The Brocial Network (Social Network Parody/Spoof)
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The Brocial Network (Social Network Parody/Spoof)

MARK: I need to do something douche-tastic in order to get the attention of the bros ERICA: Why? MARK: Because they drink and party and frat really REALLY HARD MARK (VO): People want to go to parties and act like assholes So why not create an image that offers that? Sperry’s Khakis Tahoes I’m talking about… taking everything BOSS about America and calling it ‘BRO’. MARYLIN: Your bro drank 22 shots of Jager in two hours? MARK: Gallons. 22 gallons. TYLER: This is potentially worth CASES of keystone! *cases* EDUARDO: They’re saying we’re douchebags- MARK: I know what it says! EDUARDO: So are we? SEAN: BrosLikeThisSite isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? TOTAL FRAT MOVE. MARK: You’re going to have to get iced these girls are getting drunk way faster- EDUARDO: What do you MEAN HAVE TO GET ICED? TYLER: Let’s HAZE HIM in front of the girls! DIVYA: I can’t wait to stand over your shoulder and watch you buy us a keg. MARK: if YOU guys had wanted keystone… you’d have CHUGGED KEYSTONE EDUARDO (VO): Is there any drink that you need to sell me? MARK: Your actions could’ve permanently destroyed EVERYTHING I’ve been drinking for! EDUARDO: WE have been drinking for! MARK: DO YOU LIKE BEING A BRO? DO YOU WANT TO GET RID OF THAT? EDUARDO: MARK! VO: You’re being accused of intentionally binge drinking… shaming sororities… listening to Dave Mathews… MARK: As for the party… I believe I deserve some compensation from these bros. HEAD BRO: For beer? MARK: Yes. HEAD BRO: I only drank a little. MARK: Which part?

100 thoughts on “The Brocial Network (Social Network Parody/Spoof)

  1. Keystone kicks natty ass…Real bros drink keystone, play some game cube, rock sperrys, and wonder when/if "chad" is coming over to pregame. And ask what the name of that chick with big tits is.

  2. @mlzg4 Yes, the song lyrics, recording, instrumention, and choir are all original. The musical composition was arranged by Chase Arrington, who plays Sean Parker in the parody, and sung by members of Savannah College of Art & Design, who are listed in the 'Special Thanks'.

    An excellent final, mastered copy of the original parody track, titled "Wanna Be A Bro" is available for purchase on iTunes- linked in the description.

  3. @ApolloNaught It's the most salient and creative leaping-ground for comedic material to us. But the bigger question- why NOT? 😉

  4. @volcom7793 No, just a series of different lenses, swapped out for different scenes and settings shot on the Canon Rebel T2i.

  5. Lmao at the dude drunk dancin to Fat Pat… I'm guessing that's a Houston "bro" right there….

    Or should i say a Cinco Ranch or Woodlands "bro" that claims to be from Houston.

  6. Hey Atomic! You guys are amzing! Great job! I myself am a young filmmaker and was wondering if you wanted to check out my channel, and tell me what you think of my first video! Thanks again for making my day! You guys are awesome!

  7. @MrHomemadefilms1 The look of the locations is often a result of the lighting/staging of the physical place. That just takes a matter of time, precision, patience, and a cursory knowledge of lighting.

    The rest of the seams of getting that right location- well, that mostly takes time and patience too. But also persistence. When we saw something or somewhere we thought would work, we asked around until we could shoot there or somewhere similar. This is more arduous, I think, but it pays off.

  8. Love this. The song is amazing! We write bro parodies too, our last one was to jar of hearts and has a lot of fat bitches falling in slow mo. will subscribe, check us out and maybe you can return the favor.

  9. @ben3308 that extra time and effort definitely paid off. Your films keep getting better and better – great job.

  10. Its just not the same without that handsome John Redlinger guy! Where'd he go? Good work though, good impression of Eisenberg

  11. @ben3308 what lenses did you guys use? i have been planning on getting a t2i but im not sure where to start. did you use color correction to give some of the scenes a golden look?

  12. @boron47 We shot primarily on the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II and some on the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX. Color correction and color grading, as always, were performed in post in Vegas 10 to achieve the look we wanted, although lighting/production design was also a large part of getting the 'drab' greenish look.

  13. LOL did anybody else notice they redubbed the song too? i wasnt even paying attention until i heard "your such a big douchebag" at

  14. @TakashiXzero It's actually a fully new song- complete with an originally-recorded piano performance, choral arrangement, and it's own full set of lyrics. If you're interested, the track is available on iTunes under the title 'Wanna Be A Bro'.

  15. @SLAGgin84 Maybe you missed the point of this being a parody video; and one focusing more-particularly on 'bro' culture at that. Which in many ways is quite contrary to that of the 'frat' lifestyle.

    Since we're all Greek ourselves, it admittedly pokes fun and does a bit of self-effacing/mocking of our own lives. But that's all just part of the joke. Taking it seriously ruins that.

    Also, people who type out the word 'geed' on the internet are the biggest GDIs of all. That's gay as hell.

  16. @ben3308
    thats cool your doing film and what not. I fucking love writing music. I was always a little afraid of rushing cause I thought I would be judged for that because it was "artsy". Its tight to see someone in a fraternity doing something like this. For me, it kills alot of the negative stigma

  17. @queenship7 None of our work on our channel is done through the communications/RTF department at the university, it's all done in-house through personal initiative and done on/with our own equipment. Currently we shoot with a Canon 60D and edit in Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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  19. I don't think everyone really appreciates the excellent cinematography work and how well done this is. If you don't understand, open up another youtube window, load up 'the social network trailer' and play them side by side with the original sound down. Line up the video so the songs start the same time. Enjoy.

  20. We shot that the same way we shot the whole opening, by filming an actual computer screen with a macro lens. I took the photo beforehand to match the original Zuckerberg one and attuned the color to match our shooting profile on the screen we shot. It was just a ViewSonic LCD computer screen, with a Nikon-adapted lens set to macro.

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