The Media Falls for “Presidential” Trump (Again): The Daily Show
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The Media Falls for “Presidential” Trump (Again): The Daily Show

Last night Donald Trump
gave his first annual address to a joint session of congress, and by tradition, this speech
is followed by a rebuttal from the opposition party. It was the first real chance
for the Democrats to show who they will be
in the era of Trump. I’m Steve Beshear. I was governor of Kentucky
from 2007 to 2015. I’m a proud Democrat, but first and foremost,
I’m a proud Republican. Nailed it! (laughter) (applause, cheering) To be fair, to be fair, to be
fair, becoming a Republican is probably
the Democrats’ best hope of ever winning another
election, so I get it, I get it. Now, obviously, that’s not what
the former governor of Kentucky meant to say. But don’t worry,
don’t worry, people, his recovery was flawless. I’m a proud Democrat, but first and foremost,
I’m a proud Republican… and Democrat,
and mostly American. (laughter) (cheers and applause) I’m a Democrat. I’m a Republican. That is so embarrassing for him. On the bright side, they’ve just announced that
next year they’re gonna get him to announce best picture
at the Oscars. Yay! (applause) So, hard-core Democrats weren’t
feeling Trump’s speech, but a lot of other folks were, with polls showing that people
who watched it overwhelmingly thought that
Trump did a good job. You know who must have so proud? Putin. I bet he’s carrying around a photo from the speech
in his wallet like, (Russian accent):
My boy’s so grown up. Feels like yesterday I carry him
to election win. And after Trump performed
his pivots, a lot of former enemies
of the people, well, they made a pivot
of their own. A more presidential Trump. It was noticeably different. He sounded more presidential. -He pivoted.
-He knows when to pivot. Even his critics admit he
sounded more presidential. TV REPORTER:This is a pivot
to becoming a president.
Tonight, Donald Trump became the President
of the United States. All trump did was read a speech
off a teleprompter. That’s all he did. -That’s all he did.
-(cheering and applause) He read off the teleprompter without flying off the rails. You know how they say you’re not
supposed to shoot the messenger? Well, maybe also don’t suck the
messenger’s (bleep), either. How about that? Look, don’t get me wrong,
don’t get me wrong. If this was the first time
that Trump dialed it down, I’d the hype, I would
get it completely. But he’s pulled this (bleep)
over and over again, and every time
the media falls for it. He’s getting more presidential,
if you will, he’s using notes. I think we’ve seen something
of a Trump pivot. Donald Trump,
in the last three weeks has been appearing
more presidential. It feels like Donald Trump is
trying to be more presidential. I feel like I’m in the movie
Groundhog Day.
We keep talking about the
Donald Trump pivot every week. Yeah, so then why do you keep on
saying it? People inGroundhog Daydon’t
know they’re inGroundhog Day.That’s why they keep doing
the same thing. You don’t have to be a genius
to figure out that Donald Trump
is playing you. You look at his record. You can study
his previous actions. Or you know what else
you could do? You could just listen to him
when he tells you that he’s gonna fake it. I can act as presidential
as anybody that’s ever been president. Presidential is easy. You know what presidential is? I walk on… here. (crowd exclaiming) Ladies and gentlemen
of Waterbury. It’s a great honor to be
with you this morning. Yeah. Fake like you’re presidential, and people will believe
you’re presidential. This was the plan all along. And last night was clearly
its big debut. Presidential is easy. You know what presidential is? I walk on… here. (crowd exclaiming) (cheering and applause) I’ll-I’ll give you this, it’s notHamilton,
but it’s a pretty good act.

100 thoughts on “The Media Falls for “Presidential” Trump (Again): The Daily Show

  1. I saw your show NY in netflix. Are you racist and angry? Whites also use to live in asia longer like …always. Sorry, USA dont looks friendly after they arrive in america, natives had the american dream solved already without europe. I dont know but in africa quite the same. Seems like they dream is to fuck another's dreams or be the next american cowboy talent! nail it!

  2. Small "r" republican is different than big "R'.
    A small 'r' republican is a person advocating or supporting republican government (that being belonging to or characteristic of a republic). Much as they would have us believe we live in a democracy, the US is actually a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic.

  3. I thought Trumps opposition will get smoother and quiet after a moment. It sucks,because he is the same Person,he will just adapt his play and become at least so credible like Bush,which was by himself a fulltime idiot.
    Gods,America! Wtf?!

  4. Nepalese politicians used to say that they would develop Nepal to be like US but with Trump as US's president I think US will "un-develop" to be like Nepal…..

  5. you act like a president when you start running not reading one damn speech . America is that shitty girlfriend who's been cheated on and keeps going to that shitty boyfriend in that shitty relationship. lol….

  6. So, what do you read OFF Trevor? When you start a job do you know it right away? Take's Time. Do you do a GREAT JOB Trevor? I don't think So! Grow Up! I really hope your Show doesn't last that, Your a Smart Ass! Do you know The meaning of RESPECT….??

  7. thank you..sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same thing I am when it comes to Trump..maybe before the 4 years or less are up we will finally learn to stop falling for this bullshit

  8. Keep dancing for your Liberal Main Stream Media Masters, Trevor Noah. Gotta keep that high paying talk show host job

  9. the media saying he sounds presidential yet he reads from the same gadget they read from when reading out news to us

  10. You have no respect for the US president..or anyone..come mock your own Country-Countries..Politicians..ooh yes,I forgot then you wont make AS MUCH money like you do in the US,enough to buy you a new apartment hey.

  11. Sing it Trevor, sing it! That man is not going to change his stripes, he's just going to say pretty things to try and fool us.

  12. Come on Noah??? That man Trump is the RIght President of The States, He aint no dictator, Get in line so that you dont get left behind…..and looking foolish…The Media aint getting lied to they are seeing the Truth that was covered up with lies,stop mocking people, make a joke without mocking someone unless you have lost it coz soon trust me you willl have no crowd

  13. As soon as he started talking about Putin the screen started bugging out and this is not a coincidence

  14. tell the truth about the reality of things. you will be fired from the daily show but who cares. you will become more famous then any pundit. you have one chance

  15. It's like an abusive relationship when the person goes "Look see how much better they are now" and it's like no it's only temporary.

  16. You know, Trump should just keep to doing the speeches that are written for him and just read off the teleprompter. WE'll get through this next 4 years with minimal casualties and then we can elect a goat for President in 2020.

  17. I wanna say Donald Trump is DUMB, BUT, then AGAIN,. what does the make peopls who VOTED for HIM?? LOL 😒😣

  18. This nation is completely divided. On the one hand you have the anti- Trump liberals who believe in these pundits and the media, and on the other there is the conservatives who believe in fox news or Infowars and think Trump is the candidate "chosen by god". Cant you see you have been divided and conquered?
    Instead of calling each other "racist" or "libtard" lets sit down for a glass of beer and elevate our minds…

  19. A comedian (and a damn fine & funny one) I had to point out the obvious to our press and evidently to some of the people in this country! Talk about embarrassing, it's so embarrassing that for every person and newscaster they expressed their point of view; He is acting Presidential, he pivoted, he has actually, finally acting like the President and the worst for me personally ; Chris Wallace, the one person whose been at this long enough to know just how BADLY he sold out his ethics of being a journalist; trump has now become the President of the United States!

    He and Van, for me, are the biggest sell outs of all!

    Great skit and informative to show the American people just how much he fooled whomever makes up that 70%!

    Peace, Resist!

  20. There shouldn't be any clips from January 2016. We had a linear (not erratically "pivotal") president back then.

  21. Theres a video I saw recently showing Trump and his associates against CNN. People ive seen have said that this man is truly a president and is willing to fight back. And that, somehow, has a very strong backbone.

  22. What if Trevor did jokes about Obama's record-setting Legacy?? Here it is:

    Record number homeless, Most people on welfare, Highest percentage on food stamps, Record # not participating in the workforce, All-time record deficits, Highest debt, Record college debt levels, Most part time jobs, Most Cabinet Appointees who did not pay any taxes, Highest number of illegal drug overdoses, All-time most Veteran suicides, Highest level of Veterans dying waiting for health care, Most Police Officers shot, Lowest home ownership since WWII, First and only US President in 240 years to be AT WAR 100% OF THE TIME in office (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan), Most race riots, and an All-time high record number of murders in Obama’s home town.

    GO OBAMA!!!!

  23. Why are you Complaining about American problems when your native country is in worse shape than ours by a long shot? You don't think your people, would rather hear you report about the problems from YOUR OWN country ,rather than The lies and no sense you make up about Donald Trump. Do you even care about the people where you are from ? obviously not … Traitor news Network is a fucking joke get the fuck off the air dude your trash

  24. The President shakes hands, conducts himself with dignity, does not tweet and actually leads the Country. He would also shake a dignitaries hand.

  25. Cant wait to see Trevor Noah's show no more, so tasteless. Why are we subjected to watching someone DEGRADE our President? It's sad to see how low we've sunk. This should not be acceptable to anyone no matter who's side you are on. It's not right.

  26. Look at all the cute little libtards! I’m sowwy libtards I didn’t buy you any medicade or food stamps, I wasn’t planning on visiting the endangered animals exhibit today. It’s okay though, you have Noah.

  27. It burns and kills the likes of Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee etc etc to see that 76% of the people approving of Trump also include big chunk of Democrat voters. Instead of dumping on Trump maybe you all should have dumped on the Democratic Party when it rigged the primaries for Hillary. Bernie from the Democratic platform would have wiped Trump off the charts.

  28. How dare you disrepect our President Trump… you make me sick…shame to your race..I'm Mexican American n I say shut your ignorant mouth

  29. Such a miserable, unfunny show and so predictable. I didn't agree with Jon Stewart's politics, but at least the show was entertaining from time to time.

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