11 thoughts on “The Facebook Dilemma: Andrew Anker

  1. Of all of the FB interviews Frontline has posted this week, this guy seems to be the most authentic, and have a real grasp. (Perhaps his age lends something to that.) The others seem a little cultish.

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    Facebook censors Palestinian's dissent sites. Boycott Facebook..
    Zuckerberg is in bed with the Zionists.

  3. This is the best of these facebook interviews, and Andrew Anker sums it all up at 1:26:59 when he says that news media broke itself. the 24 hour news cycle, that pumps 60% opinion based content, has a lot to do with why people are illing to swallow a lot of the nonsense you can fall into on facebook. Facebook didnt crete the real echo chambers, MSNBC and FOX did that with 24 hour, opinion based drivel. Facebook just took that nightmare and sped it up. I think the questions Frontline is asking are important ones but they dont seem to want to acknowledge the roll that the media format of the late 80's, 90's and early 00's had on todays current environment. AND unfortunately I think the answer is that modern day news consumers are just going to have to be better and researching the "truth". Personally I dont lament the loss of the day when 3 networks and a bunch of white men essentially decided what was "news".

  4. Facebook is Adbook. For Facebook to continue to deny it's a Media company is a sham. In 2017 Facebook's revenue was $40 Billion of which $39.9 Billion came from ads. I have understood the business model from day one but grow up Facebook and admit who you are and why you have built a platform you can't control. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of unicorn kids with zero business and life experience set out with a mission of community and good but the mission is lost. If you told Zuckerberg in his dorm room that what he was building was a media company that threatens free speech through content filtering and is all about money, he probably would have quit and played more xbox. However, I dont see his team refusing to enjoy the billions they make. Adbook, (Formally Facebook) like most all business will fail in time as someone will build a better mouse trap. People are realizing they are tired of the ads, the internal conflict of Adbook's leadership.

    Best interview of the Frontline Facebook series. Finally someone who is not a Facebook cheerleader and clueless. Bravo

  5. YES! I'm digging this interview. YES!
    And he's saying some things that the interviewer refused to hear from Brad Parscale. The news media have a serious problem. They need to drive ratings and revenue and that belies their veneer of being noble and providing a social good. No.

    Andrew Anker says:
    "I think it is safe to say if there's one lesson that's core to media it’s that the more contentious, the more point–of-view-centric, the more argumentative, the better the media. The reality is we live in a world where cable news has turned into what it is because it drives ratings."

  6. 8 minutes in… Can't define journalism? Really? How about Merriam – Webster dictionary?

    Definition of journalism

    1a : the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media

    b : the public press

    c : an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium

    2a : writing designed for publication in a newspaper or magazine

    b : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation

    c : writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest
    NOTE: 2b…. the ideal.

  7. It scares me that people are saying he's the most reasonable of the interviews. He's evasive, constantly poses false dilemmas, and doesn't seem capable of thinking critically about his former employer.

  8. Very interesting the bald guy with the beard who is allegedly a Journalist is making arguments for censorship

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