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– Once in a blue moon, maybe
several times in your career, you’ll embark on an adventure
where even from the minute you start it you know that
it’s gonna be something big. You know, Wine Library TV,
launching, when I wrote “Crush It!”,
a speech or two that I’ve given, that plane video, you just know
you’re on embarking on something that’s going to change the
outcome of your life and for me, more importantly,
change the outcome of so many other
people’s lives. When I started
DailyVee, I just knew. I knew there even I think in
episode one where I talk about knowing and
I mentioned it, DRock. Like, it’s so obvious to
me what’s gonna happen with DailyVee and Snapchat. Our execution these next 12
months it’s going to be so fucking crazy what it all
looks like a year from today. – [DRock] Mhmmm. (triumphant rock music) – What if I told you
that this was the last Monday morning of your life? – Long time, no see. – [Gary] What’s that?
– Long time, no see. – [Gary] I know, man. How you been?
– Good. Yourself? – [Gary] All well?
– Yeah, Darren. – [Gary] Yeah, I remember.
How you doin’? Good to see you. Such a pleasure. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Thank you so
much for doing this. – Thanks for having me. – Come with me,
I’ll take you backstage. – Okay. Awesome. If you want to move this one. – [Announcer] With us to discuss
the notion of marketing in the year we live in is the CEO of
digital agency VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk. – [Gary] Thank you so much. What I’m excited to talk
about this morning is deploying dramatic common sense in a 2017 world
to an industry that I’ve had an unbelievable
time getting to know. 70% of the money,
maybe 50 but probably closer to 70 if you factor in the other
channels besides television but 50% of that money is spent in the form of making
a 30 second video. That 30 second video in 2017 is
deployed the following way; It plays in between television. Linear television. Please go look back
at the last three revolutions, industrial revolutions. People that got hurt the most
look exactly like the people in this room which they were making
behavior for the prior game, they were training
for basketball and the world made them play hockey. Thank you.
(applause) – I always go
around and introduce– – [Gary] To everybody, right?
Wow. – [Man] Dude, you crushed it. Like you’re going to be
mobbed out there, you know that? – [Gary] Yeah,
I know, like always. Yeah. Hey! Hey. Hey, man. Hey, David. How you doing? Hi! Hey. Hey,
Ryan, how are you? Hey! – [Gary] I was
just very self-aware. You know, I talk a lot about
self-awareness, I just knew who I was and I really genuinely,
you know I don’t talk about this a lot, I genuinely believe that
my schooling career was gonna my last great vacation and so
I kind of took advantage of it that way and I thought I could get a real head
start and be educated. And, you know, I’m scared to
think what I would’ve looked like if the internet was around. (“Count On It” by Dunson) (airplane engines) (You’re Welcome” by Jura Kez) – [Gary] Very meta. Watching and editing, making
sure there’s nothing wrong with the next DailyVee
while filming this one. My parents punished, my mom
punished me for bad grades but she quietly created an
interesting framework of what I would call light
lines in the sand, right? Movable lines in the sand. She didn’t want me to be
disrespectful or completely punt it and become a degenerate
but she absolutely gave me the freedom to do my thing. You know it’s funny just dug up
my report card in my entire high school career I got
four A’s, all in gym. You know, so I was
far from a scholar and so yeah I think that it was tough. I went from being my own boss
making $800 a weekend, $1400 a weekend to making $30 a weekend bagging ice for 15 hours a day in a liquor store but at the same token, I just kind of wanted to support my family’s
thing and was willing to pay my dues and was thankful for my
parents coming to this country. Even at that age knew that what
they did was special and wanted to support our thing. That’s the seed that makes
everything else, you know I don’t complain a lot because
I’m happy and because things are going well because
I’m self-aware and I don’t put myself in a
position to not succeed. And I’m even self-aware about
the things that I do like trying to bite off more than I could
chew, extending myself, but I’m willing to pay the
casualties or the toll for those inefficiencies and
those shortcomings. Above all else, self-awareness,
above all else, man. Just wanted to get together. One of the main things that
I want to do is just to get some time together as a group and
do that a little bit more often. I think a couple things
have emerged in my mind. We book this and even the
keynote I just gave at ANA, I think really gives us
some stuff to talk about. If you think Uber and airBnB
and all the direct to consumer brands are going to love the
subjectiveness of creative or the horse shit reporting that
has been accepted within this ecosystem, you are
out of your mind. You will never win if
you play their game. If you play the game of the
places you came from against them to a client, we will lose. So these are some
of the themes and things that I want to
really be talking about. I want you to reframe
your thought process of never playing their game. I do not want to play (censored)
or fuckin’ (censored) game. We’re gonna lose because
there is no truth to it. You have to understand
there’s no truth to it. Whatever you need from me to
understand why, you’ve got to get them understand
this is the television. In a world that this is now the
television and the television is the radio if you understand
that shift and you go read the history of the transition of
what happened between the radio and the television and all the
quotes that the television would never be a viable medium
compared to the radio or you couldn’t do
the same creativity. This is just history repeating
itself over and over and over. We’re not social. We’re not digital. We’re just attention. This is not about this
is better than that. This is about if you
were agnostic, if you were unemotional, what’s a better
deal than the other? That really played
today in the ANA. Confused the fuck out of people
because they want to like razz me but he said Super Bowl
and he said creative was the variable of success. I took, you know it’s kind of like I did the
8 mile thing on them. You know, when you take
away their’s they’re like, “Fuck, I don’t
know how to rebuttal.” It’s absolutely
heading in our direction. I think the key is to A, spend
some more time together like this and we will. B, letting good
things continue to go. More high showcases
and you know what? You got a fuck load. So if somebody here wants to
be part of the ninja team to do showcase, use them. It’s what I got so far. I will say this, there’s always a thing
that is the generation’s thing, our’s is Facebook video. It’s real big. It fucking works. Thanks everybody.
(group chatter) (“The ACC” by Cabbie) (street noise and sirens) – Hey (censored), how are you? Do I walk in to the… Okay. Okay. I’ll see you in a little bit. Okay, bye-bye. You’re not filming, right? – [DRock] Yeah, I know. – [Gary] That’s
what I’m thinking. That’s what I’m thinking.
I’ll let you know. Bye guys. Nothing too fancy today. A little Orlando,
New York action. Obviously, a lot of passion for this becoming the television and the television
becoming the radio. I think we’re gonna focus in
on that on this one, DRock. I think we’re going to use this
as a test case for a little bit of a different way
of storytelling. Kind of concising down
some random thoughts. Some stuff for the library. Maybe not the first time
I say things but maybe the most pronounced, pronounced. Pronounced. (clicks tongue) Thanks for following
the journey guys. Makes it fun. How about that movie? (DRock laughs)
Hour and 30 minutes. That movie, though. (“The ACC” by Cabbie)

100 thoughts on “THE MOBILE PHONE IS THE TELEVISION | DailyVee 081

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