The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)
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The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)

We love information. In order to communicate information, we need mediums. In today’s world this means we’re dependent on things like: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. The Media For those of you that don’t know, media is simply the plural form of the word medium. Now the thing is that these mediums have incredible power to influence both positively and negatively. The reality is that if you are in the world today, you have a relationship with mass media. So it would be cool of
you to understand it. The first thing to understand
about the media is that regardless of what
any member of the media or whatever media platform says, the media is actually not for you, and it also isn’t against you. It’s not here to directly benefit you and it’s not here to destroy you either. The media, end of story, is a business. Now when it comes to business, everybody has a reason, a very personal one for why they’re in that particular business. And everyone has their own
personal best interests to consider. The media is focused on what sells. And the only way to do this is to focus on what gets attention,
ratings and subscriptions. Another way of saying this, is the media is focused on
delivering information or entertainment that matters to people. The primary reason that you shouldn’t immediately swallow and
immediately believe anything that you hear or
read or see on the media, is specifically because of that, it’s a business. When it comes to business, the first thing that you
need to understand is there are always
personal best interests, personal interests, to consider. The question is: “What are those interests, and who’s?” There are several elements that determine what is considered important to someone, what matters. Things or elements that capture people’s attention. Elements like conflict, threat, crisis, intrigue, the bizarre, intense, death, celebrity, impact, timeliness, proximity and human interest, which is basically stories about people that evoque heightened emotionality. All of us know by this point, that the media is not
exempt from corruption. I mean no business really is. With any business, it’s really up to the individuals
within that business and the platform’s themselves, how closely they’re gonna operate according to ethics and standards, or how much they’re going to abandon them. I’m going to tell you
a little personal story; The first time in my career that a major news outlet ran a slander story about me, and my lawyer, my entertainment lawyer contacted them, it was very calmly explained to me by both this entertainment lawyer and the media platform itself, that this is actually a good thing. Why? Because once you get
to a certain level of fame, let’s say that there’s a little
|under the carpet contract that occurs, though not in writing, it’s understood in the business that once you get big enough to be of interest to people, what they will do is they’ll write a negative article about you. At which point you are then welcome to spent a large amount of money to pay them to do a positive one. After which they will do a negative one, after which you will pay them again, to do a positive one. In their mind, this actually benefits you and them. Why? Because they get to capture the attention of the people who are interested in you, and you get to stay relevant. Now when I asked them: “Why don’t you just do a positive article? The answer is pretty obvious. Because that’s not going to
get the kind of attention that a negative one will. ~ Laughter ~ In other words, nobody actually cares how
good of a person Teal Swan is. This should terrify you, because if money can dictate what is or is not put up on these mediums. Then it is corporations that in fact rule news. It’s corporations that rule media. Whoever has the money, is the one that’s going to
dictate what information is put out or not. In other words, if money dictates what stories
are done and published or even which ones are suppressed, the information being shared, can be dictated by the
corporations that would benefit by that information being
shared or not shared. This is what is happening right now with pharmaceutical companies,
for example. Health care is a business, right? And you can see all these
different sectors in health care. You can see hospitals,
you can see individual clinics, you can see alternative medicinal clinics. These are all to be looked
at as different sectors of the overall healthcare business. Now media is this over all business with several sectors, as well. Every platform of media
is going to be different and they are not all created equal. For example, we know that some news channels offer only completely biased reporting. Whereas others are more reliable in terms of offering a balanced story. Something that needs to be understood but of course is going to
create a lot of resistance in the news media sector, is the fact that it’s not
actually possible for an individual to do a story that isn’t biased. It can be a goal, but not actually psychologically possible. ~ Laughter ~ We should all be completely in support of things like the ethics
code of journalism. However, they often run counter
to human psychology itself. And any philosopher could
successfully win a debate where the argument is that it is possible to be truly balanced and fair when an individual is the one
representing information. This must especially be understood
relative to news media because news is a business for
journalists and reporters as well. Something that interests me particularly, is that when people watch the news, they seem to think that
those news channels reporting those things or those journalists
covering those stories is some sort of a good Samaritan act. Like sharing the truth is something
that we do for the good of mankind. What I need you to do is to get this idea out of your head. Though, there may be journalists who also have some motivation mixed in there to tell the personal truth and think that’s super important, I’ll explain that later, It’s not a good Samaritan Act. These stories are covered
and these things are done specifically to drum up good business because media is a business. A reporter is not a
self-sacrificing philanthropist. He or she has a career. When he or she decides to cover a story, it is done for the sake of the advancement of his or her own career. The way they report on a story, the content they decide to report in and the way they conduct an interview is based on their own success. When a celebrity or a politician sits down to do an interview, they are also focused on one thing, and that’s to get their message across. Now to people who are sitting there and watching in one of these interviews, it’s pretty tempting to think that they’re having a
conversation where the job is to ask questions and answer questions. That actually isn’t the case with media. It’s not their job to do that at all. In fact, it’s not their focus, even though it seems like
they’re having a conversation, they’re playing two different games. It’s a game of mutual use. And to be quite honest with you, that game is usually a zero-sum game. It goes a little something like this: A reporter is trained to put people in the exact position that they want them in, for the sake of their own
career advancement. If somebody they’re interviewing
gets overly emotional or false into one of the many traps that they are trained to set, then what’s happened is that the reporter, gains in terms of their
career advancement. If the person being interviewed doesn’t fall into any of those
intentionally placed traps and instead manages to convey whatever message they want to convey for the sake of their own
advancement, they win. Hopefully what I’ve just said, will make it make sense
to you why our president answers questions or evades
them the way that he does. When people first become aware of the reality of the media, usually it’s a little bit of a
disillusionment process and it’s tempting to throw the
baby out with the bathwater. But this is not what
I’m arguing for at all. Any more than I’d be arguing
to throw a business out of the window entirely. So the thing to understand is that media is actually important and we all want it. And reporters and journalists and these people who work in the media, are people too. There’s always subconscious
and conscious reasons why we gravitate towards the
specific careers that we do. Because this episode is on media, I’m going to take you
for a little deep dive into the subconscious and conscious reasons that would cause
somebody to become a reporter or a journalist. Now, this is in the sector of news media. Most journalists and reporters were deeply wounded in their childhood relative to their incapacity to actually gain importance. In other words, they were surrounded by people who didn’t actually see them as as special or as important enough to
deserve their full-blown attention. So they had to get importance in other people’s lives, in roundabout ways. The closest they could
get to feeling important was by being a part of something
that those people in their lives found to be important. They had to be a part of
it all and in the middle of it, or else they were completely alone. The story that a journalist a reporter will want to tell or choose to tell, is the story that will
make they themselves feel or seem the most important. Ironically because of this, they’re prone to shadow
important strategies. For example, there’s a natural
envy that exists in them, towards people who are seen as important. This creates a subconscious desire to tear down the people
who are important enough for them to report on,
in the first place. They also feel important
in the power they hold which is being in the know and being in control of the
perspective of the viewer, i.e. public opinion. All this being said, reporters and journalists, people who work in news media, tend to have extreme moral streaks. In other words, they’re conscious enough of having been deeply hurt by someone and conscious enough of their deep
need to be included in the social group, to not want to be important for being the bad guy. Instead, they want to be important
for being the good guy. The best way to do that, is to
go for the role of the hero. The shadow and this of course, is that if you choose to
see yourself as the hero, you can come up with all kinds
of excuses and justifications for the behavior that you’re having and you can condone almost anything. This is what journalists are doing when they play buddy-buddy with people, so as to get the inside Intel, even though in the normal day-to-day life, we would consider that massive betrayal, they can consider themselves heroes because doing so enabled
a nightmare person to really reveal their true colors. The “sister” wound that drives people to become
journalists or reporters, also is along this line of morality. It’s an absolute obsession with truth. This wound that drives people
to become journalists or reporters, is being hurt by untruths. They have this in common
with many scientists as well, ironically. This is the wound that
makes this profession more enticing than other professions where one could get importance
in a roundabout way. I have never in my lifetime sat crossed the table with
any journalist or reporter who didn’t have this wound of being deeply hurt by untruths. For example, damage or consequence that came from false information, lying, gaslighting, naivety… Anything that’s along
those lines of untruths, is their deep deep wound. Besides the importance
or unimportance factor. Because of this, truth and what’s real becomes their definition of safety. It becomes an absolute obsession. And they see themselves as public heroes for being the ones
to establish that truth. To offer that truth, to show you that truth. Now the subconscious
motivation in doing this is that if they can do that for you they’re gonna spare humanity and everyone the pain that they themselves suffered. The thing is, especially the longer that somebody works in media itself, a journalists or reporter is destined to run into an existential crisis relative to truth. The deeper that they
get into exposing truth, the more they’re gonna find that
truth is incredibly complicated. It is much more than meets the eye, it is multi-faceted, it involves multiple perspectives, it gets more and more slippery
the deeper you get into it, it’s difficult to establish and people can influence it with
a simple difference of inflection. ~ Laughter ~ So when a reporter or journalist naturally gets into
this existential crisis, what determines how ethical or unethical they’re going to ultimately be as a journalist or reporter, depends on how they handle this
existential crisis relative to truth. The people who are not
going to handle it well, are going to be so upset by the fact that truth
is difficult to get at, that they’re simply going to mistake their own subjective
perspective as the ultimate truth. Now if a really good journalist meets this existential crisis and allows an evolution to happen, their own perspective
is going to get wider, wider, wider, wider, wider, wider and they will get better actually, at unbiased or balanced reporting, as possible as it can be at least. Obviously there are many wounds and motives and beliefs that
would negatively tarnish one’s ability to accurately
seek and tell the truth. Obviously when a person’s own
importance and career advancement juxtaposes the truth, it presents a bit of a
conflict of interests for somebody who
possesses both interests. But truth seekers and
truth tellers are needed. Information is needed and entertainment holds immense potential. Media is a business just like any other business. And you actually have a hell
of a lot more control over it than you think. And this is going to be my
core message for you today. Because most people feel out of control of what’s in the media. You’re not out of control of it. In fact, you’re dictating it. Because the media is a business that operates specifically according to what gets attention, ratings and subscriptions, it kind of depends on what
you are deeming important and what you give your attention to. Doesn’t it? It is in fact people that are in control of what’s on media. The downside of all this is this: Much of what drives your attention is biological. That being said, you can actually expand wider than your own biology, become aware that your
biology is dictating a lot of what you give your attention to, and you can instead be in a place of conscious choice, in terms of where to put your attention. The media is primarily a reflection
of what interests humans. If people change what
they’re interested in, the content on the media will change. Every time you watch a show, every time you click on a new story, every time you tune into
a podcast you are voting for what information is important to you. And each vote you cast, adds up to the picture of what is
important to the human race. So from this day forward, when it comes to giving
your attention to anything, think about your vote. If something is important enough to capture your attention, ask yourself: “Why?” “Why is this important to me?” Every time you watch something, every time you click on something, that’s an invitation for the media
to show you more of that. For this reason, everything you deemed
to be important enough to deserve your attention, is shaping the future. Have a good week

100 thoughts on “The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)

  1. Thank you so much for this video Teal! ^_^ If you see this, could you please do a video on Selfishness?
    Thanks! ♡

  2. Yes, I agree for the most part but not where people are in control, not the way people live and eat today. Non-vegans make up 97% of the world population and finding crappy nonvegan food is much easier than making or finding good healthy foods so most people are actually polluted with toxins and we know that when we are in that state we can't think straight because we eat out of mental addiction rather than actual bodily need. The media is controlled by corporations who use ASMR, hypnosis, straight out music, famous people and anything to control what people want hence what masses "choose' is not really a choice, it's more brainwashing to its finest. The same thing, in the end, to take back your power and go vegan, so you can actually be HEALTHY (because you would finally be eating as mother nature intended, not like the human propaganda made you believe to be natural, go check actual history, not his story that you learned in BS school system; In the beginning, we were all vegans, for a reason! Our jaw is one of the biggest proofs and our canines, for tickling, lol, compared to the real canines of actual carnivores), you can use EFT techniques each time you watch anything and observe how over time you will be able to see through the BS they are trying to sell you. Also, you may want to stop listening to the radion, any hit song, stupid pop music and anything that is run by big corporations because they are literally using all that to dumb down everyone! Peace and great work! ~~~

  3. This is crazy right on time. I’ve been thinkin about the media the last couple weeks and how it influences us so much. Crazy.

  4. Since I cannot find your email or messenger here, I am working on a collaboration with others on Spiritual matters where each of us (example) answer 6 questions, but we each edited our own videos. I will send you a sample idea if you are interested.

  5. The deeper I get into the video the deeper I am actually inclined to say: dear Teal, would you give us insights on other professions as well?? (I am especially interested about lawyers and IT people)

  6. I am proud to say that I have never paid money for a news paper or looked at any media on line. I just had an instinct it was a sales person because you are paying for it. I'm really glad now that I followed my feelings.

  7. 1. One who rules the media, rules the world ~ Jim Morrison.

    2. The biggest trade commodity in the world is not petroleum or pharmaceutical companies, it is sugar. Feed sugar is the agenda to run the System.

    3. Impregnate the mind using media (even the Education system) to make the mind believe in things that does not exist. Like terrorism. Like superior race. All BS. Education system is just a piece of paper.

    Truth: Ppl like you tuned are shedding the VEIL.

  8. U left out race/ racism, that's how "they" keep us separated & fighting. While they are screwing all of us.

  9. Mainstream media is a tool of government. Government is SLAVERY. Most people's perceptions are formed by the dishonest lies mainstream media has handed down.I do not watch any mainstream media I foynd out the truth. Folks the belief in Authority is a mind virus of the human race that feeds the lie that is government and the liars of The mainstream media.

  10. I feel that not only reporters and famous people play this zero-sum game. There are ordinary people setting up conversational traps for others to fall into all the time just for their own twisted sense of pleasure.

  11. I think you barely scratched the surface of the media’s agenda. Obviously corporations rule news and it’s for money. Duh. It’s no secret that almost everything is a business.
    What about the media’s agenda and business to instill only fear and keep us distracted. That’s putting it briefly.

  12. Teal, I agree with you on a lot of things, but I take some issues here. I agree with the first part, that corporate media (90% of which is owned in the US by the same 6 companies) is a business, but I'd go a step further and say it has become a state propaganda machine in order for governments to sway popular opinion and distract or distort things in order to continue their agendas of power and resources and whatever else increasingly insane personal neuroses drives the individual politicians and deep states.

    You lose me when you get into the psychology of journalists themselves though, giving the notion that their motives are business oriented. Even for the corrupt and biased journalists, I do think most are in it with the intent to spread the truth (even though a scary minority actually succeed).

    But aren't you also are someone who attempts to spread truth through media? I don't think you do it from a purely business perspective, and I think your primary motive is to better the world. But this is your career too. Your content is spiritual, theirs is about the news, that's the only difference.

    I'd say it's about authenticity and remaining invulnerable to the admittedly immense pressure that the media world can push on you. For example, I almost chose to be a journalist for the goal of spreading truth. That said, I never felt the need to be important like you described, I've always been a behind the scenes kind of guy. So that's something else I disagree with you on, however I do agree that being hurt by untruths and being obsessed with truth was a huge drive for me, as it is for a lot of good journalists. And I also agree that the existential crisis also kept me from choosing it as a career.

    There have been great men and women who have done great things for humanity through investigative reporting. Check out Max Blumenthal or Chris Hedges. Hell, Hemingway and Gore Vidal started as war reporters. They are certainly few and far between though, as are good spiritual teachers like you. Keep up the good work!

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    There is always one side , the other side , and the truth most times fall somewhere in the middle.🤔

  15. Preach Sis! I'm right there with you! That's why i avoid watching the news as much as possible. For the very reasons you laid out. Well done!

  16. Are you not also using a form of media to get your messages across? All the clever keywords and SEO to "target the desperate and vulnerable" – is that not a tool of a specific medium? Do YOU not also run a business? Just because you speak with "authority" does not mean that you are talking sense or even the truth. Also, your world must be pretty small to have such a narrow view of the Media. There are countries with lots of crime and corruption and journalists put their lives on the line on a daily basis to expose what is happening to instigate change. It's also clear that you are merely telling your followers who to trust and who the bad guys are, now that you have been exposed as a cult leader through various forms of media (especially social media – which is also your preferred platform to program from).

  17. Hey Teal, Even though you are right on target with your explanation of the Media, you still missed one very important fact. Journalist and reporters are directly influenced by the owners of their Media company. Did you know that just 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America? This means that if the owners of these companies don't like a celebrity(such as yourself) or political candidate(such as Bernie Sanders), then the journalist or reporter must screw what they say to reflect what the "owners" want, even if it's an outright lie. If they don't, they will not move up in the company or could even be fired!

  18. This is so enlightening. Many of my friends ask why I prefer YouTube to cable; I simply explain that I’d rather use this platform to form and shape what is important information to me versus a constant stream of nonsense. I’d rather watch YouTube videos containing content that I find entertaining, educational, and self empowering. You can learn almost anything on YouTube, and I have used this platform many times to assist me with projects and life struggles that have helped me along my journey. Thank you for your insight, Teal.

  19. The news media exists to push products, not to have good ratings. General Electric (one of the biggest military contractors in our country) buying controlling shares in MSNBC, then firing their highest rated show host, Phil Donahue, because he was against the Iraq war is a prime example of how ratings are only valued if they are selling the right product. Propaganda, whether to sell drugs, corporate tax cuts, or wars, is our news media today.

  20. I would enjoy seeing your reaction/psychological perspective on the Jordan Peterson and Kathy Newman interview.
    I feel like it is a good example of the current state of our media culture.

  21. Just come across you – good video and particularly interesting as applied to our tiny, tiny local video channel. Chinese whispers comes to mind when trying to get truth out of people.

  22. Teal Swan I could really do with some help please? I'm absolutely crying right now & I've been bullied again! Very sorry to say but it's seriously true! Please, hug me… I'm lonely… :'( :'( :'(

  23. There are also a minority of journalists who have more eastern views regarding psychology and truth, and tend to not believe in objective truth, which dramatically changes how you approach polarized situations

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  25. So so true. Most of the Newspapers and News Channels in the UK. At least the mainstream ones our in the pocket of greedy individuals. Over the last few decades, it seems to have been very much the media that has controlled who has gotten into political office. Hence I tend not to read mainstream newspapers or pay too much mind to mainstream news channels anymore unless something happens to pique my interest. I tend to pick and choose what I cast my votes for. Like in my reality Donald Trump is not the President. Yogi Bear is and he will be taxing picnic baskets real soon.

  26. I mean no hate when I say this but be careful when you watch videos like this. She is not using facts or any study's when she is throwing claims out like this. All kinds of different people go into reporting for different reasons. It's just flat out crazy to say that every single reporter in broken and have only chosen that career to get attention. But that's just my two cents.

  27. I wonder if Teal is still vegan or plant based, considering the media is responsible for pushing that harmful nonsense aswell ?

  28. Wow, just wow. I knew this. But you have exposed it. You're authenticity, fortitude, and strength has inspired me beyond compare. You have earned your crown. Keep on flexing while the unconscious masses judge you. We all know the truth. Truth is subjective.

  29. The social justice warrior influences today's media just like the yesteryear of the common housewife and stay at home mom. Through Twitter, this 'let me speak to your manager' mentality continues to be the commonplace throughout society.

  30. If somebody is truly serious about attaining a much happier life – via true evolution, not tactics, angles, or marketing – Teal has more than 7 years' worth of videos that collectively cover most to all of what you would ever want a new perspective on. I have gone through more breakthroughs in the past 90 days than I can keep track of, ALL based on the videos Teal provides. And I'm still screaming forward with no end in sight. On a side note, I was so relieved to see the videos with the Diving Deep Creep enjoy a very short life. That guy made my skin crawl. He was the most pure embodiment of a predator who had only one thing on his mind (hmmm, I wonder what it was!), and it was a big, fun game to him to see how far he could get. Creepy dude to say the least. Dangerous. Just stick with Teal, but these videos have to be taken to heart and actually applied for a lot more than one evening. The results will be shocking.

  31. This is why I stopped watching TV years ago, I delved into real news online and when you see the contrast of what really happens in the world and what is highlighted on TV is huge and shows the corruption.

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  33. The media has an agenda. It's called divide and conquer. It's also called feudalism. The few rich and Powerful the rest subservient to their every whim. Breakdown the moral fabric of a society and it will collapse. The quickest way of doing it is to divide and conquer have everyone at everyone else's throats. Also break down the educational system. Without morals and education the societal structure will crumble and decay quickly. This person is not a prophet or a saint or even a wise enlightened person. Evil does not present itself as ugly. Then you would not listen and be taken. When someone tells you something including myself go out and read and educate yourself.. also listen to your moral compass. To change the world. It starts with me and my love for you. I do not hate this person or anyone like them. I do feel sorry for them. She's not a poor humble person. She's wealthy in her own words flies around the world. And at the same time tells you you have to use less to save the planet. Barry Elwyn Ives.

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  35. What if our perceptions are merely misconceptions created by the media’s (medium’s) deceptions regarding race, gender, religion, spirituality, money, class, education, etc., to keep us fighting one another over those things, so they keep dividing and conquering the masses?

  36. I loved the breakdown of the subconscious reasons behind this career choice. I'd like to see more, especially for career paths that are very popular and desired (singer, actor, musician, astronaut…)

  37. I came across a philosophy teacher who was adamant on spreading information/“truth” with scientific basis. He was so utterly obsessed with this that it almost made me wonder whether he had a childhood trauma relative to betrayal, or maybe something relative to following his inner voice and integrity…therefore scientific studies were the only thing he felt he could rely on. This video does bring an enlightening perspective on this sort of dynamic. Thank you.

  38. Anything on television is meant to program the subconscious. There are good and bad things about media. Some sources are useful depending on what you are looking for to see or read. But television is a cancer. I threw mine out years ago. Mainstream news channels are nothing but trash and feeds fear.

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  40. In 1986, I used to guard Rudolf Hess (please read about what he did in 1941) and Hess was close to Hitler and Hitler was "secret society" (maybe Tavistock I am not sure). I dont think AH died in 1945 and, when I found out from Klagemauer TV that the "'Challenger Disaster astronauts" were all alive ( or 6 out of 7) and in old age-when the whole world thinks they all died in an explosion my "world" took a certain turn into thinking we are in the Matrix.. Teal Swan is always interesting and I might go a month without checking "Ask Teal" but that does not mean I am not hungry for more information. I find Simon Parkes "good" and I wonder sometimes who all those ancient "gods" were (or are) I am talking Baal and Jehovah and more….and the prophets associated with the "gods" and Saint Paul (the guy who never met Jesus) and John the Baptist. I cannot tell you what is really going on but I can say I am not convinced every male and/or female human has a soul. I think I have one only because I "dig so deep"…while others NEVER..and I mean NEVER take an interest- and some even deny obvious information: (OBVIOUS: 2 planes take out 3 tall buildings in NYC in 2001…or The body of Bin Laden is dumped (crime) or…JFK's killer is killed himself 48 hours later..or MK Ultra assassins do not even know it when they "kill" or a thousand other things like Hess flying to the British Freemason during WW-II..or Sabatean Frankists…etc etc..) Teal is mild and "good looking" and likes to talk about things other New Age "people" will NEVER talk about. I dont really want to be around the "darkness" but I wonder if I chose this "movie" for myself. it is like a horror movie or a bit of a nightmare. Why do I even wake up? I have asked to NOT wake in the physical sense. And yet we read about some celebrity who dies at such "a young age". Why do others get all the fortune? I mean they get to get out of this freaking, child murdering hellhole. I love Teal and you can only say that if u listen to enough of her vids going WAY back. It is almost as if someone designed a "model" right out of GQ for me to want to see once in a great while (info only of course…I am no longer attracted to humans) I just want out..feel like Dustin Hoffman in the 1967 version of "The Graduate" "I want out!'

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  43. You are very good at getting your point across which is very nice to understand you bring it down to street terms outside of you're very gifted with such a wide range of words. Which sometimes it's very difficult for me with a learning disability specially when you get into college words sometimes I have no idea the meaning of them which I feel I get lost sometimes but I know you're right on the money I can tell with your backbone and your facial expressions you definitely are a woman that knows what you want to say and how to say it and how to definitely get your point across much respected thank you so much

  44. I instinctively don’t trust anything in the media or anywhere that spoon-feeds us with information. I intuitively trust what feels like it appreciates our discernment. Even if its message and information are quite authentic. Thank you very much, Teal. Namaste. 💖&☮️

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