The Power of The ‘Stories’ Format – Social Media Minute
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The Power of The ‘Stories’ Format – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. Facebook as a company doesn’t have to be
number one in doing anything. It doesn’t have to be first or the best,
it has to be good enough. So they’re applying
a “me too” strategy. This is great when we look
at their stories formats that they’ve launched on Instagram
and in the Messenger app. This is something Snapchat has invented. Vertical photos and mini videos that they post, they’re valid for 24 hours
and they blast them out there. Facebook has bluntly copied this.
The founder of Instagram has admitted they’ve been inspired
purely by Snapchat. I think it’s the first time
a major company’s ever admitted copying something so nicely. They copied that format and put it up
on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and it’s doing great, and I think
this year, we’ll see bigger adoptions. They already announced that 150 million
people are using the function. And it’ll be more, and soon that feature
will beat Snapchat in and of itself. Instagram has the bigger scale, and Facebook Messenger
even a bigger scale than that. So let’s keep watching that adoption. For brands and marketers,
keep trying both, obviously. Keep watching our Social Media Minutes,
every Monday.

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