“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt silences Daniel Bryan: SmackDown, Nov. 8, 2019
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“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt silences Daniel Bryan: SmackDown, Nov. 8, 2019

I understand, us artists can
be temperamental, that’s fine. But I’m just gonna speak my truth here,
I think you should have come out and you should have celebrated with us. No, you should have and the other guys,
they were a little upset about it, I told them to let it go. I think you needed little more time,
I told them he needs some more time. But I’m gonna be honest with you here,
I don’t think you need more time. I’m looking in your eyes and I can tell
that your mind is already made up. I think the truth is already screaming
inside you, so just come out and say it. You don’t wanna go back, you don’t
wanna go back to the yes chants and the yes movement. You want to move forward, and
you wanna move forward with us. So just say so,
Just say what you wanna say. [SOUND]

100 thoughts on ““The Fiend” Bray Wyatt silences Daniel Bryan: SmackDown, Nov. 8, 2019

  1. Could be an amazing feud not only due to their past history but because both these guys are brilliant actors and entertainers and not just some random boring wannabes.

  2. Just wait…lights go out…fiend effects hit…he starts to attack someone..

    lights go out….

    big fireball…

    ..And we have a monster mash.

  3. The way he goes from that horrific scream to laughing to pure gold. Loved Bray Wyatt since he debuted. Creative didnt know how to use him tho. So he reinvented himself. The new face of fear. No choice now. Just Let him in

  4. when is he gonna attack Roman Reigns? And will the "big dog" actually put him over? Or maybe John Cena for mania???

  5. Can wait to see this in survival series bray waytt vs daniel bryan it will be weird if bryan wins the title cuz he couldn't even beat seth

  6. The way Bray Wyatt exectues the portrayal of The Fiend character is incredible. The attention to detail is insane. That sinister laugh when he locks in the mandible claw is class. Best character in WWE for a VERYYY long time

  7. invincible no-seller…getting heavily into ultimate warrior 1996 territory and we all know how that ended. he looks cool don't get me wrong but how many more garbage matches does he need to have before this all falls flat on it's face and everyone realises this is just the same old bray?

  8. Daniel Bryan's career's been going nowhere recently . WWE cemented him as a Wrestling Superstar. It's high time he uses it elsewhere.

  9. Man this was scary. Im happy he had this segment.. he kinda needed it to keep his presence up. "The Fiend" is the best part of WWE I feel like. I have a bunch of videos on him on my channel if you guys want to peep it out. If he goes against Daniel Bryan.. I really hope he doesnt lose the belt. He needs to have it for a while with how long his character was built up and the b.s. that happened with him and Seth Rollins. What you guys think?? 🤓👹


  11. Imagine this match one day at wwe the fiend bray wyatt vs Daniel Bryan or roman reigns for the wwe universal championship.

  12. Bray wyatt was a great character inspired by the likes of Waylon mercy and raven but the fiend is even better it’s like Kane, undertaker,mankind and papa shango all rolled into one

  13. Be careful Daniel,
    If you do take on The Fiend, this fickle audience will start to hate you as well. It happened to Seth. It'll happen to you next Daniel, because it's no longer 2014 and this audience is more fickle than they were before.

  14. 1:06 how i wish Sami Zayn instead of saying "ooh" he shouldve said "subahanallah" (typical Muslim Reaction when we sees Ghost and entity)he be seen stumbling on the floor back against the wall in the background eyes shut scared shitless (Just like Seth Rolins) and recites some sort of Surah… that would be funnily amazing if he embrace his belief when everybody already knows that he's a muslim.. LOL

  15. Bray’s laugh under the mask are definitely more psychotic and scary than his pre recorded laughs after the fiend’s attacks in the ring or on the stage
    What’s also better is that the commentators didn’t say a word during the segment

  16. This was done precisely. The image to end it was amazing. How he pops up behind like Michael Myers. Awesome awesome. However I wish Samir would have been struck with fear and just stayed still and would have either gotten bumbed into and then out or sits there in fear and watches.

  17. I just want to hurry up play this is on 2K20 but the game is broken so we can’t and they’re not saying how long till update come out

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