‘The Five’ on Dems, media taking shots at Nielsen amid DHS exit
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‘The Five’ on Dems, media taking shots at Nielsen amid DHS exit

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ on Dems, media taking shots at Nielsen amid DHS exit

  1. Trump does not FIRE hard enough
    he should be firing faster and harder, until results
    send everything to the courts, force the issue out on television
    and breakup "BIG MEDIA" that lies lies lies lies ..

  2. Obama implemented all of the laws which allow FAKE refugees to use children to get into the country.
    Children were in sheds under silver blankets during Obama's reign – that's when the photos were taken – 2014.

  3. I will not remember Ms. Nielsen in a negative light. I will remember her as a person who had a very challenging job but did not have the resources or the laws needed to implement the policies of the current administration. I will remember how she endured the badgering during committee hearings especially that done by the sleep her way into politics California senator known as Kamala Harris. I thank Ms. Nielsen for her service and wish her well in her future employment.

  4. That's not completely true Waters : ), their corrupt, daft and moronic party stands on:

    1. Let any and all just walk over the border and receive up to $40k in BENIES and get to vote… Not counting all the staff those corrupt POS take along the way,
    2. Reduce the Voter Age to 16…
    3. No Protection to our Boarders,
    4. Last Second Executions, I mean Abortions,

    So, look they do stand for something… Nothing that makes any sense to anyone but a Victimized POS by their parents who want to live off mommy and daddy for life and or off hard-working human beings…

  5. I hate CNN!! They are the most disgusting people ever! She didn't do ANYTHING wrong!! If you whackos are soooo worried about the "children" (not OUR children) the illegals children that are coming in here illegally!! Why aren't they telling these Criminals to not bring their children when they are committing crimes!!???? THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! HEY Illegal! Listen carefully! Don't Bring your children and use them as tools to try to come here illegally!!! ok?? This isn't fair to the people that respect our country enough to apply LEGALLY!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? We have Criminals in our jails that are Americans that have CHILDREN!!! ok? It's not going to work! The dems are using this to try to win votes because they think the American People are STUPID!! WE AREN'T!!!! DON'T TRY COMING HERE WITHOUT APPLYING LEGALLY!!! It's simple! Your disgusting people to me to even THINK to bring children when you know you are committing a Crime!!!

  6. Of course she separated children and families,She had to follow the law (from Obama) and until the laws from obama are changed,they have to continue to "follow" the law.

  7. They could care less about Children!! They aren't worried about the people that are citizens here's children obviously!! THINK! Your Being USED! You don't have to be a super smart person. THINK! Why aren't the Democrats worried about ALL THE CHILDREN in the United States that have Died because of illegals!!!!!??? they could care less about the peoples children that are in prison HERE!! WHY!! WHY would they be sooo dam sympathetic to rude people trying to enter our country illegally 's children??? REALLY??These people all need to be fired!!!

  8. They talk about Kirstjen Nielsen ?? What SHE will be remembered for? How about Pelosi and her band of Anti American Muppets!! That could care less about ANYONE!!! All they want is to win..It's killing them to have a President in there that is determined to make this country the Best it could be!!!! I would LOVE to stand in their conference room and be able to question them as to WHY they care so much about "other" countries children and not their own!! I would LOVE to!

  9. headline "Trump puts America on a (immigration) Diet!" beautiful, also look what they DO, not what they SAY, IF Dems REALLY cared, they would recognize the need for FUNDING! any Questions?

  10. By the way, if you commit ba crime, and the police arrest you in front of your children, you will be separated from your kids. This goes on for 100's of years. Think about it… If you are arrested, you will be pulled away from your kids. Kiestjen Nielson did only what would happen if you committed a crime.

  11. Donald Trump's policies are very good and many European countries have similar policies today. Countries are breaking from the European Union Parliament's open border policy. The yellow vest movement is continuing and growing particularly in France. You will also see it in the UK the Netherlands and other places.

  12. Every Director before Nielsen did the same including under Bush and Obama. The problem lies with Congress and especially the Democrats in Congress!

  13. She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman who took the grunt of the Democratic Party from day one they hated her they treated her poorly because they did not like her message and who she supported I wish her luck in the future she is a great lady someone should hire this lady immediately

  14. Children in cages and seperating families was on Obama watch. Just fix the boarder and close it if need to get the dumbacraps to fall in line.

  15. What Hippocrates those lying media and Democrat Liars are. Nobody but them are going to be blaming kirstjen Nielsen for putting kids in cages. Like you said this was happening under Obama in 2014! And they're not in cages anyway. What a bunch of liars. They don't know how to be honest anymore. The only time I see them is when I'm seeing clips of them on Fox these days. I quit watching them all together. You can't hear any truth out of them.

  16. Wow. Wait till the Democrats vote to make it legal for felons to vote. They'll be locking everybody up for everything, and then campaigning on releasing everybody so they get their prison vote. Make a prisoner out of you and then promise to release you, all done by the same party. Not that they're going to release you for real . But they'll campaign on it after they already put you in prison. They'll blame your incarceration on the Republicans, of coursel. Slick scam. .. but that's how they operate. Kind of the same thing . done with black Americans for decades upon decades. Campaign on promising them everything they want. And then seeing them it's the bad white Republicans keeping them down and making them suppressed, even when they're not. Then when they get in office they don't even know who they are. Tricksters. And compliments to them, they're good at it . They all belong in a circus.I

  17. So what does Juan want to do about criminals who are taken away from their families? The man is an ideologue and stupid to boot, time Fox got rid of him!

  18. You are all a bunch of hypocrites and liars. If anyone is responsible for the situation at the border it's congress, backed up by the media for propagating this. Now that moron heading oversight wants to put the blame on President Trump when it's all the doing of Congress. Sorry Juan. I'm surprised you don't regularly run into walls since you can't see past your nose. So Juan's solution is more of this and more of that. Quite a scientific solution. When the glass is full, pour more water in, and when some spills out, just pour more in.

  19. History will judge everyone who supported the way this man is scapegoating people. We are a country of laws. If you love Trump this much let's get rid of the Presidency and create a Emperor.

  20. Nielsen is not a disgrace but demonstrated she was not detoured from the very difficult job. Her fight was against every democrat traitor in America. America Thanks You Christen Nielsen for your hard work and dedication.

  21. Who has slowed congress the most I ask? Democrats (1) or Republicans (2) the house (3) or the senate (4). Chose two numbers as your answer.

  22. The disgraced five. The only place these rejects are accepted is fox news. Fox news the place for rejects.

  23. For all those AMERICAN dem followers… let the illegals take YOUR jobs and see how u like it! These are OUR jobs and LAWS! YOUR IN AMERICA ! OPEN UR FREAKING EYES!

  24. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT 'SH22 Report' are STEALING CONTENT FROM 'X22REPORT' . PLEASE STOP WATCHING SH22 REPORT as they are corrupted versions of X22Report videos.

  25. Democrats are taking American money and passing everyone they’ve ever argued for (minorities, women, children, the abused, the homeless, etc) and giving the money to the endless line of immigrants🤷‍♂️

  26. That Little Millie on CNN has a short memory when it was Obama that first put kids in cages. I think we go cheap on the Border, lets make Mine fields and Machine gun placements and if you can get through both than you can file for Asylum, else fix your own country instead of screwing up ours.

  27. Why is an idiot like Juan still with The Five program??? He is degrading the good image of this wonderful andinformative show conducted by honest and personable individuals. The show will be better of without thisdemonized character.  .

  28. Kristjen bringing out her old uniform from her TGIFridays job. I think Kristjen wants to focus on starting a family and having her own children. She'll make a heck of a mom.

  29. 🤣🤣🤣tell em Juan! They are tying themselves in knots trying to make sense of this administration's foolishness!

  30. God Bless Patriots ❤️💙🧡💚💜💛🖤❤️🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱👍👍✅

  31. Investigate dumb trump for financing and leading the caravans. He's that desperate to close the border.

  32. She was no worse than Obama administration, pictures was from Obama area and secondly, you do a crime do you get to take your child with you to jail or prison? Illegally crossing the boarder is in fact a crime. And why is Juan on the show, his views so off the wall it do not stick….

  33. If you break the law you can't complain about what happens if you don't like it come here legally just like if I break the law I have to pay the consequences and I can't complain about it

  34. Juan is another idiot who can't see beyond the leftist globalist psychopathic, parasitic, predatory agenda. He shows such low IQ who can only offer criticism and lies about what is really going on. He's disgusting.

  35. Secretary Nilsson is amazing woman who had humangece weight on her shoulders for such a long time and showed great respect for the law and humanity 👍. The time had come for a change and I'm sure that our beloved President Trump 💪🙏 will choose a right person for this position. I'm proud of you.

  36. Who cares with the leftist scumbag says. You should all play CONTORTION. That would be a better use of air time.

  37. It appears the Juan Williams is fishing for a job on MSNBC. A few years back he presented himself as a rational human being. It cost him his credentials in the world of the left, but made it possible to get a job on FOX. I guess after going without thanksgiving dinner invitations from his old left friends for so long he wants to get back in. He realizes that the only way is to talk like a member of the alt-left. I used to like him better when he presented himself as a Public Radio commentator. But don't worry; you'll soon get that probationary appointment on MSNBC. I don't blame you Juan. It's sad to live alone.

  38. Maybe Nielsen did better than we're led to believe. Maybe she just got disenchanted with a boss and Party that is all talk and no bite. I feel sorry for her.

  39. I like how MSM fails to mention they were enforcing Obama era policies. So how is this Nielsens fault? Also, what about the personal responsibility of all the people knowingly and willingly breaking the law by ILLEGALLY crossing the border? What are they just victims now? Should we just view every single criminal in prison as a victim now, and offer them asylum and a free pay check?

  40. What a bunch of garbage they sprout. Nielsen has done her job as it was outlined. God bless her and may her future be blessed with peace.

  41. DNA testing for anchor children and so called parents. If not the parent or doesn't have legal
    guarding papers in order. kickem out

  42. Well finally the penny has dropped. Kirstjen Nielson has finally come to the realisation she can no longer push Trumps illegal policys on the border. More importantly, she is now liable to be arrested at the border if she chooses to travel outside of the United States and be charged with human rights abuses and find herself at the Hague. You have to feel sorry for this stupid woman. She has been forced to accept there is a crisis at the border when clearly this is false. Trump has failed……and he will continue to push the false narrative even as the feds drag him away screaming as his toupee falls off before they throw him in prison to await extradition to the Hague to face charges of human rights abuses.

  43. She has done a great job. Media tells lies about so much. I just don’t listen much less believe anything they say.
    Obama sorted and caged enormous amt of people and children. Too many people traveling here. Go home.

  44. So his plan is to keep a revolving door of secretaries until he gets people willing to break the laws they have sworn to enforce. The Law and Order President strikes again.

  45. Every time I read comments about Juan here , it is always negative when I find him to be a reasonable guy. I’m starting to think all of y’all are racist .

  46. Is Juan on this show just to argue against common sense? It makes no sense how he is always arguing against facts and common sense lol.

  47. Illegals break the laws. Democrats want law breakers to support thier lawlessness agenda for political power grab. Voter fruad has to be the only way dems get votes.

  48. Nielsen was too soft on the Border Problem. That's why she's out. Along with Rudolf Alles. The U.S. will be in serious troubles soon if we don't gain control of our borders and illegal immigration.
    It's not a humanitarian issue, it's a "National Security Issue".

  49. Yes Juan is kind of dumb, and dishonest, but it doesn't help the show for the other 4 to consistently talk over him, especially Greg and Jesse. If you're going to let stupid/dishonest people have a seat on a show like this then you can't shout them down every day, makes you look bad.

  50. Porocy and rich Demorates should having the vacation homes door open for illegal aliens letting them live there forever. Illegal Aliens have the rights to live in either rich or poor communities.

  51. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was – and still is – far to honest for participating in the political scheme. Semi-truths and half-lies do not become her as her suit is not frame-ups. She followed the law and her repeated cries for changes were ignored. She was not fired, she resigned (see first tweet).

  52. Juan, please bro just stop trying to prop up your dying political party by bending the truth to fit your narrative.

  53. Kids in homeless shelters sleep with strangers around. Kind of sad. I read someplace there's over 2000 school age children in Florida without shelter. I wish we could focus on our homeless first.

  54. This has been a problem for years.  Happened in the Obama administration.  The system is out dated.  Congress refuses to act.  They have treated her disgracefully!

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