The Best Facebook Advertising Strategy To Boost Your Results – 2 Simple Steps
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The Best Facebook Advertising Strategy To Boost Your Results – 2 Simple Steps

in this video I’m gonna be teaching you
a simple but yet super effective Facebook ad strategy that you can use to
help you get targeted and qualified leads buyers customers using Facebook
Ads I’m gonna show you how you can do this with different types of Facebook
traffic so stay tuned because that’s coming up right now what’s going on
beautiful people my name is Gabe Ekemezie with and I
am your internet marketing guide welcome to my channel on my channel I teach
internet marketing as well as everything entrepreneurship so if you are creative
or entrepreneur a hustler is somebody who wants to learn how to make money
online sell products and services online build a brand online this channel is for
you so if this is your very first time on my channel go ahead and feel free to
subscribe also hit the notification button so that you can get notified by
me whenever I’m coming out with any new videos which I do on a weekly basis and
you’re not gonna want to miss those and welcome to a continuation of my free
ultimate Facebook Ads course now I’m assuming you’ve been following along
with my videos and if that’s the case welcome back but if you have it and
you’ve just doubled upon this video watch this video but then go back and
watch all the other videos because in this course I teach Facebook Ads from a
holistic point of view so that whether you’re beginner intermediate doesn’t
matter where you’re at you were gonna understand Facebook Ads to the tee and
this is information that I’ve learned from other gurus courses mentors that
I’ve taken and personal experience as well because I once was a beginner I
know how it feels and I want to be able to share the knowledge with you guys so
that you can get to your goals and accomplish your goals
with Facebook Ads alright so enough talk let’s go ahead and dive into today’s
lesson which is a Facebook ad strategy where you can use different Facebook
traffic to help you optimize and of making ads that are very effective and
work really well and getting new leads and signups and sales what we’re gonna
do here first is we’re gonna talk about two different types of traffic when it
comes to your Facebook Ads so in the last couple videos in this course a
couple things we’ve gone over is we’ve talked about our perfect customer right
you have to know who you’re targeting if you don’t know who you’re targeting and
you try to target everybody you’re gonna reach nobody so we talked about that and
we also talked about how to spy on your competition how to figure out what your
competitors are doing and how to emulate them not copy them completely
I’m not telling I want to copy and paste here but how you can emulate them
because success leaves Clues figure out what your competition is doing and be
able to strategically pivot yourself so that you can build your own market space
and your own unique selling proposition to help you stand apart from the
competition so now we’re gonna go into a little bit more of the strategy with
Facebook Ads and I’m gonna do that by explaining two
types of traffic to you that you’re gonna come to know and love when it
comes to Facebook Ads and the two types are cold traffic and warm traffic ok so
cold traffic is basically people that have no idea who you are
they’ve never seen you before they’ve never interacted with you before they
haven’t been on any of your websites they’re just gonna see you for the first
time before before this moment they never even knew you existed ok so a lot
of your facebook ads when you first get started you’re going to be starting off
with cold traffic now if you are watching this ads course and you’ve been
running Facebook ads for a while you may have access to what is called more
traffic so warm traffic is people who have seen you they have seen you they
know they either know who you are or they at least kind of know that you
exist because they’ve seen you from somewhere whether it’s your website your
blog they’ve seen a previous ad from you maybe their friends and family that you
know personally maybe they’re already buyers and customers of you but whatever
they are they fit if they know you in some way shape or form or at least can
be able to recognize you somewhat then they are a warm traffic ok so what this
Facebook a strategy does which I’m gonna show you and teach you or begin to teach
you here utilizes cold and warm traffic is what is known as retargeting I think that’s how you spell it
hopefully I sex well and if you are not new to Facebook you probably already
know what retargeting is but for those of you who are new and don’t know what
that retargeting is I’m gonna explain to you real quick so we’re targeting is
basically where you take specific advertisements that you make and we show
them to people who have seen something from you or seen a previous ad in order
to get them to buy from you and I can guarantee you you’ve probably seen it
happen and you’ve probably been a victim of this for example have you ever been
on a website and you were shopping for something random like let’s say you were
shopping for like mugs or something like that and then you go to a whole nother
completely different website and then you see an ad with a picture with the
same mug that you are looking at and you’re like are these people following
me like is the government in my house what’s going on well how did he know I
was looking to buy this mug that my friend is retargeting and they used
pixels and cookies and all that kind of stuff to be able to do that so with
retargeting for Facebook what we’re gonna be using is the Facebook pixel and
I will be showing you guys how to set up your Facebook pixel I’m also gonna be
explaining what the heck of fix to a pixel is because there’s so many people
that know what the Facebook pixel is even if they may know how to use it and
set it up and I’m gonna be explaining that in a future video so stay tuned for
that or click the links down below to find that video after this video of
course but so retargeting is the simple Facebook a strategy that’s really gonna
be a game change for you guys and I’m gonna be showing you guys how effective
this is of using cold and warm traffic but there are two main reasons why are
we targeting it’s super powerful so retargeting once again hope I spelled
that right the one reason why retargeting one benefit of retargeting
and the reason why it’s so important and beneficial for you guys to learn and
understand this is because it helps you to maximize sales all right which is
what all of us want if you’re watching this video right now that is what you
want to do if you run an agency and you’re trying to get results for your
other clients whatever it is this is the name
of the game we want to maximize sales as much as possibly we want to spend as
much as little as possible and make as much as we can and retargeting helps you
do that the second thing retargeting helps you
do is a helps you to shorten what is called the sales cycle and everybody’s
sales cycle is different okay and I need you guys to understand this remember
with this course I can’t speak specifically on everybody’s particular
business model in agent all that kind of stuff because there’s just so many
different ones out there right so you really have to understand the concepts
that I’m teaching on and implement them to you but what we targeting helps you
do is it helps you shorten the cycle the sales cycle of your particular product
or service that you’re offering and it helps you really to basically follow up
faster in a sense and get people to buy earlier than they would have but if you
didn’t do a retargeting campaign in the first place and if that doesn’t make
sense I’m gonna show you visually so that you can understand that too because
I know some people learn better audibly and some people learn better by watching
me draw the jump and then the whiteboard here so I’m going to show you exactly
what I mean by that in just a second here so let me show you two examples of
how we can use this simple Facebook ad strategy of retargeting with along with
different types of traffic to help you get the best results with your Facebook
ads here so the first example I’m gonna do is a lead generation example alright
so for a lead generation example you have you know your opt-in page right
where you collect someone’s name an email and then from there you go to a
Thank You page and then the opt-in page leads to a iime to emails or
autoresponder right also these two you know let’s say you’re doing a webinar whatever that is whether you send them
into an email to send them to webinars this sends them to an order page where
in sales page right where you’re selling a particular product or service and then
you know tell Thank You page all right so that’s basically the general example
of the gen marketing funnel right here so where does the traffic come in so
when you were just getting started you are going to want to send cold
traffic I’m gonna say cold ad right here okay you’re gonna want to send cold
traffic to your opt-in page okay because you may not have information already and
the way that you um if you don’t have warm traffic yet it may be because
you’ll have your pixels set up or you’re just getting started and I’m sure you
guys how to do that but if you’re just getting started the only option you
really have is to send cold traffic send people that have don’t know who you are
and never seen you before and your goal here is to send cold traffic through
this funnel and just get this funnel to work the best you possibly can now as
you continue to do that and as you gather more data and as your pixel
gathers more data then you’re able to create what is called custom audiences
and look-alike audiences where or or warm traffic for sort and you can
retarget those particular people based off of the information you get from your
core traffic okay so when you are sending cold traffic to your facebook ad
here where does the warm traffic come in so let’s say you remember how I told you
the two biggest benefits of retargeting is one you’re able to maximize sales
until you show the sales cycle of your particular product or service so this is
what I mean by that let’s say for example you’re sending cold traffic to
people people who’ve never seen you before don’t know who you are
through this opt-in page remember your lead generator page is usually about
twenty percent conversion rate right remember how
the month INR kpi’s video if you don’t know who I’m talking about refer back to
my kpi’s video I’ll show you how to break down these numbers and understand
these numbers and basically guarantee that your Facebook is your Facebook Ads
are profitable before you’ve been spending in time but 20% of the traffic
you sentence off the page is actually going to become a lead and end up in
your autoresponder emails and an webinar right so a whole eighty percent of
people don’t do what you don’t want them to do right they either they come and
they see your opt-in page they leave for whatever reason they decide not to click
or what not so what you can do with this 80 percent here is you can create a warm
traffic ad that is specific for this population of people that for whatever
reason did not opt in so remember this eighty percent of people they’ve seen
you now right for some reason they know they know who you are they’ve seen your
ad they’ve seen your website however they ended up in this thing but
they did not opt in okay so for whatever reason they didn’t like the offer or
maybe they got busy they got Kidwai kids are crying they they ran off and they
you know just lost track of time and completely forgot we’re all human and it
happens so what you the warren chopper comes in is you can now create a warm
traffic add your warm traffic add could be similar to your call traffic ad or it
could be different it could be highlighting different benefits it can
be talking about a different pain point but the the main thing here is that
they’ve seen you before so you have a little bit of mindshare space in their
head so when you come when you type and you uh shoot them with this warm traffic
ad this eighty percent of people that didn’t convert the first time now a
bigger percentage of them have a potential to convert as well so you see
the power of that that is helping you drive more traffic through your sales
funnel okay another key place that you can run warm traffic for them that can
help you with the number one benefit of retargeting remember is to make more
sales would be right here the sales page okay and here’s the
reason why let’s say for example you have Co traffic they opt-in to your page
then get your emails that get your webinar they watch your webinar they get
all the way to the sales page but then they decide not to buy it for whatever
reason they don’t make it to the Thank You page they decide not to buy for
whatever reason they might have an objection they may have just lost track
of time whatever the case may be this is a highly qualified person because how do
we know that they made it through this whole process they opted in they show it
that their interest they were getting our emails they opened our emails they
got into our webinar they watch the webinar whatever you know it could have
been an hour 45 minutes whatever they watched a long enough portion of it to
be able to make it to the sales page and then they didn’t buy this person is
interested but for some reason they didn’t buy for whatever reason so what
we can do now is we can retarget them by sending a warm traffic add to the
percentage of people here that did not buy and with that warm traffic ad it
could be something like we could address objections like hey we noticed that you
watch the webinar and you know how to grow you know eggplants or something
like that a random example sorry its first thing it came out mine you know
realized you watched our webinar on how to grow eggplants you know and you
didn’t buy our eggplant grower 3000 here are a couple frequently asked questions
that some of our clients or customers have had in the past that you might find
helpful and you can label them and you know give them a second chance to go to
that sales page and purchase or you can um emphasize something from the webinar
emphasize a benefit from the webinar that you talked about and include that
in your warm traffic ad whatever the case may be this warm traffic ad is
geared towards this population here that ended up on the sales page but didn’t
buy but now that you’re retargeting them they are warm traffic they’ve already
known you they’re kind of used to you they’ve been through this funnel they
are a higher and more qualified potential client and customer because
they’ve kind of been through this process so this trip ad right here is
going to make more sales right it’s gonna make your ad
campaign in general more profitable because you are retargeting people who
for whatever reason didn’t buy or didn’t opt-in so what we’re basically doing
here is we’re kind of like plugging up the holes in our funnel if you don’t if
you realize that you see how like before this warm traffic I talked about this
here we had this machine going but there are little holes right people could fall
out from not opting and people can fall out from not buying in the sales page so
the warm traffic serves as almost a plug so to speak to kind of get collect those
people that fell through the funnel and throw them back in there to increase the
chances of them buying our product their service and how we store in the sales
cycle here is because let’s say we didn’t run this warm traffic ad here and
we just let these people go right if we just let these people go remember
they’re still gonna be getting our emails so it might take them a couple
weeks couple months before they finally come around maybe they watch the webinar
a second time or something like that and then they finally buy so you know this
could be weeks or months down the line whereas we can take control we can take
reins and instead of leaving it up to luck or leaving it up to chance or just
waiting until they find the time to buy we can just go ahead and make their life
easier and just retarget them right then and there they won’t even know it’s
coming and when we do that we get back into their forefront of their mind they
remember oh yeah I didn’t watch that webinar maybe they did it what maybe
they didn’t want to buy but for whatever reason they just did it at a time they
went to go get their credit card then something happened and they just you
know life happens right there oh yeah I remember watching that webinar I did
want to buy and then they buy that product now so you just made a sale and
you didn’t have to wait through this process
organically you basically were able to run a warm traffic add to the whole
within the funnel and kind of squeeze the sale out so that’s what I mean by
making the sales cycle shorter or are making it faster right so you see the
power of this simple strategy now for those of you that have worn facebook as
before you probably already get this concept but for those of you who have it
it hasn’t been explained to you like this this is the power of retargeting
and this can be done in any business model so I’m gonna give you a second
example here real quick going over an e-commerce model
okay so ecommerce model is based is really simple here right you have your
product page where you’re selling your product okay and then you have your ID
so you have your cold traffic right your cold ad right is what you’re going to
start with and you’re sending them directly to your product page and then
hopefully they go to your Thank You page after then after you make a sale right
now this is where everybody’s gonna start with regardless now if you have or
if you already have data if you’ve already been running ads you may or have
a warm traffic already and you can also run warm ads to them as well right but
if you’re just getting started and you don’t have this data yet meaning you
haven’t set up your Facebook pixel you don’t have data more traffic from your
website your blog other campaigns that you can create look-alike and customized
audiences for and if you don’t know what I’m saying right now just give me a wait
because in a couple videos I’m going to explain all this here then you can go
ahead and start running warm traffic but if you don’t have that stuff already
you’re just winning cold traffic so but remember our numbers here are with our
product page or this is also our sales page right for e-commerce it’s gonna be
like one percent right that’s kind of on the low end so one percent of the cold
traffic that we sent to this product page is gonna buy right meaning there’s
a whole ninety-nine percent of people who saw our product for whatever reason
they didn’t buy right so just like in the early example what we can do is we
can create a warm ad right focused on this warm traffic now because they were
warm traffic they were cold here but once they saw the product once they were
kind of familiar with who we are they became warm but they didn’t do what we
wanted them to do so we can run a retargeting campaign targeting these
people we can send them back to the sales page
be like hey you forgot to buy which is the example I was giving you guys
earlier about the mug that you forgot to buy that’s exactly what’s going on here
they saw that you got to a prior page you didn’t buy so they retargeted you
with a warm ad because you were a 90 part of the 99 percent who it didn’t buy
and we want to speed up this cycle of you buying so a percentage of this 99
percent that didn’t buy originally is now gonna buy because you either
reminded them where they just needed to see it a couple more times before they
buy you know because on average people need
to see things like nine to twenty times you know and we’re gonna make a buying
decision so that’s kind of what you’re doing there so just like in our last
example that’s a hole that we’re kind of plugging into our funnel another hole
that we can plug in I’m just gonna kind of you know edit this here is let’s say
you know from the product page you have your own your cart or your checkout page
right where you add things to the cart and then you have the sale alright well
you make money now you could have code traffic go to the product page right and
then they see the product they like the product they add it to the cart but then
they don’t buy and how many of us have done that right we probably have you
know I know people that will have 20 things at a cart at one time and you
know because people like to mull over it and they don’t like to buy immediately
or maybe they put it in the cart just to reserve it they want to sleep on it come
back later whatever reason for it being you know you add to the cart and then
for some reason they didn’t buy so this is another hole in our funnel what we
can do is we can take a warm traffic ad and we can retarget the people that
added something to the cart right so then now the people that either sends a
car let’s say you know one percent of people bought the first time let’s say
like you know five percent of people add something to the cart that five percent
we can now be target and say hey you forgot something in the cart or hey do
you did you still want to order that dress or whatever you’re you know
advertising right and then I go yeah I didn’t want to buy that right and you
make a sale so we sped up that process whereas instead of leaving it up to
chance where they left they leave it in their cart and then maybe they decide to
barley and maybe not we’re kind of cutting
through all of that and by using a warm ad we are retargeting them so that we
can we can get them to buy and make that buying decision quicker okay so you see
here that we can warm traffic assign warm traffic to the pilot page we can
send it to the car we can send warm traffic you know to the people who just
solve a product but didn’t buy this is all retargeting you’re not gonna be able
to do this whole retargeting thing until you have enough data built on your
Facebook pixel and the way that you do that is with starting off with code
traffic okay so you need your Facebook pixel to kind of build up data to be
able to do this yet so if you’re just getting started all you’re gonna do is
focus on cold traffic focus on figuring out and who’s what’s your core traffic
your perfect ideal customer which we talked about in our last previous videos
right who’s whatever your perfect ideal customer is that’s who you’re targeting
that’s who you want to be showing your ad to and ideally if you’re getting your
perfect ideal customer through this funnel then you’re gonna be getting
sales and getting signups and all that kind of stuff but like any type of
marketing some people fall through that’s where you can double back with
the retargeting with your warm traffic and you can plug those holes within your
funnel and go to those people that didn’t buy the first time or the second
time or the third time to eventually by helping you be more profitable on your
Facebook Ads guys so I hope you guys see the power of that guys that’s that’s
really all I’m gonna cover in this video there’s this simple strategy that’s
really gonna help you be more successful in your Facebook ads and it’s really
just taking and understanding the two concepts of cold traffic and warm
traffic the difference between the two and how you can use that to your benefit
to make more sales and to make sales faster because you’re shortening the
sales cycle just by incorporating warm ads into your marketing I hope you guys
got value from this video if you have any questions leave them down in the
comment section below give this video a like share this video and Aspen Ollie’s
like to download my facebook ads copy checklist where I’ll go over ten copies
she gets to help your write effective ads you can do that by downloading it
for free and the link down below in the description alright guys I appreciate
you guys so much for watching if you’re following along with the course you can
go on to the next lesson and if not I will catch you guys on the next video

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