The Funky Chicken for Social Media
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The Funky Chicken for Social Media

(Catherine Carbullido-White) If you feed them, like, red and orange flower petals that it helps make their yolk a little more… orange…err…orangiyer.
I don’t, I don’t know that, that means any healthier. Omega-3s threes are healthy. I
don’t know what color oOmega-3 threes are, though. [laughs]. [quirky music] My grandparents had chickens, my dad had chickens, you know. And it was just…normal. It was, like, normal to have your food running around the yard. [music continues] I couldn’t decide which breed ofa chicken I wanted to get eight of, so, I was, like, why not one of each?. [laughs] [music continues]

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