The DEFY Media’s Sexual Harassment Claims (Update In Description)
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The DEFY Media’s Sexual Harassment Claims (Update In Description)

Sup you beautiful bastards hope you’re havin a fantastic Monday! welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it the first thing we’re gonna talk about today by far One of the most requested stories in fact it was something that I want to talk about Saturday There are updates the story after I had filmed we had technical problems And so I figured let’s just talk about it today And that is the very troubling story around DEFY, the screen junkies and specifically Andy Signore for the sake of this story It’s important you understand how this umbrella works This isn’t just a guy from the screen junkies you had Andy who created screen junkies other shows like man-at-arms But in addition to that he was senior vice president of content at defy media And DEFY media if you don’t know is the digital media company behind screen junkies, smosh, smosh games Clevver TV, the AWE me channel, BREAK, Made Man Okay, so that said, what happened? well on Friday a woman by the name of Emma Bowers went to her Twitter and Facebook to make allegations Against Andy, writing: ”In light of recent events with Harvey Weinstein now is a good time to remind everyone I was sexually harassed by Andy Signore, the creator of screen junkies I was interning aka working for copy credit on some viral videos for him, and he came across some pinup photos I had done He messaged me to say how hot I was and tried to play it off as silly “Lol jacking it to you and your undies” when I tried to brush it off He offered me to come over so he could do it in person. I will never forget his exact words quote “You can read a book for all I care.” You need to understand this guy was my boss He was in a position of power and I was a very under skilled young lady working with him for free with the promise of If he could pay me, so I say “I’m flattered but no thank you”, ’cause I was desperate to break into the world of costume design. a few months later when I realized the project was going nowhere. I finally got the courage to back out I told him I was done his response. Oh, that’s professional of you I tried to move on but that experience killed my desire to get into costume design And it causes me a lot of rage to see my Facebook friends who are woke, active and feminist repost and reblog honest trailers that allow this awful creep to make money, so yeah, it’s not just Weinstein I wish I’d fought more which I’d screen capped his messages But I was young scared and dumb so I did girls in Hollywood get taken advantage of so much I just want people to believe me when I say this happen and very soon after this post from Emma Bowers other women started coming forward with their experiences one of the most troubling coming from a woman by the name of April dawn in response to Emma she wrote he tried to Force himself on me, and I’ve been in talks with their HR for the past two months But all they’ve done is protect him and in a more detailed statement she wrote over the past two months I’ve been talking with screen junkies HR department after Andy signor tried to actually assaults me on multiple occasions I did what I believed to be the right thing and trusted the company to do something considering two other women also came forward with Me HR company continued to not take me seriously and only had andis interests in mind He threatened my boyfriend’s job security saying he would fire him if I told anyone this has been the hardest time of my life but I’m coming forward in hopes that no other women will have to be subject to this kind of treatment took out sex toys and Tried to force them in took pictures of me without my permission and promised a position at screen junkies for sexual favors I hope this encourages more women to come forward because I believe you then confirming this claim you saw writer comedian host Danny Fernandez tweeting saying in July I called defies HR and gave them the names of women and witnesses who agreed to talk to them about Andi he never contacted the additional witnesses that Also, included two male producers. They had a detailed list of graphic instances He told one of the women that they had quote defies best interest at heart that is literally what they told her about her sexual Assault several of the people in the film community knew this I know because I told them personally and continued to work with him then We also saw fans coming forward with their Experiences with Andi what a woman that came forward was Devin Murphy who shared alleged emails and direct messages here It looks like he wants her to send a picture. She does he then allegedly responds. You should be a youtube star I’d have that show on screen junkies Plus. Lol. Especially if you’re in that outfit. Hop He also saw a screen junkies staff responding to this incident on Twitter How Rudnick who’s on screen and a writer for screen junkies tweeted shocked saddened and disgusted by the news today I believe in support the women who’ve come forward. It takes bravery to speak screen junkies producer Dan Morrell tweeting I’m numb I don’t know what to do questioning everything. I thought I knew those that came forward I hear you And I believe he had writer for screen junkies and honest trailers Spencer Gilbert right Isaac and saddened and frankly in shock right now not Going into work. That’s for sure Then finally screen junkies and defying media publicly respond writing we had screen junkies and defying media have no tolerance for harassment or retaliation Of any kind we’ve been conducting a thorough investigation And the allegations made against Andy signor and are preparing to respond to those allegations and take appropriate action given the additional information that was made available today We feel it is necessary to suspend Andy’s employment while we continue our investigation you will take all necessary action once the investigation is fully complete at this point many people pointed out that that did not seem to line up with many of The claims specifically with Danny Fernandez and other women saying we came to HR we had all this information Any Fernandez responded multiple women came forward and we gave you the of male producers who had witness and you did nothing? This has been going on for months remember when your HR person replied, okay? So what do you want us to do about this? How about your job? And as this story gained more and more traction over the weekend more women came forward with their experiences with Andi both of these stories seemed to be him trying to flirt with Or connect with fans and there did not seem to be a shortage of these claims and then on Sunday screen junkies and defy media Released another statement writing defy media and screen junkies have today terminated Andi signore’s employment effective immediately simply no justification for this egregious and intolerable behavior in August defies HR team was made aware of Allegations made against Andi at which time an investigation was launched on Friday new information became available and the scope and magnitude of his Inappropriate actions became apparent you’re acting swiftly to address the concerns of the people affected and then going forward our community is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind and ultimately where I land on this is I’m just I’m Disgusted and understand this story is about Andi signor, but it is much bigger than Andi and understand I’m not saying it’s one or the other there is Andi But then I also have to look to defy media if I media who women said they went to the HR department to report this Defy media themselves saying they knew about this since August, and it wasn’t until the public found out about it Or as they say we got more information information at the women who said they went to HR say that they had that we see them make a meaningful move by terminating in And I have to say on a personal note with how pivotal. I hear Andi is over there. It is hard for me Not to feel like he was being protected. I’ve got to ask de 5 What is your HR department like I have never worked for a company where the HR department? Gets the claim that from a woman that someone a man in a high position Tried to sexually assault her or sexually harassed her and that launches an investigation that according to the women You didn’t ask for more information also judging from his timeline while you were still engaged in this investigation who’s still around? Many female employees many female guests I mean what kind of HR department allows that and it’s not because HR departments are these these beautiful things that are just looking out for People a part of the corporate machine that is meant to yes protect the employees, but also protect the company from a lawsuits That’s crazy, and it makes me want to fight or elise an active timeline of their suppose at investigation I mean honestly to defy I have to ask you how do you expect your employees to feel safe? What the situation has shown so many people is that? You can be sexually harassed you can go through the proper channels you bring it to HR And they will handle that for you. They will keep you safe after about two months and a lot of public anger I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt But when when I see Danny Fernanda is replying to this? Announcement Friday scope and magnitude we literally told you he tried to force a dildo on April when he pushed himself on her and again Explaining that HR didn’t contact the witnesses I can’t help I feel like defy only did this because it was public But that said I am gonna pass the question off to you. What is your takeaway from this situation? Do you think that HR try to do their best or they were? protecting someone feel like anything would have happened if this hadn’t turned into such a public event I loved know your thinking and why and those comments down below then let’s talk about the brand of Coming under fire over the weekend for an ad they put out. I mean I people were outraged on Friday dev released a three-second Facebook ad and in that it featured a dark-skinned woman in a dark shirt and taking that shirt off to reveal a very Light-skinned woman in a light shirt and many people started saying that this was offensive this was racist saying this calls back to overtly racist Soap advertise essentially showing dark-skinned people as dirty than soap gets involved in the equation and boom now your light skinned you’re not dirty anymore Thanks so now after all the outrage dove removed the ad than issuing this statement that is committed to representing the beauty of diversity in An image we post this week We missed the mark and thoughtfully representing women of color And we deeply regret the offense out of his cause the feedback that has been shared is important to us And we’ll use it to guide us in the future. I will say the situation as it’s been described here I mean it looks pretty damning for Dove at the very least it seems incredibly tone-deaf That said it should also be noted that there is more to the equation here Have a claim that this small ad was meant to show quote ad of body washes for every woman Well, then why was your ad just a dark-skinned woman turning into a light-skinned woman well It wasn’t the full ad actually featured three women There’s a third woman in the ad that has a darker skin tone and so ultimately where I land on this is do I understand Why some people are angry here? Yes, I get it especially when a lot of the way that this story has been presented is dark-skinned woman turns into light-skinned woman Thanks, soap. I mean I get it if the ad only features two people you could see that as a before-and-after When you look at the ad and it’s three second Entirety you see kind of what they were going for so the question I want to pass off to the story is if you saw this before and now you are aware of the full ad is it still offensive to you know what you think then because The world is a silly stupid place. Let’s talk about the McDonald’s Rick and Morty riots I say riots cuz I’m a fan of hyperbole now in this if you’re not familiar there has been a craze over the idea of McDonald’s reira leasing their Szechuan sauce it’s because of something that happened in an episode of Rick and Morty this season and since that episode Aired McDonald’s just jumped on top of that use that as a marketing tool They kept building up the hype until they announced yes for one day only McDonald’s around the country where you could go in and get Szechuan sauce and things got Ridiculous videos and pictures started popping up from outside of McDonald’s with hundreds of people lined up And it seemed to be understood that there would be a limited supply of the sauce but not How limited it would be or some people claiming that there were stores that only had 20 packets others 17 once these stores start running out of sauce people start losing their damn minds We saw instances of police having to be nearby to keep things calm people in the stores chanting and yelling at the employees My favorite things to come out of this situation was a video of what appears to be a guy taking $10 per nugget if you wanted to dip it in the sauce And I have to say I personally thought that was genius Until I went to ebay and saw that three of these sauce packs three of them sold for over eight hundred forty eight dollars Also an important thing to note Rick and Morty the Creator is Adult Swim They reportedly had nothing to do with this campaign Justin roiland a co-creator of the show tweeted FYI we had nothing to do with this McDonald’s stuff not happy with how this was handled please be cool to the employees it’s not their fault and in response to this whole situation McDonald’s has said, “We’ve heard ya! We’re gonna make this right in the last 24 hours We’ve worked to open any portal Necessary and at work Szechuan sauce is coming back once again this winter and instead of being one day Only in limited to select restaurants were bringing more a lot more.” and so ultimately where I land on this story is a little bit Conflicted there’s part of me that I understand It’s incredibly easy to want to make fun of people losing their mind that they didn’t get a nugget sauce they’re the people I empathize With the most of the people where you see that they did their work they made sure the location that they were gonna go to that they were gonna sell the sauce they traveled hours to get there because There was nothing near that those people got incredibly inconvenienced And and that sucks and on the other end I get that limited availability sells like crazy but you knew the amount of demand for this product imagine most of McDonald’s they’re aware of the campaigns people started to bring back the sauce and all the likes and the Retweets and all the videos, and then they allegedly send one of the locations That’s going to get the sauce 20 packets that doesn’t even seem like limited availability that seems like a troll nono What’s your takeaway here then let’s talk about an update around the Casey Neistat Jimmy Kimmel ad controversy we talked about yesterday if you want to know the specifics I recommend you watch that video first but to oversimplify YouTube D monetize Casey Neistat in a video where he was raising money for the victims of the Vegas shooting now is of no because Casey said that he was going to donate all the money he made from Adsense on Twitter They said sorry we love what you’re doing, but this is a policy I then tweet of them saying it looks like the implementation of that policy is bullshit because Jimmy Kimmel has ads on his Vegas shooting solo video I got like a hundred twenty thousand plus retweets hundreds of thousands of like it also spawned a fantastic hit piece from gizmo die wrote an article title YouTube videos about Las Vegas Massacre blocked from making money in Casey nice that got piss they stated this was simply a case of a vlogger who feels he should Be the exception to the rule something that Philip DeFranco agreed with they then tried to cast doubt on my claim that there were ads Running on Jimmy Kimmel’s video saying as of new an Eastern No ads are playing on the video, which I showed and I actually had a screen float video I showed the ads were still running at that time I’m a little lazy reporting they then updated the article saying update there now appears to be ads on the video which is beautiful because It appears that they can’t even admit that they were wrong here and additionally to point out something else that was wrong with your reporting the the problem isn’t that Casey wants to be the exception to the rule the problem is that at face value the only exceptions to The rule here are the Jimmy Kimmel’s and the late-night host and the people with huge huge backing people are simply expressing their frustration And asking why does it appear that these guys are the exception to the rule that said one? I actually want to thank gizmoto for their lazy reporting here every time you do something like this It just adds legitimacy to what I’m doing here and secondly we have updates to the story because YouTube Contacted me this morning. So they confirmed what I theorized yesterday that the ads on that video were partners sold I mean the ads on those videos were sold and placed by the Jimmy Kimmel sales team Yeah
As you’re seeing before this video unless this video got Demonetized or sold through you to one in front of Jimmy Kimmel’s video reportedly partners souls the question then becomes do partners sold ads Supersede YouTube ad policy according to my contacts at YouTube this morning yes and their reasoning behind This is when YouTube is selling ads and they have the ad policy in place They have to set broad rules right we all saw the YouTube ad pocalypse where advertisers were scared of what their content was in front O because YouTube wanted to make advertisers feel safe they updated their ad policy we saw stricter enforcement but most likely and I think Understandably people are still going to have a problem with that their statement on Twitter to Casey Neistat seems to be them saying any any Video about a tragedy no ads whatsoever. That’s the rule it’s that same in there appears to be flat blunt So this is the rules it doesn’t matter about context I mean what this appears to show us is that YouTube has no moral problem with Profiting off of videos around a tragedy because YouTube did confirm They’re still getting a cut from those partner ads it appears their blunt kind of caveman enforcement of this rule is more about just keeping Advertisers happy rather make it less likely that the brands are gonna. Be outraged I say blunt and caveman-like because a Casey nice dive video. It’s not really about the tragedy It’s about raising funds to help victims Although it potentially throws a wrench into that excuse is I was talking to fellow creator a buddy Ethan Klein of course Massive youtuber he did his own video on this whole situation According to him that excuse might not fully add up because quo network was unable to sell ads because on inappropriate content YouTube limits Monetizable views it’s total BS partner sold still goes through the same system the final update to the story Is a final official statement YouTube sent me after we had our talk there they wrote for nearly eight years We’ve allowed a small number of large Whitelisted partners to run partner sold ads on videos in these cases the partners work directly with the advertisers to serve ads on their content And in so doing took full responsibility for their placement including issues around brand suitability But then adding in the specific case of tragedies like the one in Las Vegas We are working to not allow such partners to sell against such concept We have not completed this work yet But will soon so from that it sounds like the partner sold ads will still supersede some ad policies But not tragedies, and then I guess that’s going to also create the question of well since these ads have been playing What are you gonna do with your profits from it? I know that’s where we are right now, and I want to pass the question off to you What is your takeaway from this and that’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show remember if you like this video you like what? I try and do on this channel that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also
If you missed the last philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if you need Something lighter you want to see the newest behind the scenes vlog clicker tap right there That said of course as always my name’s Phil DeFranco. You’ve just been phill’d in. I love yo faces, and i’ll see you tomorrow

100 thoughts on “The DEFY Media’s Sexual Harassment Claims (Update In Description)

  1. It is uncomfortable talking about companies and people in your industry, but that is also why it is so important to talk about moments like this.

  2. Will Andy still be making money on his companies even after being fired?
    In terms of royalties, stocks and so on, since he created those companies?
    Does anybody know how it works?
    Even though I enjoy Honest Trailers and some other defy channels, I'll boycott those channels of he makes more money on me

  3. A human resource department is run by the business. They are for the benefit of the business–not the employees, I don't care what the name says. It's written in employee handbooks about protecting the rights and safety of the employees, but it is irrelevant they are paid by the company, not the minions. Unless someone has "nothing left to loose", an army of witnesses, or money to pay for a lawyer, any complaints to HR do nothing more than hinder the employee's chance of redemption from the offense.

  4. The thing is you talking about McDonalds is doing exactly what they wanted you to do. You're giving them the publicity they wanted with this.

  5. People with power use their power to acquire more women and money…what a surprise. I really don't know how situations like this should be handled. Andy is most likely guilty of such acts. I just don't know how an appropriate action should be made.

  6. Accusing someone of sexual harassement is like murdering someone with a good chance of winning the jackpot. Of course no one would ever abuse this…

  7. Am I so different from those people that I would not put up with this kind of nonsense? Is it a male thing not to take this kind of creepiness? Like, no matter how much I want a job I would NEVER, EVER debase myself to get it. This reeks of prostitution or whatever. If a creepy like Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey showed up naked I would beat the living crap out of them.

  8. no HR dep. in any company can or should investigate a crime. if a crime was committed go to the police, otherwise i assume you are lying.

  9. the sauce thing just goes to show how stupid we are. ppl wouldnt think that this level of immaturity is connected to all the sexual harassment shit but it very much is. if we want the big problems to be solved and every other "real" issue to be resolved, as individuals we have to change and mature.

  10. WOW i've always been a fan of screenjunkies but i dont think i can support their videos anymore after this news. unsubscribing from their channel, such a shame because i know there are decent people that work there – roth, dan, alicia, but there are also too many misogynists there to warrant anymore of my time. this should not have taken this long for those women to get justice.

  11. That's exactly why they did it, because those women did the right thing and stood up for themselves. But really that's the only reason any of these cases are coming to light at all. Most of these men are in VERY powerful positions, with insane connections that keep them trucking on being predatory trash.

  12. (english isn't my first language so sorry if my grammar is shit) I don't know how police reacts to sexual harrasment, but in my opinion, twitter isn't the place to make this type of allegation, because maybe some people would think that they're making the allegation to get attetion. Go to the police, then if you still want to "expose" the alleged harraser, just fine

  13. Having seen how things have unfolded it appears as if HR was protecting the company and specifically Andy however I think that whilst the on screen talent at screen junkies missed the signs and genuinely didn't realise what was going on and they are trying to rectify the mistakes that were made and senior management are changing practices so that allegations get treated properly in the future. I enjoy honest trailers and movie fights and I hope that they can work past Andy's unforgivable actions but I suspect that a lot of damage has been done that won't be fixed quickly.

  14. “Magnitude” that’s what we need now! The more women who get rapes and sexuality assaulted, the better chance they have of doing anything????? Wtf kind of way of thinking is that. One women is too many!

  15. Since when does HR have to take on the duties of the police? Why do these women contact HR before the police? Why does DEFY fire Andy and start an "investigation" instead of letting the police investigate?

  16. Oh God this makes so much sense I'm a huge screen jumkies fan but Andy was the judge of movie fights and I would always think he would always give wins to woman who did not have the best arguments

  17. i want to vomit, the respect for everyone, not only women, has just gone out the window. goes to show how power can screw up peoples minds

  18. Man I have had a similarly creepy (inappropriate texts/email) from a member of one of Defy's big channels and have had to stop watching them (though I was a huge fan before the incident). Haven't gone public with allegations because of fear that it would be dismissed as "not a huge deal" but I'm sure there are other fans who have had similar interactions with him. Now I'm too scared to reach out to Defy's HR because lord knows they won't be helpful.

  19. This is what happens when 30-something guys who are still virgins become famous…everything they know about talking to women has come from their John Hughes DVD Box Set. So now they're living the "awe shucks, the clumsy fat nerd underdog made it big" life that they've watched on TV since middle school. They view American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused more as "How-To" videos than Hollywood movies. I can't imagine what I'd feel if my wife were one of those women. It's instinct to say something uber-macho like "I'D KICK HIS ASS!!!", but in actuality I'd feel vulnerable and useless. All you'd want to do is fix the unfixable for her. Terrible what something like this can do to a woman, and by extension her family. Hollywood needs to teach these guys who have never been around women until they are famous that the movies are not road maps to women's beds. What a bunch of creeps.

  20. I used to always dislike Signore. It was an almost irrational loathing any time he was on screen. But I dealt with it cuz I loved the other people on the channel. At one point they had a weekly show with him and 3 others where they would each come up with a funny or interesting segment on the show. So each one had 4 segments. The other 3 guys would always manage to create comedy gold and each week they always managed to hit at least one home run (each week one of the three would have the clear best segment)
    Then you have Andy… and every week he’d have the most unfunny, cringeworthy, and lazy segments. I don’t believe he won the best segment poll a single time. This guy supposedly created honest trailers but couldn’t come up with a single good segment for this show. His only bright spots were mooching an idea off one of the other guys and tweaking it slightly to become his own. Similar characters, games, etc.

    The smartest thing he did (and who knows if he even deserves credit) was bring in good, creative, funny people to build the channel and write the honest trailers. Cuz he himself wasn’t funny or creative, so I was like fuck this guy.

    THEN we find out he’s a creepy monster and my dislike finally made sense. Maybe I’m psychic?

  21. 1. I can see how dove should have a little more oversight. 2. It’s a fucking sauce. People are flipping their brains because of a condiment, I guess we’re not humans anymore. 3. I wasn’t listen to this with scrutiny because I’m working but from what I heard there wasn’t evidence against Andy (I think that’s his name) from screen junkies. All I caught was the accusation so how does he get punished because of accusations. Will rewatch though.

  22. We all know the majority of companies took actions against Sexual Harassment allegations only did it because women went public about it

  23. Da truth “we here at DEFY know and have known for a long long time about Andy and his inappropriate sexual conduct towards young women working for and under Andy’s supervision. However, because Andy made our company a large profit we were not concerned for any of these women or any other women’s wellbeing. But instead was hoping that through intimidation and by ignoring these women the issue would just go away while we pretended to conduct an investigation. However due to social media and an abundance of negative publicity, not because what Andy did but because of our reputation and bottom line and because we want to try to detour legal actions against us, we have made the decision that is best for the company and fired Andy. We really wish these women would not have caused a fuss and forced our hand.”

  24. The whole "sauce" thing was so idiotic… how on earth are people really this damn stupid? It's fucking sauce. Stuff like this exposes how utterly stupid this young generation is. How embarrassing.

  25. Dude NO SHIT HR only pulled the trigger because it finally went public lol. You'd have had to been born literally yesterday not to be able to put this puzzle together.

  26. Woah. I remember hearing this guy on sooooo many podcasts, I always thought he sounded like a creep

  27. 1 year later i sadly have to say for me it killed screenjunkies … andy as ugly as it was was the face of screenjunkies and the heart … without him its just rly worse … way worse

  28. It’s more common than people think. Our HR at my job , and I work for a govt dept, protected some men that harassed female staff. Which has now led to multiple lawsuits. Very sad and unnecessary .

  29. NOW I understand why Anthony left. I just wish Ian would have followed him or fight together to buy back smosh. ..

  30. Hilarious reading all these old comments when it turns out Andy was actually innocent the whole time. Just goes to show outrage culture and this guilty until proven innocent rhetoric is a dangerous road were taking as a society.

  31. funny thing is, i stopped watching their channel because he became a rabid leftie feminist when trump was running. every single episode became 2-3 women sitting cracking political jokes. super cringe.

  32. If any tragedy video shouldn't be monetized, reporters in traditional media should not get paid when covering those tragedies also?

  33. I think it's funny that people think that the HR Dept is there to protect the employees from management. It is there to protect the company from employees. Always is and will be. Don't be naive.

  34. What really sucks about this stuff is that sometimes it is a lie, but it could also be real and when there's not much evidence it can get really hard to prove anything and then a lot of these cases never get dealt with.

  35. Well seems like she is upset because her career was a failure and is time to make andy signore and men guilty for this. if she dint acept signoire deals and he didnt sabotage her career i dont see why blame him he was just a creep but if she fails as custom designer is because maybe she sucks at it

  36. And a year after this the girl was lying, and she just did it to get Andy fired. How does it feel to push the #woke #metoo narrative that got an innocent guy fired, this literally ended his career. My take away from this would be to recommend you practice what you preach and wait for information to come out before maligning someone without proof. 🙂👍

  37. Today proves why women shouldn't be believed without evidence.
    Let's wait to see how many YouTubers talk about it now

  38. It's funny how people always assume no woman will lie about being harassed, and their lies are uncovered.

  39. Might wanna update on this story… past the three day mark I'd say your journalistic credibility might be at risk.
    EDIT: He updated shortly after I posted this, and since it came out a day before that's decently fast. Good job Phil.

  40. Crazy that the whole Andy Signore was a hoax and lies , he was completely innocent and Screen Junkies knew the whole time ..yet they are silent

  41. Another #metoo misfire. Time for this movement along with feminism to be confined to the dustbins of history.

  42. Thank you for being one of the few people to actually admit you were wrong and post about the other side of the story.

  43. Looking bad, her original statement is confusing as hell too. She didn’t work for Screen Junkies. If she wanted something to be done and wasn’t too afraid to come forward, why would she go to Defy’s HR department? She DIDN’T work there. If I got sexually assaulted by a guy who works at McDonalds in a hotel room, I wouldn’t go to McDonalds’ HR, I’d go to the police. To me, this shows an attempt to get the guy fired, not to hold a criminal accountable.

  44. Are you actually going take back all your condemnations? They fired Andy Signore over these pressures and people like you pulling your bullshit about how they didn’t do a good enough job and throwing their HR department under the bus! Instead of the weak update of “oh it might be lies…” yeah, fuck… imagine that…

  45. I would love to see an update on how you feel about Andy now he has been able to defend himself. #NotMe

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