The Bad Guys of The Social Network – Discussion
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The Bad Guys of The Social Network – Discussion

now let’s have a discussion about who
are the jurors active and ap week and i believe my wife and i have no huge
debate in this crisis right and who deserve what ship agnes if you watched
movies as a huge part of the movie right they did you know severin got screwed by
soccer berg should even gotten scrooge of most people said of course not right
but i’d say partly yes unfit and i didn’t hate sucker burn it down the
movie in some ways understood him a little bit better right so set several in the movie for those of
you univ scenic you’ll know is it you know if there is a list thirty
percent and then at some point you know goes when they got it california to set
up the business severance in in new york you try to sell their he’s trying to
sell ads but the sucker burglars out of the company said don’t sell at as john
parker is saying this is not the future although they never said never order did not to do it it was a debate between the guy run the
business and in the ironic really hate you but then they come back and its fall
and so say i was going to make a decision is missing with the company go
back to harvard because by the harvard i think but i get the choice again at i’m i go
back to harbor too we had to keep their return that company
gotta keep it real so now that he got you got a host
completely and he comes back this is a money so that’s one of the movie but hiding feel as my sympathy form as
perhaps some other audiences with my crazy we need to contact their initial
nineteen thousand dollars to start wet but become face book con and then when they’re string around
behind his back unki freezing and justifiably so it is money that they’re
not spending in a way day he is being a writing straight out of that stuff
he’s checking out the business benefits that are happening appointment he
weighed out in thailand they got a lot that talked at the same day not on the you but i mean before what little lee could you believe
the movie let’s without right and i know the movie’s not factual but if you look at that movie for what
little sever ended he should really get thirty percent of
the road a five billion dollars is not the initial program that was a face mask
was a little different that’s what started it and this guy needed his help and they started i disagree with you one
hundred fifty percent mainly because you’re wrong okay i mean
it because you frame it without leaving out
incredibly partnered fax and he had thirty percent they didn’t use any of the argument you
made lego you would back tarver what are we going to do that’s not part
of it you can go to our dream to go to jamaica for four months there’s a deal
picked up i think they’ve singled him into signing something i mean that is
completely unacceptable that you know that’s the whole reason he got screwed
out of it but if there was this one also end of story but hey it’s one of the
n_f_l_ you shouldn’t swim now of course joe you agree with that nellie totally
agree with that but i’m saying that they came back seven
said hey listen i would bust some ass over here you were back at harvard as a fine
decision but everybody’s been watered down as investors are coming and where
is while you down a little hard i don’t think that would’ve been
unconscionable well i mean principle they watered down thirty from thirty percent two point
over one-percent so it’s not one of you know that’s waterboarding uh… so i
mean there’s no way so i can do that or u_p_i_ now i think you and that the lawsuit and wireless haven’t lost inside
baseball and because a paper the east on and not knowing what it what exactly he was
sunny because he screwed and with the freezing of atlantis the loss
is not based on kidnapping at harvard or pol alter whatever space with these
payments would like to finishes the grape me through the judge we give
seventy to thirty percent or did you must tell you that unless i
would give it a mother and a lot of its ten fifteen twenty was incident there he
was sick and want to get its name back on the masthead okay and he was to get money right not
point out one you know yeah i know but that’s the case
that’s easier course you shouldn’t get it i mean i don’t know i don’t know i’m
not to judge you give them a good amount of money they screw him he’s entitled the money he was involved
and you settle that with a conversation they okay we’re going to water it down and by the way sean partners didn’t get
watered down and he arguably did less do you know i
know and by the way things we don’t know about it but the lawsuit we know that
that’s avraham so that we know that part we know is true i mean that when i say that they were flaws in the
movie that they misrepresent some overall ideas and i don’t like when stuff is made to seem in a film as
it is totally factual then it turns out that significant parts are put some
stuff is kristi said we noticed so we know savard soon we know he got
his share significantly watered down all that’s true but we but he’s got that’s gotta be a just a
real conversation between people will be there was a genuine difference of opinion about how to
proceed to do because i reader now onto parker endo legal losses
discriminatory at parker but looking at some of the senate seems
like increases because the mobi pain amount is not doing much be a party
boy being you know like a smooth talker and wit when he got them massive funding echo those absolutely
critical so i was not outraged that he got seven
percent i was like well he provided a service any other percentage for that
service kidney recognition he had connection the other half a million
dollars initially i’m from argentina money acting and without having to for that and taken aback c_n_n_ havana my god
kept the u_p_i_ sa retaliation have now that that but i think that the stafford has more of a case in the
wake of africa thought right is he actually helped
create the thing verses with battling always only ten and other legal losses
again i was like riverside all we had an idea and love the line in the movie where it
was like a bird says here’s how you could have started face
book by starting freeway echoing that you
didn’t i did i mean i ideas are dime a dozen idm million ideas if they had a
general agreement that they got bought them illegal and i have to say so hard
to have people by italian navy though we’re going to asses had an idea they said sucker birthday help us with this idea
go do it and he said yes and then east coast for most of that
time coming up with a similar but different idea and doing it himself that strikes me as within the balance of aggressive business practices and these
guys really get at you never respond to us so i mean so hire somebody else you know i mean get crackin and do your
own thing and then now that so that i i i might sue if i
were them through and try to come up with some ideas they
have argument right and they wound up winning according to an amount of money so i
think that their motivation yet but if i was the judge and it actually at the
trial i want to give him any i did like the movie larry the though according to the movie and i
presume the book uh… when collide on it larry summers for senator that sucker berg violated the harvard student standard of
behavior because he stole their idea and larry summers is totally impressed
with that uh… and he suggested this idea is going know where they’re like it
could be a million dollar idea and summers six-and-a-half pierpont mitigate some
residual desire that i wrote down in my notes of michael jackson he loved it too
because i i love what i said i wrote it and then i circle around what larry
summers isn’t getting ahead for let’s make him the most important economic
adviser to the president instead on american dead wrong and
everything else and one last thing on because all they get more expected is that if you take in some of their code there
was already code they had written but he did it then i would say okay they’re
good at david case but he didn’t take any other cody just a pitch somewhat
generic idea now an audio imac effect than the boss
is actually really like this movie review did a story about calico oscar to
you know he is there room for the u_s_ meal ethics and beijing for a sports
writers actually interviewed patricof this past week and he liked the movie
about the o yeah i think that you know i i don’t
they come out okay that is that they have a great idea they got close to it
they didn’t go over the top they made it clear that they had a great
idea uh… and without any work yeah
gargantuan about a month ago it sort of violence in the pacific any character
that movies are gerber is working his ass of has no friends anesthesia by so many people finkel losses are didn’t women they’re
getting olympic basketball star an op ed and i have finally whether that then
they get all this money for an idea i love being met her the movie makes you
wonder how any guy at harvard ever sexual but what about the big ally arrangement
over there such pricks again there’s dapper tension although
they call you know although you expected them to be more
protectionist will that work for everyone was life theirself away but then again they were some all right so they got we liked it that
was a good lively discussion about behave more

37 thoughts on “The Bad Guys of The Social Network – Discussion

  1. @goldenshots if you know any thing about the facebook case then the whole thing is spoiled. its like watching titanic and knowing the boat sinks in the end

  2. @semajyollom1 yeah, i had one for a year, and then i questioned the nature of it and came to the conclusion that it was a stupid waste of time.

  3. Anyone else feels like the whole who got screwed or just the who started facebook, thing is just just blah, like who cares. rich people are newsworthy.

  4. @semajyollom1 exactly. because it tricks you into believing that you can have meaningful relationships without emotional sacrifice. which is a convenient lie. I'm just not willing to participate in it, though.

  5. @00maharum00ma ehh makes sense…but ill enjoy my brainless following for now untill the next popular social network comes out 😀

  6. @00maharum00ma

    how's it dehumanizing? "anymore than say youtube"

    everything we do short of keeping ourselves alive is a waste of time — if we didn't waste time we would be the borg

  7. @Leadman1989 youtube, for the most part, is just a series of conversations about different topics. No one claims to be making meaningful relationships, we just share interests and opinions. Facebook degrades human beings into profiles.

    And everything is not a waste of time. Engaging with the consciousness other human beings isn't a waste of time. And facebook prevents that from happening.

  8. @00maharum00ma

    I don't even know how to adequately address that, here goes nothing

    1. The internet is a tool and some people use that tool wisely and others don't think of all the random useless crap you've seen on youtube and all the wonderful things you've discovered because of it – same thing with facebook it's actually kept me in contact with people from high school or find people i haven't seen in years it depends on the person using it weather it's worth the effort or not

  9. @00maharum00ma

    1 continued – profiles – so what youtube has profiles to you can't constantly re-explain trivial things over and over they are there to give a quick "cut away" into someone's likes dislikes and so on it's not meant as a replacement for actual conversation or getting to know people…

    2. well im kind of a nihilist lol in a hundred years we'll all be dead and no one will care in a couple m(or)billion the sun will explode and if we don't gtfo this rock so long to the human race

  10. @Leadman1989

    1- I'm not denying that there's a value to being able to keep in touch with people. But you and I both know that's not what facebook is mostly used for. It's mostly used as a way to waste time by casually stalking people you vaguely know.
    2- I get the point of profiles. Profiles are fine in theory. It's the way that facebook defines you based on your profile that bothers me.
    3- Yeah, of course we're all gonna die. That's the whole point. If we didn't, nothing would have any value.

  11. @00maharum00ma

    1. like i said some people are gonna use it wisely and some aren't… "i thought you were gonna say getting laid" 😛

    2. I don't see how facebook profiles are any different than profiles on other websites… gonna have to explain that one to me

    3. i enjoy the moment but i realize that ultimately in the grand scheme of things everything on this planet that has ever happened is so small and meaningless "unless our technology gets highly advanced" but even then pretty meaningless

  12. @Leadman1989

    1. Yeah, well, that too.

    2. Facebook profiles are means and identity with which you communicate with others on facebook. After a while, the lines between real people and profiles get blurred. Facebook is really just a bunch of profiles that have been tricked into thinking they're people.

    3. Whether or not things have meaning is determined by you and the people you care about, and no one else. There is no "grand scheme."

  13. @00maharum00ma

    2. that's way more dehumanizing… but i don't see it that way i see peoples profile more as a resume for who they are it's an outline of things they care about and find important yes some people are shallow and can't get past that but for those who can facebook is a pretty good experience in social media

    3. well yes and no because there isn't a grand scheme in terms of a "designer" what i mean by that is that the universe was here before us and will be here after us…

  14. @Leadman1989
    2. The problem is that if facebook is the only form of contact you have with someone, it forces you to be shallow. In order for it to truly function as a place for interaction, people need to BECOME their profiles. Otherwise it doesn't work. That's why they keep adding changes to the site, so they can find more efficient ways of cramming people into shallow resumes so the site runs better.

    3. I didn't say "designer," I said scheme. There is no scheme, there is only what you think.

  15. @00maharum00ma

    2. lol that almost sounded spiritual and how exactly does on become their profile? and no facebook isn't perfect but nothing is
    3. correct you didn't say "designer" and i wasn't trying to imply that you did when i say scheme i just mean the way things seem to work in the scheme of planetary physics and motion the earth goes around the sun and if you broaden the plain the solar system is traveling around the galactic center so in the scheme of things we are insignificant

  16. @Leadman1989
    2. Through things like pictures and comments being the only way of expressing yourself to others through the site. The criticism isn't that facebook isn't perfect. The criticism is that it actively does harm to humanity.

    3. Who gives a shit. You're gonna die someday, and on that day the motion of the planets and the size of the universe will suddenly mean nothing, and the way you lived up until that point will mean everything.

  17. @00maharum00ma

    2 no you can pretty much put up what ever you like videos, text, audio, links and everything… youtube doesn't even allow you to post links in the comment section – you can't just say it actively harms huanity you have to explain why

    2 there is no meaning to life the universe will get along just fine without us how we lived who we were what we accomplished none if it will matter after we're all gone "some thing can't matter if it doesn't have someone to matter to"

  18. Zuckerberg and his snide bigoted comments and the shady watering down of saverin are seriously my ownly issue with the man. Everything else, the man is a King…and rightfully so.

  19. YOu guys REALLY REALLy need to put spoiler warning on this clip's FIRST 10 seconds, so people don't watch it and get ruined by it.

  20. This movie never explained that part of the reason Mark cut Eduardo out of the company was that while Eduardo was "looking for advertisers" he was actually setting up his own company, Joboozle, and putting ads for it on Facebook for free. Without telling Mark or anyone else involved with Facebook.

  21. Zuckerberg was one lucky dude the way I see it. Even though the movie is exaggerated, Zuckerberg was the right guy at the right place at the right time.

  22. I did not feel any sympathy for Zuckerberg, I think he's one of the most dislikable character in a movie I've seen in a long time but I'm not gonna judge the real guy because it's a movie, we don't know how much of this is true. I actually sympatise with the Winklevi and of course Saverin

  23. @jman451 wtf do u mean. This is a spoiler like others said. Just b/c the story is true and nearly every1 knows it I dont want them EXPLAINING the movie to me

  24. like i tell people if the social network wasn't true mark would have sued them for millions…

    Marks a con man look what he did with facebook shares.

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