The Mother Who Woke Up From a Coma With No Memory of Her Family | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN
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The Mother Who Woke Up From a Coma With No Memory of Her Family | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

76 thoughts on “The Mother Who Woke Up From a Coma With No Memory of Her Family | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

  1. I honestly wonder if because her Mom died did it cause her health to mess up like that. I wonder if the sadness & stress from that caused her body&mind to do that..and what a wonderful husband

  2. A quick search on the web reveals no updates about the family currently. It’s like they fell off the face of the earth after this episode.

  3. Her husband though standing by her throughout it out. Dam they don't make em like that no more. It's great to see her family around her. This is just AMAZING

  4. I would love to see Oprah do a follow up with the family and if they're still married and still together, and how the children are's an unbelievable story

  5. I love Oprah, i do! I just wish they would include updates. Pam would be in her early 60s current day and I think her treatment was in Ohio? Idk. I feel bad for her daughter. She took on the role as caregiver, and it changed her life. I wish them well

  6. It's not fair that they were talking about her as if she is not there and even saying that they are not sure if she would want to be alive like that. That poor lady must be filled with so much shame. No wonder she is always crying. They are a lovely family but there is a few things they need to correct when in her presence. That lady needs love and to be shown acceptance!

  7. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard 😢
    I am so heartbroken for their children. When the husband said that he lost his wife in April 1994, I’m sure the children feel the same. Pam probably has no “mother – child” bond feeling towards her children. And although it’s not her fault, this is so hard for them. Children always need to feel that spray love, that only a mom can give
    I’m also heartbroken for Jerry. As he said, she’s not the same Pam that he fell in love with.
    Does he still love her, the same way as before the coma? Does he love her at all?
    How does she feel about him – a friend, a husband?
    He stays with her and takes care of her. If I were in his shoes, I would feel like I would never have a “love life” again.
    It seems – besides the memory loss, she has more symptoms – she cries so easily – Jerry has to wipe her nose. I didn’t hear them say anything about this.
    It’s just such a sad situation all around.

  8. B Smith's husband, Dan Gasby could learn a thing or two from the husband here. You can truly see that he deeply cares for his wife though she's a different person now.

  9. grief is a very damning thing. had to learn the hard way. now it's ok that my mom has moved on cause this fast pace world would be too much for her.

  10. They should have just let her die. Look at her suffering! She is re-traumatized on a daily basis. What kind of life is this? She is clearly suffering immensely!

  11. It must be hard for them but i think the best way is for them to move forward and make new memories with her. Not defining her as Mom and the wife but a new member of the family. They need to let go of who she was or who they would like her to be for them.

  12. I love how the lack of memory frees you from earthly restraints. I feel that she wanted to escape and freedom is mental. She had the ultimate freedom. Her husband is holding on.

  13. Such a sad thing to see but her family I have to praise them because they are so compassionate and understanding that they truly love each other and take wonderful care of the mother and wife. Hope she and her family are doing well. I wish for an update on this family. God bless them

  14. Did a little research and she’s still alive and well and living in the same location. Don’t know rather she regain memory or not but she’s still married.

  15. The fact that she knew off the top of her head what the 17th letter of the alphabet is was incredible. I wouldn’t be able to do that. The human brain is such a mystery.

  16. If you have never experienced this you can't tell someone how to feel, act, respond. Even if you have everybody deals with it differently.

  17. Take her to the nearest church, with intergrity that pastors and leaders can pray with her….she should be OK, God will heal her, Jesus is the healer

  18. I wonder if they ever had her tested for being a savant. Because that was a savant type of response to know immediately that 'Q' is the seventeenth letter. I wonder how she would do with calendars.

  19. K but how sad she had to sit through her husband sayng that she died in 94 when she's sitting right there crying and her daughter saying she wonders if shed be better off dead the mom clearly said "ok" and burst into tears wtf how sad 😭😭😭

  20. My mum had a heart attack a year and abit ago and is exactly like this now. I miss her so much I’m still struggling with the terms of her not being herself anymore although I’m truly greatful. It’s just so hard dealing with not having my mum the way she was. She’s my bestfriend 😭❤️

  21. the stress of having her on the live show was not necessary and probably very distressing and confusing. the interview and video should have be conducted/shown in a private setting

  22. The dad felt his son was handling it the best because he doesn't have any feelings about his mom? I'm sorry, but that means the son is repressing all of his feelings.

  23. What a viscious interview. The husband saying he wants to show people they may want to reconsider. Right in front of her. And the daughter saying this is not the mother I remember. Right beside her mom. Evin if she did say it's not the mmom's fault. (he daughter is listening to her dad say he put his needs before his wife's. The mother has been through enough I imagine she hears these horrible comments all of the time. I will say a prayer for her. Even if what they say is the truth. It is cruel the way they talk about her in front of her. I hope Oprah starts directing more of her questions to the mom. She could shield the mother better. I did see her try to redirect the dad at some point.

  24. pity the lady .. she must be so confused cos she cant remember anything, everyone is a stranger and she has to fit into her former life. try to live a life than is normal which she cant understand what is going on around her. no wonder she is crying

  25. What a terrible interview for even back then. They spoke like she wasn't even there and the questions upset her.. Ask her questions. let her speak.. she asked to speak and got shut down.. poor woman

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