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The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who has seen
an advertisement that has convinced you
that your microphone is listening
to your conversations? All of your interactions, your credit card swipes, web searches, locations, likes, they’re all collected
in real time into a trillion-dollar-a-year
industry. The real game-changer
was Cambridge Analytica. They’ve worked
for the Trump campaign and for the Brexit campaign. They started using
information warfare. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have
5,000 data points on every American voter. I started tracking down all these Cambridge Analytica
ex-employees. Someone else
you should be calling to the committee
is Brittany Kaiser. Brittany Kaiser, once a key player
inside Cambridge Analytica, casting herself
as a whistle-blower. The reason why Google
and Facebook are the most powerful
companies in the world is because last year,
data surpassed oil in value. It is the most valuable asset
on Earth. We targeted those whose minds
we thought we could change, until they saw the world
the way we wanted them to. I do know
that their targeting tool was considered a weapon. There is a possibility that the American public
have been experimented on. This is becoming
a criminal matter. When people see
the extent of the surveillance, I think they’re going
to be shocked. -And I still fear for your life.
-Yeah. With the powerful people
involved. But I can’t keep quiet
just because it’ll make -powerful people mad.
-I know. Data rights should be considered
just fundamental rights. This is about the integrity
of our democracy. These platforms which were
created to connect us have now been weaponized. It’s impossible to know
what is what. Because nothing is
what it seems.

100 thoughts on “The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. This is so scary. this is not about left or right. It's much much deeper It's like 1984 by Orwell but on steroid

  2. Dedicate one hour of your time into well served documentary that will change you as a person. /watch?v=bpRD7xDylKc&t=2759s

  3. This show is horseshit!

    The people taking credit for "winning the election for President Trump," are communist liberal secular humanists, hellbent on destroying the USA.

    Donald Trump 2020 mutherfuckers!!!

  4. It is not illegal. Even now, people are on internet, by phone or computer. Everything you do online simply doesn't disappear after you're done. It's your choice. Information stays in the "clouds" and anyone that wants can use your information. Like a coin on the street. It's just there, and the question is, will you take it or someone else will. Of course there are some who will use it, and it will be used again in 2020 to help Trump to win again, just like in 2016. It is not illegal.

  5. I don't understand how you can look at the mainstream bias against Trump and Brexit (the majority of any MSM has attacked both), and turn this around and claim that only Trump/Brexit used such tactics. This "doc" also fails to mention that the main whistleblower they references quit CA before Brexit or Trump, and that the Leave campaign in the UK refused to work with CA.

    This documentary also fails to mention the anti-conservative bias that Twitter, FB and YouTube exhibit and all but admit to.

  6. Thats funny how hypocrite US and Europe now crying for using their own weapon against them.Doing to hundrends countrkes around the world is completely normal for US and EU.Hail Russia and cry me a river hypocrite pieces if shit.

  7. Users of social media around the world — as well as democratically elected governments — should be seriously worried by the content of this documentary. But, not surprisingly, hundreds of millions are still posting their daily bowel movements on Facebook as if nothing was wrong. What tech giants like Facebook have going for them — for example in the case of voters in the three States (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) that propelled Trump to the presidency — is that very few people will readily admit to having let themselves, their views — and their votes — be manipulated by a multi-pronged campaign of fake stuff tailored expressly for them by shady individuals in shady offices who happen to be tech savvy. One witness said it clearly: "We target them until they behave the way we want them to and until they vote for our client". THIS IS BIG BROTHER TERRITORY. Anyway, people better wake up, because "The Great Hack" is but a glimpse into things to come…

  8. Its even worse those tech companies stole the coding from other inventor programmers. Started Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Made these companies totalitarian from stolen codes to make money en collect data, and control news and our minds.

  9. Is not about left or right, it's about our data rights. It's about how it can be used by others so they can gain some kind of wealth or power. Please like my comment, I'd like to see who else sees what I see 🙏

  10. darn now im soooooooooooooooo excited for the upcoming "WATCHDOGS LEGION" omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg —– DEDSEC!

  11. This was obviously made with a heavy left wing bias. Not exactly impartial with all the demonising of the right.

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  13. The Great Deception-CBS, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, WSJ, WaPo, HuffPost…/Colbert, Noah, Oliver…/Youtube censorship/Liberal Celebrities/Polls saying Hilary was going to win by a landslide

  14. This was literally the biggest piece of dung, propaganda, Liberal nonsense ever seen. This nitwit actually thinks she is Edward Snowden. Every clip is of her dramatically staring out of a window like she is being hunted down by the government. No one is chasing her, but she acts like someone is. Insanity. Wow. Liberals have officially buried themselves.

  15. This is old news being repackaged as a left talking point. The major corporations are all overwhelmingly left. Of course they've been monitoring everyone and trying to influence people and swing elections. For years who's been saying social media needs to be checked and stop deciding who gets to speak let alone who's speech and opinions are "harmful" or "unacceptable". The right has. The left are the ones who have been pushing censorship of thought and saying speech that offends their ideologies is "hate speech" or even "violence". Just look at media matters(funded by soros). An organization with the goal of creating a "safe space" and ridding the internet of "white supremacy" while claiming people like jordan peterson are nazis. Brexit is common sense. Why would you give so much power to an unelected counsel and incase you don't know Soros is amoung that counsel.

  16. So is the thesis here that only methodically brainwashed people would vote for Brexit or Trump? In other words, is this more fake news from the left who never let a day go by without banning/slandering/threatening more conservative/nationalist/commonsense voices from whatever pulpits they own (including facebook, YouTube and most of social media)? No doubt fake news is real, no doubt we all end up in information bubbles tailored to our tastes, but let's not dress the left as guardians of truth and democracy, both of which they hate, and go out of their way to let us know it every day.

  17. Fear mongering. Hate. Total divided and conquered even in the most educated and uneducated populations so the rest of the planets nations and people in less developed or poorer countries have no chance now. Putin even said that liberals democracy is now dead. He wasn't threatening the west he was giving us a heads up about how we can now expect the worst interference from our own governments as well as outside influences being there to pit us against each other. The future looks bleak if 5his is the new norm.

  18. If you're looking at this as a partisan issue, you are exactly the kind of people that are the target of these social media campaigns

  19. Same what happened to stock markets when they became money generators for High speed trading giants instead of raising funds for orgs and start ups.

  20. 1:37 As well she should. This ugly rat moustached c*nt should be in jail or 6 feets under. Another good reason not to employ women.

  21. If you wanna hear the truth here it is: Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and the whole entertaining industry have just one single goal: to make you lose your time on insignificant things, therefore making you feel like you're wasting your life, therefore getting you into depression, then making you spend money on antidepressants and pshychologists OR on shopping for the most unuseful things and then just wanting to sit down and distract yourself from your own misery with something entertaining and REPEAT!

  22. This is being shown in our school systems english class people! Brainwashing your children, the next generation. This whole movie is an anti Trump movement and a psychology tool itself! The funny thing is that they put Zuckerburg helping Trum get votes when thats all a lie, conservatives are being shadow banned left and right. The whole movie is about divide and conquer. You are shone nothing on all the shit Clintons pay for and their adds, its a one sided story.

  23. To say people are easily manipulated is to say water is wet. This overdramatized documentary just might manipulate you as well if you don’t pay close attention to certain details.

  24. Leftist biased documentary that shits all over internet media while tv and newspaper companies get away with spewing propaganda to the public on a daily basis.

  25. Wow, what a leftist motivated movie trying to demonize simple marketing.

    Lol identifying trends and likes in order to focus marketing is not illegal, immoral, nor criminal.

    Lamentably, Brittney Kaiser was shamed by her relatives and friends who aren't Trump or Brexit supporters and she came out to decry…wait for it…… it's coming……. super important……. life threatening…… world altering….. mafia supported….. online marketing.

    Yup….online marketing.. It's scary. Grab your kids and run for the hills.

  26. Netflix please take the opportunity to collect my data and provide more real life awareness documentaries. awareness of the people. when Injustice becomes war, resistance becomes duty!

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  28. This is What trump learned from Obama, But that is not mentioned in the documentary. Also CNN said that when Obama used Cambridge Analytica it was "Genius" 😂 Hypocrisy at its finest.

  29. I remember when in 2005 I was doing a project at college on what was then called adaptive hypermedia. It seemed such a good idea back then!

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  31. in this world i dislike whistleblowers the most. it's not because they seek to expose bad practise. Its because they always seek attention and want to be heroes. am like you wouldn't have known this or that existed if you had not been employed there, be grateful.

  32. Companies collect data to better know what we need. On the other hand, using data for spying and other illegal acts is wrong. The personal safety of each user must be protected

  33. No matter what the media does in collecting data on everyone, you're always in control of it! The human mind will never be dominated by a bunch of bytes when it has working-neurons as its base, (unless one allows it!) AMEN.

  34. The best way to squash conspiracy theories is to tell them the truth , then let the sheeple think it's too outrageous to be true

  35. noob: omg my data is being collected without my knowledge?
    **: STFU idiot. you permitted us. you think we are doing social service here providing services for free?

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  37. 45 mins in and I gave up. nothing had yet been mentioned as to what CA actually did. maybe it does later but why should I wait that long?

  38. Very deep into how ads can sway useful idiots. Very non concerning if you never used facebook or care about social media.

  39. The one who created this movie is actually the one that needs your movie watching behavior the most so it can offer you what to watch next: Netflix

  40. 21st century vs 20th century….21st century won. Your choice is to be "online". When you are "online", in the "clouds", your data is not yours anymore, it is not private. How to prevent that ? Very simple. GO OFFLINE. Personally, I salute CA for their intelligence, a truly rare sight in the 21st century.

  41. They act like this is new.
    Their is a video were Obama's net team talks about how they used all the Facebook data etc.. to win.

  42. The underdog lefties kicking up at the powerful establishment of republican men. Yeah!! That lie I will believe – IF I lived in the sixties – but suggesting to me that liberal facebook, google, twitter, youtube and so on rigged the election in favour of the republicans… You think I am fool? This is just another conspiracy theory for Lefties who cannot deal with cognitive dissonance cause of the Trump landslide election win. A film made by lefties for lefties, thats my two cents

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  44. Do what i do mis inform them. Search so much shit they cant possibly tie you to one sequence. This mofo is just crazy delete him, her. IT.

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