The Best Instagram Stories Video Maker App! | How To Make High Quality Instagram Stories
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The Best Instagram Stories Video Maker App! | How To Make High Quality Instagram Stories

Do you want to learn how to create
better high quality Instagram stories for your YouTube channel or business? Well in this video we’re going to be taking a look at a tactic and an app
that can help make your life so much more easier. Hey everyone welcome back to the channel where I bring you the best tools, tech and tactics for helping you
create the best online content that you can. If you’re like me and you use
Instagram stories to advertise your YouTube channel videos or you’re a
business owner and you use Instagram stories to try a business to advertise
or to market you know that the camera that you get on the back of your phone
isn’t the greatest and that sometimes using an actual DSLR video camera to
shoot your videos it’s a lot better sometimes you want to take a
pre-existing video shot on a DSLR and re-edit that for your Instagram stories
and then put in animations and keyframe the text and then having to render that
out and then ship that over onto your phone and then upload to Instagram
stories it can take a very very long time so today I’m going to show you an
easy way of being able to create those high quality Instagram stories all from
one app on your phone I’m going to take you through the whole process just with
one app and one little tactic and it’s gonna cut out the whole editing process
on a Mac or a computer and like Premiere Pro or After Effects it’s what I did for
the longest time so for me personally I always use Instagram stories to create
micro content to help tell my Instagram followers that I have a new video up and
so I always create these little videos that’s a preview of the actual YouTube
video that’s just gone live and I say go here and click the link in the bio to
watch it so that’s what I’m going to be creating today so to do this I open up
the YouTube app find the video that I want to record and I will then put this
into horizontal mode and then make sure that the quality is set to the highest
option I can once this is done I will then be able to open up these of the
screen recording feature on an iPhone you also have this available on an
Android and then I’ll start to record my screen and then I will play that YouTube
video and record the segments that I want to
be used in my Instagram story so boom that’s it that’s all you need to do when
it comes to recording the next thing that you need to do is go and download
an app of on the App Store or the Google Play Store called pocket video once
you’ve opened up the app you’ll see that you can create a new project and you’re
given a bunch of different presets to use here you can create individual micro
content for each social media platform not just Instagram but we’re gonna
scroll down and click custom video and then portrait once this is done you’ll
be able to see that you can add a video and however once this thing gets put
through your seeds in horizontal mode to be able to fix this simply click the
video scroll along to resize hit the fit button and instantly your video will be
resized perfectly at this point you’re basically done you can hit the Save
button render this out and upload straight away to our Instagram stories
it’s that quick and simple however if you want to go a little bit further like
I’m about to do you can actually use a lot of animation and text presets to
take your Instagram story up to the next level with pocket video you can do a lot
more than just resize the video I tend to trim off the start and the beginnings
while you may see the YouTube app and not just the video I also play around
with filters to see if any of them can help improve the videos overall look and
finally I will click the text option and choose an animated preset before writing
out a caption which I can then keyframe to come in at certain times to look even
more professional you can obviously add text on Instagram itself but the sheer
amount of fonts and custom settings in this app is so much more vast than what
you get on Instagram you can add music if you want however I tend to just stick
with the videos audio once you’re happy click the finish button and the app will
render out your video to your camera roll where you can then swipe up on
Instagram stories and upload the video straight to your Instagram stories so
there you go now you know how to create awesome great-looking Instagram stories
that are that can be used with music animated tech
and stickers and so much more inside of this app it’s one of my favorite apps
when it comes to creating micro content which I personally use to advertise all
sorts of things mostly video but when it comes to Instagram stories I think that
if you have to swipe up feature this is a great way of being able to say swipe
up to see the video and have that animated you know it just makes your
Instagram stories look a lot more engaging rather than it just being plain
text that’s blocked in and doesn’t move I think this is a really great way and
obviously you can combine that with instagrams stickers and gifts and all of
that nature you can overlay that stuff you can still tag people it’s just that
that text is rendered and baked into that video that you’re uploading as I
said before this is just a lot of work for something that’s gonna be online for
24 hours so being able to create something as quick as this and get it
uploaded and then 24 hours it’s gone it’s such a big improvement I also have
put this link down in the show notes below in the description you’ll be able
to find a link to this app. Question of the day: How will you use this app for
your Instagram stories do you think it’s cool? Do you not think it’s cool? Do
you know a better way of creating cool Instagram stories? Let us know in the
comments below. For more Tools, Tech and Tactic videos that help you become a
better online creator just like this one be sure to hit the subscribe button and
the notification bell and I’ll see you all in the next one.

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  2. I don't mean to be offensive here, what makes you enough of an expert that we should take your advice?

  3. Thank you for the video. My first research for free easy instagram story editor for Android. Unfortunately you don`t mention if it is free, without watermark and the link to the app store of google leads to nowhere …

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