The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)
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The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)

39 thoughts on “The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)

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  2. jason can I ask you a quick question about the conversion objective. I only have control over the thank you page. Would that be enough to set up a converson ad or do I also need the landing page where they actually started?

  3. Hey Jason! How can I get in touch with you asap? I offer video production services and digital marketing to realtors. I plan on outsourcing the marketing to focus on video production, and I think your team would be the right one to make this happen with.

    Let me know!

  4. Is this actually real??? 😯😯 So this is what you guys have been cooking up 🤯🤯🤯 This is gamechanging bro!!

  5. This is a game changer. I’m going to need an affiliate link for this because I’m going to set up all of my clients on this. Jason, this is incredible!

  6. Hey Jayson, thanks for your video. Is Arsenal MKG software developed for international markets or its custom made for users in US? Can i use it in Kenya?

  7. Can I run multiple clients ad spend accounts and their individual linked Facebook pages to this program?

  8. Hey Jason! I heavily run ads on facebook on my own, and use Facebook Ads Manager to keep track. If I sign up for your service, will it pull those ads in your manager so I can keep track of active ones and so that I can boost them again if I so wish?

  9. Hey have you done tests to find out if when you are using a third party software on FB that it doesn't limit your reach? I have heard numerous times that it does. Thx!

  10. Hi Jason, I have 2 questions hopefully you can answer. First, when you create a new lead form do we have to add the pixels to the lead form or is it automatically integrated into it? Second when the ad is created and you direct people to click learn more to receive the pics and property information how do you set it up so the pictures and property info can be send to them automatically? I'm new to Facebook so if this don't make sense I apologize. Thank you Jason!

  11. Hello,
    Can i start with conversions objective (cost per purchase) ?

    Some says you should not if your pixel is new.
    Some says you can

    If i have a good product and choose the right audience, i should have sales, no matter if my pixel is new or not.
    (Especially if i select in the behaviours: ENGAGED SHOPPERS)


  12. Nice Jason, You are making it super easy to use. I like that! I will be running new FB Ads this week. Thanks

  13. Hi Jason, Thx for the video! This program is only for Real Estate ad creation? or work for another type of business? What if I just want to create an ad for promote services as a Realtor and not to sell/buy a house? Can I still use it?

  14. Can I get a breakdown of price and what is included in each package? I've seen $99 and I've seen $299 and I'm not sure what's included in which program. I've been thinking about this for quite some time, but I need to know which package will fit my needs. I currently subscribe to a lot of different things and would be great if I could just stop all and do this. Also, I still have to pay to boost ads on FB correct?

  15. hello, Jason I just registered with Arsenal MKG. Why is it that there is no ADS portion in the Menu bar?

  16. Enjoy all of you information. I am an experienced Agent, out of the market for 6 years, and so much has changed…I NEED Help! Not savvy with social media! Willing to learn anything helpful! Thanks again for your help in advance!

  17. I thought I was watching a video on how to use Facebook ads not a video on how to use your software

  18. I'm a new agent and I've been researching the FB lead form and think I have it figured out, but this would help me out tremendously. I went to your website and watched the video on the home page, which provided more information and answered the questions I had. I'm definitely going to try this and can't wait to get started!!

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