The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire
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The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

At its height in in the 16th and 17th centuries,
the Ottoman Empire spanned three continents, and covered what we know today as Turkey,
Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Hungary, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria, and several other regions in Arabia and North Africa. It was one of the largest, and longest lasting
empires in history, spanning from about 1299 all the way to 1922 CE. Today, few remnants of the once mighty empire
remain, largely centralized in Turkey.  But, how did the Ottoman Empire rise to
power in the first place? Well, originally, the Eastern region of the
Mediterranean, where the Ottoman Empire flourished, was actually under the control of the Roman
Empire. Specifically, the Eastern Roman Empire, also
called the “Byzantine Empire”. After Western Rome fell in the 5th century,
the Christian Byzantine Empire struggled to keep up in the face of rapidly spreading Islam. This followed the Golden Age of Islam which
lasted from around the 8th to the 13th century. Around the 14th century, a tribal leader named
Osman Gazi (Ohs-MAHN GAH-ZI), or Osman the First, and came to control a relatively small
principality just south of the Black Sea in the early 14th century. Although small, the region Osman controlled
was also prime for the spread of Islam with Islamic fighters hoping to overcome the weakening
Christian Byzantine.   And while Osman never saw the fruition of
his efforts while he was alive, his military continued to expand under subsequent leaders,
growing the empire, and eventually culminating in one of the most important military conquests
in history: the Fall of Constantinople. In 1453, the Byzantine Empire was on its last
legs, and barely holding territory outside of its capital, Constantinople. Meanwhile, the Ottoman Empire had spread throughout
the Mediterranean region. By some accounts, roughly 100,000 to 150,000
Ottoman fighters descended on roughly 10,000 defenders of the Byzantine capital. There would have been more defenders, but
the Black Plague had just swept through and decimated Constantinople’s forces. After less than a two-month siege, the capital
was overrun, and the Byzantine Empire, and along with it the Roman Empire, finally collapsed
forever. Constantinople was quickly converted into
the new capital of the Ottoman Empire, and was colloquially renamed as Islambol, meaning
“full of Islam”. And in fact, one of the biggest reasons for
the Empire’s continue growth was the massive influence of religion. Besides being united by the concept of conquest
in the name of Islam, also called “Jihad”, the Ottoman Sultan was considered a “protector
of Islam”, as was the Empire itself. With such a strong religious backing, as well
as massively powerful slave-based army, few other forces were able to compete or defend
themselves. The Ottomans were also great at forming unlikely
alliances, both across religious, and ideological lines. One such alliance paired the Empire with France
as they both opposed the Austrian House of Hapsburg, and the alliance proved beneficial
to both as they supported each other in their conquests of Nice, Corsica, and Hungary. This has been called “the first non-ideological
diplomatic alliance of its kind between a Christian and non-Christian empire”. By the 16th century, the empire had spread
to more than 15 million people, and roughly 2 million square miles, led by Suleiman the
Magnificent, the Ottoman’s longest reigning sultan. The empire controlled the Mediterranean Sea,
as well as Southeast Europe, Western Asia, the Caucuses, and North Africa, thus serving
as the perfect melding of eastern and western cultures and acting as an intermediary for
both sides of the world. Through endless military determination, a
single family line of rule for centuries, and a highly centralized system of government,
the Ottoman Empire was able to grow from a few miles of principality, into one of the
largest and most influential empires in history. But its superiority didn’t last forever,
and not long after its peak, there began a slow and steady decline, eventually resulting
in the turbulence for which we now know the Middle Eastern region. Stay tuned for another video chronicling the
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  1. 2.08. As a Turk i need to say that Istanbul's name do not come from "Islambol" "full of islam". It is coming from "Istanpoli" which means in Roman "to the city" as far as i know. Ottomans were not calling Istanbul but "Constantiniye" btw.

  2. IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! DEAR U.S and NATO and EU you created this!!! Do you all see what you did to Europe when you attacked the Sovereignty of Serbia?! Serbia is the cradle of Christianity in Europe and our fellow Europeans bombed us when we defended our sovereignty and fought the aggression from the Albanian and for 100’s of years we have fought off the Turks at grave personal costs! When All of Bosnia was Serbia it was a Christian Country, before Kosovo(Serbia’s Christian Holy Land) was stolen from Serbia and infiltrated by the Albanian, Europe was protected from Islamization! Btw, there is NO Bosnian language, like the rest of the region It is all simply the rebranding of the Serbian Language. Take back your recognition of the bogus illegal independence of Kosovo and return it to Serbia or watch the Islamization unfold further!

  3. noldu lan korktunuzmu merak etmeyin 2023 yılında aynısı osmanlı imparatorluğu gibi olacağız

  4. We Muslims are not afraid of death but we will be lucky to die in war fighting against islam enemies
    So it is the warning for the islam enemies before the war start

  5. why do you always show the map of the ottoman empire small. Are you conscious?
    There are ottoman history of .65 countries
    you can not fit 10 countries into that map

  6. If you search the TURKISH RESOURCES for wars such as the map, the very faulty kasr-ı cute treaty and mohaç square battle, you will reach the right information…

  7. number of dislikes is 666,satan involved,anyways nice video,u make any video glorifying ottomans il like it

  8. Correction:

    2:10 mark* "Conquest in the name of Islam also known as jihad" is a wrong definition of the term jihad, which by now most know means struggle. The word jihad translated from Arabic means struggle, such as a personal struggle (jihad al nafs) or a physical struggle. This is a poor choice of words on behalf of the crew that put this together. Aside from that this is a great and simple video on the rise of Ottaman rule.

  9. TURK is struggling, you are fighting with the whole world, you are not Turkish you are struggling with TURK 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  10. long live Ottomon Empire. long live turkey.. from india ❤️ i am living in saudi arabia and i have so many turkish neighbours ❤️

  11. Ottoman Empire we not half as bad as the French, German or Belgium Colonists. Or how Europeans decimated native lands from Americas to Australia!!

  12. It was not the plague that destroy Kωνσταντινουπολη but it was the betrayed and the siege in 1235 of the Latin Christians friends…And ofcourse they never send support after and let us in the hands of Ottomans…

  13. 0:12 The Protectorate region was a LOT bigger than that for the Osman's, if you were to show that Osman empire map to a Turk he'd laugh you out the room like there doing now

  14. Really sorry.. Full of made up facts…

    This is hilarious. "Istanbul derived its name from Islambol – full of Islam"

    I quote: "Istanbul is derived from a Greek phrase that means "in the city", which matched the way that people in the area would refer to the place as "The City". It has been referred to by many names in its history, most notably Byzantium, Constantinople, and now Istanbul."

    Greeks called is Istanbulopolis..


    10,000 byzantine fighters in huge fortified walls.. and defence mechanisms pouring hot oil down the walls, actually…!

    Constantinople fell due to Brute force and strategy.. Nothing to do with the army being weakened by the plague.. The ottoman Turks came by ship and the Byzantines blocked the canal with heavy huge metal chains.. So the CARRIED their ships over land and attacked from another area.. Its history.. Check it..

  15. Mistake: there is no relation between Istanbul – the name – and islam. Istanbul's name was never Islambol. This is just a myth spread by islamists, has never been proven.

  16. Isn't it interesting, that all the empires formed in this world collapsed. Next one to bite the dust will be EU. Maybe not in our generation, but in the next.

  17. for stupid muslims and christians who fight in the commentsthey should better learn some history and politics what is an empire in howcountry at that periodofttimewerecreating there own terriotory and loking for ressources there wasnot some thing called unor international law

  18. Ottoman empire 1299 1923 history world England Germany Poland Ukraine Italy Hungary Romania Bulgaria England Iceland Romania austria France Muslim Europe video

  19. islam is the religion of peace.Our ancestors helped you.We protected you.

    You are being ungrateful.
    don't talk without knowing

    T U R K E Y <3 OTTOMAN

  20. You got something wrong here
    There was no Israel during the ottoman empire after Sultan Abdulhemmid fell The British came to power and claimed it as a Jewish state

  21. Why do you have to down play the Ottoman Empire as if their success was due to out numbering or that the Europeans were fighting each other ? . . This is BS and the Ottomans kicked A$$ against of Europe even when most of Europe were allies. . Plus its not like the Ottomans were not in wars against other Muslims too in the east and also against Russia at the same time. . Don't try to down play them man.

  22. Lol if the army was so full of slaves then why didn't they just turn on their 'evil enslavers' and overthrow them. But they didn't. That definition of jihad is so flawed.

  23. Colonial power genocide slave trade world : sleep

    Ottoman : few genocides

  24. AM I the only turk who dont like the Ottomans?? These bunch of rulers from unknwon blood line.
    Ottomans were the biggest murders of the turkic people and village people. Turks hated the ottomans. Thats why village turks call themselves Turkoman. And ottoman "turk".
    They destroyed our language and our nomadic culture. They even didnt trust their own people thats why they created Janissaries.

  25. I am from india and love OTTOMAN EMPIRE. May Allah help ottomans to regain their power and supremacy so that they can establish the vast empire again.
    Love from me

  26. Ottoman empire 1299 1923 Muslim 45 countries European Asia north Africa south Africa history world

  27. Ottoman empire Muslim Suleiman 1529 kingmaker Muslim Vienna austria Italy Germany Poland Spain Russia Muslim European countries history world video

  28. Constantinople didnt renamed İstanbul or "İslambol"in Ottoman era. It renamed in the republic era. Another thing is there is nothing islambol means it was istanpolis with greek and farsi " _ s city" means city of the cities.

  29. A little info about the "slave" janissaries, as the christians love to call it. First of all the recruitment of christian boys from the Balkans and their incorporation into the empire was called the Devshirme. It was never referred to as a slavery system by the Ottomans. The boys would be taken to the capital and educated by the teachings of Islam later to be enrolled to the Enderun (the palace college) where they would be educated in the art of war, mathematics, physics and so on. They trained with strict disciplin and became the best of the best. There, young cadets would be selected for their talents in different areas to train as engineers, artisans, riflemen, clerics, archers, artillery, and so forth. The janissaried also took up careers in politics and administration and were of the highest, most respected stratas in the Empire.

    Shortly after the first implementation of the Devshirme which was at the end of the 14'th century christian families were willing to send their children to Istanbul as they were aware of the bounties their children would receive. As Greek Historian Dimitri Kitsikis states in his book Türk Yunan İmparatorluğu ("Turco-Greek Empire") "many Christian families were willing to comply with the devşirme because it offered a possibility of social advancement." They also received good pay and pentions after retirement. So as a result the janissary recruitments were far from a slavery system where poor buys would be ripped apart from their families. It was a well organised enrollment system.

  30. Wrong Wrong Wrong, Istanbul is Stan boli, inside the city in greek. it's nothing to do with the islam.

  31. There are those in Turkey trying to make a truly great nation. One day Erdogan will gone and they will succeed.

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  33. before romans or greeks it was the achaemenid empire who controlled whole of what is known as turkey today.

  34. Most of the balkan nations are dishonest.Dont expect respect from them.They were traitor.They murdered and raped civilians.They murdered their neighbour.We were good to them .They were free to believe they want.They couldnt be a soldier because theyre christian(A cristian doesnt fight against to christian for muslims) than they must to pay taxes for their security (like the others)but it was more than the muslim taxes because muslims could fight christians couldnt.If we want to genocide u or do something bad to u, we couldnt talk about a genocide it would be extermination like brits did.I hope u can see the truth for ur favor.And u need to shame like arabs because u re traitor we trusted u and u betrayed us.

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  36. Macedonia is Greece. Macedonia was a province of Greece. Speaking and writing Greeks with many ancients Greek monument.

  37. Ottoman Empire: We're SO Tolerant.
    Genocides the Armenians
    "really, all the modern-day problems in the ME are because of bad Euro Imperialists"
    Genocides Marionites
    "And Israel should get out of Palestine, Imperialism is so wrong."
    Ethnically cleanses all of Anatolia of Greeks, force converts Albania

    All three things happened less than 150 years ago, most of them less than 100 years ago, although we're approaching the 100 year mark. Lot of apologists up in this joint acting like Turkey's got a clean slate.

  38. The Arabs did not help when the Turks were fighting on 8 fronts. Instead of helping the Turks, they have attacked the Turks with England, France and Italy. So, Today, Arabs pay the price of their grandfather's betrayal.

  39. Has any historian explained why the Byzantine empire was a dying state whereas Ottomans, with the same resources, became a dominant political power in the Mediterranean? Where did the Ottomans take their recruits? How did they pay them? Where did they discover all the hidden human and economic sources that Byzantines had not been able to find?

  40. 0:12 u are wrong iets peak was much bigger at the caucasus and the start point wasnt syria it started near istanbul by osman gazi a turkish ottoman sultan

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