The REAL “Unromanticised” Pakistan | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Episode 6
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The REAL “Unromanticised” Pakistan | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Episode 6

Pakistan Zindabad Ok Pakistan Zindabad 3, 2, 1 Pakistan Zindabad! Ok, we’re saying goodbye to the beautiful Fairy Meadows And we are starting our hike down We’ve got our lovely porters, we’ve got Zubi, he’s pulled the Ronin out. So, expect some epic footage in 3, 2, 1 So first thing we’re noticing is that it’s a lot easier going down than up. Isn’t that right? Yeah, I’m so happy right now. Yeah, so we’re all a little bit relieved So should be a lot more chill and pleasant This will probably be the last shot you see Brooke before she Runs Absolutely beasts the rest of the hike Is it ok if I go ahead? Yeah, yeah, yeah Bye Brooke! Bye team! Alright we’ve fallen a bit behind now But worth it for the shots So now we’re just gonna speed things up and try and catch up with the group. Let’s go! Ok we’ve just caught sign of our group again. Which means we’ve caught up [MUSIC] Got a bit of a traffic jam here Zee man! How’s it going? I’ve walked the whole way man Have you? I could not do the horse on the way back Love this Thanks Siya! This is magic mate Yeah, that’s the boss-ist walking stick I’ve ever seen bro… [AUDIBLE SIGH] I’m gonna, I might… Give me about 4 or 5 days my back’s gonna be gone I’m done. I’m done Really? Yeah man Lower back, legs, all tight Even if you rest? Yeah man. This is what happened to me last time man. It was a hike as well last time Yeah So far we got about 15 minutes left. We’re at the end Umm, but I’m broken. Legs, all tight. Lower back, tight And I think I’m gonna get my injury back again I think the sciatica is gonna come back. But, right now we’re solidering on! [LAUGHS] Brooke, I’m surprised to see you here Ohh just you know keeping the comradery Yeah? Sticking with the group [LAUGHS] Siya’s tanking the way down No issues for him Yeah, it’s been good. The way up, very difficult. I had to take a horse But, the way down is easier on your body and your lungs [MUSIC] Yeah We were coming up right? On the way down when we’re When you can just see everything there

85 thoughts on “The REAL “Unromanticised” Pakistan | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Episode 6

  1. Sorry for the wait! I'll try and get the next episode up for you as soon as possible!!! All those likes and comments doooooo motivate me though 😉 As always… MAD LOVE and thank you for watching!

  2. Goosebumpsssss… However, you all guys returned back from the point where awsommness just gets started… You should go ahead from this.. To Nangparbat base camps, K-2, Khunjrab, Deosai planes n lakes, Khunjraab, Siachin, Rama, Astore, Minimarg.. N the list goes on

  3. ⭐️ Really Nice Video 🙂 also

  4. That was our college trip. We saw you guys going down the mountain. And we hiked quite well and yess we had done our research as well 😅

  5. Pakistan Has So Much To Offer U Guys . Thanks For Exploring Our Homeland And Changing The Perceptions Of The World . Keep Up The Good Work . Love From Balochistan , Pakistan .

  6. A class of it's own.
    your work should be put in dictionary as synonymous of "hard work to show real simplicity".
    Great work. Keep marching sir.
    Love from Lahore

  7. Episode is amazing as usual. Your way of taking viewers to this journey is very helpful where you show scenery, local people, sharing local stories and giving insightful information to travelers. Thumbs up for great work.
    Your skills are definitely getting better as well.
    Respect and best wishes from Pakistani living in Abu Dhabi 🚶‍♂️

  8. I have been to fairy meadows.. Its one of beautiful place of Pakistan but i will suggest Khumrat valley and neelum valley its most beautiful place i have ever visited…

  9. Another amazing video
    I love they way you romanticised the issues faced in Pakistan.
    PUNCH lines in this video
    " Disneyland Come to Fairy Meadows"
    " Chaotic Beauty"

  10. the true beauty of Pakistan lies in the remote areas with difficult accessibility for 2 reasons. Those areas are not commercialized too much and you still feel like you hv explored some hidden treasure. Second, the unpredicted things make the adventure real cool where some of ur plans dont work but instead give you an opportunity to experience something you didn't even planned/imagined.

  11. i remember most famous pakistani travel writer Mustansar Hussain Tarar once wrote that he dont like big and smooth roads leading to the most beautiful valleys of northern Pakistan. Coz their beauty deserves a determined and passionate tourist willing to take all risks and face the hardships of reaching to those areas and when that person does so and reach there, he truly feels rewarded for all the troubles.

  12. I traveled far northern Pakistan many years ago like that. a light bag with minimum clothes and a pair of mountain shoes and money. No plan for the route only the destination in mind. stopped where ever i felt like. ate where ever i felt like.. went with the flow of the moment and this experience was always amazing. You meet locals a lot.. make friends. You eat pure local food and you get opportunities to explore which usual tourist never get.

  13. Good job bro. It's so real u showing everything I think Zeeshan bro talking about Alex dat vlogger made negative episode about Pakistan she did all to get fame over night all she got hate non Pakistani gave her comments n showed her hate she also said v Pakistani respect only white skin she was completely wrong v Muslims v Pakistani respect our all gusts for us gusts Allah's blessing Alex n everyone who think v welcome white skin with open arms thy must watch new vlog of Eva zu back where she telling how she was treated in USA by virtue of her white skin. V r big hearted open minded Pakistani v listen to right criticism n take on board by heart n soul v really nt like wrong criticism for Pakistan. Thnks bro for nt cutting conversation. Long live Pakistan Aamin

  14. These people are destroying our culture, look at clothes of women, they are exposing their body, where is burkha, shame on them

  15. 🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤

  16. Cool, lots of love from Pakistan 💖💖💖💖🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  17. Well shot. Lovely footage. I am so excited to visit back after years. Love the comments you all add and your thoughts. Great channel

  18. I follow you people everywhere in Pakistan. Great video, editing is superb and thanks for sharing this video. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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