The Impact of Social Media on Relationships
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The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

So, the research that we’ve carried out is
to show what impact social media is having on relationships and what effect it’s having
on divorce. The research shows that over half of the people
that we spoke to have stated that they’ve gone on to their partner’s Facebook page without
their partner knowing about it and one in five have said that they’ve gone on to argue
about it. Well, there’s a number of points that’re contributing towards the issues in
the marriage. The first is the amount of time that they are spending on social media. So,
the amount of time that they would’ve ordinarily been spending
with the partner or with their family. The other is, for example, speaking to ex-partners
that they might not have previously been able to contact before social media was about. And
also secret messages, inappropriate comments on pictures or inappropriate pictures being posted.
Legally, we’re seeing more and more people now using their partner’s behaviour on social
media as one of the points that they’re raising in divorce petitions. So it’s becoming a
lot more popular because of how social media is used, more and more people
are now saying that because of that it has led to the break down of the marriage.
The advice that I would have for people using social media is first of all think
before you post because as soon as you post something on social media it’s permanent. Even if it’s
been deleted it could’ve been seen by people. Be as transparent as possible. So, make sure
that you’re keeping your partner informed about the things that you’re posting on Facebook
and on social media. Check your privacy settings because people might be able to see your Facebook
Pages that you don’t think can see them. And finally, just take a break and enjoy the moment.
Don’t post everything on Facebook.

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