100 thoughts on “The Facebook Dilemma: Brad Parscale

  1. The left simply can not fathom that a majority of the country does not think like them. Their bubble was never made to handle this, their manipulative programmers did a good job. Yes, we love Trump (not even American) because communists destroyed my country and we are now paying an incredible price. We believed you deceitful leftist snakes. More and more people are taking courage to stand up against the communists all around the world because of Trump and the patriot American people, which we love, all over the world. Anyhow, I like this Parscale guy.

  2. Did he actually ask the question, "Does it piss you off,.. " We need to cut funding for PBS now.. maybe sell the assets to OANN

  3. Cambride Anylitica is the Devil!


    Facebook giving the keys to the castle to Obama's campaign is just fine though.

  4. Brad absolutely demolished this clown that is calling himself a journalist. Absolutely demolished him.

    This “journalist” should resign in shame and fuck off somewhere.

  5. WOW the freaking interviewer is so whiney, at 44:15 when he says "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" when the guy says the Trump articles were more factual than OPINION PIECES, how does the interview even deny that but not just deny, but say "ARE YOU SERIOUS" in the most whiney tone imaginable?? You have a guest on your show, you have to treat them with respect regardless if your own political views, very unprofessional and oh yea TRUMP 2020 FTW

  6. wow this interviewer and his "i mean, i mean i mean". how you gonna start out every question with "i mean"? is this the best PBS has? i thought frontline was supposed to be legit

  7. The interviewer is feigning anger at the "enemy of the people" comment, its a statement long believed by BOTH sides and which is the very reason YouTube, Facebook, reddit etc were invented. However Clinton literally calling over 50% of the people deplorable was an actual incendiary comment.

  8. As a digital marketer I can tell you this interviewer is making the platform into something it's not. This campaign manager used the same tools we all do every single day. You could train a complete idiot to do it in 48 hours.
    It's a perfect example of a reporter wanting a story despite the fact that there's no story there.

  9. No big effing mystery,the Russians fed him the data,he went with Fakebook,the Mercers financed him. Not complicated.

  10. The Left has been super effective in propagandizing the Left. The bottom line problem is that this reporter believes all the leftist garbage, which he accepts as self-evident. It's not. Watching the left struggle with the cognitive dissonance is amazing to witness.

  11. This is one of the most transparent, logical, and respectful conversations I have ever seen. I learned so much about how advertising works.

  12. Hats off to Brad Parscale, he owned this interview. I am already a conservative, but this interview made me even more conservative…

  13. Frontline "unofficial-propaganda-outlet-for-the-Democratic-Party" PBS: The Facebook Dilemma…
    For PBS… there is a real, real dilemma – of bigly, tragic, proportions – that Hillary Clinton is not President today.
    All because Facebook stole the election and gave it Donald Trump – indeed Facebook and Trump colluded. Treason.

  14. I'm a progressive and actually I really like Frontline, but boy, this was a train wreck. The interviewer was clearly pushing a specific narrative. It was a shame because if he'd come with even a slightly open mind he could have asked better follow up questions. He didn't even seem to know how little money the Russians!Russians!Russians! spent on Facebook (and Google). It seems strange to come to an interview so woefully unprepared. Don't get me wrong, Trump is still a dangerous clown, but Parscale handed this guy his hat. I'm embarrassed for Frontline and now super frightened for the 2020 election.

  15. this guy is asking him all these questions,, all of them are what is his strategy gonna be,, and what was the old strategy… So pathetic, the elites have no freaking clue, so they try to interview him to get all the answers

  16. This video should be shown to young people to demonstrate the difference between adulthood and perennial adolescence. I don't say this to be mean. It's a very fascinating contrast and I think it's a perfect example.

  17. This is pure condescension by the reporter. He clearly doesn't have a high opinion of the American electorate and assumes we're all running around being brainwashed by fake Russian stories. The irony is he's so out of touch and has all the generic talking points, that he doesn't realize he's much easier to fall for propaganda than many Trump voters.

  18. What's with these homos becoming dipshit "reporters". Why do homos like the media so much? Is it there love for attention? Is that why they chose to be a homo in the first place? Attention?

  19. For anyone watching this, answer this question for me. What's the difference between a group of Russians typing Pro-Trump stuff on American social-media and half the Canadian population typing anti-Trump stuff on the same platforms?

  20. Is there any question as to who is more intelligent, lucid, and upfront? This dummy reporter clearly has an agenda, but is completely outmatched in trying to sell it.

  21. Won’t even watch Frontline now after 4 years ago and seeing the propaganda that is blatantly obvious with soyboy “journalists”. CRAP SHOW

  22. This PBS interviewer is about ready to cry. Such an embarrassment to himself, his lover, his parents and his country. Grow the F up Dude.

  23. A reporter doing an interview, claiming that the press is not fake and defending the press every time an example is given of said bias is being neutral and reporting? Or is he driving an agenda and trying to be divisive?

  24. this type of interview style and the interviewer himself is one example of what is wrong with the American so called press.

  25. I know it’s hard, VERY hard, for most people to take an hour out of their busy day to sit and watch a YouTube video, but if you want to listen in on an intelligent conversation that clearly displays the stark differences in the thought processes behind a unapologetic conservative Trump supporter and an unabashed liberal “reporter,” watch as President Trump’s 2016 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, is interviewed by James Jacoby of PBS.

    While Jacoby consistently shows himself to be a defender of and advocate for opinion-based “journalism” or Fake News, Parscale, the head of President Trump’s upcoming 2020 re-election campaign doesn’t give an inch. I almost felt embarrassed for Jacoby as Parscale repeatedly anticipates his misleading questions and literally thinks and talks circles around him… almost.

    This illuminating behind-the-scenes look at how dominant the Trump campaign’s use of social media was and will be in the run-up to 2020 just may be what’s needed to bring me back to Facebook and to those previously ignored “Sponsored” posts in my News Feed!

  26. Personally, I never saw anything pro-Trump on Facebook. (Quit it last year)

    Facebook didn't make Hillary lose- $1,500/mo Obamacare premiums, H1B workers, and liberal hubris did.

  27. They can talk about Algorithms, climbing content, A.I, viewers, bandwidth or technology, this guy KNOWS how internet works, this guy knows what he is doing and knows what he is talking about, you can hear it, straight to the point, no hesitation and the truth, what actually happened and why it happened. Brad doesn't try to minimize or bully the interviewer, Brad doesn't try and brag about himself, he is speaking purely from experience, honesty and the facts he knows to be true.

    I didn't know this guy existed until today but now I understand that even-tho Trump was the key, undoubtedly, he didn't win the election alone.

  28. at timestamp 41:30 when Brad Parscale is asked if he has any concerns about having used facebook in the Trump political campaign to target voters with one hundred million dollars worth of messages, Brad Parscale answers that he has absolutely non. Brad Parscale then goes on to expand on his reasons for having no issues, by explaining that people who use Facebook always have the freedom to turn off Facebook. at the moment he says this Brad Parscale looks over to his left where some representative of some sort must presumably be sitting. 

    I assume Brad Parscale is concerned because he just effectively stated that the only way to prevent being targeted by advertising or propaganda campaign messages when usiing Facebook, is by turning Facebook itself off. the person to his left may well be a Facebook lawyer. the reason is that earlier in the conversation he claimed that, Project Alamo, the campaign which he had been running and which had been set up by Jared Kushner to target voters, had a special liaison Facebook insider provided by Facebook themselves to help the actual campaign. this was provided by an allocated Facebook information technology specialist working as full time staff for the project Alamo Trump campaign.

    on top of this, Brad Parscale also finds no incoherent or contradiction in the idea of targeting any single one individual potential Trump supporter with one message, whilst targeting another single potential Trump supporter with a different message. Brad Parscale sees no problem with this I presume because like Trump, Brad Parscale is only interested in winning. even if it means that Trumps own supporters might Turn up to Trump campaigns with completely different or even contradictory and incoherent messages and beliefs. 

    one would suppose that people such as Cesar Sayoc  may have been one of these individuals who had been targeted by Brad Parscale with this personal messaging technology. then again, Cesar Sayoc could have always chosen to turn Facebook off. would likely be Brad Parscale’s argument. if Cesar was low IQ enough to know how Facebook worked, or that they had a Facebook staffer helping people like Brad Parscale target people like Cesar, then obviously as far as Brad and Facebook are concerned, that’s Cesar’s problem.

    I guess that would be one way of putting it at least. after all Facebook seemed to have done the same and been involved in the very violent elections in India a few years previously. it seems like violence seems to be following facebook around. so very well done Brad and your Facebook IT specialist. clap clap clap

  29. Fascinating to see Brad Parscal explaining what he did. Fine interview as I watch. Learned a lot. Thank you PBS, Frontline, Brad. Parscale was a great interviewee. Can see why the collusion case, at least with regard to the digital campaign, is so hard to make. Various pro-trump “marketing” cells were evidently sealed off from each other, each plausibly separate, uncoordinated.

    I wonder what and how Kushner contributed to the digital/Facebook effort?
    I wonder too what foreign interaction there was with this effort?
    How much “spotting” did these domestic (US) efforts provide?
    What was the nature of this spotting in the global, digital age?
    Was the targeting done knowing that foreign actors would pick up on pro-Trump content, and would cycle it back through the viral ecosystem, spreading and magnifying it?
    What was the full extent of Cambridge Analytica’s involvement?
    What points of coordination and amplification between CA and Kushner-Parscale and foreign actors were there?
    No wonder Mueller’s prosecution is taking so long and is so difficult.

    Again, fascinating interview. Thank you Parscale, thank you PBS.

  30. So the Obama campaign used the same tactics and their campaign was branded a "genius," but when Trump did the same, it's questionable?

  31. This is an incredible man. Most people do not appreciate the extent of what he accomplished in 2016. Especially this journalist.

  32. I have never seen the producer interject into an interview there….that's so unprofessional and absurd. That lady should be embarrassed

  33. This interview totally shows how the “pseudo-journalists” are biased & exceptionally intellectually stupid.

    Indeed, Brad Parscale is awesome.
    PBS= Progressive Bullshite Socialism

  34. Looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck? Brad Pascale is a straight up Russian agent doing Putin’s bidding in a successful campaign to destroy our Democracy. Wake up Fox News brainwashed fools.

  35. The reporter needed to prepare better for this. He needs to be better informed about the technology of marketing.

  36. This interview is annoyingly unprofessional. Condescendingly beginning each question with “so….” attempting to drive a narrative. Sick!

  37. The interviewer keeps hitting a brick wall, but he keeps going after it. Parscale has the patience of a saint.

  38. You guys try so hard to entrap so you can make things fit your narrative to control what you deem fit what is to be seen .. what can (((MSM))) do to control what is divisive, hate speech, and what is allowed to be seen, heard, and told .. total control .. (((MSM))) (((PBS))) are the enemy of the people .. the interviewer took everything personally and he should .. liberal PBS is left biased opinionated (((propaganda)))

  39. Reporter is cucked, soyboy, beta male. Sheesh, he is example why I don't listen/watch lamestream media. Brad Parscale rocks! The only adult in the room 😎😎😎

  40. It's stunning how narrow scoped this "interviewer" is. He's stunned by much of what he's told because it doesn't match with his view and he's obvious about it. Parscale is very patient explaining, repeatedly the same thing.

  41. Please award Brad Parscale The Patriot Patience trophy! I would've cut and run long before 75 minutes of an inferior intellect attempting to pigeon hole me into statements he could spin against the POTUS! What a guy!! WHAT A BRAIN! America needs more Brad Parscale.

  42. Funny how this "journalist" is doing his best to act as the opposing lawyer in a court room. The way he gives this interview is like he works for the democrat party. No wonder everyone thinks journalists are democrats in sheep's clothing.

  43. This so called journalist doesn't just ask a question and get an answer. He asks a questions then argues the counter point in every single thing said like he works for the democrats. No wonder no one trusts the media.

  44. This so called reporter does his best to create a leftist democrat narrative in this interview. Another bias douche bag "journalist" pretending to be a neutral pursuer of the truth.

  45. This journalist is actually convinced the media is unbias against trump! Jesus he's so far in his bubble he has no self awareness or any ability to see what's so obvious to everyone else who isn't a democrat.

  46. This journalist is a joke. He's actually debating that journalism today isn't oppinion based. He actually is denying the media hasn't changed in the last 3 years. He thinks this is the exact same media as during obama's years and they are treating trump no different than obama. Lol. Are you fucking kidding me dude? His head is so far up his bias ass and he hangs out with similar minded liberal journalists he thinks he's not a bias liberal democrat hack.

  47. Let me ask you the same six questions in a hundred different ways until I get the answer I want to hear and let me get frustrated and think ill of you when I cannot change your views to match mine exactly. And then let me censor you and accuse you of being something you are not and insinuate you believe things that you don't.

  48. And then when it is all going really really really downhill, I am going to make you responsible for fake accounts set up not by you but by kids in Macedonia. Why didn't you go over there and spank those pesky little nerds!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!

  49. Brad Parscale the PBS interviewer is a LIAR! He should be ashamed of all the lies he tells. Brad never give this moron an interview again

  50. Not buying Parscale for a minute. You fools just want people to lie to you like a used car salesman. Parscale is intelligent in an evil way – paid the big money to refute Russian interference while working hand-in-hand on the 2020 election with the IRA. Cheeto Jesus has one big problem – the rest of us are on to your traitorous scam. Sorry dupes, beard boys gonna end up like Epstein because he won't rat out his owners.

  51. The comments here make me very uncomfortable to be an American. Luckily I’m old enough to remember a better world, including (this) strong press.

  52. This is very poor interviewing. The interviewer goes into the interview with a bias. He's looking for the big "gotcha" question which never occurs. If he'd focused on how Parscale and the Trump campaign used Facebook, asked probing questions that focused on how the campaign achieved their results, we might have gotten a decent interview.

    For example, Parscale talks about changing the ads based on feedback. This is known as A/B testing, a common method in the digital advertising world. If the interviewer had been someone who had a bit of knowledge about how digital advertising and Facebook ads work, we might have learned something revealing.

    Very dumb interview.

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