The Most Epic Facebook Comebacks
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The Most Epic Facebook Comebacks

Doe’s anyone here use FaceBook? You guys use facebook? I don’t really use Facebook. Sometimes . I know theres people still use facebook I think ? Does anyone actually use facebook? It doesn’t matter if they use Facebook or not, I know there is some people who still use facebook. And that’s what we are going to be looking at today. We’re going to be looking at some epic Facebook comebacks These were so bad , that your happy it didn’t happen to you. ((I am because that would be weird I don’t have fb)) Trust me , these are going to be very, very bad . Lets look at the first one . Facebook just pulled an Obama and started accepting gay ads. started accepting gay add oh shit ok they’re trying to roast Obama and gay people at the same time what are you doing a lot hold us over funded I think that adds are based on your internet browsing pattern o Shaykh ar7 life compared to the three like that’s that’s harsh that’s hard you down coming did you that’s what happens when you make fun of gay people in obama watch our next time what the funny thing about this post is that the guy responds to her is absolutely right at the base of your internet browsing patterns so if you’re so homophobic why is it that you get a homosexual lads ok just let that thinking but i think it’s my dick is so big it goes from A to Z some response look at your keyboard guys a and Z are right next to each other on the keyboard maybe what they meant my dick is so long and got some a2z it’s more like the keyboard leg Mary thanks sorry man mr. algid over here I don’t know his last name I’ll good solid epic gross your dick is so big Nick why you guys always think it’s bigger than it actually is reality’s not as big as we think it’s a very sad situation but it’s the truth there is no i in Happy New what they just don’t have ok let’s just look at the response Jake responds with what he spelled it right there would be exactly speller right there is no high and Happiness what do you say happy to spell h appi ways hold up hold one is wrong with me have you know W key happiness boom that’s how you spell happiness come on check your spelling nice way so it’s Tiki misspelled te okay okay we’re good I couldn’t possibly be happier right now for the first time in my life girl told me that she loves me our moms great can you just imagine someone commenting on your facebook post like one of your best friends know i can imagine my best friend doing this to me can you imagine a stranger doing if you can imagine one of your dad’s friends are like your uncle or something just commenting nuts girl finally told me she loves me yeah I know mom your mom was pretty great woman and yeah we met up with 14 wides what wall without the ugly in this world there would be nothing beautiful some response thank you for your sacrifice I’d Karen laughing that’s so hard that is so hard but it’s election I think you for being only the world around we won’t be able to compare and there would be nothing beautiful so thank you for your sacrifice we need some of the people around here time to watch some Netflix and take off my pants it’s the little things in life you see the little things in life a lot when you take off your pants I’ve heard that about you I don’t know what I’m more mad about the fact that Lizzie definitely got me with that or the fact that everyone likes your comment well played everyone now if you’ll excuse me I’m late for my penis reduction surgery you ok man he says he says he has a big up you know what he has a big dick by Lindsay we we know Lindsay’s right he doesn’t have a big one living with fox10 saying reducing it to have vagina that’s why you’ve gotten me Lindsay I would allow third i have my revenge runs off in the nice at least you have a sense of humor I know other people are actually get really but her over this that no God believe me ask you how ok 35 not a bloody taxi service to view on a list i expect money don’t respond but that would make you a taxi service 65 why da sad when you think you have the most brilliant post but that’s someone’s response to completely obliterated come on that’s our taxi services you get a ride in exchange for money what do you think it was I’m not bloody taxi service if you want to listen I expect money taxes receive money that would make your taxi service sorry buddy so much for calling me Dad let me down once again someone says who wants to call you dad your response no one my desk that he was going to call me but he did ok then the correct way to say it is so much for calling me comma dad let you respond who cares not your dad obviously need to calm down let’s calm down here it’s okay not your dad your dad doesn’t care because you want to college cool are these people can i meet these people like how much savages one person having them just post it takes only a minute to get a crush on someone and hours like someone and a day if the left someone but it takes a lifetime to forget the four-part yeah once my mom got me in the parking lot of those sorry Mary Mary just like expressing your solitude yellow probably takes a lifetime to forget the one with my mom forgot me apart you want to upstage maybe not always about trying to take something broken maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better you have that’s why you have a younger brother oh my gosh guys are very moment of silence and make my heart smile when two ugly people find each other and fall in love so who’s the lucky guy I mean to say it makes your heart smile with too many people find each other who did you find did you find anyone special people would think i’m attractive my mom and it’s shaded blue all over herself Ellie’s mom is always want to think he’s attractive the someone responds and that’s not true and you know it you know your mom’s not the only one thinks you’re attractive will hold up the guy says thanks mom is austin David joke there’s no more lies even thinking the track just don’t let your parents use Facebook they’re gonna rescue that all your friends are going to see this oh man got him Claire post can’t stand people in the military seriously just talking education just because you had nothing better to do in your life doesn’t mean we owe you anything when you come into my stand I want to date you want someone who actually has goals in life raw keep your response cuz alerts the response life goals you just had a kid don’t know who the father is you dropped out of school sophomore year can’t even spell education correctly all this over guide to ask you on date that your coffee stand your coffee stand that’s part of your life goals that’s like super want to water you saw it oh wow all I wasn’t hearing you needed right now did I stop I don’t know maybe we should go to the next one why he got a military guys you probably had about a relationship why be so mad eclair they probably had a better relationship is let’s go next one David post on facebook and asked all his friends wanted to take for an ikea freaking he’ll it’s been read for like a week and a half already so it’s friends respond it could be a yeah i’m thinking aid definitely aight bro looks like eight sorry to hear you got AIDS man what the fuck you have a dude you’re not welcome at my dorm anymore I hate all of you have got your friends that is true friends you know they’re there for you when you need them when you’re really scared about something or you’re worried they got your back there tell you the truth you are friends don’t really tell you the truth you don’t want those fake friends don’t think it’s gonna be okay you h0 you got jewelry prolly not age they’re just assholes goodbye america hello New York your kids in America is always watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed out of epic facebook come back if you guys know anymore make sure to tweet that me the link to my we’re going to be double on the description and also make sure to go they got another video if you enjoyed this will fix that circle system strategies used to the channel and after you guys next time on another episode react until then have a great one and at peace out I need google in my brain and antivirus in my heart yeah I need photoshop on your face all leash a

100 thoughts on “The Most Epic Facebook Comebacks

  1. "You obviously have a wonderful economy with words. I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness."

    Hobson in "Arthur"

  2. Me pissing of by Tal saying do people really use facebook *me staring at my mums phone looking at the 89k views on a video on Facebook

  3. I saw in the news other day that a girl wanted to pay a lift with sex, I thought it was a new ride service… But it's just a new payment form for Uber. 😁😁
    From Brazil

  4. You know.. The post where it was like “people that find me attractive” and the person that commented said “that’s not true” It’s not really a comeback… If you think about it they were supporting him. By saying someone out there will find you attractive

  5. "That's why you have a younger brother" was the best.
    The sad thing is that in those situations i wouldn't have been able to come up with any of those roasts

    Me:oh thanks
    Bully:I wasn’t complimenting you idiot!
    Me:but u just called me a nerd

  7. If someone ever insults you about your looks say
    I’d try to insult you but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do as well as nature did

  8. I was in class and I think I was in third grade, a bully shot my fav teacher in the Butt and proceeds to say: “I aimed for the biggest part on you” and right on que I turn around and say: “Then I guess we won’t see anyone aiming between your legs now will we?” Whole class cracked up, even the teacher lost it. Best roast of my life.


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