Thamendrie discovers it’s never too late to learn new skills
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Thamendrie discovers it’s never too late to learn new skills

I bought this home twenty years ago. It was
a broken down house, really delapidated. Being a single mom – it was a sacrifice that I had
to make. And making the most of the little that I had to be able to have this house. I found a wonderful man and we married, and he’s helped me with my dream that you see today at JoTham. We’d been struggling to get well known for
years. I was already on the net but I didn’t know too much about it. Being older, it’s
so difficult, because I didn’t grow up with smart phones and technology. I realised, if
you are not groomed and educating yourself towards technology, you will be left behind.
So I had to educate myself. In March 2017, I attended Google Digital Training. It opened
up a new avenue for marketing my business. When people are looking for accomodation in
Durban, and I ask them, ‘Where did you find me?” “Oh, we checked on Google.” The proof is in the increase of my turnover,
which is 40% higher. You make your own future. This is your life. And no one is responsible
for this life but you.

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