The 10 Types of People on Facebook
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The 10 Types of People on Facebook

– Hey guys, so today I want
to talk to you about Facebook. Oh Facebook, what an original topic. No, well Facebook started in 2004, and I joined shortly after that, and when I joined I was like, “Wow, this is way better than Myspace.” Does anyone remember what Myspace is? And at the time it was
a really good website because people were only
using it occasionally like it was meant to be used. But now eight years later
with almost a billion people on the website I’ve noticed
that some people only use it for specific things. And some of those things
are awfully annoying. I’m looking at you, you Farmville (beep). So anyways, I categorized
these people into what I feel is the ten types of people on Facebook. And by the time you’re done watching this, I guarantee you you will
notice at least one of these types of people on your news feed. The first one is The Creeper. Also known as the lurker. In real life these people
are called stalkers. You know, those people
that never post anything. Never like, never comment but
they know everything you do. You’ll know who these people are because when you see them in real life and you bring up something
that you did recently, they’ll say, “Oh yeah,
I saw that you posted “that on Facebook.” (scary music) It gets real awkward. Number two is The Over-Poster. Also known as the timeline rapist. These are the people that
would like you to know what they’re doing every five minutes, no matter how trivial it is. “Ooh, just ate my morning oatmeal post.” “Shower, work, gym post.” “I just took a massive dump
and I think I hurt myself.” That shit’s annoying. Nobody cares, stop. Number three is The Status Hijacker. Have you ever posted something on Facebook to find that the conversation
has been completely taken over by somebody else? Either they take it over, or they change the subject entirely. They’re the same people
that’ll steal something funny that you posted on your timeline
and put it on their own. And everybody knows that
they didn’t come up with it ’cause they’re just not that clever. I just wanna see those people and be like, “Hey moron, that’s what
the share button’s for.” Number four is The Attention Seeker. These are those people that post those cryptic one-line statuses. They’ll post those one-liners like, “I can’t believe it!” Or, “Everything sucks right now!” And then they’ll wait for
people to fall into their trap and ask what happened, and they never tell the rest of the story. They just let the comments
and questions build up to feed their own narcissism. I feel like those people
should just be honest with us and be like, “I’m an attention whore. “Like and comment on this
post so I can feel better “about myself.” Number five is The Promoter. We all have somebody like
this on our friend’s list. This is that person that invites you to every single event under the sun. It’s usually somebody in a
band that wants you to come to the 500 shows they’re
playing this week. Or maybe they started a group
and they want you to join the Save the Polar Bears Club. And as if the first 20
invites weren’t enough, they always send you one
more just to be safe. Number six is The Game Addict. We all hate these people. These are those people
that play games like Farmville and flood your news
feed with useless spam like, “I just planted a (beep) tree. “Now I better mass-send
out requests so everybody “can plant (beep) trees with me.” I’m gonna lump those people
in with the same people that post their horoscopes all day. Like you give a shit that it’s their year. Number seven is The Preacher. These are those people that always post inspirational quotes or
anything related to God. Which is okay once in awhile, but when I log into Facebook
and I suddenly feel like I’m in church that’s when I draw the line. Number eight is The Drunk. This one’s a personal favorite of mine. These are those people
that only post when they go out drinking with their friends, and then once they’re
hammered they flood your news feed with drunken
statuses and pictures. “Uh, just shit my pants,
better tell Facebook.” But the most fun thing about these people, if you watch their status the next day, you’ll see their statuses
from the night before magically disappear one by one. ‘Cause you just know they’re
sitting there with a hangover going, “Delete, delete.” Number nine is The Anti-Proofreader. This is that person that
spells so badly on all of their statuses that you wonder how
they got through grade school. Punctuation is either
misused or non-existent with these people. But what blows my mind about
these guys is that they often use their cell
phones to post to Facebook, and they have spellcheck on that shit, so how do you still make mistakes? And number ten is The
Whiner slash drama queen. Oh yes, we all know one of these. Every single post with these people is about how life sucks,
or it sucks to be them. They find negativity in everything. These people need to
understand that Facebook is not your personal therapist. I decided that from now on I’m going to track all the
time that I spend reading these peoples’ posts, and bill them for my time
at the end of the week. So yeah, those are the
ten types of people that I’ve noticed that are on Facebook. Hopefully you aren’t one of them, but I guarantee you you
know at least one of those types of people. But that’s all for this time guys, and I’ll see ya next video. Peace. (horns) (beep) But that’s all for this video guys, and I’ll see ya next video. (laughs) So excited. (laughs) (mumbles)

100 thoughts on “The 10 Types of People on Facebook

  1. The smug one has to be my least favorite.. Nowadays people can't go to an expensive restaurant without having to brag about it with 5 pictures

  2. Creepy illiterate people sending you friend request.
    I used to have a fb friend who really post almost everything,Like he was bored and just got home from work,glad we were no longer friend

  3. I want to have all those types of people living under one roof and film them.🏠 Just see what they think of each other.

  4. I like to "like" community groups that I'm following simply cause I'm sometimes bored, and its always fun to chatt with friends xD

  5. He forgot the "people Google" poster. This is that person that posts questions like, "whats a good place to eat?" "Where do I get my tired rotated?" "Where should I go shopping?" They make posts like these instead of just using Google or the world wide internet in general. People will respond with things like, "There's a good Chinese place downtown", In which they will reply, "I don't like Chinese food". It's ridiculous!

  6. Myspace was so much better You could fully customize your page and add songs thatll play whenever people visit you Facebook is so plain

  7. You forgot the ones who send warnings that: "if you don't share this message to 10 of your friends, an old grandma will come at your door and attack you"

  8. You need to add "The Egotist" aka "The Selfie Freak" who are people who constantly post pictures of themselves in the same fashion as "The Over-Poster" that you mentioned

  9. I find it annoying when people post the same pic from every angle. Or people who post all 200 vacation photos. Pick a handful, and put the rest in an actual photo album.

  10. There is another type of people on Facebook. These people are the people who spends all day reporting people. It could be like for example a post about puppies, they will still try to report the post even thought nothing is wrong.

  11. You can solve this issue by just unfollowing the people that you don't want to see posts from. I mean come on, it's that simple! I do it all the time!

  12. I hate the “I’m leaving this group because………….”. Yet they stick around to see if anyone responds.

  13. My mom is The Preacher. Literally, but she stopped using FB as much xD She'd post anything related to god or anything related to me or anything tbh. She's like anyone of these on the list :V

  14. I noticed that since Mat has moved to the states his vocabulary has gone down the drain…total potty mouth… He still shows interesting stuff but it is getting harder for me to watch.

  15. I'm a game addict Alpha. I'm not an Epsilon which I classify as what you described. I only post relevant statuses and only discuss games with those that share the same interest. Also there is one I like to call the conspiricy theorist. If you haven't followed many of these be glad you don't. These guys spam your feed with any theories that they believe is relevant to what they want to tell, but aren't relevant to the posts you make. These guys are classified as creepers, but only if they don't comment on your post but know about it and start theorizing an opinion against it.

  16. How about the ones who flood your news feed with the posts of "like and share, and you'll get money soon" or "like and share and you'll be blessed"? UGH!

  17. I'm honest praise me I want attention so click the like thingo and share this cause I want you to I won't tell you why just do it also I'm honest

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