The Problem with Christian Music | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 1
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The Problem with Christian Music | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 1

Media and entertainment have the power to provide perspectives we never thought of. It can change the way we feel, inspire us to create, and take us to world that have never been experienced. It’s easy to see why it’s such a massive influential industry. But with the rise of the internet, The ability to create or experience art has become more accessible. Now, millions of creative minds can share their creative pieces for the rest of the world to appreciate. And you do see people, now and then taking advantage of this vast supply of inspiration and creativity. But I want to focus on a group that I strongly believe SHOULD be doing this… but aren’t Christians. As a Christian myself, I believe that if we believe in an infinite creator who has used creativity to create the cosmos and put that same creativity in us, we should be doing much more. If anybody should be making the most creative pieces in existence, I believe it should be those who believe in a creative being. This will be a two-part video series critiquing Christian media. In this episode, I will be discussing the problems in Christian music. Now if you like the music that I critique in this video, more power to you. You enjoy something that I can’t. I’m just sharing my opinion to provide a different perspective that you might not have thought of originally. Or, for me, I might find others that share the same view and share the same view and know that I am not alone in this perspective. When look at Christian music, I don’t see a ministry… …I see an industry. I don’t see creativity… …I see conformity. I find it interesting that every song sounds like the last. The same beat. The same song. The same message. It’s all mass-produced. In the same way secular pop music makes the most generic, repetitive songs we played on the radio, Christian bands pump out the same type of generic music, only with a Christian twist to be played on Christian Radio. And who can blame them? It’s a risk-free guarantee of a consistent supply of hits. But that’s the problem. It’s risk free. Arguably, all the best songs and movies were risks. Bohemian Rhapsody, considered one of the songs ever made, was seen as a risk. The song is so unconventional, the lyrics sound like they were written by a mad man, and it’s very long. Doesn’t sound like it would be a guaranteed hit, hence the risk. Yet, is is recognized as a masterpiece of rock music. Christian radio and record labels don’t only fear risk because of the possibility of losing ratings, but also because of the controversial lyrics. I and many others find the messages of these songs both tame and really weak. Songs are great for kids of 6 to 12 years old, but I find them monotonous and not very relatable for teenagers and adult who face problems much more complicated than the messages these songs are conveying. When Christian artists come on the scene with poetic lyrics on controversial topics, they are practically banned from the club that is the Christian Music Industry. Case in point, Gungor. Gungor is a fantastic band that uses their creativity to paint the relation between man and God and what pulls us closer or farther away from each other. Now, they were huge when they were at the Christian Music Circle with their album “Beautiful Things” And they continued to grow until word got out that they believed God created the universe through the Big Bang theory and evolution. This, of course, rocked the boat. People started sending them death threats and calling them heretics. It was really bad. They believed in the same God, the same Gospel, and the same Jesus. They just believed God created the world in a different way. Now, with an estimation of 2.3 billion Christians on Earth, it is impossible to think that everyone will believe the exact same thing and understand it all in the exact same way. I mean, just look at all the different denominations within Christianity. There’s bound to be others who think differently, and usually, when two people cannot agree, one might get offended. It’s controversial. There’s a great risk in playing music made by people with different views than what we’re used to hearing, and thus causing controversy. Radio labels and record stations don’t want to take risks, and I get it. They don’t want their rating to drop and lose money. They understand taking a step in faith is never risk-free. Another problem is that most Christian music serves as an alternative to mainstream music. You see this primarily in Christian Rap. Now, quick disclaimer: I am not a fan of modern rap such as: So I won’t critique it because I am not qualified to do so. Now, I totally understand that parents don’t want their kids listening to mainstream rappers. But this just ends in unoriginality and laziness. Rap can be a very creative art form and it’s a marriage of poetry and song, and poetry can be about anything. It can be extremely creative. And, there’s also worship music. Here is where we come before God and glorify him with all we have! And I guess all we have are songs that repeat the same line over and over. The songs we use to worship an unpredictable God… …are extremely… …predictable. What happened to when Christian music made you think; when they were controversial; when they were humble? So much, so that they actually started off a song with this: What happened to when Worship music was written straight out of creative minds such as Rich Mullins, who made a song that praised God for just making the color green. If you have never heard of Rich Mullins, I highly recommend that you listen to his music. Absolute poetry. There was nothing between him and singing the songs he wanted to sing. You could see wonder in his eyes. In fact, you could see the wonder in all the artists’ eyes in that time. Then, all the genuineness, wonder, and creativity disappeared. Now, allow me to clear some things up. I grew up with Christian music. I went to a concert for just about every Christian artist today: I grew up a fan of Christian music. I’m not in any way saying that any of these artists are not talented, they are. I absolutely love some of the songs from mainstream Christian artists. But I am saying is that they seem like they’re being suppressed by the factory that is Christian Radio and record labels. Whenever secular radio has a hit song, Christian radio makes a Christian alternative. The messages have devolved into songs about Christian lifestyle that requires no thought process. I find it extremely hard to listen to: after stumbling upon the possibilities of Christian music. Thanks to the Internet and technology, I am finding more and more independent creative followers of Christ, worshiping God with nothing between them. No controlling record label, no safe radio station, and no money hungry industry watering down their messages and melody. It’s worship in the purest sense of the word. Artists like Josh Garrels. John Mark McMillan, Rivers and Robots, and my personal favorite, Benjamin James, are truly writing poetry flowing with creativity and passion, playing unique instruments and singing from the depths of their being, whether that be out of pain, love, or both. I strongly recommend listening to these artists. They have made a huge impact on my life. Why should we settle to listening to recycled repetitiveness, when there’s so much authentic creativity waiting to be made. and heard.

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  1. Please read before commenting

    I made this video over a year ago and since then it has gotten quite a lot of views, a lot more than I originally anticipated. Im very grateful for all the views, comments, and likes. It has really touched me. But since this was made a year ago and since opinions change, id like to readdress some of the things I said in this video.

    First to what I said about repetitiveness in worship. I should have clarified a bit more in that part of the video. I don't mean that repetitiveness in worship is a bad thing, as a matter of fact many of my favorite worship songs repeat themselves a lot such as "How He Loves" (which was originally written by John Mark McMillan, not David Crowder) "Beautiful Things", "Stir a Passion", the list goes on. I believe those are good examples of how repetitiveness should work in worship. Beautiful lyrics with strong imagery that leaves you with nothing but to participate in the chorus. However in songs like the one showed in the video, it comes across as a sort of crutch for lazy writing with vague symbolism that doesn't impact the listener, leaving a feeling of "meh" which is the last feeling we should feel when worshiping the creator of existence itself. It also doesn't help that the instrumentals sound like every other worship song's instrumentals. I have nothing against the artists making these songs, they are incredibly talented, however I have to be honest, I find that their content leaves much to be desired.

    Now on to the examples of christian music that I found to be creative (and still do!). I saw a lot of comments saying that they all sound similar to each other, which I understand (they were all slower songs after all) but this was honestly all I had found of this "indie christian music scene" at the time, and it was just what I liked. I get not everybody likes that style but it was my taste. Since then, I have found an OVERWHELMING amount of creative christian artists who all have their own distinctive sounds and genres. I have put almost all of the ones I have found on a Spotify playlist titled "Spirit". Heres the link:

    Lastly, I received a plethora of comments that disagreed with Gungor and didn't believe that their music should be heard within the church because of their views of Genesis and evolution. To that, I say stay tuned 😉

    And also, apologies for the sudden loud bursts of Shake. I thought it would be funny but didn't take into account that a lot of people don't find it humorous.

    Thanks for watching my video and reading this! It means the world to me. God bless.

  2. One of the giant problems in Contemporary Christian music is the fact that most Christian groups are phonies. They pretend to be Christian, but in reality they are something quite different. Some, at least, are really into the occult & Luciferian worship, such as Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin & others. But if you tell many or most other Christians this, then they immediately think you are crazy.

    There is something to be said about so many of the old hymns. Their words & their message are timeless. A great example: Amazing Grace. If a person knows the story behind this hymn, it adds so much more to the words & their meaning. But probably most Christians could care less about this form of worship. It isn't groovy enough, it isn't modern enough, it's too old fashion.

    True gospel music to me is when it instantly brings us to worshiping God Himself, what He has done for us, & thanking Him for everything. If it is just mainly about the harmony & sounding like the world with different words, then it loses its importance to me.

    And, too many gospel artists/singing groups are in it just for the money, or to finally get them to a future point where they make it in pop music or etc. I once read about one group that used to tour with other so-called Christian singing groups until they finally admitted that they really weren't Christian. When asked how many Christian groups were really Christian, the lead singer said: probably only about one in every ten. Therein lies much of the problem.

  3. Hey Josh Keefe, I know this is late but if you're not a fan of mainstream rap have a look at NF (nate f) He's a very good rapper, takes risk, raps about real life. He's Christian as well, though he doesn't rap 'Christian worship songs'
    Another great rapper is Joyner Lucas (just like you, devil's work,)

  4. I think you'd really like Gang of Youths, specifically their album Go Farther in Lightness, they are just a small Aussie band that kinda blew up recently. They don't really make Christian music but they are Christians that make music and their faith does seep into the songs, so give them a listen!

  5. I have a select few songs I like and have a playlist, but wow honestly most of the Christian music I hear on the radio I dislike cause I actually can’t think…. the music literally blocks me from thinking I can’t even hold a tune in my head for a second. I don’t know if I’m the only one who deals with that?

  6. Christain Music has brought me through my hardest stuggles because they remind me I need to trust God in all things because He is the only one we can trust in all things.
    CM reminds me I need to be humbled and how much pride I still have and How God requres me to give up me and walk with Him
    So, it does not make me think about me, it reminds me to stop thonking about me first and put me last.

    Oh, it it keeps away from the music that tempts me into sin.

  7. Jesus is not your boyfriend, He is your savior. He is your father and your guide. Once we Christians realize this, the faster we will return to glorify God and the things that matter.

  8. I listen to a lot of different types of Music but my favorite type of Christian music is Southern Gospel style. The message is mainly experience's and struggles from their life. Jeff and Sheri Easter come to mind Hear my Heart and so many many more.

  9. The just recently made video remake and remix of Marvin Sapp's Never Would Have Made It has folk in church doing a hip hop dance to the Sapp classic. I love it, because it's so out the box and appeals to young folk as an alternative to a lot of the traditional ways of doing gospel music.

    Marvin Gaye's What's Going On was different from what was the traditional, safe for all Motown formula. It was the first song from the label to really address the social issues of the time. A record so radical that Berry Gordy resisted it. Gaye threatened to leave the label to showcase his work. Gordy relented. What's Going On is now considered one of the greatest songs of the 20th Century.

  10. Something I wrote once upon a time, when I feel I was closer to God.
    His Grace
    He came to save, that which was lost. He loved you, when hanging on the cross. Takes our sins and wash them away, with the blood he shed, on that day. Take your life and do his will, get up and move. Don't sit still.
    God's grace will cover your sins, if you will only ask him. Don't wait, do it today. Tomorrow's just too late. Today is the day, to seek his face and find his grace and find. Find his grace.
    Nobody's perfect,  everybody sins. We all fall short as we fail him. There is mercy and there is grace. There is forgiveness in this place. 
    God's grace will cover your sins, if you will only ask him. Don't wait, do it today. Tomorrow's just too late. Today is the day, to seek his face and find his grace and find. Find his grace.
    Jesus has his arms open wide. He wants to take you and change you for the rest of your life. If you could just fall upon your knees, cry out to him and ask him please. Save me, save me. Jesus save me…..
    God's grace will cover your sins, if you will only ask him. Don't wait, do it today. Tomorrow's just too late. Today is the day, to seek his face and find his grace and find. Find his grace.

  11. Geez why am I just discovering your channel NOW?? I'm so glad I'm not the only one whose grown so tired and salty from all the sh*tty Christian music out there.

  12. No offense intended here but Male white Christian singers of today all sound exactly alike and only sing in one key and in one octave. They have this nasal sounding voice that sounds very week and unpolished. I hate to use secular artists as an example but back in the day you had amazing singers like Steve Perry, Darryl Hall, Sting, Phil Collins, Peter Cetera, Electric Light Orchestra, the Bee Gees, and so many others that had a unique sound and were gifted. I even listened to a tribute performance for Sandi Patty done by some of today's top female Christian singers and it was terrible until Natalie Grant came on as she was the only one who could sing! Sandi Patty has an amazing classically trained voice and more Christian artists need to study and take the time to perfect their craft like she and others like her.

  13. The problem with Christian music is, it is made and meant to glorify and amplify God in the soul of the one listening. It is no wonder then that when someone who does not have God in their soul hears Christian music that they don't benefit from it. The song isn't meant for anyone else but God, and those who have God in them feel his joy when he hears his kids singing about him. The father does not care how badly his child sounds, he only cares that his child is singing to him. It's a huge mistake to compare music made by Saints to music made by Occultists, remember that Lucifer was the head of worship and music in heaven. If music is not glorifying the God of heaven, then it's either glorifying the world or the god of the world who is Satan the greatest deceiver.

  14. your understanding of the creation story can 100% affect your understanding of the gospel…as the two are connected. clearly, Gungr does not believe in the same God I do. I cant speak for what god Josh believes in.

  15. I've been trying to write a fantasy novel that teaches sound doctrine while also providing a story worth telling. I'm disappointed that more Christian artists don't try to make art that makes people interested in the Gospel by presenting a genuine work of beauty to their audience and have instead sold out to the music industry.

  16. beware of seeker friendly churchez, becuz the Prophets and apostles were not hated and put to death for preaching love, love, love ! '' They were hated for teaching TRUTH ! we live in a time where satan doesnt even hide anymore, and you still dont see him. and i lyke this other very important saying. If it was a sin 100 years ago, it's still a sin today. Don't water down the Gospel for this offended generation.

  17. Nice video! If you want something more original, maybe check out some of the old hymns? "Pop" music almost always has similarities to other pop music (at the time) – even Christian pop – but it's evolving continuously & sometimes can be very creative. You can especially tell as the decades roll by.

  18. Planetshakers , Tithemi, Devastator , Devil wears prada , Hillsong , And etc the are excellent bands 💖 if you dont believe me then you suck

  19. We don't know exactly how God created the world. Genesis does say 'seven days' but was that seven days of creating and adding? Or seven days of making 'blueprints' and then putting it all into existence in what was knows as the "big bang"? or was seven days seven periods of time, not necessarily 34 hour days? we don't know, and it doesn't really matter. the only thing that TRULY matters in Christianity (that we are doing an awful job at representing) is that no matter what sins you commit, God still loves you. As long as you believe in Jesus, you live eternally with him. trying to stay committed to Christ and repenting our sins. loving one another. the foundations that Jesus set for us. other than that, the theological stuff, it really doesn't matter. its simply a reflection of how these people interpret Gods amazing-ness and creativity. it shows their personal relationship with God. people should not be persecuted for that by OTHER CHRISTIANS. You have an incredibly amazing, unique, creative, and beautiful message, Josh. Keep it up!

  20. The reason thinking God used evolution is idiotic is because literally in the first page of the bible it says he made every animal after their own kind. Not that he made one creature and from that one came all the rest.

  21. Friend, I fear your not a Christian but a false convert. You need to repent of your music idol and seek God! Test yourself if you are in the faith, or could you have believed in vain? You need to pray for discernment. Most of Christian music today is not Biblical or God honoring, but very worldly and self glorifying. There is a lot of deception in the world today. Many false gospels have created an ocean of lukewarm/false Christians that are into all sorts of idolatry, looking for the next high in entertainment, movies, music, concerts, pornography, covetousness, following their own dreams, their own hearts instead of being confirmed to the image of Jesus Christ. A true Christian should never be focused on earthly creativity, earthy dreams or earthly pleasures! A truly born again Christian’s focus and soul purpose will be in serving Jesus Christ, by serving others, guarding our minds, hearts and eyes from the pollution of the world, overcoming sinful habits by keeping in step with the Spirit, continually praying and seeking God’s will in all circumstances, not our own, spreading the gospel, practicing all the fruits of the Spirit, feasting on Gods word day and night, loving, comforting and praying for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, encouraging the widows, feeding and clothing the fatherless, visiting those in prison, seeking the eternal things, not temporal materialism.

    “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  22. Gospel music is supposed to be to worship and praise and thank God. It's supposed to come from the heart of the individual person. It's not to become a job, or else it's not worship. We serve God freely not for gain. A hirling is one that serves God for money, and there is a lot of them in the Church. The Church is the body of Christ it the building.

  23. SO much to love about this critique of the Christian music industry. Excellent job!! Especially for pointing out great artists like Rich Mullins and Gungor.

  24. Crimson Thorn
    Living Sacrifice
    Impending Doom
    Demon Hunter
    Sleeping Giant
    With Blood Comes Cleansing
    Sinai Beach
    Abated Mass of Flesh
    Taking the Head of Goliath
    War of Ages
    Broken Flesh
    Saving Grace

  25. I am a musician with the ability to play keyboards in all keys , arrange melodies in a variety of chord arrangements , and I have composed many instrumental songs and a few Gospel songs. I also have a knowledge of chords that exceeds that of many church musicians . . I have been very offended by music that is garbage and has no semblance of any quality that anyone who has an ear for music can enjoy . I am in an Assembly of God church where the music is so bad that I am going to publicly expose what the pastor has allowed if he does not listen to reasoning . I am sorry if I offend anyone but I am going to say that musicians that cannot play music that fits into a melodic chord structure , should not be playing . I am also going to say that anyone who plays only music that is very limited and has no room for a widening of horizons , is no better than a thief in the sight of God . I believe that when someone has a talent that God desires to use and they do not use it , it is the same as stealing. .

  26. I strongly suggest that y'all study hymns in Greek, Arabic, Russian. That is what God wants to hear.
    But your controllers and puppet masters in Israhell have given you shekels to sell your souls………..

  27. I have learned that if the song does not say Jesus or God or Lord then you have to think..if it says I bow at your feet and the Lords name is not in the song…Whos feet are you bowing to? Could be anyone. That's how I feel. I've listen to Christian music most of my life. My children too. But now days you need decerment from the lord ..satan is using his tools to fool even the most righteous.

  28. I'm struggling right now with the use of copyright on Christian music, specifically church music. Since when do Christians have the right to threaten each other with legal action if someone worships God in a church the same way they do *without paying them*?

    "A worker is worth their wages" – sure, go take your hourly rate. But endless royalties on threat of legal action? That's contrary to the most basic tenets of what it is to be a member of the body.

    Ask yourself, do you really think God would approve of you suing someone because they worship Him as you do? Do you really own your worship and have rights to it? Isn't the entire point of worship that it's not yours?

    Who looked at the verses about not suing each other and was like "lol we're not actually going to sue you, we're just threatening to lol" – and then sued anyway…

  29. You want good Christian music?

    Lacey Sturm, Flyleaf. Thought her’s is not exactly for the faint of heart. But it talks about very real issues.

  30. very good insight to what people consider the "good Christian" music. I've always held the same opinion on this as well. I never find worship in the songs I hear on the radio anymore because they're never creative. whenever people ask me what my favorite Christian artist is, I typically say people like Citizens or The sing team. and I also really like Shane & Shane because the few songs they do write have meaning or they're just straight out of the Bible (there psalms album is a good example.) but notice that you'll never hear any of these artist on the radio because nobody likes listening to risky songs. I love your example of Gungor because I grew up listening to most of their songs. anyways, great video. God Bless!

  31. The problem with Christian music is that there is no such thing as Christian music . It’s just music . Period . There are no Christian notes , no Christian chords , no Christian rhythms, no Christian harmonies. Once you commercialise anything it will follow trends that bring in the most commercial success .

  32. All of your music selections, sound the same… your doing and enjoying what you are putting down… *shakes head

  33. I am an atheist, I think most if not all religion, but their are good and not I do not then you are part of that garbage. My Church I still go on occasion) recently got a new

  34. Great video . It’s funny , I think Christian music has come so far. I grew up in the 80/90s felt a lot of music was weak until the breakout of dc talk Jesus Freak . I totally understand what you are saying on the other hand . I felt and feel the same way about Christian film . We are just starting to see a change for good I hope .

  35. This just seems like a this guy's personal taste, so what if a worship song repeats a lyric over and over,,,,Psalms does,,,,the problem is people don't realize that we need to get our source for thinking from GOD'S WORD,,,, NOT MUSIC, from man
    Last I heard Gungor became athiests, perfect example

  36. Here’s an original Christian song that is very creative. All the way from Kenya! 😥
    “No One Like You” by Semah X Flavour :

  37. am back to my hymns and I have no regrets at all.
    when I sing them,they remind me of his love and bring emotion out of me.

  38. Why do so many christian bands who comprise of men always come across soyboy like?
    Most of them have an effeminate voice, and the songs are void of any deep theology, but full of 'Jesus is my boyfriend' type of lyrics, not to mention repetitive.

    Where are the real men to sing songs of repentance, atonement, Gods wrath, hell, judgement etc?

    In church, it doesnt get much better. Theres only so many times you can sing the same 3 lines over and over for ten minutes.

  39. I'm Christian and one thing I wanted when I was younger was music that related to my pain like Korn or slipknot. Even now I want harder Christian music but so far I've only found skillet which I like a bit and only a handful of thier albums

  40. I think the problem with christian music is the consept. It limits the creatvity of the songs. It would be better to just have christian artists, who from time to time made music about their belief, due to it being an important part of their lives. As an atheist, I find it strange that it is necessary for an artform to be limited like this. All art usually vary in subject, and it is supposed to challenge the consumer with new ideas or feelings. This could be another take on God, or big theological questions. Also calling it secular music is not appropriate, it is just music. You don't hear a lot of songs about evolution.

  41. This is why I love Christian metal, especially bands like Wolves At The Gate and Silent Planet. Christian metal bands don't have a fear of writing risky stuff, look at "Visible Unseen" by Silent Planet.

  42. From my YouTube channel, Marquis Songs. Oh… it's on the left. Well, duh. Anyway, GOD GAVE HIS WORD

  43. Absolute respect to you for having honest thoughts about your religion, it’s really something to see and shows how strong of a mind/character you have.

  44. I've been saying this for years. And the same with worship music; they're really fond of that mind-numbing multiple repetitions of the chorus.

  45. @Josh Keefe, I highly recommend a band called "The Oh Hellos"! They have very genuine lyrics that surprised me quite a lot. They love telling stories through their songs (there's an entire album that's just one big narrative) and it's the kind of music that you feel deep in your chest. (Not only this – but they're not afraid to admit their earthly struggles as human beings in their songs, which I think a lot of "Christian" artists struggle to do.) My personal favourites from them are "Hello My Old Heart", "Dear Wormwood" and "Like the Dawn". Please check them out!

  46. Christian music should consist of TRUE worship and praise. My friends say oh it's fine that it's rap or whatever as long as it's "christian" and i feel that's were the trouble is. What Anointing is over the lyrics, the beat, the people singing? They seem to forget that Lucifer was head over music so he knows how to get you in. That's why music is one of his main traps. To get people to stop singing Praise and worship to God. Even in Christian music the devil can reside because he knows the scriptures and he can anoint people to play "for God" but yet it's not. Becareful who you listen to even in Christian music. Many will say i did all things ( music, preach etc) in your name and he shall say depart from me i know you not. It's really serious. Worship him in HIS Spirit and HIS Truth and with Revelation of understanding who He is in His fullness.. Not because you get caught up in the "feeling".

  47. The song I wrote is country. I believe songwriters can write any genre of music and get there message across.

    Songwriting for me is therapeutic.

  48. I've always found it funny how every time I hear a Christian song at my church I feel like the worship team improved the song like you wouldn't believe.

  49. I knew Rich a bit and graduated w/ him in Wichita in 1995.
    Was in the choir with him. He was just a humble, humble man. You would never know he was so well known.

  50. I love Brooklyn Tabernacle and Calif. Bapt University Choir…Great God honoring music that lifts the sould from self to God. Too much "Christian" music is self-absorbed all about MEMEMEME. It should be about Christ, Christ, Christ.

  51. To say that Gungor believes in "the same God, the same Gospel, and same Jesus, but believes God created the world in a different way" is inconsistent with Truth. If you believe in the first 3 aforementioned points, you MUST believe in Genesis 1 creation, not big bang. God SPOKE, and it was so. There is no room for any other belief. There is a disconnect with this group concerning their "belief" in God, Jesus and the Gospel, and what God said in His Holy Word.

  52. I'm a christian but I never listen to christian music, not only is it repetitive, sometimes the messages are downright harmful to Christians as a whole. Modern christian music misses the mark in the sense that it only captures a one dimensional picture of the human relationship with God, its always "I'm going through rough times, but its ok because god is with me". This is completely the wrong way of going about it, Christians experience all the tragedies of life just as much as any other human and sometimes the Christian life is marked more by the search for God in our life than the certainty that he is right beside us fighting with us. Modern Christian music treats Christianity like a crutch, which is I think where a lot of the criticism of this sort comes from.

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