts with what’s happening at home to the victim & bully.

    You can’t expect schools, social media companies, or teachers to do all the work.

  6. Dear Iris… I will send you the worlds largest Edible Arrangement if you yank that freaking chewing gum out of Gary’s mouth before he spends an hour chewing it like it’s freaking steak flavored – in my ear! Omg

  7. @27:00 to @28:50 and frwrd… i like this conversation because it reinterates the fact that its about being Honest… in that politico sex example he ruined his or(AND for that matter) someone elses life more anyway… fucking their mental situations up more… didn't he have a family… that's a lot of fuckin Dyanmic.

  8. SO TRUE Gary! Social Media either exposes our heroism or wickedness. It is our choice what kind of Human we will be.

  9. Gary battles Millennials… knockout 1st round baby! the meat of this episode is in the Q and A- don't miss it as its an hour in. "You Think the 4 old white white guys that ran media would let me in 20 years ago? -Gary V AWESOME!

  10. Gary, you needed a good example? What about Roseanne? You say it's not the posting but that action that results in ruining people's careers? All she did was tweeted something offensive to someone and the TV network cancelled her show. What do you say to that?

  11. Fascinating stuff, “ruined” by a tweet, just days before Roseanne incident. “A tweet is only a problem when someone else signs the check.”🎯 Gary, is your longterm prediction that she’ll land just fine? If she holds onto her core audience/fan base and decides to produce her own content on any platform, will she attract meaningful advertisers? Maybe she’ll feel creatively unencumbered instead of “ruined,” but are there that many advertisers that “give-no-F’s” and will sponsor a celebrity on the “3rd rail”⚡️?

  12. One of my favorite firesides by far. My favorite part of this was Tyra it was refreshing to see someone challenge you Gary. No offense a lot of people just go along with you and many seem afraid to challenge you sometimes. Even if youre correct, seeing you engage made see how human you were lol. Loved it

  13. "If I had the energy" omg. this was as informative as it was outraging. and I wasn't sitting there.

  14. The mind of these Standford Graduates here were so black and white that is worrying. Garry was explaining a simple, common sense concept, but they just could not get it.

  15. Gary this is the first time I ever commented on a YouTube video – because like you i don't normally watch YouTube videos – except for yours now – Damn you. Dude you rock.

  16. 1:25:50 What does he mean by this thing we are in we had a great run but we are in deep shit.. I thought this era was good?? Think I got confused

  17. You're a fantastic , my first video of you and I'm only at minute 29. Wow I love what you said that is not a tweet that ruins someone's life, is the action that they have, but now with the internet they are exposed! Just perfect!

  18. Could Tyra be any more obnoxious or arrogant? Gary was phenomenal and was the only reason i got past Tyra's total incompetence here. The old adage "better remain silent and people think you a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt" is one she should've followed.

  19. u missed the point GV, most of u are understand for()TheWRONG way;what means personal brand, personal brand is u, a person with awareness) of the values and the love what u put to spinning to the end/./ Peersonal brand ,is u, and each freelance, or meeting guy at coffe spot u always at business giving u,your company is u, and u are the company; very silly #83northamSWELL ig

  20. Hey Gary. Thank you for being raw. I think the audience there is still afraid of technology and what it holds for the future. They just need to embrace it and be human.

  21. Late in the game, but watching this back, i think Tyra Banks is talking about the Political landscape that twitter has become while Gary is talking about how Social hasn't caused it. they're effectively having two different conversations, which is where the conflict has arisen, and NOT that they are fighting for opposing sides.

  22. Tyra is not smart. No one in the room understood what he meant by actions versus words. Tyra doesnt have the “tools” cause she is uninformed. It’s not just mob mentality, it’s about awareness, understanding, knowledge, and actions.

  23. I don't like seminars in general, I am not a fan of long winded self aggrandizement. 17 min in he starts saying something interesting. Timing, marketing, knowing your platform, engage occasionally. I don't use linkedin, I think its a good place to expose yourself and give away your privacy. All of you might as well line up and get your chips, because this is you getting programmed. Ok, I am done. Thumbs down.

  24. Just saw this .. awesome a lot of value… it’s interesting to see where ppls perspectives are at..keep going hard Gary 🌊💪

  25. What the hell is Tyra Banks even doing there?
    LOL!!! It's typical people just don't stretch their mind but thank God for you schooling her and everyone else that run without thinking of the big picture. It's great to hear some balanced, basic truth on human behavior.

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  27. Garyvee is overrated as some kind of entrepreneurial genius & prophet. Yes, he was right about some things in the past that were obvious. But most people just didn't make big pronouncements about them like he does, because he's got a big mouth. If you look at the totality of ALL his "predictions" he's been wrong more than he's been right. The wrong ones just don't get publicized. He thinks he has such great insight into human psychology based on behavioral observations, but he confuses cause with effect, and vice versa. History will show his "predictions" as superficial and wrong.

  28. Imagine going into a losing argument and saying “if I had proof and data, I’d totally win”. Yes… if you had an argument you’d win the argument.

  29. Why would Standford Graduate School be having someone as unintelligent, ignorant and stubborn as Tyra? That was hard to get through. <facepalm> … Gary you ACED your answers so swiftly and cleverly. Bravo!

  30. Frustrating because I feel like they aren't listening to what Gary is saying. People need to listen more, and stop waiting to respond. If they would listen, they would probably agree with Gary.

  31. Think of yourself and a Media Company and not an Advertiser. Give to the audience instead of needing to collect information from the audience. Wow. Applying that today.

  32. One of the things that I like a lot is when you answer a question but then you go back to that question and answer it another way. I like the various insights

  33. Tyra mad cause this her issue, or her followings issues. Gary has Champions following him, so the mindset is tuned and aligned. Tyra, Tyra, Tyra, he give us knowledge and you give us fashion, gtfoh

  34. Legendary. Its amazing to see how a post from @garyvee in 2016 can be so relevant today in 2018. In this interview you can almost feel the empathy and humbleness jump at you packed with Fire information about social media.

  35. Legendario. Es increible ver como un video de @garyvee en 2016 sea tan relevante hoy en el 2018. En esta entrevista casi puedes sentir come la empatia y humilda te brinca con mucha information sobre las redes sociales.

  36. Question, because im sick and tired of it everytime im watching a long video on utube it starts stuttering. Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  37. Tyra keeps telling Gary to Talk about a topic.

    Gary keeps saying Let’s talk about a topic.

    Subtleties reveal the character.

  38. What a bunch of snowflake terds trying to create victimhood in a vacuum….even Gary Vee can't get them to see a different perspective-Reality….on to the next Gary Vee video with a different audience/dynamic…#mykidisnevergoingtostanford

  39. 11:17 I love how you dive deep into your analysis of each social media channel. Who is the demo, how to leverage it, and predictions.

  40. The dude is consistently on point and always parting valuable content…love! 👏🏽💋
    IG: vmm_elitemusicfashionlaw Follow my work!

  41. Amazing how some of the smartest people ( Meaning Stanford Grads ) could be so ignorant to the reality. Common sense is gone and will be extremely hard to get back.. Let's bring back common sense. I love the debate about socialism when no one there comes from a communist Country other then you..

  42. Hey @GaryVee, I want to challenge you on a point you made. You talked about the convenience of voice. Which I agree will certainly be a benefit, I leave voice notes all the time. The problem is sometimes I fuck up, and delete the whole thing. In my mind, the clear advantage of text is that one you can half prepare a message and leave. And secondly, text lets us write something out, re-read it several times and make corrections. How will voice mitigate this?

  43. I wish we could clone you Gary, like a million Gary Vees because you are the closest thing to real.

  44. After hours and hours of listening to Gary vee giving advices about investing in social media, I finally started really listening, lately I started my youtube channel, in wich I share my passion wich is drawing and desining sneakers, you can check it out guys, if you like the content – you will for sure – dont forget to like and subscribe.

  45. I can't understand the comments about "gum chewing" or "smacking noise" that Gary is creating? I didn't see or hear any of that because I was too engrossed with the valuable content comming out of his mouth! Get with it people; where's your focus?

  46. So many of them want to disagree, but then they say they don't know enough to have a argument/conversation about it? They sound fucking stupid.

  47. GaryMee: "I, I, I, ME, I, I, Me, MY, At Scale, In Perpetuity, I, I, Me, I, Me, Me, Myself, I, I, I, I, I, MEEEE.."

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