The British Facebook Song from Cambridge University!  (On The Facebook)
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The British Facebook Song from Cambridge University! (On The Facebook)

100 thoughts on “The British Facebook Song from Cambridge University! (On The Facebook)

  1. What I find absolutely hilarious is that the guitar-player guy at 2:15 and 2:50's track that he's recording in the studio isn't even audible on the track! LOL! How fed up must he be? Guess he knows who his real friends are now, lol.

    Nothing clever about this at all, and it gets really tiresome at the end when they obviously can't think of anywhere to go with the joke anymore.

  2. Lol, not as amusing as some, but still very entertaining in other ways. I like the guy at 18secs! Super corny!

  3. Considering the wealth of real musical talent in Cambridge this is just dire!! I'm sure half of the people in this video will go on to run the country! God help us!!

  4. Funny granted. I was born and raised in Cambridge and I'd love to know, why do all Cambridge Uni sudent (undergradates mostly) look and act the same? I guess it's cos their all inbread toff farming gentery freaks. Or some kinda posh cloning experiment gone worng? Toffs are funny – lets all collectively laugh at them.

  5. erm no i dont! just the students do my head in thinking they are better then people who live here the only think you get from cambridge that you dont other unis is that your CV says Cambridge thats all. Im guessing your a student and i hit a nerve well good as your one of the people i hate!

  6. students just do my head in for example this video only shows the tourist side of cambridge which is a small part not the cambridge most people see plus the only good thing about the students is they bring tourists here meaning money but at same time prices go up cos of the rich students the fact lots of tourists come here!

  7. no the inbred are mainly fens and norfolk lol but i dont like the students either and i met most of them as you cant miss them on friday / saturday night dressed up normally oh well roll on summer when they go home lol

  8. For the organ/architecture buffs watching this who don't know this already, the first chapel to appear (the one with the four big turrets) is that of King's College, the chapel interior you see is that of Gonville and Caius College, and the four-manual organ console you see is (I think) that at St. John's College. It's definitely not King's. Anyone know any better?

  9. after having watched this video hundreds of times, i'm just realizing how random it is… a guy taking a radio out of the oven??? what was up with the random asian people gesturing?? and the guy hopping in the stream at the end?? wow.

  10. Messrs Foggitt and Hewitt Jones are fantastic musicians, and that includes the serious stuff. They wrote this song as a bit of fun. And why not? No one likes revising for finals 😀

  11. Just remember that not all Cambridge students are "middle class" and "silver spoon fed". Some just work very hard to get where they are, as do their working class parents who help to fund their education. By the way, before you criticise spelling and grammar, revisit your own posts.

  12. Cracking job guys – only just found this and have had to email it to everyone… this is a really great effort – and well worth the effort too!

  13. If this sort of thing annoys you so much, why do you watch it? The fact that people have worked hard and achieved something with their lives, and have friends to work on projects like this with should be applauded, not derided! Why not get out of your council estate if it's that bad?? We live in a country with loads of opportunities so perhaps spend more time making your life work for you rather than slag off people you've never met and don't understand!

  14. I DO NO LIVE IN A COUNCIL ESTATE THANKYOU! Where'd you get that idea? I went to friggin public school(!) and state school later on, so I'm no snob. Someone commented saying they live in an estate in South Cambs, I live in south cambs.. in a privillaged area which I am very lucky and pleased about. A set of new houses was built recently and I wondered if they lived there.. And where did I say the video annoyed me?? Get you facts straight please.. I work hard to get where I want to be!

  15. Wait, you comment sounds like you replied to niallos123, but my email said you replied to me.. if you did reply to me.. then yeah, read my other comment, but if you were replying to niallos123, then sorry.

  16. But at least they can spell and punctuate. I suppose "anyone from Cambridge" will recognise you as making a stunning contribution to local society. No, I didn't think so.

  17. This is poor!! Ironically unlike the wealth of the parents of the MAJORITY of students that go to this "prestigious" university. Good luck in the real world guys….oh yeh, i forgot…your "already made" so you won't have to do anything after you graduate..congrats!

  18. i understand what you're saying but it's kinda mean saying people who go to warwick or exeter or anywhere that isn't cambridge are fuck ups

  19. I read all the comments posted so far & only a few relate to the video.Most are bitter statements about the Uni or its students.The video is great! Now, about those nasty comments.My father did not even complete High School!We are not "privileged" but I was accepted to study at Camb.I have met students from diverse backgrounds. Some are royalty and others (like me) come from poor backgrounds.Because of the College system at Cambridge,we study together,eat together,live together,& play together

  20. Yes, it is true that people who come to Oxbridge are considered "exceptional" but money will not buy anyone a place at Cambridge. Most of my friends are studying here because Camb is paying for it! But in order for them to qualify for a place they had to compete against millions of other "exceptional" students from all over the world who were applying for the same opportunities. Every culture and social group is represented here at Cambridge…Damn! I should be paid for writing this!

  21. ha ha ha ha hilarious all the comments on this vid are great . its like a rich kid clone experiment gone wrong is a good one too

  22. so how many ov u got graded 4 this it was a great vid great voices n a good laugh! good on u lot at cambridge! lol. x

  23. I can't believe everyone is going on about how easy life is for rich Cambridge Students. I had a number of real problems when I was there. I was forced to drink supermarket champagne for a couple of weeks when the Inland Revenue briefly froze my father's assets. The stabling for my polo ponies was second rate and overpriced. And it is really far to the coast so when I wanted to use my yacht I had to travel for several hours. We all have to put up with hardship but I got on with life.

  24. 2:35 heyyyyy GREEK SOUVLAKI!!!!
    w0w i didnt know that someone whent to there from here to open a place with souvlaki… 😛

  25. This is poor!! Ironically unlike the wealth of the parents of the MAJORITY of students that go to this "prestigious" university. Good luck in the real world guys….oh yeh, i forgot…your "already made" so you won't have to do anything after you graduate..congrats!

  26. tehehe i live in cambridge, and this made me laugh xD and to all you cambridge haters, shut ur gob. this is just some students, having a laugh, give them a break. cambridge is a very diverse place, filled with awesome people from all over the world. i wish people wouldnt steryotype cambridge as being posh, because it isnt. not all of it is big pretty buildings made of stone. i love cambridge and stop dissing it 😛

  27. @rxmcgree what the hell is wrong with you? cambridge houses places like arbury (i love arbury btw, im not disrespecting it, i live there) which are actually quite underprivilaged areas. you need to respect people who get into the university, they clearly have tried hard to make the best out of life.

  28. This is the most horrible thing i have EVER heard… I think I just died a littlebit inside..! I just cant explain how horrid this is.

    P.S Do youtube have a "Dont show this video again" function!?

  29. 1) Song is awesome, thanks guys (makes me smile every time I hear it).
    2) You definitely have too much time on your hands, but so what?! You've created a gem, and to be honest, THJ, is doing music, and as a music student myself…it's what we do.

  30. 3) Oxbridge is full of students from middle-upper class backgrounds, because they tend to get better support through secondary school. They are more likely to have attended a private school and will have support on UCAS applications. The students from low socio economic backgrounds that get in, good on you, it means you've got in through sheer hard work and determination (or you've got notable parents in the music business already in the above example).

  31. 4) I have no idea whether I would have got in to Oxbridge or not, but I fall under all the stereotypes of the candidate that would have.
    I chose to apply elsewhere, because I wanted a course that was more diverse.
    There are people at my university who quite frankly shouldn't be doing degrees.

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