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  1. I keep getting the error " Ad Creative Does Not Use Valid Link: The link in this ad is either missing or invalid for Link Click Ads optimization. This could be because this ad needs to link external content (e.g., an advertiser's website), but this ad does not (e.g., it links to a Facebook page). Fix this error by making the link valid."

  2. I have just tried it out….for some strange reason I couldn't use my post I used for reach because it says I use as link an internal facebook link and not an external – which was completly not the case….Do you guys know what's the problem….did I oversee something?

  3. Hey Nina, does this engagement method also work on the german market, so will people in india and phillipines share and comment on german adds? Or should i use the engagement method only in countries where they speak german and pay more money per interaction?

  4. Hi thanks for the info.

    Does this effect your pixel? Will it not confuse Facebook which type of customers to target in the future?

    Let me know your thoughts please.
    Thank you

  5. Hey thank you for that great video. But what about the other ad which still runs on Engagement. Can we close that ad or should we still let it run because otherwise all the likes and shares would disappear? What about still running that engagement ad and it gets more likes and shares? Does it still upgrade those likes and shares to that new campaign ad or not?

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Is this strategy still working in 2018? Cause I just spent $10 with PPE targeting Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam and I only got 60 likes :/
    How broad should the targeting be?

  7. Hi Kev! Why did you choose that specific audience? (min 5:43) Is that the same audience you had for the reach ad

  8. Hey man could you make a guide for the reach/engagement ad that is targeted for inexpensive countries like india, pakistan, philipines? I ran an engagement ad like that for $45 and only got 700 likes. Would love some help with that man

  9. Hey man I tried to use an existing post that has tons of likes on a traffic ad and it says i need a call to action button.

  10. Hey great content as always!
    Just a quick question.
    For local a business is it still worth doing cheap reach for social proof?
    Or is it better to go straight to traffic or conversions?

  11. How am I just finding this video now?? Never too late I guess. Hands down this guy has the best information out there when it comes to FB ads, Shopify and Amazon. Wish I would of found your information a year ago.

  12. this Method doesn´t work anymore right? Because Facebook change compledly the ads Manager. Can´t find the Power Editor anymore. 🙁

  13. As long as u bring this amazing high quality content I will like and comment every video . Thanks man. Also if you have no views on a store would you do reach then engagement then traffic or engagement and then traffic ?

  14. Your videos are incredible but this one is a bit unclear. Wouldve liked more info about getting the likes at the beginning, and what kind of audience we should be targeting in India etc, also maybe how big the audience size should be for this?

  15. Did this technique stop working?? When I placed my post id under use existing post, I received the following: "A valid promotable post with this ID was not found for the selected Page." any ideas?

  16. Question for you my guy! So I literally implemented this training on a new ad campaign last night, woke up to 38k reach, 1.8k views, 8 likes & 0 comments… Sweet results! However didn't get any comments as I was hoping for. I have the campaign set as "Reach" on low cost per click countries. I figure that perhaps I should change the campaign goals to "Engagement" to initiate more likes and comments on the low cost per click countries? I'm going to test this feature anyways, I know you get hella comments so if you don't get to this no worries, just thought it would be cool to pick your brains. Love your videos brother.

  17. Kind of confused. Wouldn't you optimize for purchases after initially optimizing for reach/engagement?? I know there's not much data, but wouldn't facebook be able to put the ad infront of people they feel would buy, by using the tim ferris target you used??

  18. Also would it be better to just optimize for purchases right away if i'm doing shopify dropshipping, especially when i feel like i already have a winner??? or should i take this same approach?? PLZZ answer, thanks.

  19. Thanks so much! I DON'T WANT CASH! I DON'T WANT PRIZES! I JUST WANT TO BE IN YOUR AWESOME COURSE! I have been following your YouTube videos for some time now and I seriously want to take things to the next level and win admission to your Course 😎 P.S. my name is David 😎

  20. Hey guys I have a question… I ran a paid ad to the philippines and got social proof (NOT a boosted post from my brand's Facebook page.) Now, I went to create a new adset and use the ad ID to run a traffic objective campaign in the USA and I get the following message: "This post can't be used for an ad because it doesn't exist on the Page you've chosen, or it was originally created on a personal profile. Please choose a different post and try again." Was I supposed to create the original ad from my brand's FB page as a boosted post instead of running an ad from my brand's ad account?

  21. Is this only work for video ads? Cuz when i am trying to use the engagement image post to do traffic ads, it is showing like "Invalid billing event: Cannot change billing event to Link Click (CPC) for a call-to-action post created by Pages Composer" Did anyone meet this kind of problem before? If you sloved, please let me know! thx soooo much!!

  22. Is that initial post you boosted for PPE and reach one that you posted to your fan page and then once you get the social proof, you just change the objective to traffic/conversions?

  23. Sir Good day, I have questions, My FB ad account was flagged by Facebook, and I have four active business page in that account, can I still run them if I transfer them to my new ad account?

  24. Question:
    Step 1: Create New Campaign with Objective of REACH
    Step 2: Create the final Ad in the first Campaign
    Step 3: Create New Campaign with the same ad but objective of ENGAGEMENT
    Step 4: Depending on Pixel data, create a new campaign with the same ad with either TRAFFIC or CONVERSION
    So it looks like each ad gets advertised 4 times
    Is that close?

  25. Hi Kevin. Boss ass channel dude. I am trying to create a campaign that uses the existing post and I keep getting an error that says "Invalid billing event: Cannot change billing event to Link Click (CPC) for a call-to-action post created by Pages Composer" Do you know what that means?

  26. To create the lookalike audience, do the people who liked the post need to like the page? Or does Facebook automatically, take people who have liked posts to create a lookalike audience?

  27. Thanks for sharing Kevin. Wonderful work! Question…my "social proof" post doesn't have a CALL-TO-ACTION button so I cant optimize WHEN YOU GET CHARGED for "LINK CLICKS" … is there a way to work around it?

  28. Hey man great video. With the way Facebook ads work now, are you creating a new ad first with the engagement and then viewing the ad to be the ID?

    I tried this recently and I couldn’t find an ID for the ad it just came up as a sponsored preview and if I clicked the ad it would send me to the lead ad that was linked.

    Appreciate your help!

  29. I’m trying to sell beats. When I have the social proof, should I attempt to drive traffic to the page of a specific beat, or my entire catalog?

  30. In fact kevin! i bought the Tai Lopez's course but they don't teach you how to get engagement they don't really talk about it! which is extremely important in my opinion!
    Thanks for sharing all these informations!

  31. Thank you Kevin David
    You have just endorsed an idea that I had for a long time, but I was concerned if I would violate Facebook rules.
    Gaven Malope
    South Africa / Sandton

  32. Hey – Question… Once you get cheap engagement from other countries do people notice that names of people who like and comment are foreign and the comments aren't very relevant… is there a solution to this?

  33. Also, I only seem to be able to preview the ad from the very original ad campaign… How do I fix this, it seemed like you didn't have that problem.

  34. I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you Kevin David, for all the wonderful information you put out here. I made my first ever Facebook ad yesterday just following your video.


  35. If you’re a restaurant, a dentist or you sell tools online for example, how do you get the likes/shares from Pakistan and India? I’m sure they don’t care about my local pizza place in north carolina…

  36. Zac here. My post don't get as much likes (it's a reach objective) and my relevance score is 3.

    Engagement is all likes, not anything else.

    There's an algorithm update on tag baiting and micro baiting

  37. Can I do this with a total budget of $100 and make like $1000 a month with print on demand? I have done tons of research everyday so I think it makes it more possible

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  39. I created an engagement ad as your described. My reach was 2,872, but I had 2 likes and zero comments?!! What might be the reason for this?

  40. Kevin that's really some crazy stuff u have shared right now……. It has blown my mind….. By the way, love from India. Keep Updating, Keep growing.

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