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The Bitter Truth about Social Media | Hindi | stuff hai

Years ago when there were no factories. things were made at home, using home-made tools may be
using some small machines. There was no big business, neither big factories. Then came the industrial revolution and everything changed in a snap. People started building factories,
which resulted in the mass-production of all goods. The people who lived at home and worked in fields were called to factories. And at that time, those who
were then powerful and had money, they put their money in those factories, got them working, got big machines and tools and put those workers at work. But the workers were treated very badly. They were paid very less, working hours were long. The work environment was very pathetic. Very often people died working in those factories. And if I sum up that condition one sentence, the workers were being exploited by a few rich people. But this was the condition back then. Today it’s 2019. Today the world is different. Our thought process
has changed. We have different rules and regulations. And if you look closely, today’s factories are different too. Back then, the factories mass-produced
consumer goods. Today we have factories of information mass-producing data. While today’s workers are also common people, just like back then and the work condition is relatively good, the one main difference between factories of today and back then is that, earlier people got paid for their work. Even if very less amount but they were paid. But today, the workers of the data-factories are not being paid at all. So, who are today’s workers and where are those data and information factories? Today the workers are me and you and these data factories are those websites which collect our data…where we willingly submit our data. Mainly all the social networking sites are data factories. Try to understand one thing. Facebook is a data factory whose main assets are our data and information. Because with our data, they show us targeted ads and sell our data to third parties. Even in the upcoming artificial intelligence age, the AI knows more about who am I than myself. And it does so by collecting enough data about me, from my thoughts to my likings and dislikings. If AI has enough data, it can predict with 99% accuracy what you will do the very next second, literally. And this is very fruitful from a commercial perspective. Because if someone knows what I am going to do very next second, he can also sell me things accordingly. That’s why not only Facebook and social networking sites Data is very important for all major
corporations. Amazon, Google, Microsoft….everyone. Facebook is also one of those big data factories whose main asset is our data and information. And just like the industrial age, some rich people have put their money on facebook who are called Investors. And Facebook’s top priority is neither its users nor its employees. Facebook’s top priorities are its shareholders, its advertisers And Facebook has given its main tool or machine in everyone’s hands: The Facebook app. Through this app, we are all creating content for Facebook, day and night. We all are working for
Facebook. Some people also work overtime. Instagram is not a photo-sharing app. It’s an app that has employed you as a photographer. People click tens of times for that one perfect photo, apply various filters and reply to all comments. this is a full-time job and people do it wholeheartedly. Student’s do it at the cost of their studies. Some people do it at the cost of their mental health. Some people see their social media profiles as their real identities. And we care so much about our post
and uploads. And after all this effort, caring so much, working so hard, what do we get in return? Few likes, few comments and a never-ending timeline which we get to endlessly scroll for free. And we are always scrolling, right? And we all by working collectively for these social media sites day and night, by creating content for them, we help
them make billions of dollars. There has never been a time in the history of mankind where such an enormous amount of wealth is
concentrated in hands of so few people. See, I am not saying that Facebook is evil or we should stop using these social media sites. All I am saying is that when we see it in the broader perspective, if we see them for what they really are, then we find that these all sites are data-factories and we all are exploited workers of these data-factories.

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  1. That means I m not unemployed, unproductive… Wooow, really Understanding is ecstasy 😍

  2. Bhai m facebook insta twittt bachpan m use krta tha ab WhatsApp h kyuki kam pdte rhte… Ye waqt hai kuch kar dikhane ka 😊

  3. Bhai 👍is tereh ki ankhe khol dene walli information duniya ko batate raho may be this create a change aur logo ki ankhe khule
    We are with you
    I ll share this video to everyone I know


  5. Facebook use karke mujhe 4 saal hogaye , tweeter kabhi nahi khola , Instagram use nahi karta because i am not hamdsome ,

  6. Being a software engineer student as well developing app is my passion i will say that all these app used by people are tools, which helps many people but its all depends on user that how they gonna use these tool for good or bad like youtube can give knowledge but people use for entertainment, whatsapp helps to communicate, insta share your moments etc… See there is example :- if someone create a knife to help cutting food fast but then people's use to kill other, then the fault is in people's not in tool. PS :- no one can force you to use there app and generate money from your data. Peace ✌️ and be positive and use "well being" in android and " screen time" in iPhone to detox your Mobile Addiction😇

  7. Bhai saab!!!😮
    Kaha the ab tak? Aaj apki phele video deki or sach me kafi acchi lagi. 😍

    You got a New Subscriber.. 🤗

  8. Bro am using only moded own whatap chat with my friends and relstivs .no facbook no twitr no insta no helo no sharecht and no at all social apps.

  9. Ham logo se agar unko faida hae to hame v to unki banaigayi is technology se faida mil raha hae..un logo ne v paisa invest kiya hae to unhe v to kamana hae..har cheez ka advantage and disadvantage hota aap pe depends karta ki aap us cheez ka use kar rahe ho ya misuse kar rahe ho…

  10. Sir, Blood groups ( A +, B +, AB +, O + ) se kaise janey Human being ka attitude, isper tropic per eak video banay sir ji

  11. Fantastic video ! I'm going to share this with several people. I stopped using FB long back, I use Twitter only to access news.

  12. Advertisers: We target audience..
    Audience: We block advertises.
    I use energizer, a global ad blocking tool available for android.. So they can't sell me a shit

  13. Kabhi kabhi mere sath aesa hot hai ki jo vichar muze aata hai wo agle pal YouTube par uske related video aa jati hai recommend me. Mene uske bare me kabhi search bhi nahi karta fir bhi.

  14. Aapne mujhe aaj sochne ka naya najariya diya. Aapki soch ko salaam…
    Aaj har user ko aapki soch ki jaroorat hai. Warna hum is AI ERA me data factories ke gulaam ban ke rah jayenge.

  15. i always wait for your video…because your concept is distinct which effect on people life, after this video i will quit social site's .it also good for my career ..boht sohni video veer keep it from Punjab 🙌

  16. शोषित मजदूर है …वो भी अपनी-अपनी खुशी से । हे भगवान !!

  17. Nahin bhai hum itna bhi murkh nahin hai jo youtube ke videos dekhle tou ushka unpaid worker ban gaye hume kuchh tou miltaa hai jiske phaide tangible naa ho par dil ko sukun tou miltaa hai. Kya yhe kimti nahin hai.

  18. Then what is paid partnership and content creators/influencers they are getting paid even some people like bb ki vines,carryminati and pewdiepie etc. Call this as there job and talking about the viewers the things we see on internet is a product with a price on it (i.e youtube ad free service cost RS. 99 per month) we are just paying it in just a different form of cash (us) and we accepted this when we sign in the internet

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